Daily Horoscope: July 4th – July 5th

Daily Horoscope: July 4th – July 5th

July 4th and 5th Thursday and Friday oh
my god the Sun is in Cancer the moon is in Leo there’s three planets in Leo yes
you heard me right we have the moon we have mercury and we have Mars moon
Mercury Mars and Leo I wear shiny clothes moon Mercury Mars and Leo I wear shiny
clothes the Suns in cancer the moons in Leo Moon Mercury Mandel holla holla
holla it’s entertainment time July 4th was to drink too much and act like a
goofball we’re celebrating America and what a better day than having America’s
birthday when there’s three plants Leo that suggests drama and I can promise
you between July 2019 July 4th and July 4th 2020 America is going to have a
little drama as the elections arrive sometime next year so let’s just be
honest the birthday of the chart is called a solar return the chart that
occurs on your birth date sets the theme for the upcoming year so the upcoming
year for America is three planets in Leo Sun is in cancer Saturn is opposite the
sudden here’s cancer there’s Saturn opposite that suggest very strong
powerful time yes so let’s back up on July 4th this year you should definitely
be celebrating it is a time to put on your sparkly clothes give yourself
permission to go out and celebrate our country not that any of you watching
this who are not Americans can’t celebrate it but it is kind of a
dramatic country we live in where there’s a lot of polarization and the
fact that we’re a cancer is a country which is all about nurturing and
mothering and we say welcome to our country because my grandparents were
immigrants that came from far off place we said to everyone bring them in now
we’re changing our tune a little bit but we still have to remember our gift is to
actually let all the cultures blend and be respectful and see that we’re all
humans that’s the cancer truth everybody had a
mother raise your hand if you had a mother Oh luck so we all came from the
can’t Siri and natural urge to take care of it’s just that our egos three planets
and Leo should we do it again Mercury Mars and Venus the ego makes us feel
settled and separate I’m gonna suggest this year we all look
around at our culture our community our town and say how can I be really gentle
and kind to the people that don’t quote-unquote fit in here or belong here
because we are a melting pot of incredible beings who all sought freedom
that’s what July 4th is about the Dada and there goes the fireworks when we say
yeah I’m so happy I live in America and all of you that aren’t in America and
you look at us and you think that country is kind of weird
can you just celebrate us for today astrology Esther said celebrate Deb and
I said yeah three planets and Leo Sun and cancer I’m all in




  • CedarHollowJRT says:

    The change is we are being over run by lawless people that do not want to 'blend' with our American culture. They want to bring their's, ruin ours. Not the melting pot but the chamber pot. Sorry for the downer but this is not what the planets had in mind.

  • Cheryl Sibson says:

    Happy 4th, I'm still alive that's a good thing!

  • Virginia Ferrigno says:

    My Leo son is doing a bicentennial show. He's playing the drums for the show. It's going to be lots of fun. In old Richmond town

  • The Adventures of Jeremiah 3 says:


  • Ronnie Johnson says:

    Not when THESE people dress up in black sheets and COVER their FACES so that we CAN'T SEE THEM!! And when THESE people HATE AMERICA and HAVE NO INTEREST in ASSIMILATING with TRUE AMERICANS!!!

  • Victoria Smith says:

    Thank you My Dear

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