CAPRICORN MAY 2019 Free Online Tarot Card Reading from Spirit Guides

CAPRICORN MAY 2019 Free Online Tarot Card Reading from Spirit Guides

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readings and let’s go ahead and get started so first Capricorn we’re going
to analyze the cards then I am going to give you the additional messages that
came through the channeling I did outside of the outside of the cards and
I’ll give you at the end of the video a motivational message for you to take
with you okay so let’s go ahead and get started all right for May 2019 for
Capricorn you will also get a love card as well okay some messages about romance
and love nice 3 of Wands okay now it’s the hero font up right good ooh judgement card up right awesome
interesting interesting times your spirit guides make me want to say
interesting times interesting times for the Capricorn okay page of Wands reversed good good good good five of Pentacles
reversed excellent so in a general reading you definitely want this
reversed okay so let’s go ahead and get started so Capricorn we have for you the
judgment card the judgment card here indicates that in the month of May it
may be a time for news important news news that maybe gives you the green
signal gives you you know the thumbs-up and you get going on something you get
active about this possibly endings and new beginnings it’s a cycle right every
ending has a simultaneous new beginning it’s a universal principle and the
judgment hardest decisions decisive energy finality conclusions resolutions
judgment of course hearing the news hearing the data hearing information
getting some in pivotal interesting communication so for example you may be
communicating with maybe an ex-partner somebody you are trying to work out a
relationship with and this is employee this very important discussion here
going on and you may get some interesting pieces of information very
critical pieces of information related to maybe a partnership or some it could
be in love romance it could be marriage it could be divorce it could be in
business partnerships whatever it is I see a lot of important communication
conversation on this judgment card for some of you there may be dealings with
the legal system the justice system some some connections you know in in that
respect you know legal society civic society matters and you may be hearing
the judgments some of you yourself are making the judgment right objective
observations are making the right decision for yourself in some situation
in your life in the month of May the judgment card also here indicates
hearing the call news messages so maybe you know you may be using me for a
mediumship reading you may be connecting with passed away loved ones or higher
powers the judgment card also indicates the afterlife of course again endings
and simultaneous new beginnings instant new beginnings often um so the
judgment card is may also be very liberally
for some of you it may liberate concerns off of your shoulders worries that you
had some of you are really embracing and welcoming this call so it you know it
could be connecting with a passed away loved one or a pet some of you this
could be hearing from an authority figure a boss a manager somebody who has
maybe the power to give you decision like a judge of course right a judging
the justice system legal system so it’s a very interesting card here this
judgment card fascinating there may be some angel connections angel
communications as well possible with the judgment card okay keep in mind
capricorns there are no hard starts and stops to energy flows life is very fluid
and some people actually believe that a new month starts around the twenty
twenty second when the Sun a major major astrological energy body transitions
into a whole new zodiac sign so some of you will start to feel these energies in
the last eight or nine days of April twenty nineteen and then you will feel
these energies again in major or minor and subtle or more visibly apparent
concrete ways in through June through May twenty nineteen okay so it’s gonna
be very different for each one of you so the next Major Arcana card we have is
the hero font for you so interesting I’ve noticed for most of the readings
this month that I think every sign has one minimum two Major Arcana cards I
feel that so may should be very fascinating in terms of you know major
destiny life-changing events calling ahead for you maybe some of you are in
like the the final stretch of a chapter in your life you’re in the final you
know one Nord or final ten miles of an episode in your life and then so it’s an
interesting month I think for many signs um and you as well have to Major Arcana
card so the Hierophant ear Capricorn indicates groups joining a new community
they say to me right now some of you I get again this energy of like Lloyd
lawyer’ lawyer’ attorney’ law field legal system some of you this
might be about justice right serving justice making the right decision
some of you this might be looking to God or religion spirituality this is of
course the Pope so this could represent religion spirituality all different
belief systems you know relevant in your life the Hierophant is also about rules
laws regulations maybe you might be dealing with some paperwork some of you
are maybe coming into a new group or a new organization or corporation or you
might be evaluating some of the requirements maybe in a graduate school
application or PhD program application or the education system is relevant here
with the Hierophant so there’s something here about big happenings big beginnings
big big big big stuff is what they’re saying to me right now your spirit
guides so it’s interesting for you capricorns it’s good I think
I think this these are exciting times that’s what I will say cuz they made me
say that in the beginning of the video for you Capricorn as I was just kind of
feeling out the energy even before seeing the cards and yeah big times for
