Daily Horoscope: September 3rd – September 4th

Daily Horoscope: September 3rd – September 4th

September 3rd and 4th Tuesday and
Wednesday this is a crazy sky count them four planets in Virgo we have the Sun we
have Mars we have mercury and we have Venus the all the personal planets are
standing together in Virgo and then only very close to signs away ain’t a Scorpio
and there’s the moon so Virgo and Scorpio Virgo Earth scorpio water we
know the combination of Earth and water is delicious these people are so yummy
they’re healers now for plants in Virgo we have two planets in Capricorn and one
planet in Taurus so look at that four to one seven is that true seven planets and
earth it’s hard for me to believe four five six seven it’s a yes so there’s
seven planets and earth grounding if a baby were born today they would be
stable grounded detail-oriented high-value for productivity wanting to
be ambitious wanting to be productive all those qualities that you may not
have use the sky right now to say to yourself what do I need to organize the
sky is in your favor I mean really this is going to be so highly organized so
practical unless you’re messy you’re sloppy you’ve left things behind you
don’t organize then that’s gonna feel really uncomfortable because boy is the
heavens screaming clean up yes yes yes here we have Tuesday Wednesday cleaning
up time astrology answers why don’t me tell you if you’re not doing it if your
life’s messy this is the time to change the game


  • Kay Broughton says:

    You are so incredibly wonderful, Debra…it must be all the planets in earth, but I finally feel very grounded after a deep professional upset in my life. Keep healing us…I truly appreciate what you do!

  • Charmaine Sanderson says:

    Wild, i felt like going through paperwork this morning and getting rid of what wasn't needed. More tonight and tomorrow, yeah.

  • Jody Hakala says:

    Two planets in Capricorn and all that Virgo time to set goals with date and in writing.

  • Jody Hakala says:

    My husband and I feel urgency to Clean the house and set goals this morning!! We got out our old journals and looked at notes from goals we didn’t do from 2017
    But today, felt like we could accomplish them.

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