Chainsaw sharpening with an angle grinder

Chainsaw sharpening with an angle grinder

So this chainsaw chain is
really in need of sharpening, The corners aren’t
sharp anymore. So what most professionals do
is they just put it in a vice and then use a chainsaw
file to file it. There’s all kinds of jigs
to help you with that Most pro’s don’t really
bother with that. But all the chainsaw
files here are dull. And I’ve got a better method
for sharpening this chain. So I’m just using a
regular cut-off disc, but after a while the wheel may
need a bit of dressing. So, the best way to dress it is
just to put it against a stone. And because this
is a metal disc, it’s mostly the stone that
cuts away the disc because the stone is much harder
than the metal would be.


  • alfa156bruder says:

    Vollpfosten 🙂

  • Jean-Francois Lauze says:

    I think the point is to show that a realy realy realy flat chain can be brought back to life… Manual sharpening for a normal chain + this method for a chain that has cut through a nail. Thanks for the video

  • Josh Peterson says:

    Well, I suppose it might work all right if you don't do much cutting, but I'll take my file any day.

  • M H says:

    The teeth have concave cutting surfaces but since only .025 of the top does the work, I guess this would work. But your chain won't last as long or cut as straight… if that's important to you.

  • Trav Scoop says:

    It's just like a bench sharpener but not as precise, also your files will last longer if you don't burn in a dull chain, then you are just wasting time and files. Only a grinder can cut through a smoked chain's hard outer layer. best to keep a chain sharp. Also chisel tooth chains are way less forgiving in dirt than semi chisel!

  • Jeremy Gourde says:

    this will most likely get alot of people who know nothing about sharpening a chainsaw chain severely hurt or killed.

  • Yo Ree says:

    Cool video. Thanks for all of these awesome vids Matthias!

  • steffankaizer says:

    you dont change the direction of the abrasion. most chainsaw sharpeners have a switch to change directions, as to not chip of the crome on the side of the teeth but i have never observed this effect. since your wheel is a lot faster there should be a difference between the sides. could you show this difference in more detail if it exists? and make a new vid this has to much negativ energy in the comments

  • JACKSON AXE says:

    If the wheel on the grinder isn't shaped like a file ( which it clearly isn't ) there is no way this could put the proper hook on a chain. Do what you will, but 100% of forestry professionals are laughing at this. Learn to file. Its not hard at all if you know what a sharp chain is suppose to look like.

  • JACKSON AXE says:

    As for falling the tree you did a fine job. People rant about safety, which is great, but for cutting one damn tree a sensible person should be able to do it without getting his head broke open. I've cut and logged trees for 30 years and if your PAYING ATTENTION there is always plenty of time to move from falling limbs or tops.

  • HORIZON8026 says:

    any real pro can sharpen his own chain and doesnt hit rocks were u would need a grinder and i bet those files are dull because u tried filing after u hardened the teeth with the grinder i hope u don't do your depth gauges and when u loose power good luck sharpening when u need it the most during a storm or something thats just a tip. but what ever works for ya to get the best cut u need a consistant angle and sharpness of the cutters and the right amount of depth gauge removed for that saw

  • HORIZON8026 says:

    always look up not down lol and dont run like forest gump haha right ?

  • Boddah Meep says:

    videos dont kill people.

  • Scott Mac says:

    The greatest mistake of all with anything in life you go out to achieve is to not consider others opinions well before deciding the right way for your self to go about it. I'm great full for all the stuff I've learnt on chain saw milling, felling, sharpening, cos I'm an electrician by trade, not a pro from the field of one of the most dangerous jobs in the world who are all taught/learnt well or die. Chears MassHoleR6Ryda, nice bike by the way

  • RetDet EdLaws says:

    Or for $30 you can buy an actual chainsaw grinder….

  • John TheRussian says:

    I have watched this because I have thought about it myself and was wondering if anyone else has tested this theory. Thanks. Almost as how I expected it to be. My chain has (almost) cut through a good size nail, hence the need for heavier duty sharpening. Poor quality chain+ user mistake=need more grunt than file could provide. Thanks lots, I will try this tomorrow.
    Hopefully no injuries or accidents to report 🙂 But now I have someone to blame 🙂

  • john Chainsaw Art says:

    Good idea. I would suggest tightening the chain before grinding (stops the tooth from jumping.)  I do most of my sharpening using a 2" stone on a very small angle grinder. 

