Combustion of Planets in Vedic Astrology ( Graha Asta)

Combustion of Planets in Vedic Astrology ( Graha Asta)

in last video we discussed about the
Shunya Tithi, Parigha tithi and Blind Tithi in this video we are going to talk about
the combustion of planets in Vedic Astrology
so keep watching namaste and welcome to Pramanik Astrology Chanel I’m your
host prasad mahajani I help you raise your vibrations and become your true
self with the help of Vedic Astrology combustion literally means asta asta
means set where the planet is set it is called combust planet combustion
literally means setting just like Sun sets every planet has a set and rise so
when the planet is set it is called a planet is combust
so before we know the combustion we have to understand the local space so we will
quickly go through the local space concepts and if you have not watched my
local space video go watch my local space video where we have discussed
these concepts at length hope that will help you and you will enjoy this video
even more so the local space so this is our celestial sphere okay
this is the horizon you are standing somewhere here okay so this is horizon
and this is the equator okay and this is the ecliptic part this is the ecliptic
part equator okay and there is one more thing called as the Prime Meridian which
will pass through this point and this point becomes the east point okay so
you’re standing somewhere here on earth you see this as a rising sign and this
becomes your East Point so whatever you see on ecliptic here you see on the
background of this so whatever zodiac sign here whatever the react sign you
can see here becomes your ascendant becomes your first house becomes your
horizon becomes your East Point okay so this is stuff let me join this okay so
this is prime meridian okay and when we have some planets around the ecliptic
suppose we have one planet here one planet is here and one is here okay so
we have to check the degrees of the planet on the prime meridian okay
because this is what you are going to see from the earth combustion is a local
phenomenon you may not be having a combustion at your local place and I
might be having it at my place at the same time this can happen okay so you
have to be local for the combustion so yes this is how combustion is calculated
let’s discuss about the inner planet combustion and outer planet combustion
yes they have some little difference will go through that outer planet sets
differently and the planet sets differently why because
outer planet Jupiter Mars Saturn revolves around Sun as well as revolves
around Earth but the inner planet that is Venus and Mercury revolves only
around the Sun and they don’t revolve around Earth in this diagram we are
discussing about the inner planets and how do they get combust okay so let’s
get started so this is Sun this is mercury and this is Venus and this is
Earth okay so we have to consider two positions for the planets set position
and rise position you can say okay so this is Sun and this is Venus and this
is mercury again we have to take calculated mercury here and Venus here
inner planets when conjunct the Sun and are away from the earth they become
combust okay so this is I this is the real conjunction of Sun and Mercury or
Sun and Venus in the sky okay we are watching it from here we are talking
about only this portion right now okay this is the real combustion okay what is
happening is Sun is close to the Venus and Mercury but this is apart from the
earth this is far from that this is far from that this is not close to that
hence this is the set position for that planet okay but when these planets are
revolving and come close to Earth and when these are close to the earth and
they are retrograde they become very powerful why they become powerful
because we can see these planets on the bright backdrop of the Sun okay even
though we are not able to see them because Sun is bright yet they are
visible from the earth and they are what is happening here is they are
behind the Sun so they are far from the earth to give any impact to give any
effect because they are physically behind the body of the Sun so it is not
possible for them to influence so they’ve become combust and when they
come closer and retrograde they become even more powerful okay
in both the cases there is a conjunction of Sailor Mercury and Sun and Venus but
this is powerful and this is not so effective because this is combust okay
so these are the combustion for the inner planets let’s see how the
combustion for the outer planets work so this is the diagram for the outer planet
and let’s see how the combustion for the outer planets work okay we are watching
all this drama from here we are here on earth okay so what happens when outer
planet is conjunct with Sun conjunct with Sun in closed degrees we are not
able to see them they are far from the earth okay and and when they are close
to the earth and retrograde close to Earth and retrograde close and retro
they become powerful okay and they but they become powerful and they are not
combust okay combustion happens only in this portion all these are the
combustion so when these are in align these are the conjunctions in your
horoscope like sunk mas Sun conjunct Jupiter Sun conjunct
Saturn in the closed degrees but astronomically we see this we see all
these conjunctions in this manner okay so these are the combustion and these
are the retrogression and the direct motion of the excuse me this is the
direct motion of the planet and set position and this is the retrograde
position for the planet combustion is when a planet is close to Sun in Surya
Siddhanta they have given the degrees of the planet for the conjunction Moon is
kind of Moon is combust when it is 12 degrees close to the Sun Mars is 17
degrees mercury is 15 degrees Jupiter is 11 degrees Venus is 10
degrees and Saturn is 15 degrees when these planets are at these particular
degrees away from the Sun or close to the Sun these planets are said to be
combust what happens when the planet gets can combust for a planet getting
combust you have to consider it its conjunction with the Sun okay Sun has to
be involved then only planet can get combust because it is the setting of
that planet this planet gets set the planet rice and planet sets when the
planet is far from the earth it is in a direct motion okay and we are not able
to see it because it is physically beyond the Sun and they these planet
practically these planets can’t impact us can’t make any influence on us okay
so what happens when a planet is in combustion suppose we have mercury
combust in our horoscope you have to science ruled by mercury Virgo and
Gemini wherever you have these two signs those houses will not be able to get the
best from the mercury because mercury is not capable of giving them
what it signifies this is how the combustion of planets world let’s
summarize what is combustion in Vedic Astrology for this we have to understand
the local space we know horizon we know ecliptic path
with no equator we know East point we have to see the planets with reference
to the prime vertical degree of the planet and not the ecliptic or the
zodiacal degree of the planet okay so when we say planet is combust we mean
the planet is very close to the Sun it is physically behind the Sun when we are
looking at from the earth so it is not able to give the best of its results and
which results the house it holds the result regarding to the houses it holds
in your horoscope if Mars is that if Mars is combust the house ruled by
Scorpio and Aries are occupied by Aries and Scorpio will be impacted okay when
the planets are close to the earth we can see them when the planet is in
conjunct with Sun and is close to the earth
retrograde these planet become very powerful because they are very close to
Earth we can see them in the bright light of the Sun okay for outer planets
we see them behind the earth they are close behind the earth and inner planet
are between Earth and Sun okay so yes this was combustion as much as I could
hold a grasp and share with you guys if you are new to my channel please
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