Daily Horoscope: July 29th – July 30th

Daily Horoscope: July 29th – July 30th

July 29th and 30th Monday and Tuesday
the Sun is in Leo and the Moon is in Cancer look they’re right next to each
other what have we been learning in an astrology when there’s two signs next to
each other they’re so opposite like leo is the drama queen who loves attention
cancer is reluctant and feels quite shy not to mention mercury is going that way
that way remember in The Wizard of Oz where the guy said which way are they
going that’s kind of the energy today that leo energy wants nothing more in
this lifetime than to be alive and kicking people accuse them of taking up
center stage and being really dramatic and always needing attention it’s semi
true the real function from the spiritual angle of a leo is to activate
us is to turn us on is to make the energy go up so when a Leo walks in the
room everybody feels so alive the cancer is at home with their family and wanting
to be in their own comfort Leo wants everyone to come over that’s why they’re
so different but the best combination is a Leo who says we’re gonna have a party
at my house I’m gonna set the plates I’m gonna give you the comfort I’m gonna
wear the clothes I’m gonna give you everything you need what’s more fun than
going over to a Leo cancer’s house when they like you they love you it’s kind of
like a mafioso connection so during these few days this is the time to say
come to my house I’m an embody the Leo Cancer and allow myself to feel that
vitality and give it away total generosity if everyone in this lifetime
would just give turn up the volume from Leo let your vitality find you and from
that place there’s a never-ending reservoir of love but if you’ve gotten
caught in the cancer moon energy where you’re so sensitive and you’ve retreated
and there was cancer that last month we just went through and suddenly you’re
feeling like I can’t really afford to trust people and everything shuts down
you get crispy critter you gain weight you feel miserable gravity comes to your
house and it kind of smells bad okay just saying the right use of Leo cancer
is I’m going to shine my stuff up I’m going to smell so good and I’m gonna
invite you over and I’m going to share it all that’s the name of this game
astrology Answers wanted me to tell you the whole point of this
lifetime is to share and give that’s why we’re here doing it by yourself is not
the right answer to the leo cancer


  • Lila Knox says:

    Hmm interesting. My mom is Leo and I’m Cancer rising. For us, I’ve always been the one expressing what you said here for Leo, and she expresses what you said for Cancer…🤔

  • Witt Jablonski says:

    Debra, I just adore your videos….Thank you for all you've taught us, all that you give back and give to the world……You ROCK! Says the Leo (aug9) w/ pieces moon and gemini rising 😉 MWAH

  • Dawn Green says:

    I am a Pisces Sun & Pisces moon, one brother is a Cancer Sun & Sag moon, another a Pisces sun & Sag moon, and another a LEO sun & CANCER moon. I have two sisters, Aries/Pisces & Pisces/Aries. Anyways, my brother whom is LEO sun & CANCER moon is very generous and supportive. He bbq' s almost every weekend and invites EVERYONE!!!! I always thought we were closer cause we are closer in age (I am the oldest of all). Now, I realize it's his generosity and protective nature…sure he talks a lot & brags a little wink-wink, but he is genuine.

  • Underdog Territory 2018 says:

    Luv this video 💞 well energy I should say

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