CAPRICORNIO Ex PAREJA y Algo Más ♑ Semana 9 al 15 Diciembre🔥

CAPRICORNIO Ex PAREJA y Algo Más ♑ Semana 9 al 15 Diciembre🔥

how are you capricorn welcome to
This ex-week reading from 9 to 15 December intuitive reading that came out
winner of the channel survey in the community
the highest percentage wanted to do this intuitive weekly reading let’s
see how it goes if you like it please comment mauricio cortez late my name is for
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want to add you can visit the reading also of
expareja for the month of December that we did generate interactive et cetera we
we go immediately with this reading to see how it comes in focused capricorn
in the week of 9 to 15 ex-partner I want know what energies they are bringing usually let’s see many of you capricorn wow
It comes with goods with high with enough I want to go back to Cape with me
as if thinking about the ex-partner in the last time a lot thinking about the
expareja perhaps by the dates that near for many end of the month
also christmas new year cycle birthday soon
many want to return and many want as It’s like I don’t know how they think
it’s like you feel capricorn that comes with a win thinking a lot about
former partner either I don’t know why he left them marked left them marked maybe even how to change the
energy with that person what he could have happened at some point that
person could not have helped balance in certain areas of life
maybe now you value that that at one time they did not value too
for others they might want or still remember that ex partner but
I was an ex-partner have an one energy very negative because the high priest
talk about a little spiritual person or of a very charged energy of the toxic
so you remember that one person but they don’t want to get close yet
they didn’t want to play it because maybe they feel it wouldn’t be worth it then
I feel it can be with that feeling they come
for those who have children for example with an ex-partner and they have certain
communication is like repeating the same is always like there
moments that even come back or have some affaire out there or some night of
passion or things like that and repeats the same and there are no changes and there are
obstacles and somehow follow the energy where where where always
many of you have eyes there bandaged did not realize value
in some the same as the previous group of value that person at some time or
maybe you don’t want to take the blindfold and continue to accept that
this person comes back from time to time to his life then it is complicated the
situation in which they encounter ex partner there are even some that come to me
as they tell me there are some that they even have a new partner and are
getting married or are they compromising but still think of
someone from the past they still feel that even maybe
if they propose marriage they have some new couple don’t want to make the jump or
move forward because they still feel that this person can come back or think of
look for them for the last time to be able to have a
relationship is like that is what I feel that some of
I remind you that this is a general reading now in your present
taking energy from the week of 9 to 15 notice that the disappointment of no of
that this person does not know well did not give the return or not call them or some
shape they felt that they never played it or that
nothing is going to happen is making them as I tell you to be a little melancholic
already it’s like
there are some that come to me like that would settle for this person
I only had sometimes with you It’s that simple as someone says already
it doesn’t matter that I come back forever but I want to see it or I want to see it once in a while
when last that’s like what i feel i was
happening because they already know that the best thing is not it will be very difficult to have a
relationship at least the energy that I I feel in the most keep this in mind what
let’s see now towards the future nearby which is the week from 9 to 15 the
who have children is also like what it’s like they have their little heart there a
little hurt with that person feel that could have been otherwise are
as again healing your heart to who have children and see that person is
as if they were seen and things will happen or they hurt him a lot and
they remember and their heart hurts and come back to work on you and come back
to get ahead they care about their children through their children try to
heal this pain focus more on what you have to
do with work with the economy to power how
how to cover this feeling a little of sadness for many feel that no
they have done things well not only with a link with an ex but with
several people who have passed maybe and that’s why they are doing as a
internal work also some Capricorn to change have
gone through difficult times that has allowed maybe to mature but they are in
that process that process is good that is good
Capricorn process will depend on each one let’s see the energy now from 9 to
15 if that person comes back if they have news yes
if somehow there are going to be changes positive let’s see here I think many of you
they will make drastic decisions this drastic decisions week look what what you only see not
what is single those who what not has a lot of contact with that ex-partner they will make decisions I feel that already
at least this week for many of you sometimes I don’t want anymore it took
decisions restructured my life no longer I hope I’m not going to talk anymore
I’m going to play for the last time I’m going to talk and if I don’t go to another place, notice that
there are many people involved many of you as I tell you are of
lovers with that person with that ex or that ex or know you have a partner and still
so they talk with him or her and if not have any contact of this
week I think they will decide now change forget and focus on a
new person even though they are not in love I think many are going to
give someone new opportunity to move forward to transmute to
and forget and release that energy from that ex partner eye i also feel that some
some especially the younger capricorn we are talking
from 30 years down they may have contact with some ex
couple and let’s say
