Daily Tarot November 14, 2019 ~ Fighting Your Demons

Daily Tarot November 14, 2019 ~ Fighting Your Demons

hey guys and welcome back to Deku Tarot
into your daily tarot reading for Thursday the 14th of November 2019
okay so we just had that full moon in Taurus I think that we’re still kind of
feeling the effects there let me know how that went for you guys and if you
haven’t do check out the taurus full moon read I did a little pull for each
of the signs so you can check it out for your Sun Moon and your rising and see
what this Taurus balloon brought in for you and what I’ll have you shifting your
focus toward in this moon cycle okay today we’re going back to actually the
original Tarot here we’re going to use my oldest deck my writer weight I rarely
use this deck because it has taken a bath twice to put it lightly it has
gotten submerged in water twice and then a few of the cards a third time so it’s
a little bit of a bent deck if you can’t tell it’s really hard to shuffle and
they don’t like to be used as much so we don’t use them that much but today I
felt really called to use them so we’re gonna see what they have to say for
today let’s see what’s coming up here today the moon is in Gemini so we’re
fully out of the Taurus moon energy now we’re in tune in Gemini Sun is still
obviously in Scorpio not much else thinking um not much else happening
today astrologically that I can really think
of so let’s see what comes out period general energy surprised these cards
usually pop right up oh well that’s why that’s why we wanted to be used today we
have some big messages and these cards are very straightforward I find in their
messages maybe because they’re the oldest for the cards I basically had my
first tarot journey and experiences with so they don’t like to cut corners when
they hit they feel deep so let’s see what else comes up and then I’ll tell
you what I got your general energy is okay what an interesting energy today
guys hmm sorry I feel the need to be kind of quiet actually before I get all
the cards out today usually I know I like to just get right into it but this
is different this is an interesting one two three is mmm yes there’s a Major
Arcana floating around in here so let’s see a couple more now that’s a Mercury retrograde card okay we’re gonna use another DEATH to
clarify where we feel needed but I’m gonna leave this deck what we got here
now first card out your general energy for the day general energy of the day
here is seven of soar it’s very yellow is what I’m noticing most there’s a lot
of yellow throughout this reading which is a positive thing there is
enlightenment when I see yellow positive enlightenment whatever we’re finding out
it does feel like it was needed I will say with that seven of swords sneaky Fox
energy does come with it you know who’s hiding what what’s being hidden here
there’s something underneath it all that maybe we’re looking for or desiring at
this time for some of you I do feel that this 7 of sorts actually your energy as
opposed to you know trying to figure something out today it’s more of you
have something underneath it all that maybe you’re not saying out loud not
telling people about that you want to know about it might be that we want to
reconcile or know how someone’s in doing know if you know there’s a way forward
with them which is interesting and you’ll see why I say that when I put up
all these cards here the next card out here is five of swords I’m sorry I
actually just picked up three which is crazy we’re gonna go on by one here five
of swords a card of fighting I believe it also represents Venus in Aquarius five of swords we could be feeling a
little bit attack here and this is what I want two parts start pulling some of
the cards here for clarifiers but let’s run through this first you know get the
five of swords we get the Empress reverse the ten of Pentacles there’s a
certain greed and I don’t mean that in such a negative negative term but
there’s a desire for something more more and more to a point where maybe we don’t
need it but there’s a desire for it we still want something
that we know maybe we don’t need and yet there’s an internal battle here about
what to do about this secret what to do with the information what to do with
whatever it is that we’re desiring how are we gonna get there today how you
gonna reach that person for some of you three of Pentacles 3 of Wands a lot of
threes here threes are being aligned and mind body and spirit into moving forward
if you take this out of that seven of swords place grounded in reality what is
it actually is it healthy is it not let’s see actually now let’s another
other parts here I want to see you with a hobbit deck what it has to say about
this seven of swords energy of today for some of you you might be trying to make
off with the Baker’s daughter here and I said I don’t know why I say it like that
that’s a really weird way to put that but um making off with something without
being too upfront obvious or stating a hundred percent out loud what you want
or neat it’s a very strange way of going about it it’s through back doors behind
the scenes that we want to take action that we are thinking through the action
more likely actually so let’s see here it’s clarify the seven of swords king of wands comes in a very very
passionate place a place where we really do have sip I mean what is the word I’m
looking for I’m having a hard time putting this one it’s words um how do I
say this we’re at whatever it is that you are you know again that whatever
this seven of swords is about here today you feel very stable staunch forward
about it like there’s something you definitely want to say something that
you feel compelled to take you know this isn’t coming from somewhere like seven
of cups land this is coming from it just happened this person has spoken to me
this is something very real and I don’t know when I get that the king of Rods is
never really such a weird energy for me but I just feel we’re very aware and
even though it feels out of control in terms of how we’re gonna go about this
we’re very in control in terms of how we feel in our awareness of these feelings
of these desires of whatever this is that we’re trying to move towards here
whatever our goals are and for a lot of you I mean forever this is resonating
with me the first thing I’m tough enough on is a romantic situation but it’s not
just that so take it how you will but remember that they’re just general
readings five of swords clarify five of swords and purse reversed here ten of
Pentacles five of swords feels almost separate to all of this ooh
justice yeah and yet it’s not there we have the Justice card and the queen of
Wands so this is when you get a king and a queen here we have king and the queen
of Wands right here that’s kind of a match for me a couple a pairing you feel
