Capricorn March 2019: All things will come together

Capricorn March 2019: All things will come together

hey capricorns it’s Zahara Starz with Illume Astrology doing your March 2019 tarot reading ! please keep in mind these
are general readings they will not resonate with all of you. You all are
born at different times, days and you have different situations that I’m gonna try
to get as many messages out as possible so do take whatever can resonate with
you and if nothing resonates with you in this particular reading you may want to
check the mid month reading or the month previous so let me go ahead and get started and
take a look and see what’s happening here
I already pre shuffled because I hate shuffling the cards it’s just too distracting and I get to
focus this way. So at the top of your reading you have a rebirth okay so some
sort of transformation is occurring in your life okay some of you might have
already gone through this some of you are going through this right now but for
this March reading there is a rebirth occurring okay and this means that
something may leave your life or a way of doing things may leave your life or
you may just be discovering new parts and new facets of yourself to where now
you are ready to come out in a new way okay the rebirth card always points to a
new start a new beginning I knew you a new lesson learned whatever it is
there’s some sort of transformation that took place or is taking place in March
okay so in your past position you have the moon card and it’s in Reverse which
is better it can be better but actually the
moon card represents vague situations circumstances confusion even depression
but it’s really an emotional sensitive card it also has to do with psychic
sensitivity but this could be something that was emotionally disappointing for
some of you in the past position that maybe you’re confused about and you
don’t know but it could be part of what’s promoting this rebirth okay so
right at the heart of the reading well we have the tower
okay so there’s definitely been something that happened that pushed you
on this rebirth or this rebirth is occurring as a result of something that
happened now this is a revelation and awakening a breakup and ending an
argument a fight something that you maybe were vague on completely like not
clear about or perhaps you’ve gotten more clarity as a result of this shock
whatever it was that happened with the tower now the tower can be bad and it
can also be a revelation it could be something that
brought you to this point like I said for this rebirth but some of you had
some kind of disappointment and breakup separation or a traumatic event or fight
something to that effect that is bringing you towards this rebirth now
you’re eight of swords card is showing up at the bottom which is about feeling
like there’s nothing you can do about a particular situation this is feeling stuck in your head
overthinking because it’s a swords card also okay but it’s really feeling
trapped like there’s nothing you can do about the situation or maybe you don’t
know which direction to go as we can see she’s blindfolded and she’s surrounded
by Sharp swords but you know it’s it’s it’s a card that represents somebody
feeling like they can’t do anything about it but you really can there’s
things you can do about it like talking about it communicating about it or in
some situations maybe it’s something that you really can’t do something about yeah this is a this is definitely a
situation that caused some drama or or a breakup or a separation where there was
a lot of confusing maybe misunderstandings maybe communication
wasn’t clear whatever the case was you don’t know what to do about it right now
here’s what I’m seeing are you feel like you can’t do anything about it okay so
then we have the queen of Wands in Reverse and the queen of Wands is a fire
sign Sun Moon or rising but it doesn’t have to be because these are general
readings this is a person that’s typically very passionate very direct
and he goes after what they want it’s a person that has a fiery personality okay
very fiery personality they’re not really timid and like I said they’re
they’re very passionate about their feelings
they’re very nurturing loving and often very attractive when they’re in the
reverse they are upset they are hurt they maybe are not reachable ok maybe
you feel like there’s some nothing you can do about this person now like I said
they don’t have to be a fire sign they can be any sign because these are
general readings but when they’re in the reverse either you had harsh words with
them you had a falling out with them they’re not communicating with you
they’re being or or negatively they’re being stubborn they’re being difficult
and they’re not moving forward or communicating with you ok some of you
this could be you feeling not very confident after all of this of what
happened and you feeling like you’re not really certain about what step to take
next so I’m gonna go ahead and clarify the
queen of Wands because I want to see what’s happening next there and I will
shuffle for that so you get clarity on the queen of Wands for Capricorn for
March 2019 sometimes the queen of Wands in Reverse
can reflect you’re not feeling very confident or good about something now we
did get the chariot next which is feeling getting it controlled
taking action moving forward so some of you may want to pursue this person this
