Daily Horoscope: July 17th – July 19th

Daily Horoscope: July 17th – July 19th

Wednesday Thursday and Friday July 17th 18th and 19th we have Nelson Mandela’s birthday on July 18th his story makes my heart sing and I love that Oprah said he was one of her he was one of her biggest heroes in this life why because he spent 27 years in prison that’s unbelievable he came out of prison and became the president of South Africa and in his willingness to take the pain of being violated and abused for at least half of his life living under those conditions it never stopped him from having hope so I’m going to tell you when the Sun is in Cancer and the Moon is in Aquarius it’s just one sign over like that it looks like a full moon we’re just passed the full moon but we’re over one that is the time when compassion Cancer and Aquarius together is the most willing to feel the pain of Cancer but be a humanitarian of the Aquarius that’s the flavor of these few days and if you were willing because Pluto is opposite the Sun it’s not just a typical Sun in Cancer Pluto’s opposite once a year this occurs so it’s a very deep entrance into saying you know I’m not going to let the pain of this life ever shut me down you wanna join me in this and pretend we’re the Dalai we’re not just the Dalai Lama was born as a Cancer but Nelson Mandela is also a Cancer that’s crazy he had the same sensitivity the Dalai Lama had and his gift to us this lifetime was that no matter what both of them had emotional despair that lasted for their whole lifetime and neither of them shut down their heart I challenge you to do the same thing Astrology Answers wanted me to say this summer during this wonderful summer of Cancer sensitivity open up your heart and see what it feels like to let the tears be there if it hurts but don’t let anyone ever give you any cause to shut down and shrivel up that’s not the answer


  • Mary J says:

    Love you Debra you're 👍great 😘thanks.

  • Zippittydoohdangtwang says:

    The Mandela myth is so annoying. He was jailed for terrorism, for planting bombs. Nobody considers the people massacred in bars and churches, or those who were 'necklaced" etc. Nobody considers where all his "childrens fund" money went. Alan Boesak was eventually the fall guy. His followers are morally bankrupt. The globalists created the Mandela myth for a specific agenda, namely a calming influence during the transition. The sheep accepted the narrative. History is so distorted it sickens me. Just sayin'. I still love your channel. You're welcome to nuke this comment

  • Cheryl Sibson says:

    Children have been on this earth since time began nobody needs to leave the planet Love is the answer.

  • Carry On says:

    Its unbelievable bc it's not true.

  • Black Forest says:

    I got heartbroken 😢💔

  • 144 RareAir says:

    That's it ?

  • Dolores Scovill says:

    🌹💜 that is inspiring, thank you

  • Virginia Ferrigno says:

    That was really beautifully said. I love Nelson Mandela

  • MZ C YOHINEZ' says:


  • Learning humbleness says:


  • Anne Willey says:

    I love all your insight and information Debra! I noticed your videos have started to show subtitles, I find this very distracting, is there any way to turn them off?!

  • Heather Wilkins says:

    Keep our hearts open. Dont let a single person ever stop us from loving and giving up.

  • Jody Hakala says:

    Emotionally sensory, is good, good to be aware of that and be more open to ways I may have been shut down or less sensitivity to others. Umm yea Capricorn needs this, I think ha ha.

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