Christian Post editor quits over pro-Trump piece

Christian Post editor quits over pro-Trump piece


  • Erona Calloway says:

    Religion needs to keep their noses out of politics or start being TAXED.

  • trey randall says:

    You know how hard it is to raise a child with this immoral president.
    I try to teach them
    Do not mock disabled people
    Do not lie
    Do not claim your self a prophet
    Do not call others names
    Do obey the laws of man
    Then they ask me why, because our president is doing all those things you tell me not to do.
    You simply can not be honestly religious and defend Trump at the same time.
    Fun fact: google "Trump's lawsuits "
    It 4,095 total lawsuits
    Trump either settled or was found guilty over 3,000 times.

  • Doc Moto says:

    You can't call yourselves Christ like and then support a man like Trump. Sorry, just doesn't work, no matter how bad you want to overturn Roe v. Wade.

  • Adriana Terrill says:

    As a Christian I can't understand why people would stand behind the president and the way he behaves.

    Of the 10 commandments- he idolizes himself (purchasing huge pictures of himself with charity money), he has committed adultery, he has stolen money (in fake Trump university scam, in charitable scam to raise money for veterans which he then spent on himself, etc.), he has lied countless times, he has lusted after women and spoken poorly of them (grab them by the —-)… and he's broken these commandments over and over again.
    Since when as Christians do we condone this type of behavior? It's disgusting.

  • xiaoyang zhang says:

    Has anyone noticed how frequently she blinks?

  • Dewdaahman says:

    Why is the President showing a Black Power sign..?

  • Anna Stephens says:

    Trump's the walking devil …evil idiot needs to be put straight to prison

  • Big boy Tings says:

    He has his own right and opinion. Get over it. I'm tired of all these networks using news they only want to post about. Forget both Republican and Democrat, we are a nation and should care about all not just what party we like best

  • WTF BBQ says:

    In my experience, over 90% of people who claim to be Christians are actually Fake ones and clueless to the meaning of the word.

  • Markus Ancira says:

    Spoken like a real man. Phuck trump and all Joo BS propaganda

  • Heather Sutton says:

    Separating the wheat 🌾 and tares ! They will separate themselves.

  • Raymond Shaffer says:

    The man should of quit he wasnt representing the gospel of Christ any how.
    The Word declares to pray for your leader not put them down it doesnt matter if its obama or trump, christians are called to pray not nay say, so the man did right by quitting now he can operate as a person of the world.
    Also a soldier of Christ doest entangle himself in the affairs of this world.
    We should pray for our leaders and stand with them when they are leading in a way that is beneficial for freedoms and liberties.
    Even tho obama made fun of christianity and spoke against the word of God we still are called to pray for those types of leaders.
    Trump was put where he is by the devine hand of God, one of the reasons he is and has faced so much hatred and adversity.
    Even.when the pharisees tried to get Christ to speak against ceasar he was very wise in His answer, Jesus said show me a coin, he said render to ceasar which is ceasars and render to God which is God.
    Wisdom is justified by her children, this man spoke in wisdom of the world not wisdom from above.
    The editor not the journalist lol.

  • Justin Keiper says:

    The President believes he is the second coming of our Lord Jesus. How is that evangelicals are so on board with him? I have no party affiliation and even voted for Trump in 2016, but I can no longer vote after the connotations he has made about being Messiah. But that is my personal conviction, we must as the body of Christ be in fervent prayer about this election.

  • Kevin Pride says:

    Christians must become politically active lest the faith become marginalized and banned from public light.

  • Joshua says:

    I love Don TRUMP!

  • Samuel Clark says:

    No real Christian would support DJ Trump.

  • Salemchevy Gaming says:

    I mean look at him. I beat he is with antifa too 😡

  • JEFF JACK says:

    Turn your TVs off nothing but crisis actors and movie scenes.

  • Tyrone Taylor says:

    Racism is exactly what they love about Trump. How could a people who sold human babies like animals, now all of a sutton care about black women getting and abortion ? How stupid do you think we are?

  • Nathan Long says:

    Evangelical vs the melancholy average Christians no body likes.

