Could the Goblin Planet Finally Unravel the Mystery of Planet 9?

Could the Goblin Planet Finally Unravel the Mystery of Planet 9?

In the outskirts of our solar system, billions
of kilometers past Pluto, there might be a mysterious planet lurking in the abyss. The hypothetical body is known as Planet X
or Planet Nine, and some astronomers have been trying to prove its existence for a good
chunk of the last decade. It’s believed that the phantom planet has
a mass about 10 times that of Earth making it close in size to our ice giants. Like many other celestial objects, Planet
Nine is thought to orbit the Sun except it takes a much longer elliptical route, traveling
an estimated 20 times farther from the Sun on average than Neptune. NASA says at that distance, it may take between
10,000 and 20,000 Earth years to make one full orbit around the sun. Planet Nine is too far to be observed with
a modern telescope, but a planet as big as it’s believed to be should leave a trace
of its presence in the gravity it exerts on other objects. And that thought process is based off of Sir
Isaac Newton’s law of universal gravitation, which established that the gravitational force
between two bodies is proportional to their masses. This formula essentially shows that an object
with a larger mass will have an effect on an object with a smaller mass. Take Jupiter, for example. The gas giant is so large, its gravitational
pull impacts the smaller celestial bodies around it, trapping them in its orbit and
altering their trajectories. Jupiter’s pull is even thought to be the reason
why Mars’s orbit is slightly elliptical. Planet Nine believers are pointing to Newton’s
law of universal gravitation as a basis for its existence. Due to the discovery of several distant
objects that are behaving in an unusual way. The objects in question are located in the
inner Oort Cloud, a mysterious region that surrounds the solar system like a bubble. The group has complimentary orbit patterns
that swing far out in the same general direction and then cluster as they round the Sun. It’s believed these similarities are a result of Planet Nine’s gravitational pull, and a recently discovered
dwarf planet is giving more weight to this scenario. The pint-sized planet, nicknamed
The Goblin, travels about 2,300 astronomical units away from the Sun at its most distant
point and 65 AU at its closest. To put that into perspective. One AU is equal to the average Earth-Sun distance
which is about 150 million kilometers. So there are still 9.6 billion kilometers
between The Goblin and the Sun at their closest point. Because of this extreme distance, the gravity
of the known planets in the outer solar system are unlikely the cause of The Goblin’s unusual behavior. So, there has to be something else perturbing
these distant celestial bodies, right? Well, while there are a few astronomers that
are 90 percent sure Planet 9 is the culprit others aren’t so sold on its existence. Some non-believers do think that something is affecting
the objects, but say an undiscovered planet probably isn’t the cause. For now, the sample size of these distant objects is just too small to draw any conclusions. But NASA says the Oort Cloud may contain more
than a trillion icy bodies, so it’s likely that new discoveries could increase the possibility of a potential phantom planet. And that’s exactly the hope of the Planet Nine hunters. So they’ll continue to search for more dwarf planets like The Goblin in their quest for the ultimate
astronomical achievement. If you want to see more Space Crafts, check
out this playlist here. And be sure to let us know in the comments what astronomical phenomena you want to learn more about. Thanks for watching Seeker! Don’t forget to subscribe.


  • NuffxSaid says:

    Planet x has been spoken about since the 70s…

  • hacked2123 says:

    Any chance a piece of a neutron star is floating around out there? It would be nearly impossible to see or detect, and could be anywhere with any momentum

  • SkillD1J says:

    If a planet that size exists, I'll be more concerned about it effects on the asteroid belt

  • RaNcHo OOO says:

    Fish!!!! This would be a mind boggling discovery😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Caleb Fewell says:

    I feel it should have been worth a small mention , that recent calculations have shown us the mass of all KBO's (Kuiper Belt Objects) is roughly equal to 10 Earth mass which is what Planet 9 was estimated to be. Inner Oort Cloud Objects orbits are perturbed by the combined total of 10 Earth mass worth of objects within the Kuiper Belt.