have to see yes if you have not seen long time ago and you attract this
person and they find it the most you probably have some of
moment because finally they are interested to close the cycle this is how it is no longer
I want nothing else I’ll call it I want know that I want to see you I want to close the
cycle yes they have some contact if you they get to find the same thing you know
that is the last time we know that no we can be together that will make them the
cycle to be with another person and even some who already have a partner
You may look for the same an energy that’s why the tower appears
because they are going to have to take one important decision this week either
to do what I tell you or to definitely move towards a new
relationship but they are going to move quite the energies this week related to
former partner is like you are going to want to give everything to decide whether or not it is
yes or no those who have children for example they are a bit more complicated and even
those who have children they have a hard time moving a lot I feel that what you don’t have 40 50 is like
who don’t want to have a new partner it’s like they decide they know that I
I stay with my children and if it doesn’t come back good does not come back but I decide not to move forward and
they stay there like they take their little love heart and they don’t want to
another relationship then watch out for that dear friends because there is always the same
a new opportunity there is always a change option there is always
option to do since someone arrives that really values ​​but it will depend
of each one the energy of this week of those who already have children cannot let go
the devil here tells me about an energy really toxic they are still
moored I mean the capi with whom
they have children but they don’t have another partner new now because those who have a
new couple and decided to go one step further
let’s see what that could hinder
capricorn in this week so that ex-partner have something with you or
appear that you decide so
you decide the letter of 6 give to receive so
I’m so sorry that you are going to decide whether to give it a try or not if it reaches
look like that ex-partner that most likely have some news but also
other months that repeat from the past things that have already happened like getting together
to have sex go away no look in a long time then it will
depend on you and the obstacles that there might be for some are issues of
who already have a new partner or themes of money that cannot be transferred that
don’t have money this kind of thing and the other thing is that that
ex-partner may also look for them some or some for interest so that
help him to do something for them then there you are going to have to
decide ok what do you have for example children if
they want to have something with that ex-partner me mark the same to me mark the same issue
related can be with money that already they have a new relationship those are the
obstacles that could exist for that person will approach
for those who have children but I I feel that those who have children like
I tell you those over 40 it’s like who are resigned those who have
children and are under that age can think
okay in having something with that person
but there is another there is another cow It’s like there’s a lot in the environment
energy there is toxic medium energy and in the people who got into the relationship if you
for example comes from your ex partner and those I leave them their families as if
is going to put and not want you see that person
then those are the obstacles that they could still have capricorn there
quite moved energy this week and it will depend on this as I tell you is
a general reading of you will depend what do they take or don’t take from reading
I tell you if there is a possibility or there is no possibilities
let’s get a tip from the fairies and Fairies tell us who you owe
forgive Look at Capricorn when you break free
of your old anger and resentment you will discover that your wishes are made
actually everyone will take this advice from one way or another capricorn
and for this week we are going to take a decree for you
the decree tells us love unconditional is the best gift that
gift that can be done to me talk about loving yourself
I unconditionally liked it just as I am and I don’t have to be perfect for
love me decreed that everyone will see how it applies in
your life the signs that are I feel better energy for you
capricorn this week though by last one could open some opportunity
or that they will be like there is more feasibility than the
energy be in your favor to be able to talk or talk again
more positive look I think the earth signs
are the signs that will be more positive for you and the signs of
earth could be out there if a taurus could be I get a lot
with a taurus If a Taurus I feel like I eat inside
of the most positive for this week we have moments and the most negative signs and the most negative signs can be a
Gemini I get a lot of Gemini yes gm semen and I feel that
which is how it is like the worst other 200 might as well but gemini like
no this week no capricorn ok no because it’s like much more obstacle and
it would be like re complicated and third people instead I’m sorry I don’t
is one could be can be a video there is also a capricorn the same
that you could have the possibility to move forward in terms of dialogue to
to be able to open possibilities I hope serve them reading is general will take
what you connect if you don’t see your ascendant maybe connect with
another sign another reading visit the in the channel and I await your comments thank you


  • KL ByS says:

    Realmente no es viable una relación entre Mujer Capricornio y hombre Aries? Tenemos 1 hijo estuvimos 6 años y medio juntos, nos separamos hace 1 año y 3 meses y él enseguida tuvo nueva pareja y viven juntos pero hoy me dice que quiere volver que no se siente bien en esa relación. Estoy confundida. Yo lo Amo pero no se que hacer. Quisiera volver pero creo ambos necesitamos una terapia de pareja antes de hacerlo.

  • Miriam Perea says:

    Gracias Bendiciones para ti Mauricio

  • Jeannette Lopez says:


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