you Capricorn so you want to capitalize on them right the Hierophant ik made
also be about divorce or marriage matters some of you might be
Christianity some of you it might be conservatism traditional you know Family
Values traditionalism in some ways the Hierophant is of course understanding
and trying to wonder trying to understand how you fit into a group
situation it may be there may be connections a communication or some
teaching lecturing something going on here with a powerful or an authority
figure you may be dealing with government regulators for example so
it’s gonna play out in all different ways for each one of you okay
see how it plays out some of you may be considering you know do you fit in do
you not fit in is this your community is this your group do you want to abide by
these rules or not so see how it plays out it may not be a month to be a
complete outcast or a rebel I think some of you are trying to understand or
trying to somehow work your way or trying to fit into a standard or a
structure or framework that’s already there that’s established is that
maybe many other people kind of already embraced or gravitate towards or
something like this so that’s possible as well with this hero font of course
judgments decisions authority power wisdom the crown chakra also coming
through from your spirit guides very relevant okay
you also have Capricorn in the month of May the page of Wands reversed okay so
the page of Wands reverse may be an Aries Sagittarius or Leo male or a
female energy relevant in your life someone you may be thinking about
dealing with interacting with somebody who may be far away from you or not as
responsive to you there may be a lack of availability or presence of this person
in your life in some way shape or form yes this may be this person may even be
outright negative or not favorable to you that’s a possibility or they just
for the time being they’re mean they may need time to themselves or they may not
be at their best so this could even be someone who’s a bit sick ill not really
feeling quite to themselves or who you know them to be and if it is not
somebody else Capricorn that this is gonna be your own energies or an event
in your life okay see how it plays out for you the page of Wands could be
anybody of any Sun sign in a general reading okay the page of Wands in
Traverse energies indicate um lack of motivation lack of inspiration sometimes
it’s a sense of feeling stuck you know you’re not getting that light bulb goes
on in your mind moment or that great idea in another way or that green signal
in some area of your life or some other area of your life you’re not maybe
getting that in a yet so there may be some delays obstruction some things
hindering the energy something’s hindering the spark the the fire from
from coming alive there could be you know chances of illness or sickness here
and there could be just maybe you know depressive energies or repressive
emotions a little very low-lying energy difficult to energy lethargy sometimes
it’s procrastination sloppiness you know laziness I’m not saying that’s you but
you know every many different people with every everyone’s got
for life story you know you watch these videos it could be some of you for
procrastination some of you it’s like you may need your bed rest so this might
be very welcome this is what you need right now you need to rest you need to
not be on the go go go go go in some area of your life or all the time
sometimes it’s the spark or it’s the the spark of conception
maybe not coming in so there could be some issues with potency potent energy
some delays or obstructions or challenges with maybe getting pregnant
family planning matters may be problematic challenges would also
adventure travel excitement motivation and maybe even physical fitness regimen
so there’s some things obstructing the energy or there may be a loss here
possibly they say a loss of some sort resulting of course in energy loss as
well possibly because everything fundamentally ultimately is energy okay
so see how that theme plays out for you you may need to some of you keep your
eyes open like drive carefully you know you don’t want sudden energy to be
stopped or blocking you you want to drive carefully you want to do well with
as much as you can mitigate the risk of this card playing out in a very dramatic
way okay because you know forewarned is forearmed
so Capricorn let’s continue we also have for you the 3 of Wands so another one’s
card here so the 3 of Wands here indicates this element of travel
transportation telecommunications local domestic or international so these could
be you know communications with people further away from you far away or even
of different cultures from you multi-ethnic multi-ethnic energies
relevant distance something may be unfamiliar to you there this could be
you know Skype whatsapp text messages Facebook messenger but the three of
Wands here also indicates physical travel you may be planning or looking
forward to or foreseeing yourself that you’re going to be traveling may be
relatively soon or maybe later on in the year so there could be some travel
local domestic or international relevant here by planes trains cars boats all
different kinds you know of travel technology the three of Wands here also
indicates this element of putting them some passed behind you for some of you
it’s leadership it’s individualism it’s your individualism you’re looking ahead
you’re advancing you’re advancing it’s moving forward I feel like the
forwarding energy they make me want to say that they say forwarding energy is
in progress for you so there’s development there’s progress here
you’re waiting for your ship to come in but I think it’s more like you’re you’re
Iying you know where am I supposed to go where am I supposed to put my energies
next how do i something maybe in development so for example you might be
thinking of traveling to a different country you might be thinking of moving
to a different state or don’t just moving homes to maybe two streets there
