CAPRICORNIO Ex PAREJA ♑ Desde Cero Si Es Necesario 🌞☘💪

CAPRICORNIO Ex PAREJA ♑ Desde Cero Si Es Necesario 🌞☘💪

how are you dear capricorn
welcome for this special reading of ex-partner that goes from January 6 to
January 12 of this year 2020 Capricorn a big hug for you
have had a nice new year that be spectacular in all areas this
2020 and taking advantage to thank all my subscribers they had in 2019
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joining the channel as a member thank you very much capricorn and we start
immediately how are you going to be affected
in the energies concerning expareja in this week from January 6 to 12 well capricorn look I feel that
start the week a little doubtful already or even some with
true I feel that many of you start
as with a certain nostalgia with a certain let’s see how I can explain a
feeling of loneliness already independent who have a partner or have no partner
new if they are asking for an ex is because clearly maybe they are not
in love with the current person or not the person that you think is going to
be will be happy and the week as I tell you slow what not
they have children actually find out situations or maybe they found out already
of situations with the ex or ex that they have to do with it already in a
new relationship or that you don’t have children or that they are pregnant or that they will be
parents I feel that
and as there is or has not been communication with that person as to how
they have had it before because many keep talking to ex
then after a long time I feel that the capricorn take a path
again and this had also told him the general reading of the month of January
many of you capricorn has the opportunity to move forward has the
opportunity to start a new cycle of life after a long time they have as
in the form of the system of the planets the astrology a lot of possibility of
transmute and totally change your life as for the emotional especially
what has to do with love many have gone through learning processes
strong and this is the opportunity that it is clearly being given then
the slow begins but as the week progresses if you want it
they will be able to transmute and change positively everything that has to do
with love and also in relation to that former partner because many will understand
the process will release and they will move forward and another maybe they need some
way to close a cycle with that person or dare and play it to see if they continue
waiting we are still waiting but not they can let more time pass and that
it’s the feeling they are going to have and the to make these decisions to move forward
they will see that things start to flow in fact those who have children for
example they were also like in a totally toxic energy the letter of
ace de bastos invert tells me about tired physical energy
also envious of conflicts familiar with the people who were
relating and even that ex partner them he brought a lot
as much stagnation there are already some that were even in love triangle
stuck with the three-spade card talk about feeling betrayed by
somehow to know that things they are not doing well and also
true that they move forward and decide to look at the universe shakes hands with them
way the chance to get by to act wisely to stop being
unhappy and for getting everything you have expected in life that
is seeing stagnant for many by the themes of love or because of this of
murky energy of hoaxes then it is much maybe they had or not
have been rewarded as for the former couple those who have children have not
chosen well already but they haven’t either behaved very well then it’s time
as I tell you to transmute and they will feel this call but take it or
it will not be practically decision of each one now how are your ex partner
in relation to you obviously going to depend on the person that you
are there thinking your ex-partner in a way if you have a
new relationship tells me that it is a more physical relationship more
what does the body have to do with physical attraction but not least I see
that is like in love or in love with done I see them going through little moments
complicated on some issues a bit lost what love is but also
he feels disappointed in you disillusioned capricorn of you is
how it’s like he understood if all true
processes and decided to change now too There’s others
for you capricorn and other ex that somehow they are by or walk by
life looking for sporadic storm surge already they are also understanding the changes if
you were somehow good with that ex partner or good this person
it’s like after a certain disappointment and certain moments
complicated has happened manages to understand that you are people
important or that somehow it they feel they were dumb for not
value them at the moment corresponded but there are also others that
they can’t forget us for a physical issue sexual
then in relation to you it is true that your ex partners are not having a good time
very well they still feel true physical attraction for you and are in
a process of changing a process of wake up this does not mean go
to return or not but but they are the energies that they can feel
them and also if you had the fault somehow they are
disappointed if they want how to take another way another direction are like
waking up and they understood why not it had to continue with you in
the case that the culprits are those who they have children clearly
his ex-partner is like he was also there
in a completely large imbalance like a group here that doesn’t have
sons I feel it was wrong fighting to get out
forward independent having partner or new or not I don’t know if fighting for
you but if the universe like that responsible for doing justice in the case of
that you have been good people with them to you for example the
left now if you of any way they were not good and they were the
guilty this person somehow after being closed for a long time
time is like that you get in your life there is justice and things want to get ahead though
it costs a lot to do it completely even though you are what
better they weren’t as good or good with they have a hard time letting go or still
remember or there is still some interest for you it also catches my attention
which is as a physical otherwise I feel that this person can be alone
but is not there is still something that binds you
as many physical issues I return to insist if they are in new relationships
it’s like that ties them to the sexual maybe your
if you are looking for that person I feel that I still haven’t managed to forget
that’s why but that’s like energy in general that will be is very similar to
those who have no children and repeated themselves enough letters now that impediments
there is for you to come back for that former couple in this week so
less good first of all the lack of communication if you only
they think about that person and they haven’t talked nothing communication clearly makes
more distance but also me now that there may be or may be in a
new relationship that former couple appears here A woman is no longer and is not in spite of
