Daily Horoscope: June 9th to June 10th

Daily Horoscope: June 9th to June 10th

June 9th and 10th Sunday and Monday the
Sun is in Gemini the moon is in Virgo there is a big grand cross in the
heavens Jupiter is in Sag and Neptune’s and Pisces there’s four spots they all
make a big cross there’s always a red line in the middle a red line in the
middle that’s called a grand cross in beautiful
signs this only happens very rarely so June 9th and 10th the Grand Cross
indicates an old astrology someone would come to me and say look at my chart I’ve
got a Grand Cross and they would be like shaking in their pants going something’s
wrong because that’s a sign that there’s a difficult chart why because Gemini
loves to go fast and dippy and fun and playful and childlike and virgos like no
you better check all those notes and you better cross your T’s and dot your i’s
and you’re pissing me off because you’re moving too fast and Gemini goes oh
really now you’re pissing me off and I’m gonna
go to get scattered and leave over here Virgo you can’t leave you said you were
gonna do it that day Gemini I’m changing my mind so they get disruptive inside
this personality but it’s not just those two then we have opposite the Pisces
going I’m really feeling funny there’s too much arguing going on here
I’m feeling like I’m gonna be very sick soon because everyone’s talking too much
and then Stach goes oh my god that’s the funniest thing I ever heard you’re all
such idiots you can’t figure out what you’re doing and I’m just gonna go
outside and play then Gemini goes can I come and then
virgos no you said you’re gonna do this with Pisces goes oh I’m telling you I’m
getting confused so if you have four flavors inside of your chart or your
personality that are conflicted and we call this a mutable grand cross and
anyone with any of those signs in their chart during these couple of days Sunday
and Monday you might feel agitated and by the way this combination of Gemini
Virgo their nervous systems jacked up anyways because Gemini’s are super super
childlike they wiggle they tickle they shake their foot all the time and so
does Virgo people don’t tell you that virgos are high-strung and they need to
be careful out there die and they may need to be careful out there coffee and
taken about their sugar and Gemini goes oh just do it so you can see these
couple of days could be high-strung now here’s the good news
mutable grand cross the sign of it soul who came in to learn lessons about
versatile changing their mind having multiple
ideas being able to do more things than you could ever imagine at one time
multitasking so don’t judge yourself if you’re one of those characters that can
do many things at the same time and you’re a little bit late and then you
change your mind that’s just a sign of a creative strategy and just wanted me to
say to you when there’s a Grand Cross than the heavens like that and the Sun
is opposite Jupiter that is a sign of being born under a lucky star even with
the Grand Cross and nothing’s wrong when someone comes to me and says the
astrologer said I have a Grand Cross in my life I’m like no an esoteric law the
worst it is the more difficult your life is the more opportunity for growth now
who knew that so all of you people who have had really challenging lives here’s
the update it’s a good sign said the astrologer if you want to evolve if you
want to sleep through the movie have a really easy chart that’s what I was
gonna say


  • SARAH Lee says:

    Yesterday was a lot of bad energy coming in my day so much drama .. I felt pressured
    And they were close people behind it unfortunately.

  • Cheryl Sibson says:

    ah this sounds familiar Multable grand cross, knew and do know both Gemini's and Virgos and Pisces this makes more sense now, thanks Debra

  • Debs Willson says:

    Omg I love love love how you deliver!! 😊😊

  • MZ C YOHINEZ' says:


  • Terrence Angel-Hyland says:

    “Your Sooo Cool “😊🦘

  • Black Forest says:

    My natal sun is in Gemini and my natal moon is in Virgo I am one of those people 😎

  • Mr. Thinkalot says:

    Wow, my sun is Virgo rising is Gemini and my moon is in Pisces. It is a process to go through.

  • Fox Astrology and Tarot says:

    Haha I love your inner argument between the signs – Thank you!

  • Jody Hakala says:

    Oh my gosh this explains march special with the head of central nervous system feeling a little out of sorts last yesterday and today. Cutting the caffeine GOOD is a start.
    Also I couldn’t really set my intention for the day before working today usually I set a little prayer or intention of things I want to happen in my day where I was not able to do that so it’s just kind of random day.

  • Xander Rabie says:

    f*ck you

  • Patterson J Platero says:

    Hahaha exactly whats happening. Gemini sister, Virgo sister, Pisces niece, and Im Sagittarius. Its funny as hell and we are all getting together today (6/10/19).

  • Susan Oconnell says:

    I have all those signs in my chart. Thank you for the great reading!

  • My name is Fish says:

    Thanks for not picking on a sign. Left for about 6 months got tired of this sign is better than that sign. Hoping for positive solutions over criticizing.

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