Capricorn March 2016 Horoscope

Capricorn March 2016 Horoscope

Capricorn are welcome to your horoscope
for the month of March 2016 to my subscribers please forgive the delay it
is this going to be very interesting month for you and I feel this is mostly
because of the fact that a lot of you capricorns are receiving opportunities
in situations that you had before you are receiving a reconciliation in
regards to limit this month in regards to irreconcilable relationship that once
was stale this is a time where you are resurrecting relationships that were
once broken this is a beautiful month for PC back o-levels runs broken ok and
I feel this is definitely a conspiracy army the word dedication I feel that
this is more your dedicating yourself to making sure that you do not lose a
situation ever again listen I don’t want to put myself in a situation to where
we’re not speaking anymore I want to make sure that this never happens this
is the big month for you hashing things out with people and spirit song me a lot
of you have felt as though you had to push and pull it situations and this is
the month where you’re finally coming to agreement you saying listen I don’t even
want to deal with who cares about whose fault it was I want to mend this is a
beautiful time where a lot of you actually receiving messages from spirit
in regards to passions that you have and you actually putting them into work this
is going to be a huge month for you want to grab something that you’re definitely
passion about a hobby and I feel this is something that you know it’s not so much
about the money it’s mostly about what is in agreement with who you are ok but
spirits also showing spirits also give me the word table and what that tells me
is you want to share a table you want to share some sort of connection with
somebody and when I think of the table I feel like there’s food there there
something that you giving to somebody very giving always surprised if you’re
in the kitchen more than usual capital because you are you want to share more
than ever this is more of a sense of scared that you’re scared you’re saying
I don’t want to lose relationships are really want to put my
energy this month in to let people know that I do appreciate them by spirits are
showing me that she were also you feel as though you can’t push for a situation
because you’re second guessing your potential this is a month when you’re
also holding yourself back because you feel like there’s a certain topic or ass
person that you feel that you can’t get through to and I feel that this is
mostly because you’re standing in your way you feel that you just this is the
month as well where you fly get a situation you have to hold back because
you are too scared of rejection this month so on the flip side you sharing
and you’re reaching out to people that this is more of this is mostly he will
bet you did reaching out to people is happening with
people who you deal with on a regular but there’s a certain somebody or that
certain situation that you feel that there’s a roadblock and you just feel
like it’s just there’s no happy medium I’m too scared of rejection I’m true
state open my mouth you’re sitting there and bondage and this is what you have to
do Capricorn you need to reach out and say listen I’m sorry listen let’s talk
about this blisters were disassociation your disassociating yourself with the
person or situation and I feel that this person or situation means alot to you
but I feel that maybe you have burned a bridge with it and you are too scared
for you to be the first one to I guess you can say break the ice breaking the
ice cap because that other person sitting there waiting as well thats to
keep your month but on the flip side for people that you doing a regular like
your roommates are your family who you are on pretty good terms with you maybe
you’ve had a falling out with this is a month for your sharing a table using
less than that let me just who cares I’m sorry but there is also showing me
someone handing you a bag so that tells me that they’re handing you their piece
of the conversation their emotional baggage listen to what you did wrong
Capricorn this is so this is going to be a huge topic of conversation is being
hashed out at those very blessing in healing month for you okay now let’s go
ahead talk what was going to happen you’re off the crown jewel of life in
your career sectors and never going to talk about what’s going to happen in
your article round for this month so your biggest obstacle this month is
you wanting something so badly you want to see this is mostly because you want
more of something you have a pretty good situation if you are content or even
further searches are so bad in regards to your goal but you want more something you have a bigger goal you
want more in regards to quantity but the biggest obstacle for you is that you
know how you can achieve in anytime Spring Fair show me o’clock what you
gotta do what you gotta say ok you know what I’m not really doing anything by
doubting my potential I’m not really accomplishing anything Miami sitting up
here saying that all that back in there might happen or this could never happen
I feel that she’s an opportunity for growth whether this be in a relationship over
