COLLECTIVE SHIFT OF CONSCIOUSNESS ~ Nation between Trapeze Bars ~ Astrology

COLLECTIVE SHIFT OF CONSCIOUSNESS ~ Nation between Trapeze Bars ~ Astrology

In between trapeze bars, because we as a nation
are moving into an evolutionary change, a new paradigm, a shift in consciousness so
vast that each and every one of us will be transformed by the experience. These are the
workings of planetary Neptune as she transits our nation’s ascendant between 2015 and
2018, a transformation we haven’t experienced the likes of for 160 years since right before
the Civil War when Neptune was in this precise location and transiting the nation’s ascendant.
Also important to note here, going back to the current chart, is that we have transiting
Saturn, the planet of concrete reality and manifestation joining forces with Neptune,
the planet of feelings, longings and ideals, over the next several months “crystallizing”
the collective malaise in the form of events. So this will be a period of heightened activity
in the U.S. but also in the world. You see Neptunian transits dissolve structures that
straightjacket the soul. They dissolve aspects of ourselves as a nation that no longer serve
aspects of ourselves as a nation that no longer serve so that we can open to a broader and
more boundless orientation to life. And so in this video I’d like to show you how this
works so that perhaps we can all ride this change with a bit more perspective and faith.
You see Neptune is the planet of the collective unconscious psyche, that psychic strata containing
all of the unexpressed feelings and longings of the collective, and it is now in a purposeful
state of disintegration because powerful new energies are emerging and there’s an old
personality structure in the way, one that’s no longer viable. Neptune transits facilitate
this transformation by stirring up and intensifying the collective unconscious’s deepest feelings
and longings. Intolerable rifts begin to form between our old selves and our longing to
experience more. Rifts become enormous and the collective unconscious erupts with tremendous
force into the environment in the form of projections. A psychotic break, a collective
madness of sorts as there’s an intensified need to release the old but a tremendous fear
and uncertainty as the future is unknown. These projections may seem compartmentalized
or discriminate, but they aren’t. There are no dualities in Neptune’s world. You
see Neptune dissolves the boundaries between ourselves and others, attuning us to the unity
of life. There is no left or right, straight or gay, rich or poor, black or white, masculine
or feminine, Trump or non-Trump, there is only oneness. And so we have a hologram of
a past that no longer fits and a future that is not yet here. We’ve been courting a potential
explosion such as this for quite some time in the American collective where the false
self has reigned supreme, a culture that has skirted along the surface of life for too
long, losing our meaning and purpose, losing touch with what really matters. Transiting
Neptune brings us back to our heart center, to our essential oneness. It’s a reminder
that because we’re all connected that we all play a part in this reality that we live
in. But Neptune won’t offer up her shiny new beacon until we release everything, until
we let go and take a leap of faith. Because it’s in the releasing of what once was as
well as our preconceived ideas of what might be that we can open to something new. And
this is what it means to “ride change,” to be in between trapeze bars, to be in the
transition zone. This is Neptune’s healing realm. And we’ve all been there at some
point in our lives where the old falls away yet we don’t know what’s next. And it’s
a very groundless, uncertain, unpredictable place, but it is a place that we need to hang
for a while, a place with nothing to hold onto, only a world of extreme and ongoing
change. Danaan Parry refers to the transition zone as this, “The only real thing, the
only place where change really happens, a terrifying disorienting and uncertain place,
yet the most alive, most growth filled, passionate, expansive moments of our lives. They should
be honored, savored, because hurtling through the void we just may learn how to fly.” But
most important thing about this whole deal is that we have a net, and our net is faith.
Genuine faith, not hope, hope is salve for the mind, but faith springs from the heart.
Faith is this intuitive knowing that there is intrinsic meaning and purpose in everything
and that the universe always unfolds in pattern containing wisdom and intent. So, now that
you have a better idea of where we’re headed with all of this, spread the love, ride the
change and let’s all take the leap together. We’re all connected. I mean I think the
most fundamental thing is that we’re all connected by an energy field; we swim in a
sea of light, basically, which is the zero point field. And I say first of all you have
to get to, you get away from the whole idea of separateness because separateness is the
biggest problem of the world now. The deepest level of truth uncovered by science and philosophy
is the fundamental truth of unity. At that deepest sub-nuclear level of our reality,
you and I are literally one.


