Chinese Zodiac Sign Meanings : The Sheep Chinese Zodiac Sign

Chinese Zodiac Sign Meanings : The Sheep Chinese Zodiac Sign

Hi, this is Nandita Pandey on behalf of Expert
Village and we’re talking about Feng Shui. If you’re talking about Feng Shui then we’re
talking about Chinese Zodiac signs and we talk about Goat. Now, if you’re born in the
year of 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, and 2003 then you are a Goat. If you are a
Goat then you are extremely sensitive by nature. You’re a little conservative but then a hard
worker. You would always reach the parts of sexes, burdens and your struggles and your
efforts. You’re also extremely elegant and artistic by nature. There are times you’re
sensitive and you do say things which might not go well with other people. So you need
to mind your tongue a little more than usual. If you are a Goat the best of the professions
that are good for you you would be a very good gardener, you can be a very good beachcomber.
You can also be a very good dentist. You can be a very good doctor. You also can be a very
good person, someone, something related to counseling where home and family is concerned.


  • d888888888888 says:

    I am a male Sheep, Could you please explain what you mean when you say a beach comber as a good profession. I looked up the term in Wikipedia and the definition was that it was an other word for vagabond, sailors who had jumped ship and also someone who combs the beach with a metal detector. Thanks

  • John G says:

    Im a male scorpio-sheep

  • Ophiuchus123456789 says:

    I was born on the day of the fire sheep. So I guess she's talking about me more than you lot because the day master is the real person that only few people get to know.

    Wtf is a beach comber??

  • Kristaps Blomkalns says:

    I am scorpio – sheep too 🙂

  • devilskullsixtysix says:

    I'm a virgo-sheep, and naturally an extreme perfectionist and an EXTREME worrier… It's been hard getting along with people through time because of how I act naturally, but I've worked on it a lot. I used to be very quiet but I've opened up a lot this year when I started reading about zodiac and what's up with me lol.

  • Jnbvht says:


    Double Rams?


  • Tae Reala says:

    Im more of a Big Horn Sheep

  • faisal1979m says:

    I am a Cancer/ Sheep same Qualities& Genuine
    Also they call me Cancerian Sheep
    Or Crappy Sheep or Sheep Crap lololo ^_^

  • BirchTheory says:

    metal sheep and a cancer

  • Le' Petite Magnifique' says:

    ……I have studied for over 25 years, and now do in-depth readings.. Reasonable Rates…Contact Me If Interested. Thanks.

  • Bookish Angel says:

    I'm a Pisces/Sheep.

  • rose lilac says:

    new zodiac signs

  • TheLesterBR says:

    When sheeps smoke weed they become a Dragon.

  • Watch Ryder says:

    Historically (according to Chinese texts) they were known for being excellent courtesans too!

  • Watch Ryder says:

    The Chinese use Jupiter as a reference point, as well as the Moon, taking that Jupiter is the head honcho of the planets.

  • jadeyes914 says:

    @devilskullsixtysix i'm a virgo sheep too, except i'm not that much of a worrier. i'm the type that just accept things as they are and work with what i've got. it also depends on your rising sign and moon sign. haha i can tell you're a virgo merely by your comment. correct grammar and spelling. most casual commentors don't bother much with either.

  • serenity0324 says:

    Aries earth sheep here.

  • plutoALIEYUN says:

    Scorpio Sheep…I'm stronger than you all

  • mausalus09 says:

    born in 2003? It is illegal for you to have a youtube account..

  • Zenos Magha says:

    Sheep is so lame…I'm so glad I was born in january of 1991 to be an awesome Horse !! And everyone says Horse and Sheep get along very well.
    Lol all my classmates were sheep and I hate you all.Stupid,moody,useless sheep.

    Also sheep male is the most feminine men in zodiac.As a horse I always tried to get stupid sheep friends to outside to cycling,basketball or even walking but noo,they prefer going to each others houses and do a girl's night out!! Ughh

  • Damien Orion says:

    You horses are so arrogant and impulsive. Sheep may not be as outgoing as horses, but at least we are considerate of others and their feelings, unlike horses who are selfish and narcissistic. If my friends are depressed I talk to them and try to cheer them up, unlike my horse brother who just tells them to "toughen up". There's a reason horse people aren't popular in china.

  • lawker777 says:

    my grandfather is a horse. he always interupts and never really lets you talk. when my mother got a stroke, he never really helped me and told me the same thing, "toughen up"

  • lawker777 says:

    sheep people are not the most hardworking. I know cuz there are many sheep in my family. I only started believing astrology because i noticed that most sheep do more complaining than working.

  • lawker777 says:

    there are sheep in my family. I started believing chinese astrology when i realized i didnt get along with any of em, they all had common behaviours. they will take but never give alot. u r right

  • Zenos Magha says:

    Not selfish, self-centered. I suppose you don't know how a Horse can lighten up the mood in any situation with their sharp wit. That includes cheering up friends in a heartbeat.

    Horses are very popular and well liked people. They are considerate of others. But if a sheep friend is having crying sessions over how the world is too cruel and life is hard when all they do is lay down instead of seeking opportunities themselves, then what else is there to say other than 'toughen up'

  • Pizza The Cat says:

    I am a Leonine Sheep so I am one of the noble and most fun to hang out with.

  • Martin O.Malley says:

    1955 was not Goat.. It was Wood Sheep.

  • Jessica Corrigan says:

    I just realized that most of the people watching this are probably the same age as me!

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