this is your right match and yet we need to kind of get clear about what we want
and where this desire comes from have we been when that purse is reversed it’s
just an interesting energy here she’s kind of what thumbs-up our ability
to move forward that versus reverse or folk oh my gosh guys and yeah I can’t
believe this right now okay so for those of you this is like for some of you this
is definitely about a fireside you’re a fireside maybe you’re both fire signs
for whatever but then the ever comes out in relation to me pulling on the Empress
reversed we need to get again very clear very confident straightforward with how
we’re feeling because for a lot of you this feels like you’re divine person
your other half and you there is something that and for everything again
it’s not gonna be love for all of you for some of you it’s a career path you
know this is what I want to do I am setting it I know it now and you’re kind
of confronting whatever in your head has been saying no are holding you back you
know fear sometimes it’s getting back into something and feeling like we’re
not top dog at it like we’re not top notch but we’re kind of fighting that
today really confronting why we feel that way and getting a lot more stable
it’s like the Empress reversed is here yes but the Emperor is also there and he
is a much more what is the word confrontational powerful intense very
fiery feeling energy here as opposed to Empress who is sits waits manifests
she’s got what she needs she doesn’t really have to move from her beautiful
little pillow throne here people she just expects people to come to her she
can manifest what she wants in the emperor goes out gets it makes a mark
leaves you know a path of fire behind him he changes things they both change
things but in very different ways and we’ve been kind of backwards manifesting
some of us in a situation that we want to move forward in so we need to maybe
even retrace our steps go back to you know reconnect with somebody that might
be able to help us regain more passion for this or gain more knowledge you know
tip he teaches something give us direction that we didn’t have before and
it feels like there is somebody here excuse me guys um in our life that we
could reach out to and for again those are you dealing with a love situation
you’re gonna have to trust your gut on this and stop fighting this little
internal battle say what you have to say or don’t say it but you have to choose
one way here and I do think that reaching out exploring this energy
because if it’s obviously hasn’t gone away and this if this is a love
situation it hasn’t gone away for a while it just needs to be confronted
moving you know we need to move forward and I think that you’ll be surprised to
find that maybe this person was in the same headspace as you but kind of
waiting on you things are coming into balance into a really interesting way
where we’re able to see what held us up mentally about this situation again
whether it be career or love and I’m just gonna you know pull one more here
but this feels oh wow today we are moving forward but you got to conquer
your own demons take the sword up against your own demons hear the star
what is your hope what is your dream what is your wish what is your truth I
think it’s confronting truths today and seeing how strong they really are where
they really stand do we have a fighting chance and why don’t we so take on this
you know the energy of where we’re headed here is the star healing
opportunities you know the light at the end of a very long tunnel it feels like
for some of you the door to the answers is right there but you know we have to
be willing today to stop fighting ourselves on it reach out to the right
people for some of you ask say what you need to say you know express your
feelings explore the feelings that are between you there or get a little bit
more confidence in yourself in terms of where you’re trying to go you need to
remember what that star means to you you need to really get grounded and believe
in yourself and stop again like backwards manifesting let’s pull
some oracle cards now Doreen Virtue card okay let your friends help you in
wedding both came out so began yeah let your friends help you allow people to
help you reach out to others ask for and accept support from others that’s a
really big thing today with three of Pentacles 3 of Wands and there seems to
be a lot of people here 6 of cups the hero font to me kind of talks about
reaching out just somebody that you know can help somebody who has greater
knowledge maybe even like a mother not a sister a family member but somebody who
has the experience and knowledge somebody who knows what to say in terms
of guidance and you know how to say it the way that you can kind of take it in
and do something with it wedding this situation involves marriage
some of you this is about a marriage and it’s reconnecting and it’s talking about
the internal things that we don’t you know the internal issues that we maybe
you know or sorry the issues that we internalize that’s what I’m trying to
say that we don’t really talk about so if there are issues then it’s time to
bring them out talk about them and I think it’ll be a lot healthier you can
move forward to healing reconciliation and a heart love you know supporting
growth and stability within a marriage so it’s beautiful there is really nice
energy today for making that change making that shift that we have needed to
I feel like for a long time so let’s pull a Roman on the Superman Phaedra
Halloween Oracle now Stacy DeMarco Halloween Oracle whoo invisibility uh
fantasy of course would be that one of course it’s gonna be this one okay
authenticity oh this is a good one for today this is gonna sum it up right and
perfect so pay attention folks the concept of invisibility is a
double-edged sword whilst it is a powerful tool to be able to gain
information or to assist whilst no one seized individuals using it are privy to
information that may not be meant for them and it may be taken out of context
or uh neck it is a power of manipulation and easily
abused the idea of hiding away not being seen is also a big part of the dark side
of this concept we are all born to shine our light out into the world and to take
our roles hiding our talents not expressing our true selves stealing
others ideas our work and being someone else rather than your authentic self are
all aspects to consider should this card appear in your reading alright that was
the perfect ending thank you guys so much for all of your support if you
haven’t do make sure to share doing sure to subscribe to the channel to make sure
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more private readings from now until November 19th just because I’m actually
going away so if you book a private reading it will be for when I get back
okay thank you so much have a wonderful and blessed day namaste