  • Roller Coaster Maniac says:

    Why was the tree so discolored? Was it dead or diseased? Is that why you cut it down? Love your videos btw.

  • J vdl says:

    Post up a vid of you cutting down a tree with your angle grinder Matthias?

  • zippy says:

    That was way too sloppy work to get a good sharpening . Not to mention you could rip right through the chain. Not a good idea .Way too much power for a delicate job.

  • P C Huang says:

    is it a joke? parody of some kind?

  • RandmGye says:

    If a flat surface would do the job,there would be no round saw files Have never heard of a maintenance sharpening. Either it's dull or it's not. We cut up logs all day in the yard and not sharpen but we ring every cut with an axe especially muddy or frozen logs. Also we tried every grinder and saw sharpening gimmick that came out-still sharpen by hand. Get the saw solid as possible and make sure the chains tight before sharpening. Clamping the blade in a vice works well. Outside find a log or tree-straddle it-set the saw in front of you-set down and lay down over the saw with your chest holding it down-either way you have both hands to sharpen with. Chainsaws can really hurt you even when not running-be careful. I always wear chaps when using a saw-very easy when getting tired to lay that saw on your leg But a good video,trees on the ground and no one got hurt.

  • matthew wiesz says:

    This should be titled "trololol"

  • Jens Harder says:

    Not prober!!

  • 1crazynordlander says:

    That was quick!

  • Tim woods says:

    Such a ridiculous and dangerous way to "Sharpen" a chainsaw.

  • mieguistumas says:

    Is it the manliest way to sharpen it?

  • Adam Groves says:


  • James Maxwell says:

    Hahaha what a muppet. I couldnt help but watch it over again….. i dont think this guy has ever used a sharpchain or he'd know how inaffective that would've been.


    Poor chain!

  • mmikkone says:

    I don't know why people are so negative about this. I do this all the time. I just use a small, one-hand angle grinder and hold the chain with my other hand. I do one side at the time and slower than Matthias.

  • toby p says:

    I would like u to watch u sharpen say 42 inch bar or bigger and c how it cuts u will find u will also harden teeth so if u hit a stone u will munt teethe

  • David Hoover says:

    All I know is I work hard for my money to purchase chain. I am sure not going to cut corners by using this method. Hey if it works for you then great but I will stick  to my file or my Oregon Chainsaw chain sharpener.

  • Tony b says:

    This is extreme idiocy!!!

  • Adam Wilson says:

    It made my chain snap when logging and it hit me in the face.. don't not do this

  • Russ's World says:

    Holy shit, this is the stupidest thing I've seen in a long time. Please no one try this. It will destroy your chain.

  • Terje Normann says:

    With this method to sharpen your chainsaw, you have no control over whether you have sharpen each tooth equally.
    If you do not sharpen all teeth equal, the saw cut crooked.
    The saw will cut in an arc out to either side.

  • TheFixedMachine says:


  • boydb56 says:

    Do not want!

  • BRUTALIZER says:

    I bet a hundred bucks I'm faster and more precise with file.

  • Michal Rimmerak says:

    I don´t know, where is problem. When you have older chain, no time and no chain-grinder, this is fastest way and If you have precise movements of your hands, you can make it really good. I´m sharpening my chain same way and it cuts really straight and well.
    And the chain cant split and hit you to your face because of sharpening this way – you are sharpening teeth, no cutting the chain links.

  • Last Dog Up says:

    A round file is the best way to sharpen the chain. This is a lazy mans way to ruin a chain. No way.

  • RIccardo Faini says:

    shaving with samurai katana

  • Darko Leljak says:

    The stupidest video I ever saw! Do not do that, please!

  • gablia2002 says:

    Jesus Mary and Joseph…..give me strength

  • Jongsoo Kim says:

    it takes skills. i was pipe fitter. thousands of pipes are grinded my hand for fit to welding vevel. its stricted form 24~28 degree angle. even v type or u type. it has performed by each others skill. everyone cant do that but someone do that. and i can rebuild drill bit. so… chain saw sharpening?why not? he find his way.