  • Beverly Beverly says:


  • Daniel Taylor says:

    These people have it all wrong… they talk about how evangelicals "like Trump" as a demographic. But these days, you can't rely on these numbers. I applaud this journalist for his commitment to what he believes in, and would support him all the same if he left because the paper endorsed Trump, or if it were Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. If he wants to quit and go somewhere else because of a political editorial that he perceives to be speaking for him saying something he doesn't believe, I actually admire him. I wouldn't have the kind of confidence to try something like that..

  • Darrin Crowell says:

    Dude was just looking for an excuse to quit. Figures somebody will consider him brave and offer him a better job.

  • william Mattox says:

    How much did the Judius Bankers pay this Satanists to get some attention!!!

  • Byong Min says:

    We know Soros and his organizations are targeting evangelicals by infiltrating denominations leadership, seminaries, and publications. They are taking a long view so they can flip the evangelicals to socialism, liberation theology, etc. Be ware of traitors who take Soros money and sell their souls to the devil. Every Christian has a duty to make sure teachings, doctrine, movements, etc line up with the Scriptures and sound practice. Be especially wary of smooth talking well dressed charlatans.

  • Uncle Chubby says:

    Anyone decent human being with morals anfd ethics will oppose trump.
    God did not send this man, more like satan himself.

  • eddy eddy says:

    The most popular thing his done is the immigration policies ….putting kids in cages I don't see his Christianity??the media lies a lot ….only god knows what's next

  • susan Foret says:

    Christian? Oh please. Does anyone remember this? ——— ‘Longtime Christian Post Publisher Charged in $10 Million Fraud Scheme’

  • Beekster 2014 says:

    Good by and good luck sir.

  • Quilla Kiore says:

    77 percent of evangelicals support Trump and hopefully the other 23 percent will get saved soon and will support him shortly after. Trump supports LIFE

  • Curious George says:

    He looks like nutjob liberal. No surprise.

  • Deek 44 says:

    This is a good way to find out who the CINO's are! (Christian in name only)

  • Finn Jacobsen says:

    A Christian with a spine! Great. Evangelicals must have had their spines removed. Sad. No way Jesus would support Trump's evils and corruption. Too bad he died 2000 years ago.

  • Claire Bear says:

    Its honorable to stand up for what you believe, in spite of expected persecution. Too bad politics is so one-sided and ruins people's lives who try to do right.

  • Gary Rogers says:

    This guy was on his way out anyway

  • refugiorod says:

    Evangelicals are not Christians. Evangelicals are a cult.

  • ggb45601 says:

    This woman is talking out of both sides, And isn't defense of Donald's policies, defense of Donald? lol, I am a christian who is in agreement with the oped.

  • Ashleigh Jankowski says:

    *face palm

  • Stephen Stoner says:

    How was that hand when he swore to take office

  • tim regler says:

    Trump and his politics are the antithesis of everything that Christ taught. If you call yourself a Christian and support Donald Trump, you are on the wrong side of Jesus Christ

  • Eric Enloe says:

    If you are a democrat and still think you are a Christian, you better PRAY REALLY HARD, because aligning yourself with the devil, will NOT save you!!

  • Robert Beck says:

    Bye freak

  • Little Leo says:

    Trump the shinning beckon of Christianity. So F ing laughable

  • Laura Frizelle says:

    Evangelicals are not the only kind of Christian. Not all Christians are Republican or "conservative" in the same sense as the religious right.

  • cmcer1995 says:

    Another idiot speaks up against the vast majority of Evangelical's support of Trump. Goodbye to bad rubbish. Now we need to get rid of Christianity Today's editor too. I did emailed him personally and asked him to step down as he doesn't support Evangelical's beliefs either. If not, fire him.

  • Clay Girl says:

    Good, rather you quit than poison the rest there.

  • Nobody Cares says:

    Evangelicals (cult) are the American version of ISIS, watch as they become more angry and hateful towards any who disagree with them. Fox News is just propaganda.

  • Ghost Notes says:

    God sent Trump because he ran out of locusts.