  • Lulu Mino says:

    Love your spirit 💕

  • Jai Cilento I Love That Guy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ says:

    ☼ that's awesome! theyve been under water twice! i bet there is a story there.

    i have one mini rider deck from when i was born (many cards missing); one that was my mothers; one my grandmother's; one my great uncles. My mother's first Rider deck from when she was young, she wrote all the meanings and intricate symbol histories on the back of the cards – she read w/those for years and years! One day someone commented that it was "pretty unprofessional to read when you still have to have the meanings written on the back!" . And my mother read for Judges, Senators, worked unsolved cases w/the police (which all comes w/it's own level of insane stories, but anyway). She read for higher ups in the circuit, in BOTA , in international Masonry, in OTES: maybe there was something unprofessional about it to those groups?

    She certainly had as many decks as most readers. She owned Tarot stores. Taught tarot classes. So, she thought about it, and decided she should get a new prime deck. And she did, and sent that one to my grandmother , back home overseas.

    The very next reading: she found she couldn't cast her sight anymore. Not w/any deck. It just wasn't there. The cards had become part of the circuit some how. After a few weeks, she had to have grandma send them back via express post!

    And she still reads w/that deck to this day. A standard rider-waite just like that, w/handwriting on the back of every single card. ^_^. I forgot that story.

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