having certain complications is not so unhappy I wasn’t it’s not having such a bad time as to
go find them understand me then there are impediments that have to do with
lack of communication third parties and because they need how to connect with
a different energy to the letter on 4 gold speaks of the universal energy of
universe of god for those who believe in God
somehow they would have to be in a different process or expect them to occur
things maybe in months or weeks later that change the energy and go
maybe they can open the door in sometime when they are on a path
similar in terms of experiences in about learning because I feel that
there was nice connection for some with some person but it was not the time
they had to live different things to be able to be and I feel that we still
that time comes those who have children clearly here there are for some of
you that I opened with even I feel That former couple has asked them to return
for others you want to return with that person but I also see that they have to
restructure many things the letter to the tower talks about what they would have to start
practically from scratch and if they are in a relationship would have to
end that relationship and I don’t feel the time is there either
still hidden things hidden feeling on the one hand they need to wake up not
there are not many obstacles so that least this week take a turn
with a former partner we will see like this not that the interactive tells us but
before continuing let’s see what signs are the most like they could
approaching you this week or that there could be some news
could some dialogue be given closing cycle to see you
capricorn what signs could come or there might be some surprise in
this week to see the first sign would be aquarium since when appearing right
I feel that if it is for justice and that you could give that option
person could come after having realized that he got her
practically if it is in the case of you and is want to act in a way
fair and in a different way there could also be a conversation
some dialogue so aquarium would be as there
aries already but in the case of arias al appear inverted the wizard mentions me
that there would still be a lot of lie a lot falsehood on the part of that person or of
somehow you know not they could be with him or her because
you are the ones who cheated or of some way
they can’t grant that love that person wants then is more
complicated with the aries but could have some connection and the other would be
virgo and in the case of virgo here only missing the taking of
decisions in case you they were alone and that virgo alone
they could if they make the decisions could have a connection or some result
different ok or maybe it’s the virus is taken the power and somehow he wants it
play for you and this time if he wants to do something but he has to take
the decisions those are the three signs that appear to me that could approach in
this week now let’s go with the interactive where are you going to think
in his ex-partner and then they will choose one of the two
sides of the mallet and let’s see if that cycle with that person is over if
it’s still open if there could be Something that the letters have not given us
said earlier that there may be this week concerning that person already
then we give 5 seconds from now they focus on their former partner and
choose one of the two sides okay
those who chose the left side we says that in relation to his ex-partner
Capricorn who chose this look at it the letter of the
justice and he tells me again that even could you relate your get together with this
person to clarify some issue or just to tell them they know that
I’m with someone much better than you I decided to close this cycle and I go with
this new couple that appears here is amazing as it can also be that
be your former capricorn partner tell them You know you were unfair and just me
I feel that I must be with a person different and decides to leave and choose a
new partner then will depend on who has been or in what situations of
each one but there may be perfectly this week connection of one of the two
sides conversations to clarify situations can also be that he or
she or you want to talk to this person to tell you that now I know the
they want to play for the relationship who they need to be given a chance and
they play the whole for the whole then movement I feel that it will
have and will depend clearly there may be surprises because reading
general I did not appear very moved but in the case of those who chose this
side there may be something unexpected especially if you talk about committing
like some madness like playing it like how to go on the search don’t give
expired or that person has made a change in your life to notorious what
chose on the right side to see if there are some surprise something in relation to
you capricorn with your ex let’s see those who chose this side look I feel that than for those who chose this side
many of you are as still in contact with that person many of
you are still in touch but they feel undervalued and despite
having a good time like mars for good example a love triangle we
reach an agreement or not or fail understand that what he wants from you
that person then for many could be happy because an ex appears
couple and could even have a physical encounter somewhere but
then they do not understand or fail to clarify that what will happen or can do them
the same again to make them illusions and leave or in the event that
you are doing that is to give illusions to that ex-partner and also leave
again and that things remain such how are they now if they haven’t had any
type of contact most likely maybe know about that ex-partner
in this group but end up like arguing can be by social networks
it’s like they are still going to feel that no they are on the same path as that still
person wants one thing and you are another more than being in a new relationship every
one but hey everyone will have to see
what happens for this group the same he still tells me that there are lies that
they still argue for the same thing or they could discussed appears already in the case that
be capricorn women most likely is that they are even with more than one
person and while I give you less luck in some
the ex-partner of the other ex-partner is not going to want to be with you either
well then it will depend on each one how do you take all this reading in what
can occupy use as advice in your life if
they can’t check their ascendant to see if resonates more some other video this like
I repeat it again is super general but I know that more than one is going to
serve thank you a lot capricorn all your support on the channel i need your
comments to see how to boost these readings that they would like to
let’s see we will be and invited again to join as members and
we will be with the direct days tuesday so be aware of that where
can you ask a question totally free on live ok a big hug


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