  • Prof. DOOM says:

    Good, let him wander in the desert.

  • Revo_HoboLucky says:


  • browniescatering1379 says:

    Sorry buddy you weren't important enough to the paper to keep you around when you are a failure you are a failure and you were bringing the Christian Post down with you you notice the paper still there but you're gone for you sure put them in a corner how you feel at the unemployment line

  • Richard Christianson says:

    Good riddance, lefty.

  • Dannie Garrett says:

    They will and have sold their souls to the devil to get the anti abortions laws they want passed

  • Jeff Far says:

    Do any of you actually believe this utter BS? Why does Fox news post a smash piece on a guy that quit cause he had more faith then bills….

  • Rex Alien says:

    How do these aholes climb so high on the christian ladder, oh yeah…Judas!

  • Daniel Skomp says:

    Jesus, whom Christians call God,described Socialist views, love all, give to the poor and needy, respect everyone,. Trump is the Anti–Christ and must be eliminated in every manner possible.

  • Stormsmack says:

    Gotta love all the trolling leftys. I see yall have nothing new to say. Same ol crap. God bless this man, may he find peace.

  • tipseason Rex says:

    you mean there's a liberal news editor that virtue signals about how bad trump is?? Crazy….you never hear of that

  • Doug Carter says:

    Secular is simple. Its basically taken away the powers of the churchs, who in the past, held a huge "unelected say" in running a country. Church's function is to provide spiritually induced messages and practical assistance AND, like everyone else, use CONSTRUCTIVE dialogue to illustrate to the Government bodies when they see BLATANT abuse of the countries citizens. Tax should be paid by ALL exempted setups because they themselves "tax" their members with the AGE OLD tithe system…. see the plate in front of you ? Didn't JESUS have a tithe/finance man with the name of JUDAS ISCARIOT….. was he a warning to all of the future of FINANCE…. a sellout for 30 pieces of silver ….. sounds like the BANKS of today. Everything changes but stays the SAME.

  • Christine S says:

    Don't defend Trump? If it wasn't for Trump, very little, if any, of what evangelicals want from the federal gov't wouldn't even have a chance. Yeah, don't defend him for keeping promises.

  • Couch Potato says:

    Trump resign & let PENCE take over !!

  • Chris P. Bacon says:

    LOSER!!! Bye Felicia.

  • Sharry Beaver says:

    I seriously question the discernment of Christians who don't support Trump. I believe they're lacking in that spirit and need to ask God to fill them with it. Top that with them being judgmental towards a fellow brother in Christ (Trump) for his past. Jesus wiped the sins from all of them, what makes them think He didn't for Trump? And I wonder how many of them will actually humble themselves and admit they were wrong about Trump all along and they'd been fighting and causing division between fellow Christians for nothing?

  • Chris P. Bacon says:

    You can’t trust Bible Bangers, they’re some of the most shady people out there.

  • Steele and Kiersten Hogg says:

    America first is exactly like Rome First in early Christianity. It is a bate and switch. New form Christianity picking a fight it can't win, persecuting opposition, which will Ying Yang against Christianity. It isn't rocket science. Christ didn't say turn the other cheak 7 x 70 because it's fun to let the Lord fight your battles. It is because there is no other way to do it and prosper. Shocking to me how many anti abortion activists have never even had a conversation with anyone who has the pro abortion perspective. Faith should not fly in the face of common sense and reason. Knowing and loving your opponent wins the day. Creating a partisan divide, blaming it on the other side, and leveraging everything to that end will result in defeat. Being Christian is not equivilant to being infallible. Trump is certainly a case of needing to remove the mote from one's own eye so as to see clearly how to help others.

  • Marton Steve says:


  • poetmaggie1 says:

    It’s so sad every recent president has gone through this noise. Trump appears to me to be a mere politician and is little different from his predecessors, yet all the noise. What are our politicians up too?

  • Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast says:


  • Patricia Freeman says:

    If this guy who claIms to be Christian wants to support the party of of abortion, the party that discriminates against Judeo-Christians and their values let him. But he must be reading from a very different Bible than the one I follow. He doesn’t speak for me. MAGA.

