Daily Horoscope: June 27th – June 29th

Daily Horoscope: June 27th – June 29th

June 27th, 28th and 29th Thursday Friday and Saturday oh boy June 27th is the birth date of a very wise being called Helen Keller I think that’s such an interesting I love reading her writings if you guys ever have a chance to Google her she is a classical Cancer who used her internal world you know what they don’t tell you about Cancers they’re very wise Cancer has the ability to take in the human condition at a deep painful level as you can imagine Helen Keller had to suffer and then turn it up into wisdom by becoming the mother that sees through the eyes of compassion now that’s the high road of Cancer all astrology gives a bit like listen Cancer’s named after a disease for God’s sake or the disease I don’t know which way it went but it’s not a very friendly name the word Cancer but in astrology what it says in esoteric law is if you can learn how to use your emotional body to become human and graceful with it sad, anger, depression, death all those icky feelings that we try to suppress Cancer says let them come up and come out especially when the Moon’s in Taurus and that’s what’s going on for these next 3 days so it’s settling down into emotional honesty my favorite people in the world are Taurus the combination of Cancer Taurus they’re delicious they’re cuddly they always have a dog they have that incredible loyalty they’re very warm and fuzzy so these few days enjoy it now Mars is in Cancer you may know this and it’s right opposite Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn the degree is very tight between Pluto and Mars so when Mars is your male energy but it’s in Cancer cuddly right opposite Pluto in Capricorn saying cuddly really Capricorns don’t have a lot of time for Cancers until they realize oh what a great combination to be cuddly to be compassionate and have the discipline to not judge your emotions the whole world would change in half and hour if everyone said it’s okay to be sad it’s okay to be scared it’s okay to have fear it’s okay to talk about death it’s okay to talk like the emotional body is the richest avenue for us to be real together and it’s my favorite quality so during Taurus Cancer I’m going to say to you during Cancer Taurus whichever direction doesn’t matter these two together it’s a cuddly baking chocolate come to my house and tell me your deepest secrets I will listen to you said the astrologer if you want an astrology reading you can go to my site go to Astrology Answers’ site just get a reading


  • Mary J says:

    🙋Hello from 🇦🇺🐨Australia. My son is ♋cancer, and he's the leader in the family keeping everyone in line mothering everyone. So supportive of everyone.Et was he's 🎂birthday day on the 23th.

  • SARAH Lee says:

    My friend birthday 27th he has moon in Taurus he’s a true foodi , and true friend, caring

  • Dawn Green says:

    I love your outfit! You make me smile. (Libra AS with 4 personal planets in #Pisces 🙂 )

  • Joseph Abad says:

    I am so thankful that I happened to come across your channel! You make my day and give me understanding on how to deal with my bf who is a cancer. I’m a Gemini and at time it feels like we are COMPLETE opposites but then it’s also MAGIC and works. 🙏🏽 for your readings. ✌🏽 from sunny San Diego🌞

  • Cheryl Sibson says:

    I love Helen Keller writings! My Birthday is the same day as my Mothers July 11th same as my step mother's and I am not the ugly stepdaughter as in Cinderella I used boundaries, and she didn't like boundaries.

  • Shelby Lawton says:

    I loved watching this today. Big smiles. My so sweet grandson is a Cancer and he is sooo loving, kind and thoughtful. Also very talented artistically., and my only grandaughter is also a Cancerian … again, … Loving, kind, super smart . ( Like 3 years of age, but you would think she's 6! Lol) . Thanks so much for this great video, and. BTW…. I love your ensemble! Cheers and blessings, Miss Debra!

  • Dolores Scovill says:

    Thank you xoxoxox 💐🌺🌹

  • Victoria Smith says:

    Thank you My Dear, You can't heal what you don't feel

  • Nicholas Reades says:

    My birthday is 6-27, but I’m a Cancer sun/ Gemini moon. Rereading “The Missing Element.” It’s a great guide for helping one to understand yourself.

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