you know in the two streets away or whatever it may be but there’s this
almost a sense of things are being assessed evaluated they’re kind of in
development right now they’re progressing right now in your life so
the pieces are slowly coming together that’s the key on this three of ones
according to your guides some of you this may be about you know having a
strong shoulder you know like a fig guard about yourself and you’re ready
you’re ready for your next journey new beginnings again here coming through
with this three of one’s prospects prospective energies evaluating
searching analyzing they say to me looking at your prospects evaluating
them where do you put your energy next where is it best next for you to go to
for you to go in some ways either mentally or physically emotionally so
it’s a bit of a journey there’s something here about a journey a journey
calling or a journey is about to open up for you possibly opening up already now
in May 20 19 you also have Capricorn a very brilliant
card here the five of Pentacles reversed excellent card to have in reverse more
confidence maybe more confidence boosting your material resources and
possessions in getting support from other people in your life
there could be something here Capricorn about all the pieces come together there
may be something here about a relief anxiety relief for example you may be
getting your tax refund and it’s a pretty good amount that you can use it
and it helps you out random example okay so the five of Pentacles could be this
element of relief recovery support is there you find support to us or support
comes to you maybe unexpectedly maybe unexpectedly
you win a little bit of a lottery ticket or something like that you in a little
bit of a lottery or whatever it may be but this is reduction of anxiety
reduction of feeling like you don’t belong you’re getting over any
victimhood mentalities this is also about I feel for a lot of you this is
going to be more like in physical material concrete manifestation so
material progress gains benefits money finances real estate job career could be
all different kinds of material security matters very intricate you know projects
and your own entrepreneurial ideas and maybe your own artist you know maybe
your paintings sell or something like that so these could be playing out in
all different ways for each one of you sometimes it’s also about emotional
overcoming an emotional barrier or now you gain a healthy emotional barrier so
again no more victim mentality is no more living in fear or fears dying away
nervousness is dying away this is relief recovery feeling like you belong getting
support maybe from religion or spirituality you may be reaching out to
me for a personal reading the five of Pentacles or new verse is also about
more maybe independence in some way independent mind independent emotions
independent kind of way of relating with other people a healthy balance between
interdependence and codependence okay and self dependence and you know I get
this sort of a this sense of like now you have healthy boundaries now you
you’re not in this sort of something weird that was going on before something
heavy that was going on before something that was real
causing anxiety or emotional upheaval obstructions and heavy energies that’s
dissipating our it’s going to be dissipated excellent energy here with
this so you’re no longer feeling on crutches or you maybe you do they say to
me you find your crutch but that’s a good thing that’s not a bad message some
of you you’re gonna find your crutch so it’s like the universe or somebody in
your life you know universe is God basically but when somebody in your life
for God somebody gives you a a a crutch something you can use something to
support you which causes the energies that were previously maybe cold or
negative to relieve to get rid to be relieved some of you this could be about
seeking you know fun-in-the-sun warmth so there may be something here about
recovering from natural disasters or unsavory distasteful natural weather
conditions or environmental conditions atmosphere conditions it could even be
you know a social circle you’re part of that’s toxic for you but now you find
relief you find shelter in some ways so this is related to that as well and of
course money prosperity gains benefits so see how it plays out for you okay
capricorns it’s a brilliant card overall very positive good energy okay now
capricorns I’m gonna give you the messages that also came through the
channeling so more messages for you okay for May 2019 I see something about
flowers flowers owed to you or do to you this may be resulting in compromise
negotiations these flowers may not be literal flowers but it might be
symbolism for somebody’s compassion or generosity or appreciation or gratitude
coming to you help coming to you however for others again it’s a general reading
so some of you capricorns this may in fact be flowers you know maybe there’s a
connection with passed away loved ones or pets memorials you know leaving
somebody flowers there could be somebody brings you flowers saying sorry kiss and
makeup it could be in all different ways flowers you know some of you may be
tending to flowers and really focused as maybe a florist or a hobbyist
you know really loving plants and flowers a lot so flowers very relevant
and another message that came through with a very interesting one april
showers bring May flowers so if April was a difficult month or possibly
January through it maybe maybe January February and then more like February
through April was challenging for you capricorns and it’s almost been you
almost some of you may feel like you feel like I’ve been trying to swim up to
the surface I’ve been trying to swim up to the surface since February 2019 maybe
end of January something like that right and you’re trying you’re trying to get a
hold on things or feel more in control April may have been the final month of
that I feel that in May 20 19 the flowers come so that famous saying april