  • Elizabeth Stock says:

    She couldn’t be more wrong about the left wanting impeachment because of abortion.

  • David Olsen says:

    Trump greatest president ever

  • Michael Joyner says:

    Wonder if someone paid by opponents to write such an article.

  • Gil Nelson says:

    Both Evangelicals and Fox have lost their way.

  • Rodney Stephens says:

    People that have bad things to say about President Trump or just ignorant and stupid and sick do your homework our country doing better than ever facts don't lie

  • Payton20ADZ says:

    I applaud the editor for standing by Christian beliefs. So sad to see so many evangelicals support President Trump as if he is sent here by God (which they claim)

  • Amy Bork says:

    Who cares

  • dane kelly says:

    You wont be missed…

  • Bonnie Laverty says:

    Not all evangelical christians are brain washed by the demon spirits that rule trump supporters

  • Bonnie Laverty says:

    And that’s because of his son in law. Christians wake up Stopped being deceived by this man.

  • James Elliott says:

    Democrats and their supporters are a plague on America and must be eradicated.

  • Mack Gloven says:

    Another persecuted Christian attacked for his beliefs by the republican demonic party

  • NemeanLion says:

    Fox News is in a glass house throwing stones.

  • laurie garber says:

    That chick is full of sh*t. It's NOT about abortion. It's about Trump abusing his power. Using congressionally allocated money for the Ukraine to use as leverage to slander Biden, Trump's political rival.

  • matt shanks says:

    If you support a sinner, you are a sinner.

  • Tamika Jackson says:

    Not like the Roman's Empire of the Republic of which it stands for Rome under that one eye devil without due process by law. As a Christian he licks a thousand wounds of transgressions without due process by law.

  • xtopher foster says:

    a bunch of ;
    SPEWIN all that HATE "IN THE NAME OF JESUS" ! ? ?
    there will be a reckoning & those amongst them who think they have a clue ? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ~

  • Barry Kelly says:

    Never heard of Christian post. Certainly people are entitled to opinions but didn't the organization do an interview to find out if this guy was a good cultural match?

  • Mustle Man says:

    Religion is an extension of your genitals and bowels.

  • J Swett says:

    I bet he's a Catholic……those people are barely Christians.

  • Terrence Simmons says:

    I agree with the concept of the media staying neutral and not promoting any candidates. God gave us a brain for us to think and discern on our own.

  • Statewidesandblasting Statewidesandblasting says:

    Most of these people believe in things they can't see

  • Mory Mory says:

    Evangelicals are such hypocrites lol everybody wants newspapers and journalists to be neutral but then attack this guy when he tries to keep his organization from being biased. I can't believe we are still talking about abortion, Christ, we've got bigger problems, you jerks.

  • Buffy Summers says:

    I don’t trust Fox News

  • K G says:

    Did you ever see the “Christian” Church Obama attended in Chicago? How about that pastor screaming out hatred of whites? Yeah, he’s a real Christian. Trump all the way 2020!

  • jerry spears says:

    His policies are what the evangelicals should have a problem with his policies are to do whatever benefits Trump they don't want to talk about two convic tions in the last five years for fraudulent scams Trump University and Trump charities ! How can they overlook that kinda stealing?

  • luther renfroe says:

    RELIGION IS NOT TRUE CHRISTANITY BUT A CONTROL SYSTEM BY THE FORCES OF EVIL ON EARTH AND ELSEWHERE.. any religion against trump needs to be looked at very closely. more then likely there scammers or satanists or ????. the vatican is the seat of evil on earth . it sits on a major ley line intersection.. pumping negativatity into us. how? where all connected telepathically to earth and each other. i can prove it by a CIA document i have by them on higher consciousness..

  • Antione Berry says:

    what is pure democracy?

  • glenda wood says:

    Best speech ever,

  • glenda wood says:

    Then it's not a Christian post

  • MyEyesBled says:

    When the war begins, place Trump’s two sons, Beavis & Butthead on the front line!

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