Daily Horoscope: February 6th to February 7th

Daily Horoscope: February 6th to February 7th

February 6th and 7th Wednesday and
Thursday the Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon is in Pisces one sign past it I’ve
always noticed an astrology when there’s signs apart it changes the flavor so
much because Aquarius is so detached Pisces is so sensitive Aries is so
feisty Taurus is so slow Gemini can’t stop talking cancer hates
to talk Leo is the show-off Virgo just wants to stay home and clean and fix a
Libra loves relationship Scorpio wants to be intimate and deep and not those
people that help at the house sage wants to go play outside Capricorn needs to
get to work see how opposite to each one go from one sign to the next note worthy
now the combination but combination I love doing these Pisces videos because
guess what I’m an Aquarius that’s so funny
the moons and Pisces the Suns in Aquarius I’m acting crazy and you are
entitled to invite yourself right into my crazy psyche because this is the
combination Aquarius and Pisces it’s a little bit crazy not to mention Mars and
Uranus are standing exactly together Myers is an Aries your reign is’s and
Aries at very late degree and if someone were born with that Mars is your male
energy it’s the red planet and Uranus looks like a TV antenna it’s electricity
when your male energy just hooked up to the electricity and it’s an Aries valve
a boom not of a boom I just want to say it again and then there’s Aquarius with
that little moon and Pisces going Deborah you’re acting a little strange
now I’m entitled to because when you have an Aquarius Pisces early in my
career I designed a chart I wanted to have for my future life and I wanted
this one I wanted to be son an Aquarius with moon in Pisces until I met the
people they were so eccentric I thought oh my god I need a little more normal
because why because I’m gonna be an astrologer if you are interested in
astrology you probably have this combination because you’re a little
eccentric and you’re trying to figure you out
Mars conjunct Uranus as to the electrical charge
all I’m saying is during these couple days Wednesday and Thursday it’s a
little bit wonky it’s a little unusual we were doing a level-3 I have a school
or I teach astrology last year at this time and we always pay attention of
course we do her astrologers to the laver of the heavens and the students
that were in the class during this configuration during those two days were
so unusual that we just started to laugh and said you can’t make this stuff up
this astrology stuff is real and so I’m being a little eccentric aquarius pisces
your reign is conjunct Mars little off the beaten path and I’m inviting you see
where in your life you could give yourself permission to say Oh today’s
one of those days where I’m just acting weird
thanks astrology answers we all need permission to be weird every once in a
while watch this


  • Torri imlove says:

    I'm AQUARIUS SUN ARIESMOON Taurus rising Capricorn Venus and Mercury Mars Gemini Scorpio Uranus

  • SARAH Lee says:

    My big brother is an Aquarius his moon is a Pisces but he’s the meanest person I’ve ever met in my life ….

  • Shelby Lawton says:

    …. I just love this little ditty that you did for Wednesday and Thursday…! Oh my goodness, lol.
    I think I've been accused of being a little eccentric, being a triple Scorpio….amidst the " intense , passionate, sensitive" traits, lol.
    The ending of the video…..superb . " Watch this'. Indeed ! Cheers, and thank you!

  • India Burke says:

    "The Age of Aquarius " delivers ! 🎶💗🎶 Awesome Deborah, thank you!🌹

  • mimi geo says:

    Deborah, thank you! haa ha perfect !!!

  • Mydognyla says:

    Happy Birthday 🎂🎈

  • Tyra Smith says:

    Hahaha, so freaking crazy weird but true. Astrology. Astrology, what would we do without manstrology….

  • Different Saturner says:

    Last year you said, you're a Virgo! Strange! Is it our signs change every year! Or is it, this one is Moon sign and the other is Sun sign! I wonder, if I'm wrong!
    Gr Britain, Tue 05 Feb 2019 2231

  • BLEE HARPER says:

    FUNTASTIC U R.🙋‍♀️😃😄😊👍✌💖💝

  • Muzamil Hussain says:

    Daily Horoscope in Urdu 6 February|By Astro Healing

  • Oshun Goddessqueen says:

    Noooooooo. I cannot. My new love interest is serious but am laughing. He is much younger than my son. 30 yrs younger than me. What the heck Aquarius energy is doing to me. Let me just pick his brain. What the heck. It is long distance.😏

  • Cindy Miller says:

    HAHA! I am an Aquarius sun/Pisces moon and yes, I am eccentric…….. Mix that w/ a Gemini rising and I learn all sorts of weird things! 😉 AND, I am definitely into astrology. Couldn't have been more correct!

  • UK Business says:


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