queen of Wands it’s in Reverse or you may want to go after them and for some
of you this person can be coming back to you okay because the chariot card is
really about success it’s about success in gaining control and winning okay
winning and also about travel so it looks like you’re gonna get control of
the situation and this person may be reaching out and contacting you or
you’re gonna reach out and contact them depending upon your personal situation
or you’re just gonna get control of your of you’re gonna feel empowered okay
you’re gonna feel empowered especially with this rebirth okay with this rebirth
and the chariot card is like you feeling empowered you getting coming out of this
stronger you coming out of the stronger and you going after what it is that you
want to happen from this situation okay you’re not really stuck there is a lot
you can do we often feel like we’re stuck and we’re not okay this
transformation that occurred might have been dramatic might have been confusing
but you’re gonna get clarity here okay you’re gonna get clarity here so let’s
take a look and see what we have going on here
with my other cards that I pulled out I already shuffled and to see more about
this particular situation and what the person what it could be with regards to
the situation some further insight so interesting okay so first of all we have
to be fair so somebody in this situation feels like things were not fair okay and
this card is asking you to think about whether or not it was fair or what you
can do to make things fair and right now if this was the other person then they
need to do what’s right and what’s fair now it’s an eight nine ten it’s an
eleven car which makes it a two so it’s about partnerships and relationships so
for some of you this is about a love relationship and for some of you it
could be a family member a friend whatever it is there was something
unfair happened or somebody felt like it was unfair and that’s asking you to be
fair about the situation now regardless of what’s happening here there is a
higher power involved as God the universe has a plan and it’s a
four card which has to do with home and family so some of you could be having
this falling out with a family member or somebody that’s very spiritual perhaps
as well but this tells me that there’s a higher power involved with this and to
always do the upright thing in the situation okay because we are being
called to always do the right thing in every situation now to the sea is
somebody left the situation this is like the six of swords going to calm or
environment taking a breather taking a timeout it’s a seven card again with
relationships partnerships in marriage some of you had somebody take a timeout
go away move away leave the situation and for some of you you were the one to
do this okay the other card is come to the edge
and this is a card about you know taking a risk and having faith in the situation
but also but something that you need to do to go make amends or somebody else
needs to do this for you be fair and go to the edge and take that risk okay come
to the edge is also a card because it’s a nine card about doing that the the
right thing again we’re looking at nine spirituality philosophy belief systems
perhaps there was a falling out about these things but it doesn’t have to be
but basically it’s telling you to take a risk if it’s something that’s really
important to you I always see these rose petals and hearts it means it’s
something very meaningful as well but to you know really have faith in the
situation okay have faith especially with the higher power card over there
whoever took a time out or moved away to calmer waters after this drama or this
explosion that occurred okay could be this person here or it could be you that
just moved away and took a timeout you know make sure that the situation is
is is fair okay and it’s okay to take a timeout and figure out what it is that
you want to do about it but it does look like you’re gonna gain control over the
situation and make movement now this could be somebody else
moving towards you again and coming to make up for the situation let’s take a
look at some of these other cards in terms of the person that you are
thinking about and how they see you or how you see them so it could be vice
versa so please reverse them as it can be because these are general energies
okay so you might see your partner or they might see you as the father of
swords which is somebody that’s very aware very spiritual very insightful
very intuitive usually a straight shooter sometimes can use sharp boards a
thinker somebody that thinks and analyzes a lot but is usually pretty
straight up okay this could be an air science Sun Moon or rising person but it
doesn’t have to be and then you got the three of wands which is they see you
okay as somebody that’s very stern that they have a future with they’re looking
at the future with you okay now this could be that they you’re very important
to them okay and they are going to be a part of your future okay if you are this
father of swords okay but I always pay attention to the images because the owl
is somebody that’s very insightful very insightful very connected to spiritual
energy the sword is very cutting can be very sharp very truth oriented very
stern okay but with the 3 of Wands it’s about seeing the future with you ok so
this is definitely a person that sees a future with you and that’s gonna be part
