capricornio welcome to your reading Weekly 9 to December 15 you greets fee and are here on my channel I invite you to play tarot subscribe to activate the bell you reach all my notifications comments and let me your name and your country to have you present when I’m doing my meditations before start this reading let me know how you happened to you this week also remember in my instagram j @ 7 follow because there tarot There are daily horoscopes for messages you this week is going to be a reading different than doing all I hope you enjoy it weeks left know if you like this week have the letter of fullness the letter of the simple and ordinary and attachment to the past to be a week important to your life a week where you’ll have to start letting go Physical certain things and in some I also sometimes emotional physical material things mean people also you have to leave many of you who have had insecurity is capricornio you have had energies the feeling which we depend on other who you have some sort of codependency a circle cycle that you’ll have closed this week wake up being a new person where You are going to start getting rid of things You could start from the weekend Or it could be this weekend you’re going to be doing where you are going to be throwing away clothes that no longer is boot clothes nose boteando things pando no longer work in your house cleaning some even they are going to be donating see a new attitude completely in my Warriors capricornio during this week’re not going to let anything of the past affect your present or harm or destroy your future so You are going to be growing this week lot with these energies you have to take advantage of them because energies will be in your favor to closures for those cycles again Connect with the basics of what the beginning who it was you what you actually have value in your life and you will begin to appreciate also people and little things life during this week where something perhaps before I would have drawn much Attention now needs to shine or not You need money to poderte draw attention need Quality needs to have heart needs You are going to have soul to be letting go of old attitudes old ways historical bonds thinking and you will open yourself to something New this week invites you in cards to take advantage of this energy and begins to let go of the things you They bring bad memories If you have some items at home a Once grabs brings you only see one bad memory or you angry or you feel a positive energy that is a clear indication that it’s time to leave go that article especially if you are having any kind of bad memories or those items are from a person who no longer It is in your life a person could having betrayed or deceived which you’re still clinging clingy and you are indicating it’s time to finally close that chapter in your life Let’s see what other energies are you have a lot left this week Letters will not get them all going to see me then capricornio this week stay with this is happening to me you gentleman cups 7 of spades and 10 glasses look there are energies here I’m seeing capricornio where to Chart 7 swords is the letter from the thief but you’ll be having energies around you where yourself going to start trying to take your things in and out about your family so you are indicating that you will not take an attitude where you give the back to your family where you give the back on the things that make you happy some of you are showing me Also this week could be packing his things and doing some this type of move could be some Trip type or some kind of offer or maybe you want to take a chance to go to go to another location see someone will be trying to make a counteroffer this could be Also if you are in some kind of work and could be your family to you is like if your work and see Here energies where you and another person who could be there then try to go and take something perhaps does not correspond much careful how important these energies with this gentleman glasses is that someone will bring you to stop or you could be this Knight of Cups who is this person who is taking a negative attitude is thinking of away you are planning to go and you say you’ll stand a moment You are acting in a bad way this is what comes to you this is what can this is the attitude that you have to have They are also telling me this It could be a person who is traveling this week during your working life in your personal life is a person who simply making the decision to go to You will be taking some things and I will come quickly intervening so that this does not happen to someone who It is going from home for some of you is capricornio this could also be and hopefully not this is so from the times when I hope to be wrong this letter could mean that there someone in your home for the next Week 9 to 15 could be tucking hand and might still be trying to bring something from home So this is not very attentive to see this is an irruption your home where someone breaks a glass and messes I see nothing that is someone who you know you will be on your house that could be taking something It is not yours but you realize With this letter of the Knight of Cups you know who this person as technician could be just someone who leaves home also takes Common things to fill a crazy helena suitcase and a family that wants to go snatches it and want to go and in a suitcase and goes crazy hopefully a situation no of the two but at least that of the Family is quieter because you go to be able to convince the family that also stay home if a thief Cillo you will be able to identify Who we’ll see this week that more will It is happening for you we will see positive things for you seven gold ends a wait the Emperor and the letter of lovers Que bueno que bueno letter seven de Oros speaks of a money going to You are coming to your hands a money Been waiting was delayed It can be a company or a family that makes you some kind of another gift or donation might be pregnant by letter of love you talks about getting the connecting possibilities this week with your soul mate soulmate is that both have been wanting that both have I yearned could connect this week you could also be confirming who your soulmate this week so Important here is a expected ends can be a financial institution he’ll be giving you some kind money you’ve been waiting You could be expecting money or request for a property a house with your partner you request three They are waiting then sign and all documents will be manifesting during week cash delivery companies They will be still important for your life signing documents They will look at how long will manifest your dreams in your life now says that in one year ie by December next year when you get to December next year your dreams will be come true so it’s extremely lucky aplenty successes for all of you and see So what’s the advice I give you your angels is the letter you want talk and says that their dreams become reality you have to do is put in the batteries and take action because those dreams depends on you They can manifest sooner if you start take action if you start to clarify what It’s what you do with your life and what you’ve been wanting but It depends on you only you can do these things work that accelerate or definitely keep in backwardness and start here by letting go of things past Let’s see what numbers are Lucky for you this week if you play the random lottery have 87 and have also 30 or 31 and your lucky day This week your energy loaded day positive for you where you’ll be getting good news will be the Wednesday and is very attentive to So let’s now turn to the question Interactive I’m going to get two also letters of response angels think in these moments in a Asked whether or not in a situation that have right now you can ask a question and take one of the two cards or question for each letter If you took is the option to answer For you it is it is not certain that it will take place If you took is the option bo hicistes another question for option B answer for you is usually a no so yes you repeated the question both cards you are saying is not sure that’s going to happen and here you They confirm that there was partly at this moment you appear the following videos you recommend Here are the videos of love and side from here is the link to be able visit my website and learn what are different private consultations I offer and prices I am Jotica decreed a week of bright and progress

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