Daily Horoscope: August 18th – August 20th

Daily Horoscope: August 18th – August 20th

August 18th 19th and 20th Sunday Monday
and Tuesday there are a lot of planets and fire because the Sun is in Leo and
the Moon is in Aries and that combination if you met anybody with fire
this was what they would be like alive and kicking and vital and pushy and
strong and opinionated and they don’t hold back and then we get mad at them
and go can you tone it down when a baby is born with this kind of imprint you
don’t tell them to tone it down you encourage it you laugh with them you
make fun of them they love to be made fun of they have an incredible humor
system unless you get them pissed off and how do you can piss off by being
bossy and not listening to them they will not listen to you so you have to
pick your battles if a child was born with this configuration this much fire I
would say to the parent listen you don’t want to get this kid pissed at you
because this kid’s gonna show up with excessive energy they have an extra
power pack so in these few days Sunday Monday and Tuesday especially on Monday
you’re gonna feel it you’ve got some Chi here there’s an excessive amount of fire
in the heavens and it’s giving us an opportunity to make sure that we’re
alive and kicking if you’re flatlined if you’ve lost your humor if you’re not
having sex if you’re not having fun if you forgot how to have fun people come
to see me and they say I don’t know how to have fun I’m like well let me talk to
you about fun this astrology chart in August eighteenth nineteen twenty you’ve
got to put move your energy up and by the way I have an astrology school
called Deborah Silverman’s astrology school it’s called applied astrology you
want to have fun you want to have a lot of fun mister mrs. Leow
you learn about your chart you take a deep dive into your own psyche and
you’re fascinating I mean that’s what I find out every single chart has this
entrance into a discovery about your soul’s purpose what is more interesting
tell me I love being an airplane and say tell me your story this would be a very
exciting date oh my god the Sun and Venus and Mercury
trining the moon training Jupiter basically we’ve got a grand trying to
fire the Moon in Aries Jupiter and sad Sun and Leo we call that a grand trine
and fire I have one and it’s successive energy and the more energy of fire
person spends the more energy they get they’re backwards
people need to relax this is not a few days to relax so if you need to know
when to get up and move your cheese especially in that middle day on Monday
on this Monday you’re gonna say I swear Deborah that astrology stuff
works and then you might want to come study with me just sayin
astrology answers wanted me to tell you this is the time to think about what I
could do an astrology class in September and learn all about me oh I can’t think
of anything more exciting


  • Mary J says:

    That's me Debra! I'm ♐Sagittarius, and nobody mess with me and get away with. I say it the where it is, and my water signs children ♋cancer and ♓Pisces, they are sooo frustrated with me when i catch them lie to me they get so defensive and emotional Neddy.

  • Fly High says:

    Yesssss Sagittarius here it’s all about 🔥🔥🔥 got all these combinations in my chart 🔥💝😇

  • SARAH Lee says:

    I only have fire in two planets which my moon in Aries my Pluto in sag, 🤷🏽‍♀️

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