this be an actual job but I thought this is a big time for your money you want
more but I feel that you don’t have to believe in yourself that you have enough
time to make this all work or the deadlines a lot bigger than what you
feel is realistic and what you’ve got to start doing me tell you the secret of
math lessons to let me tell you something in regards to manifestation
you’ve got to get rid of what looks realistic to the naked eye you’ve got to get rid of doubt you gotta
get used to saying you know well why not me that’s it you gotta say you know what
if the trees conspiracy grow from water that tells me how powerful God is all
you gotta do is use my brain like it to see like its water and keep planting in
my mind positivity these positive season god’s going to make them grow you’ve
gotta get used to doing that God is God will give you anything that you want
really bad enough if you ever think about her life and say for instance
you’ve had a bad set of circumstances and he think about how are you really
truly at that time asking for the right things using God gives us what we want
ok and true God was against me know what you really look back near your mind
wasn’t in the right place if you put your mind in the right place I promise
you got will give you exactly what is it you want when the time is right so all you gotta do is he used to
planning your mind with positivity are seeing you know what I’m doubting that
because how it looks right now but I don’t care
how it looks like right now I know that God has blessed me god is so amazing
best seriously we have food that’s coming from need i mean you know he
could have left us here with seriously you know plan to whatever think about it plants grow everything grows in
supplying it God can supply you with anything that you want to put your mind
to it is up to you so trust in you know why not why couldn’t this happen I don’t
care how it looks right now I’ve gotta use my energy towards planting positive
seeds that is your article you getting rid of the negative voice and replacing
it with somebody positive why have you got a look at me like this they’re like
our parents if you have this negative step mom was walking in the ROM waving
your finger at you seeing how you can never do this on my god you can never
make me proud blah blah kick her out of the room by her whatever take bringing
the positive looming yes you can bring in the positive coach you’ve got to
reprogram your mind with what it is that you want manifestation is absolutely
1000% real you’ve gotta get used to putting that in motion whatever you want so badly and if you
continuously think about it every single day the law of attraction can’t help but
granted to you most people get what they want because their desires a lot more
stronger than the average for all you gotta do you gotta get used to building
up the positive energy all got you know gee who lack of positive energy in your
mind and your breath and negative boy senior al you can’t buy my head gets
seriously get used to that and that’s what’s going to bring you the positive
blessings in your life in Oregon talk about what’s going to happen to love
life for this month this is going to be a month all about
mending and I feel that you are mending a relationship issue that was kind of
you know sometimes you tread lightly on a topic this is gonna be a month we’re
cutting out that whole treading lightly and you’re getting down to the heart of
the matter this is going to be a month of actually reaching a higher level of
self a lot of you are actually going to hear from your partner some feedback
this action going to bring you a deeper and a lot more meaningful connection
than you ever have before bulldoze you that are single you’re
going to reach a truth or self-awareness that you’re gonna say you know what I
finally know what it is that I’m looking for when it comes to look I finally know
what it is that I want out of life I finally feel comfortable with the fact
that I’m single and I want more for myself this is going to be a month for
your hanging up the phone on people that are sitting at the wasting your time I
feel you’re being a lot more selective than you ever been you’re showing them a different side of
you you’re not so nice not to push over your not to give her and I feel that
you’re sick and tired of people who think they can take advantage of you
walk on your turf and attempt to take advantage of you for those of you that
are dating this month I feel you actually receiving feedback from your
part in this actually helping you understand where it is that you
sometimes can stand in your own way when it comes to the connection I thought
this is also going to be a month with secrets are coming out about your your
partner’s feelings this is sometimes we feel like we know our partners and
really there’s still things beneath the surface you’re scratching another layer
of services you saying you know well I didn’t even know that about you this is
going to be a month away your tears shown me your partner leaning on your
shoulders saying I really need you Capricorn this is gonna be a month we
can learn something new about your partner and its taking you to a whole
nother level of understanding regarding a partner but I also feel conspiracy