of your future now we also got the three of Pentacles so they can see you as
somebody that holds holds in a lot keeps your feelings and stuff closer to your
chest okay may be difficult to get through to maybe you’re holding out
currently right now or this could be the other person if this is relating to you
and how you see your partner that you see a future with them and that there
are very intuitive sharp intelligent person that’s really in their mind a lot
and that you can see that you know maybe they’re they’re not as easy easily they
don’t get easily express their emotions okay
easily express their emotions or they’re difficult to get through to sometimes I
look at this mountain it’s like stubbornness you know it’s like a big
mountain to get through difficulty getting through
okay so let’s take a look at the other set we have here Wow
so the other person is definitely this could be you or it could be them but if
this relates to you this is definitely worry anxiety overthinking okay you can
see all the swords and the this cards pretty hardcore but that’s a lot of
swords to nine of swords and it points to the fact that there’s a lot of mental
stress anguish over thinking up at night in some cases it can point to nightmares
things like that but it’s really about just being mentally disturbed over
whatever it was that happened here that’s keeping you up at night but this
person is very important they do make you very happy
okay the sun cards showing up they make you very happy okay they they lighten
your day they bring bring fulfillment they help you feel stronger and then we
got the daughter of our the mother of Wands I’m sorry so this is also a person
that’s very spiritual creative that’s very passionate okay and they can
see things behind I’m feeling like there’s somebody that’s very intuitive
and they can see behind the veil of what they perceive they look behind what you
present yourself as so this could be you that brings a lot of happiness and joy
and the person has definitely been worried and stressed over over you or it
could be vice versa okay I feel like it goes both ways to be honest I feel like
for some of you you’re the one that’s been worried stressed out and up all
night over this other person and for others of you this other person is like
that with you so you would have to look at your situation and see who was the
one to put it whatever the situation was because I do feel sorry I do feel that
this person is very okay for some of you this person is very you know sees you as
a very positive person that’s very stable in their life that motivates them
to do good and to do stuff and to accomplish stuff and they’re very
stressed out about what happened here in this situation okay something wasn’t
fair in the situation there’s a higher power involved some of you are very
spiritual and that could be showing up as a result to just give it to the give
it to God give it to the universe and somebody moved away or or left the
situation okay they’re taking a time out but usually this is not something they
like they’re happily doing they just needed to get peace from the situation
temporarily for some of you it’s it’s it’s them and for some of you you
actually walked away from this person now coming to the edge again if this is
somebody that matters a great deal to you which I am seeing here on both ends
okay let me see if I can get some more clarity on what’s to come what’s the
next move what’s gonna happen next for capricorns
and the person that they’re thinking about what what is gonna come next well for you guys it’s gonna be a makeup
okay that’s a ton of cups there that’s happiness fulfillment home emotional
contentment it’s the best card you can get when it comes to making up or fixing
a situation let’s see what planetary influences will be affecting Capricorn
for the month of March 2019 all right so you guys are gonna be
focusing on your finances with the two here and also partnerships and making up
with relationships and then we got a Sagittarius which is about belief
philosophy having faith in the situation okay it’s also ruled planetary rulers
Jupiter which is luck abundance and Neptune is all about spirituality and
faith in what is not seen but also romantic endeavors so you guys will be
influenced by those energies for March so it’s gonna be really positive and
whatever the situation is in the middle of March I feel like you’re gonna be
having a reconnection with this person in order to make things better work out
in your favor whether it’s a friend a family member or a lover this is the end
result which is the ten of cups which is the ultimate happiness and fulfillment
emotional contentment being happy with family true love reconnection all of
that stuff and mercury does turn retrograde on the fifth so it’s very
typical for people to make up to to to work things out people to come back and
this is for those of you that this does apply if this does not resonate with you
than these messages were not for you hopefully they resonate with the one
but it really matters I’m sorry I hit my tripod again and you found it helpful
thank you so much for joining me I’m sending you guys positive energy for all
the best as always lots of love and wishing you nothing but love and
abundance alright so thank you again for joining me and until next time


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