Daily Horoscope: September 20th – September 21st

Daily Horoscope: September 20th – September 21st

September 20th and 21st Friday and
Saturday the Sun is in Virgo and the moon is in Gemini 90 degrees square we
know what happens when that occurs it suggests tension why because Virgos love
details in very precise order and they want it to be controlled because they’re
an earth sign Gemini’s love details in a very chaotic order spontaneous and they
forget what they were just doing so you put those two together inside someone’s
personality and you get what’s called a t-square but it’s not just that today
there’s a mutable grand cross so while the Sun is in Virgo and Neptune’s and
Pisces the moon is in Gemini and Jupiter’s and sedge so see the four
points of a grand cross four planets all at ninety degrees across from each other
so mutability i’m gonna go back to that now Virgo so into details multitasking
wanting to organize Gemini oh I have so many ideas I just can’t member where I
wrote it down sanch can we just go outside and play I really need a change
of pace Pisces oh my god I’m so confused what were they talking about so this is
the mutable energy inside some people have all of it living inside of them and
it creates confusion so this weekend if you’re one of those signs Virgo Pisces
Gemini or sage you might feel there’s a little bit of
excessive energy it’s very rare to have four planets in the sky all ninety
degrees they call that a challenging aspect the
upside is it gives you enough spill cos it’s a Yiddish word for ants in your
pants to make you want to do something you can’t sit still with this energy
high nervous system so much voltage so on this weekend if you’re feeling it
because you’re a mutable sign don’t take it out on people just say out loud oh I
read this er I heard this but there’s a mutable cross in the heavens it’s making
me uncomfortable and that’s this level of consciousness
that changed the whole movie astrology Answers wanted me to give you some
consciousness that there’s four planets in the heavens all tense if you’re
feeling it be kind


  • Nicholas Reades says:

    I do understand, I’m a Virgo Rising with a Gemini Moon, plus the Cancer sun. I’m always detailed oriented and always multi tasking. My job gave me a new title because I’m always multi tasking and my energy never lets me rest.

  • Dolores Scovill says:

    🥰💞💐 thank you 💐💜🥰

  • Black Forest says:

    Four directions angles, where to go?how I am suppose to let go,the energies are frustrated, HELP.😣😣

  • Anna Delgails says:

    Thank you!!!!💜💜💜💜🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • SARAH Lee says:

    I have. A multiple planet square in my chart , is that a challenging thing too?

  • Tiffany Lowles says:

    Haha ha… Virgo ♍️ rising, Moon 🌙 in Pisces ♓️ , Venus in Gemini ♊️ and Mars in Sagittarius ♐️ no wonder

  • Diana Westrup says:

    I have a natal Mutable Cross (Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon and Pluto, Mars in Gemini and Jup in Sag…) so I DO feel this intensely. I'm used to it, so it should not be that challenging. Trying to remain lucid and centered. Thanks for showing us, lovely Debra, in such a sweet and playful mood that you always have. Regards from Cancun, Mexico.

  • Kate Rogers says:

    I did not know “Schpillka”. Great word!

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