  • Abby Babby says:

    Sir, I have seen many of your vedios and I am continually impressed with your wood working abilities. You may want to stay in an area where you are a genius, because what I witnessed in this vedio is so not up to your intellectual level. Never use a chainsaw without proper PPE. No Chaps, Not proper eye protection, No hearing protection, not sure if you are wearing steel toe boot, no gloves and using a grinder to sharpen a chainsaw is the fastest way to ruin a blade I can think of. You destroy the temper and there is no way your getting anywhere close to the proper angle. The biggest issue here is when someone like you makes a vedio less experienced people will take what you say and do as gospel because you are so talented. When your the leader, or set yourself up as an expert, the burden of excellence is your responsibility. Sorry to be a safety nazi.

  • Master O'None says:


  • mountfields says:

    Surely this is a joke ? ……Do some people really DO this ?????

  • Isaac Schuler says:

    you've gotta be kidding

  • TowME trailers says:

    Wow never would have thought to use my grinder. Some of these comments just make me laugh. People with to much opinion s d no sense of adventure.

  • sototajer says:

    how to destroy the chain…

  • Wayne Berry says:

    You really should take that silly guard off your grinder mate. Oh, & a pair of pluggers.. steel caps are for Beginners. CUINER. 😂

  • Ckamil Durmaz says:

    What about the angle of teeth?. İf they're not same angle you can not cut the large logs . Other hand angle grinder get heat the teeth and the property of steel will change to ordinary iron so you can not use that chain for a long time but there is a special grinder machine only to sharpen chain saw . I advise to use that .

  • zzebowa says:

    I used a small angle grinder, ie, more delicate, more precise, and the chain snapped on me. Didnt hit me, but it isnt a good technique. By contrast I put back on an old chain, and used the correct sized file to sharpen the teeth properly, and it cuts like a dream.

  • dusty trousers says:

    a dremel with a cutting disc is much better btw, if you don't have a file or a proper sharpening tool

  • That looks like a good way to ruin your chain. You know you could use a dremmel to sharpen it if your to lazy to hand sharpen it.

  • Trevor Capstick says:

    Just rev your saw to max rpm and hold a wet stone underneath it. Make sure to wet the stone with gasoline for proper lubrication.

  • Graziano il montanaro says:

    Ma che minchia dice questo quì ….

  • jason andres says:

    you forgot to torch the rakers

  • derek876544 says:

    oh my god lol

  • tinkergene says:

    ok – –   when you are in the middle of ' nowhere' with only a angle grinder – – and 110 volt outlet,  and it is "combat condition's"  use the angle grinder.

  • Jon Owens says:

    I just got dumber…

  • Mozery Modihi says:

    Speechless … (:

  • deernutOO says:

    Youtube videos can be made by all kinds.. and this one is one of those who doesn't have a single clue… For sure has no clue what a sharp chain is like.. or he wouldn't have thought this was the way to get it done.

  • Jalhay 631 says:

    It will ruin the temper of the metal on the chain from excessive heat even if it is in contact for a second or two.

  • 20kilovolt says:

    OMG :O is this a joke? It's really better to do it with a 3/8"file at an angle of 30° put it in the vise and file the sharp edge of the chisel where does start with the short side of the chisel and push the file toward the long side do this 3 times with each chisel. turn the saw to in the Vice and repeat the previous step.
    This is hew your keep the chain in a good condition and the saw will not saw awry. or quickly wear out.

  • 20kilovolt says:

    OMG :O is this a joke? It's really better to do it with a 3/8"file at an angle of 30° put it in the vise and file the sharp edge of the chisel where does start with the short side of the chisel and push the file toward the long side do this 3 times with each chisel. turn the saw to in the Vice and repeat the previous step.
    This is hew your keep the chain in a good condition and the saw will not saw awry. or quickly wear out.

  • Yilmaz Kilic says:

    gotunuzu gavur sıksın

  • Four Que says:

    Stupid is what stupid does

  • Nemanja Milošević says:

    koja budala

  • Wes T paintninjagc says:

    Thanks mate just what i needed to know

  • Osckarre says:

    Wow… hahaha noooo fuckin' way!

  • RSole9999 says:

    If it's the End-Of-The-World-As-We-Know-It and you need to sharpen to save your life, then this is an acceptable method. Otherwise, eh, no.