  • One Man Wolf Pack says:

    Wouldn’t it be planet 10 if it’s Planet X???

  • Hashy Hash says:

    The only good goblin is a dead goblin, so let's make these goblins good!!

  • Critical Thinking always says:

    So basically the people you have all been calling conspiracy theorists for 40 years are yet again about to be proven right … just like hancock was with the discovery of the 12000 year impact… maybe you should think about that before throwing out the words crazy or conspiracy theorist

  • Nautilus says:

    goblin slayer probably be soaked in goblins blood right now and still slayin them in that planet as we speak

  • B6 schilke says:

    80% of all stars have a sister.(binary systems) How likely is it that our sun has a red dwarf sister on a distant orbit?

  • Hermaeus Mora says:

    Whenever planet 9 does get close, Extinction Events Occur.
    Geological evidence shows that one occurs every 10-20 thousand years.

  • miamibitch305fl says:

    If it existed they would of found it by now. It doesn’t exist!!

  • daveonarock says:

    Goblin Slayer shit going real

  • Kyle says:

    Is there planets that exist without stars? and if so how is that possible?

  • kirby march barcena says:

    "They're eating her…and they'll eat me…oh, my goooddddd!!!!"

    Oh, wait…

  • ulven crow says:

    That planet is the ancient aliens change my mind

  • Brett Segmento says:

    Why does Jupiter have a butt crack? And why do I want to smash??

  • Harry Potter says:

    Planet X planet nine

    Choose a number astronomers!

  • I'M GoneWithTheWind! FABULOUS!! says:

    Wow I like a voilet planet

  • Anfernny says:

    Why i fill like we about to enter some kind of D&D world

  • Mug Isaaa says:

    X is 10 not 9. It should be planet 10, stupid scientists😂

  • _myth5 media says:

    This is b.s. We can study galaxies and other phenomena in space, but we can't find a planet in our own solar system.

  • Pickle Von CrunchnMunch says:

    planet 9 is scary 😟

    ort cloud is scary! 😟

    goblins and dwarfs are scary!! 😟

    unusual behaviour is scary 😟

    ort cloud icey bodies lurk in the shadows and lure unsuspecting spacecraft in with their sweet songs, but when little ships get close, they open their icey trench coats and expose their hairy icey surfaces 😟

  • Coty Lee says:

    Awesome. Soon we wont have to worry about running out of the shaving cream atom

  • Alex Rodriguez says:

    I remember when they all denied Nibiru’s existence

  • Fairytail Guy says:

    Planet nine was discovered on December 17th 2018… ITS CALLED VG18 OR FAROUT

  • LetsGo ToMars says:

    We just called it Planet X when I was in school

  • Eduardo Perez says:

    Wtf is a Goblin Slayer .

  • Andrew Carranza says:

    Make a video of planet próxima centouri B or the Orion belt

  • Delby Dank says:

    Isn't that planet called Nibiru?


    I thought it was a green moon that was filled with goblins.

  • Vano Paniashvili says:


  • lolbot says:

    would be nice to find a giant rocky planet a fraction of a light year away

  • SmokeWise Ganja says:

    Sou ka?

  • Ocealot P says:

    And you’ve been.. GNOMED


    Goblin Slayer has joined the chat

  • Youcant Stopme! says:

    Too think that we can't find it yet we can find other crazy distant objects futher than it.

  • SamoJT says:

    So in short, no.

  • Crispy Crew says:

    I don't understand how we can see distant galaxies yet cant find a planet in our solar system

  • John Kravich says:

    Crazy to think there's even more celestial bodies within our system that we're just now discovering, yet we've already discovered hundreds of thousands beyond that.

