Cupido in Astrology – Uranian Astrology – Transneptunian Planet – Midpoint – Witte

Cupido in Astrology – Uranian Astrology – Transneptunian Planet – Midpoint – Witte

Alfred Witte called the first transneptunian
planet Cupido and when we look at that symbol closely you�ll see it�s actually a combination
of Venus and Jupiter so it�s like a “super Venus.” Witte decided on Cupido since love
and relationship are communal in nature so in manifestation they involve the component
of harmonious companionship. When we look at the effect of Cupido in a
birth chart we are looking at things where companionship and partnerships are the main
component. This has many implications…organizations, family, social relations, clubs, corporations,
many different kinds of partnerships. Venus also has to do with the aesthetic, beauty
and art, so Cupido could deal with cooperative creative ventures.
Now on its own Cupido is a fairly neutral and accommodating planet, so we really need
to see what else it�s dancing with in a chart to get a realistic picture of how it
is operating. Let�s look at a few examples. This first chart is the chart of Madonna and
when we look around the Meridian, and again the Meridian is the most important point in
Uranian astrology because it�s like a snapshot of the soul. It�s what we really want to
do and achieve regardless of whether it brings attention and recognition from the outside.
So when we look around the Meridian we get this Venus/Cupido midpoint structure. The
Cupido has a lot to do with partnerships, communions, and with the Venus involved we
get creative partnerships�.relationships. This next chart we�re going to look at is
the chart of Adolf Hitler. Now around the Meridian Adolf Hitler has a Cupido/Poseidon
midpoint structure. Now we know what Cupido is, communities or various type of partnerships.
What Poseidon is all about is shining the light upon or illuminating something. Poseidon
is about ideologies, it�s about philosophies. So when Cupido and Poseidon come together
you can have communities or groups that have specific world views. There can be an idealistic
view or perfectionistic approach to what structure should be like.
This next chart is an event. It�s the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. It�s
important to note here that while the Meridian would still be the snapshot of the �soul
of this event,� its “point of individuality,” the Meridian is also the actual “minute” or
“moment” in time. So for instance if they were married at 11:17 am which puts the Meridian
at 10.30 degrees of Cancer, even if the married took place a few minutes later, say 11:30
am, the Meridian moves to 13.30 degrees Cancer and the whole picture changes. And when the
picture changes so does all of the information around the Meridian, so you can see why the
Meridian is so personal. At the moment of marriage what we have is
a Cupido/Kronos midpoint structure. Now Kronos is another one of the Transneptunian planets
and it is about all things that are high up, literally and figuratively. So anything from
bureaucracies, government, leadership positions, the boss, and also everything that is above
average such as someone who is an expert at something or has integrity. Cupido/Kronos
is also one of the midpoint structures for marriage, and the Kronos gives an edge of
distinguished or illustrious societies, high social positions as well as family celebrations
and gatherings. So you can see at the actual moment of their union this midpoint structure
is right on point. Next up, actor Uma Thurman. Here we have a
Jupiter/Cupido midpoint structure on the side of the Meridian, but you can see it still
fulfills those criteria for a midpoint because it is equidistant to the axis. Now Jupiter
is traditionally known as the planet of good luck and good fortune, but Jupiter is much
more than that. It expands whatever it touches with faith, optimism, contentment, a consciousness
of aim, so it�s easy to see why it�s labeled the planet of luck. Jupiter/Cupido around
the Meridian indicates someone who has successful partnerships, it may not necessarily be in
the romantic area, we�d have to look deeper to confirm that, but certainly in the area
of career because remember the Meridian has everything to do with the career from the
standpoint of individuality. This is someone who gets along well with people and people
really like her. And since Jupiter expands the Cupido energy it can also represent someone
who appears in the public as an artist.


  • Steve Quizodlibumpbumpbump says:

    I conversed with Hans Niggeman on the telephone. He had just been mugged under an aspect of "Hades" by black folks, which is how I determined to call "Hades" "Surt". Hades had a helmet of invisibility and so did Pluto, therefore the word Hades is another name for Pluto and is a misnomer for Surt.

  • Michael Mallal says:

    A client met a male at MC = Mo / Cu time. This sounds hopeful as Cupido represents female body organs.

  • Cardboard Calamity says:

    My Husband has Cupido Conjunct his Sun both in Scorpio in the 8th house . Do I read this like Sun conjunct "Super" Venus ?

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