showers bring May flowers okay so that’s the other message that came through the
channeling very interesting some of you I feel money is a big focus gotta stay
focused on money very important for you to stay focused on money they said to me
so I’m just reading off the channeling very quickly yeah so big focus money
matters money like financial security practical matters practical matters of
life and then the next message I received for you is there seems to be
some difficulty some difficulty with a child or someone who is childish
someone behaving immature even saw an image of like a male like an older male
figure or an older it could be for some of your older adult female so there may
be temper tantrums there may be you know a brother or sister who is older but may
you know not really a child or not small but not yet very very young but behaving
immature so there may be some emotional issues and upheaval related to somebody
who’s childish in the month of May I also got shouting so there could be
verbal you know difficulties here emotional
TCR with someone who is maybe literally a child you know younger than 18 or 21
but could also be older as well so see how that plays out for you some of you
may have a very difficult character in your life someone who’s behaving
emotionally not as you wish you they were some of you however this may be
there could be legitimate reasons maybe this child or this person who is an
adult who is behaving this way in a way that you wouldn’t want them to in a way
that might be creating difficulty or theatrics or drama in your life there
could be something really tortured in in that person’s spirit or something
they’re trying hard to get over but they’re having legit – difficulty doing
so so again it’s a general reading it could play out in all different ways for
each one of you there could be somebody who really needs to grow up and there
could be somebody who needs a lot more emotional compassion with what they’re
going through because of these emotional observations you’ll make or interact
with or have to deal with in the month of May 2019 possibly end of April and
then some of you there’s like this sense of angels angels they said like I felt
like portals opening up and you may be again there’s a lot of like maybe passed
away loved ones I feel like these ancestors are very relevant for many
capricorns in the month of May so you mean many of you may have thoughts about
a passed away loved one or a pet I saw a lot of these beings coming through my
channelling wanting to talk to you communicate with you just like being
there in existent presence present so it’s like they’re there they’re very
conscious of what’s going on in your life so again you know you might be
using me to get a site a mediumship session okay all of that information is
on my website with my real reviews okay now Capricorn your love card so in
matters of the heart romantic love matters some of you it’s
divorce or marriage matters for others it might be twin flame recognition twin
flame Union to inflame separation beyond Twin
Flame Union and for others it’s going to be love soulmate connections in matters
of the heart we have Archangel Raziel with intuition listen to your gut
feelings follow your intuition some of you may have a little bit of I admit
there may be like intuition it’s like some of you are really trying I get from
Archangel Raziel to listen to your intuition but it’s a little bit
confusing so you may be not able to use your intuition as as as best as possible
but then you need to kind of ground yourself and do your best with this they
say and especially in relationships that you know in close quarters close-quarter
type of relationships meaningful to you intuition is the name of the game in
matters of the heart some of you this may be also requiring healing of your
chakras the intuition energy is also about you know healing the chakras or
the intuition whoa shoots up that intuitive intelligence optimizes you
know it becomes optimal for use by you um some of you this intuition is like
yours you’re picking up signs and signals so you may even to be
telepathically communicating with somebody in matters of the heart you’re
almost sensing what they’re gonna do or what they’re thinking in some sort of
very interesting active like there’s stuff going on here in a relationship or
a potential relationship could even be with an ex in these matters so you’re
almost sensing you’re picking up very strong about what this person is saying
without them actually saying it okay so this is going to be relevant as well
okay and if you wanted a energy healing a heart chakra healing a crown chakra
healing you can always reach out to me Capricorn
now Capricorn o for the month of May I do have a motivational message for you
to take with you considering May is a month named after a
goddess this month my motivational message is specifically directed for the
ladies watching so the lady capricorns a woman who has finally put herself
together can never be broken okay a woman who has finally put herself
together can never ever be broken as women we tend to give so much of what’s
in eight of us to the outside world our
love our help our energy our time our efforts our mental power so much of this
giving to friends love partners family pets colleagues children etc etc it’s
important to also consider how much of that giving your that you’re undertaking
capricorns is also serving you and how is it serving you physically and then
also spiritually – emotionally – mentally if you know what I mean so very
important for you capricorns to really think about how much you’re giving to
others and what you may be then possibly taking away from the self by all that
giving that you may be doing um or if there’s a healthy balance there then
that’s great okay because a woman who has finally put herself together can
never be broken okay so capricorns please remember to
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