  • Zachary Fluke says:

    I’m in the club that’s just as confident as Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin that this Planet 9 is out there, lurking, waiting for us to spot it and chart it for all of us and for future humans. Brown is 97% sure that there is a planet out there that matches up with some of the predictions that their simulations came up with.
    My guess, is that the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope that’s set to have first light VERY SOON (like they’re testing it this year [2019], and 2021 is set to be first science light I believe) will be the scope to pick this thing up. If we are going to find such a planet, if it exists, it’s going to be found by the LSST. Heed my prediction, fellow space fans! We are close!

  • choochoochooseyou says:

    So just how far does our Sun's gravitational pull reach?

  • Uncle Dune says:

    Wuuut i greatly overestimated and misunderstood our abilities and techniques of viewing space stuff, i thought could just point our biggest telescope or camera out there into the the nothingness and see whatever we wanted 😂 in the future i guess

  • you boi says:

    Then why didn't Voyager 1 see it?

  • Liam-Ethan Wallis says:

    Can see surface of distant exo-planets

    modern telescopes too primitive to see a planet in our own solar system


  • Simon Sozzi says:

    We're talking about it like we already found it now? 🤔

  • Brian Hahn says:

    Excellent animation style graphics. Well done creative team!

  • Rick Flare says:

    Earth is flat…..Space is nothing time is nothing, yet you think planets ride on it, with magic gravity …just stop it

  • Grimah says:

    The Sumerians were right!

  • Space Man says:

    Goblin slayer is coming

  • FatalFist says:

    I wonder if there is an end to the Oort Cloud or what we perceive to be the Oort Cloud is just galactic debris that continues on throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.

  • prazol schleiden says:

    Wtf even is goblin slayer???

  • pearlwhitebuffalo says:

    Here's a 75.4 K year old goblin called Deluge. Confirmable but still unconfirmed.
    SEE 2:12 min. (The great flood for the attentively challenged) and what is a recurring atmospheric blueprint made from ? ? Say cheese. Ha Ha Ha dumb hue mans

  • Philip Martinez says:

    Heu heu Jupiter has a booty.

  • Samuel Liljeblad says:

    Your vid where you explain that how human dnas was born was dissappeared

  • Wickedjr Reads says:

    I know this is probably petty but all through school I learned Pluto was the ninth planet. I needed 3 years of science in high school, took them 9th-11th grade. Had none in 12th and my senior year they declared Pluto no longer a planet. No joke (class of 2007). From what I heard they classed it as a dwarf planet (aka still a planet isn't it? Just…a dwarf planet). I will happily accept new planets into our solar system but I refuse to turn my back on Pluto. So it'll be the 10th planet to me. lol

  • sasa todorovic says:

    How can it be too far to be observed with modern telescope… I mean we have observed objects that are much further away.

  • DweebTeambuilder Jones says:

    This has been old news for over four months. Get with the program.

  • Juice says:

    "Yeah..I see…"

    – Goblin Slayer

  • MrJusho1 says:

    It's more likely a brown dwarf

  • The Pioneer Channel says:

    How can they not see the planet when they see planets way further in other galaxies?

  • yorusuyasoul says:

    All of these g.slayer comments

  • Emmanuel Avila Pianist says:

    We are able to find planets millions of light years from earth but we are not able to see one in our own solar system?

  • tariq ramadan says:

    So why can we find a dwarf planet…. But not a planet 10 times Earth's size

  • Furious Sloth says:

    Goblin planet…? Y’all already goblin slayer has a rocket ship locked and loaded.

  • Pall mall says:


  • Vincent Valez says:

    There are so many possibilites it could drive one insane. Maybe we will find it maybe not

  • Gravitational Pull says:

    No Leprechaun planets?

  • calvin wang says:

    Maybe it's a planet made of dark matter.