show me some items gardening this tells me that this is gonna be a month also
we’re planting seeds in regards to your looking at your planning this month this
is also a month for planning I want this I want that this is also a month for
those of you that are there are looking to if you’re not even be careful this
month the spiritual garden garden is planning a scene something growing so
that tells me a pregnancy be careful this month is this could be a surprise
pregnancy this month this could be a surprise growth in a relationship new
relationship this month and pregnancies are heightened for you so if you are
single you look for somebody new relationship could come into the picture
because this is a month of growth definitely but those you that I’m
married I feel that this in regards to the garden I feel that this is going to
be a month where your love is blossoming and you guys are actually investing in
something long term two gether your jointly investing this is also a month
for you planning a big celebration in regards to your loving you doing
something sweet and gardening community giving flowers are you giving something
in dust generous ask flowers this is gonna be a month of giving your planting
a seed of positivity and you’re also pushing your relationship for greatness
is also a month for you to want to turn key conspirator Miki you try and the key
to our house you trying a key to a new car you want to move residents and to
expand your life because you want more for your relationship this is going to
be a month over offer above in growth ok so I can say is Capricorn this is
beautiful I just feel that this is more of a turning point in your life and it
needs to happen for everybody this is an absolute great month for that so this
content I was going to happen in your career sector for this month so in your career secretary is going to
be a very interesting month for you in regards to Chris sector and I feel that
this is because you’re dealing with people that are common to work I just
feel that they’re coming to work with their own personal issues are not really
coming to work focused on the task at hand I feel that you’re more their
forward and I thought that people are taking their personal issues to work and
I thought that this is going to be a time we are butting heads and people can
you just want to get the tasks done and have people that are there talking about
things that have nothing to do with the topics is going to be very distracting
month for you to keep your mantra seriously just ignore whatever is going
on and just stick to your job because this is gonna be a month of delays and
just feel that the reason why does the ladies because these people are just so
distracted and then not really paying attention to the task at hand this may
lead to a little bit charitable but in regards to your income I feel that this
is going to be a month where is just the status quo what you typically hear same
pain this is gonna be a mama where you’re not really in the mood to be so
social actor work because I feel that you’re more focused on getting the job
done a few people are there for the wrong reason they’re they’re with their
personal issues would stay standard because you have a lot of people that
are they’re distracted and you just want to get the job done just to keep to your
money like I said before just a focus let it go don’t know people’s behavior
get to you what’s happening in your what your sign in particularly is a lot of
distracted people that are there is there with their personal issues and
just stay focused do your job well and just remember that Capricorn you’re
there to do your job and that other person that they’re distracted they have
a problem and need to fix it the new figure on their own ok have a
good mark nevertheless remember remember what I said earlier life is about
planning positive seeds in your mind is like a garden and just keep planning
positive sees you can manifest anything that you want to stick to it and remind
yourself that why not me is that going against yourself and doubting yourself
you can do it Capricorn this month and you take care


  • Katrina Smith says:

    you are spot on with everything you are wonderful thank you thank you so much have given me so many answers to my questions. .Blessings! !

  • MsSassydiva12 says:

    thank you maja! great reading definitely resonates with me

  • KristinanLove72 Intuition says:

    thank you

  • Roz Stevenson says:

    Thank you so much. Be blessed

  • Ariana Hilario says:

    "Happy Medium". That is exactly what I told my Taurus in a message yesterday. We've had ups and downs…and when things looked good, i stuck my foot in my mouth, and he's shut down on me. I have been apologizing, trying to offer an olive branch. He's not giving me the time of day. I sent him a long message telling him how I feel and wishing we can find a happy medium so that he doesn't have to shut me out and i don't have to get impatient. 🙁 I miss him. I'm scared. He's been drained and overwhelmed with everything and the last thing he needs is a nagging girlfriend. I'm trying to stay positive but I am worried that I screwed this up.

  • Ciara Corr says:

    ur amazing

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