  • Happy TX says:

    Thank you for making this excellent video. Great explanation of the what & why.

  • Tara Greene, Tarot, Astrology, Psychic Reader, Corporate Event Consultant says:

    very well done. I dont do Uranian astrology. but the same planetary aspects are occurring.

  • Tara Greene, Tarot, Astrology, Psychic Reader, Corporate Event Consultant says:

    The civil war is restarting in the U.S. I have predicted this for years now. The shit will really hit the fan at the U.S. PLuto return in 2020-25 and beyond

  • Jude Cowell says:

    Great presentation Susan! Yes, thanks, I shall post it soon!

  • Donna677 says:

    My son, who is autistic, said "mom, it's like the civil war again" ….yes he did!

  • Donna677 says:

    Yes…I'm in that Neptune place now…I'm hanging on…it's tough though

  • Christine Lockhart says:

    Wow. This Neptune transit is hitting me hard. feel like I am floating through life.. it is unsettling having to sit with so much personal unknown.Yet, I am also beginning to 'see' more of the collective process unfold. This is a profound time to be alive! Praise the All in the All.

  • Mark Cohen says:

    You are amazing, Susan. Such profound words of wisdom and I love seeing you this way. Thank You.

  • Mark Cohen says:

    That last comment was made by Adrienne Cohen. The link took me to Mark's page.

  • Petronila Blank says:


  • Tara Greene, Tarot, Astrology, Psychic Reader, Corporate Event Consultant says:

    Neptune is squaring my Sagittarius Sun with Saturn on it as well. I am experienced it personally as well as collectively. It would be great if everyone got to take a "time out"

  • SBSistheTruth says:

    So who's going to win the election ??? Why?

  • We Are One, Inc. says:

    Does it always feel this way, or did nail it?

  • gia combs-ramirez says:

    I talk in terms of the three universal phases of transformation and that we're in a double chaos (2nd phase) year. I love the quote "Spread the love, ride the change!"

  • Hèctor Felipé Adolfo Bofill says:

    i love you! <3

  • Thumbsof Steel says:

    I love the Uranian astrologer! Concise and well-explained, the visuals are top-notch and her quotes are on-point.
    Even if you have no depth of astrology, her videos are a compelling comparison of when the U.S. chart last went through the current aspects affecting our current socio-political climate. Easily understood narrative – a must-view if you want to grasp meaning in the current political developments.

  • AussieGoa says:

    Can you please explain your hand signal at the 6:25 mark. Thanks.

  • Rocky Top says:


  • Cindey T says:

    I think people are trying to find meaning in this. What if Hillary had won? That would be a difference too. She would be the first woman president & there are people out there that are afraid of a woman running things. I think what you & other astrologers & spiritualists would have said the same thing had she won.

  • J Dee says:

    The old personality structure in the way, the one that is no longer viable, is the elitist establishment structure led by the conglomerates and the lying media who backed Hillary Clinton. That is why you saw a populist rebellion against this, because the energies could no longer be contained.

  • Tracy Moreno says:

    Fantastic explanation of what's going on!! Thank you. ✨🙏✨

  • SBSistheTruth says:

    If what you say is true and it is all for the best, this logically implies Trump is the future and Hillary was the past and all the connotations that go with that.

  • Art Nunymiss says:

    Thank you for reflecting my beliefs and articulating so well! <3

  • Larisa Lindemann says:

    wonderful explanation of this transformation. Love the graphics and wording too. hoping more will come in the future.

  • Mark Johnson says:

    You explicate AND illuminate! SUPERB!

  • Lorri Froggét says:

    What a sharp lady! You are quite exceptional at this, and I'm very appreciative of you sharing your interpretation and insight. Thank you! I'm curious if you have any thoughts about the solar eclipse Aug 21st, conjunct Regulus, and how this relates to Regulus in Trumps chart and the nation's chart? What about in the charts of other nations or world powers and their leaders, such as North Korea, China, Russia, Ukraine, the EU, UK, Syria & the Middle East; countries with authoritarian style regimes and substantial records of human rights abuses, etc?

  • Wendy GG says:

    We want to hear more from you! 🙂

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