  • g Newton says:

    Don't trust paid scientist or paid astronomers to tell the truth…. they are paid to lie

  • Louis Boafo Bosompem says:

    I watch these videos and so much wanna be a physicist but too much maths and I hate maths🤗🤗🤗 and so I’ll be a information analyst 👌👌👌

  • H Josh says:

    "planet 9 is too far to be observed with a modern telescope" and we haven't officially detected it. Yet , we've allegedly identified and detected hundreds of exoplanets in different star systems many light years away from us…Makes no sense how we can state that we have 'detected a planet in a different star system that is the same size as ours and in the habitable zone'.
    How many exoplanets have we catalogued in different star systems? If we can catalogue planets in different star systems How are we unable to accurately detect whether there's a 9th planet in our own solar system? if astronomers are actually uncertain about whether there is a 9th planet, then any expo planet they've purportedly 'catalogued' can be stated as 5% chance of being right on these guesses and 95% of being completley wrong. There was big hype on anotger star system that seems to have a celestial body that that blocks out light and I remember that some astronomers even purported that it could even be a Dyson Sphere that an advanced extra terrestial civilization is using in order to utilize all of the star's energy. You know how absurd any guesses of the type/kind of objects that could be revolving around other stars sounds when we can't even CONFIRM whether there is another planet in our own solar system and how we couldn't even clearly verify and confirm, with our modern day telescopes and technologies to study space, whether the Oumuamua object that passed through our solar system was an asteroid a comet or a space craft? Your telling me with the great advancements in telescopes to view into space giving us the ability to peer into deep space clearly, actually being able to observe & retrieve IMAGES of other galaxies beyond the milky way and nearly peer to the edge of the observable universe, that we're unable to retrieve a clear fucking image to confirm whether there is or isnt another planet in our star system, and That we were unable to retrieve a crystal clear image from any state of the art telescope ground-based or space-based of the Oumuhamuha object while it was entering into our solar system as it passed many of the planets, as it was using the Sun's gravity to slingshot in a different direction leaving our solar system for good. Your telling me there is not a single clear image That no astronomer on earth was able to take from an observatory or NASA wasn't able to use one of their space based telescopes to capture a high quality image of the object in space? Its ridiculous. Something doesn't seem right or my expectations of our astronomical abilities is too high yet accomplishments in that field greatly contradict what our innovations can and cannot do.

  • Metal Rules says:

    Can we called it the destroyer ?

  • Noam Bahar says:

    It's not a gnoblin
    It's not gneptune

    It's a gnome
    And you've been

  • Gaurav nikam says:

    Wtf we can actully click a pic of a planet trillions and trillions light year away from earth but not planet 9 😤😤😤

  • Ann Lee says:

    Do pioneer 1 and 2

    Two epic hand built space craft.

  • 박으리 says:

    좋은 내용 감사합니다

  • Matt Infa says:

    ok so we exist on a single plane right that neabs we have literally only been looking at x and y but im pretty sure this planet 9 would be in the z

  • SuicideBunny6 says:

    Funny how 'planet X' (which is 10 in Roman numerals) is also used to name planet 9

  • Eric Vasquez says:

    Wait… 2300 AU is more than two light years. How is this goblin stable in such an orbit. It seems that it could easily be swept away by a passing star.

  • Gringus Bingus says:

    Pluto is not a planet

  • Capt Zdq says:

