Coffee Chat: Why Astrologers Tell You To Read Your Horoscope For Your Rising Sign

Coffee Chat: Why Astrologers Tell You To Read Your Horoscope For Your Rising Sign

Hi this is Laura with 8th house and today
I’m going to talk to you a little bit about why you might want to be reading
your horoscope for your rising sign either instead of or in addition to your
Sun Sign. When an astrologer recommends that you read your horoscope for your
rising sign it’s because of how astrology works, and it doesn’t really
have anything to do with how much you identify with your rising sign. If you
were going to see an astrologer every month for them to tell you what was
coming up during the month, what they would do is they would use your birth
information–your day of birth your time of birth and your location of birth–to
determine what the position of the parts of the sky was when you were born. And
the main thing that they’d be looking at is what part of the sky was coming up
over the horizon at the time that you were born in the place that you were
born. And that sign is called your rising sign. So that part of the sky that was
coming up over the horizon, that becomes your first house. I’m talking about whole
sign houses here. And then all the parts of the sky that were above the horizon
they become the 12th house, 11th house, 10th house, 9th house, 8th
house, part of the 7th house. And then everything that was below the
horizon –in other words, people in your part of the world absolutely could not
have seen these parts of the sky–those become part of the seventh house, sixth
House, fifth house, fourth house, third house, second house, and part of the first
house in all likelihood. So that’s part of how we derive the
meanings of the houses, is what was above the horizon and what was below the
horizon. And the houses are how we understand what parts of your life are
affected by the planets. So when an astrologer is looking at your month,
they’re looking at how the current planet movements are moving through your
houses. So let’s say you are an Aries rising,
and Leo is your fifth house. Well the astrologer knows that if Mars is moving
through Leo that month, your creativity and your self-expression are being
affected in some way– specifically by Mars’s energy. That’s
basically what astrology is, putting together the meaning of the planet with
the meaning of the sign, the meaning of the house, and often with the
meaning of other planets that it’s interacting with.
Similarly, when an astrologer is writing a horoscope, they take a sign and they
look at what houses would be affected for that sign if that sign was the
rising sign in a chart. The type of astrology that is this predictive, where
you use a rising sign to see what’s going to happen for an individual, that
used to be much less accessible than it is now. I mean we can go to the internet
and type in our birthday and find out our rising sign, and when astrology was
being popularized in the west, people had to go to an astrologer for that
astrologer to do a pretty expensive process to lay out their birth chart.
And that just wasn’t something that most people were doing. So you couldn’t
popularize astrology by telling people to read for their rising sign. Even
now, telling people to read for their rising sign can be confusing because a
lot of the time, especially if people are first getting into it, they don’t even
know what their rising sign is. And I think this other effect is that because
people have been reading for their Sun sign for so long they feel weird about
reading for their rising sign because it feels like it’s invalidating what
they’ve gotten from reading their horoscope for their Sun Sign. So what I
would say to that is that reading for your Sun Sign actually can have some
interesting applications when you do look at somebody’s Sun sign as if it’s
their rising Sign, you start to find really
interesting correspondences with the stuff you see going on in their chart in
the traditional way, looking at it by their rising sign. So you can get this
kind of more filled out picture, like you see the specifics of what’s going
on in somebody’s life by looking at their horoscope by their rising sign, and
then you get these interesting like sort of thematic details unfolding when you
look at it for the Sun sign. I think there’s certain times of year when your
Sun sign horoscope is gonna feel more on the money, and those times are
basically like in the months around your birthday, within a month before and a month
after, and then also if you look out six months the time that’s sort of opposite on
the wheel, it can start to feel a little more relevant and that’s basically just
because you’re you’re having planets get lit up during that time that’s close to
your birthday and they’re also getting lit up when it’s the opposite time
of year, because opposition’s are happening a lot of the time. And so I
I think that Sun sign horoscopes start to have more resonance during
those times, and they just like sort of key in on on particular themes that are
going on in your life at that time. It’s not wrong to read your horoscope for
your Sun sign, but you ought to try reading for your
rising sign too, because that’s the closest thing you can get to going to an
astrologer by reading your horoscope. Alright that’s all I’ve got for today.
Thank you so much for watching! There is a free astrological planner available on
my website right now, I hope you’ll check that out. it’s
if you want to get that planner, and I’ll see you soon! Bye!
So I feel like my eyes are bad. So um in the last video I had
access to my local library’s recording equipment, which included a green screen.
I don’t have access to that this week so we’re just doing it in my office, in
front of my pink bull tapestry, which makes it look a little bit like I have

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