  • Jan-Olof Isaksson says:

    Är Youtube

  • Sergiu Raul says:


  • David Kwas says:

    If you do this with the correct wheel thickness and up angle it will work as good or better than a file. I'm a professional arborist for over 20 years and use this process to sharpen my saws. Who has the time to file 3-4 saws on a job site when a grinder if used it correctly , will produce a extremely sharp chain in a fraction of the time it takes to file. You backyard tree trimmers need to continue to use your file…I'd hate to see you get a spark in your eye or grind your fingernail off.

  • Murder Inc. Hunting says:

    Well this is fuckin neat. Can't believe some of the shit-heads on axmen didn't patent this method.

  • Just Sayin says:

    Everyone throw your files away!

  • Leo Mason says:

    Worked a treat for me as I took my time and certainly improved a blunt chain thanks

  • TMHarrigan says:


  • Charles Butler says:


  • randave jr addom says:

    my gad i hit drugs. 😂

  • John Doe says:

    Now you've just gone to far

  • gteea says:

    I was cleaning up an old tree stump on a customers property, accidently hit a rock on the other side of the stump and on 2 seconds flat took the edge off. Tried an old file. I did exactly this with a cordless angle grinder and a cutting blade. I got the job finished. It cut beautifully

  • lopi2 says:

    You got a view from me…your sharpening job, just like your cuts I bet…..a hack

  • Mario Burgos says:

    Yes finally some one is thinking the way I do that the way to do it

  • isman budi purwanto says:

    This saw is amazing!>>>     So much power and definitely a professional grade machine.

  • malcolm chaffer says:

    The hard hat and chainsaw protection is sadly missing. May you never have an accident.

  • Oz Camp n Hunt Dan says:

    Butcher !!!

  • Vicente Tush says:

    Can't believe it because grinder will not sharpen your chain like the round file i work with chainsaw for the pass 15 years and i no see how the grinder will give you the little huck you want

  • johannes thomsen says:

    I use someones word, Sorry, But: I don't know why people are so negative about this. I do this all the time. I just use a small, one-hand angle grinder and hold the chain with my other hand. J.

  • julie r says:

    Amazing amount of stupid comments here from people who have likely never even owned a chainsaw. Is this the proper way to sharpen? Hell no! Is it going to work passably well? If you have good hand/eye coordination it will work just fine. I’ve done it with a smaller pneumatic grinder. It will not destroy the chain, weaken the chain, change the temper of the metal, change the profile of the tooth, result in death or injury, or any of the other myriad dire predictions.
    If you take a chain to a shop to have it sharpened THEY USE A GRINDER. If you buy a new chain, look at the teeth- they do NOT have a ‘hook’, they have a profile like the number 7. A full chisel chain should NOT be sharpened with a round file. There is a flat file with angled edges that maintains the correct shape of the teeth.

  • Kord Lacroix says:

    Personally I like to sharpen my chainsaw chains by running two chainsaw together at full throttle. Works great, try it out… 😐☠

  • My FREE Frugal Homestead says:

    I use a 4" angle Grinder it kicks ass and the chain makes chips ! If you hold it in the curve of the cutting edge it fits perfectly. I was cutting some logs I had drug in the mud and were coated in mud and had gravel stuck in the dirt and bark. I burned up a file sharpened chain in cutting a few rounds, Filed again and after a few more times I decided to get these logs cut up for fire wood I would just grind a quick super sharp edge ever time I hit gravel in the muddy logs. After a few cuts and I was amazed at how fast it goes and how well it cuts not only on Dirty wood but in fresh older downed clean trees it is fast and cuts fantastic.

  • dwoodog says:

    It's good enough to get you outta a jam. And besides, how much are new chains? $500, or about $30?

  • bikedeefer says:

    You are the ultimate chainsaw guy troll!!! Awesome vijeo

  • spider H says:

    Using an angle grinder full stop is deadly so make no mistake so full ppe..If I can cut a circle with an angle grinder I can sharpen my chainsaw with it to but not everyone can use an angle grinder so dont take my word for it you need to have experience with an angle grinder and great care must be taken with any kind of machinery like eye protection and ear protection etc etc

  • Travis Carr says:

    Surely this is just for laughs and nobody is taking this seriously.

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