    Talk about incoherent: asteroids are planets and not planets at the same time. Also, the Oort cloud is a complete myth. Van Flandern (1979, 1999) points out several facts. The tendency of cometary directions of approach to the Sun to cluster toward the directions of the Sun's motion in space might suggest an interstellar provenance, but the Sun moves far too rapidly compared to its stellar neighbours for capture to be possible. Condensation from an extended solar nebula fails to explain the non-random characteristics of cometary orbits such as the prefered direction of approach to the Sun and how comets could wind up at such huge distances from it, 1000 times farther out than Pluto. It is especially difficult to explain how such bodies could form in the first place, given such a theory, as the sphere of influence of a typical 1 km.-cometary nucleus in an Oort Cloud would be 4 mln. kms., and the average distance between them would be 1 bln. kms., making collision and accretion even less plausible than usual. It would be possible to fit 200 bln. stars in the volume within Pluto's orbit and without them touching at that, yet the imaginary Oort Cloud is a bln. times greater! New comets arriving near Earth's orbit reach infalling velocities with respect to the Sun exceeding 40 kms./sec., so the ejection of such comets from the planetary region to their present orbits would have to be at similar speeds, but if these new comets were given just .5 m./sec. more velocity than they already have near the Sun, they would surpass escape velocity and leave the solar system and never return. Mechanisms that can increase velocities so close to critical in such great numbers are difficult to imagine. In particular, it was shown by Yabushita (1979) that the initial minimum distances of comets from the Sun must have exceeded about 1500 AUs to have any chance of evolving into an Oort Cloud. The Scattered Disk extends to only to several 100 AUs. So an Oort Cloud inner core was imagined, but it was never observed. And the number of comets required by the standard model is enormous since the 'KB of comets' must constantly resupply the inner core, which in turn must resupply the Oort Cloud. The estimates for the total are said to be at least ½ bln. (Hartmann, 1983), 1 trln. (Moore, 2002; Ridpath, 1997), 10 bln. to 1 trln. (Hamblin and Christiansen, 1990), and as high as 5 trln. (Freedman and Kaufmann, 2008) and 6 trln. (Weissman, 1999); Oort suggested 100 bln. (Hartmann, 1983) and Lang (2003) estimates 200 bln. And the Oort Cloud would get eliminated several times during the solar system's history by passing GMCs (giant molecular clouds), galactic tides, and passing stars, and would need again to be regenerated. Stirring of the Oort Cloud by passing stars must occasionally send some comets hurtling towards us at speeds greater than escape velocity, yet such comets have never been observed. Another problem is the complete absence of comets with hyperbolic trajectories. By contrast, Van Flandern's theory of an explosion as the origin for comets fits the observations.

  • Anatoly Blyatlov says:

    Goblin slayer : Souka

  • Vaishnavi Singh says:


  • Ibraheem Productions says:

    Am i the only one who thought of the green goblin from spider man?

  • Blake Benson says:

    Is it possible that our large asteroid belt and keiper belt are gravitationally effecting the celestial bodies in a chain reaction of unbalanced sinkings in the fabric of space time? I also noticed the oort clouds trajectory pattern strongly resembles the magnetospheres shape the earth projects I would also move to wonder if the magnetosphere of all our matter in our solar system that projects them could be the result of it. I don't have the tools to test this but I'm curious hopefully an expert practicing in the field can answer this.

  • Viryl Lucas says:

    Just like dark matter, no other evidences but the gravity it exerts

  • D. says:

    What is the name of the song that starts at 2:15 ? Does anyone know please.

  • Jupiter Galileo says:

    It was me

  • ?????? says:

    We can take the first picture of a black hole but not find evidence for "planet 9"

  • Scruffy The Sasquatch says:

    So you're telling me we can see shit light years away but we cant see a planet in OUR OWN SOLAR SYSTEM??? Either astronomers priorities are that fucked or NASA is just making up super random information to give people false hope.

  • KindaTechy says:


  • Tacun pe Bune says:

    It doesn't exist

  • dade arinto says:

    The size is bigger than jupiter combine saturn is called planet muntaha in the quran mentioned
    Hard to see because the atmospher is very thin almost no reflection light
    Gravity much bigger than on earth and magnetic much bigger than on earth
    And rotation faster than earth

  • dade arinto says:

    Because so far from sun the magnetic should be bigger than earth

  • MICO hun says:

    The Milky way

  • Noah Loyd says:

    Dark matter?

  • Andrewisbitchy says:

    “too far for the modern telescope to see” and yet we can see other stars, planters and galaxies??? tf

  • curtfont says:

    Well they can disbelieve all they want but it has been discribed by our ancestors as a destruction doomsday apocalypse it's just a matter of time until it starts to reveal itself when it starts to orbit closer again.

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