Darakaraka Relationship and Nakshatra by Michael Reed in Vedic Astrology

Darakaraka Relationship and Nakshatra by Michael Reed in Vedic Astrology

hello everybody and welcome to Brahmanic
as far as each other today we have with us Michael Reid from authentic astrology
welcome Michael to Brahmanic astrology Channel well thank you thanks for
inviting me on your channel before we get talking because I wanted to talk to
your viewers today about the doric Erica planet and relationships and nakshatras
and how they all kind of intertwine to create relationships but before we did
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which I’ll give to you that you can put in the button yeah something I wanted to
talk to your viewers today about in regards to to the dark Erica well first
let’s explain what the dark Erica is so the dark Erica is the planet in the
horoscope that occupies the smallest degree so just so you have a general
idea I’ll briefly share a chart and then I’ll bring it back to you onto this
screen yes there’s a clear perspective of what it is that I actually mean
because sometimes it’s hard to understand that it with have people who
don’t know what that are bad guys yeah so what you do is you look for the
planet in the horoscope that has the lowest degree so for instance if you
look here you can see the Sun is 29 degrees in 49
it’s that’s why it’s the achma cart which is the other end of the spectrum
from the dark Erica so we’re looking for the one with the lowest degree now you
would be tempted to say rahu or ketu but we don’t use rahu or ketu in this
instance the system I work with doesn’t consider those as Caracas you just take
the embodied planets meaning son through Saturn okay so Jupiter at 3 degrees in 6
minutes is the planet that is at the lowest degree and so that makes jupiter
the dark erica planet okay so the dark Erica planet indicates the spouse of the
individual and you can know a lot about the person’s relationship patterns if
you know that you are a character planet okay so for instance if someone has the
Sun as the dark Erica they’re gonna gravitate towards people who are
constant and confident and willing to sacrifice and willing to go the extra
mile and also sometimes sadly enough people who like to be the center of
attention so but you know here’s the funny thing that happens with the dark
Erica planet if you’re dark Erica planet is strong like let’s say for instance
the Sun is exalted in Aries you’ll have a natural tendency to attract into your
life relationship partners of that solar type that constant and confident willing
to sacrifice self-assured type you’ll just naturally attract people of that
type but if you have a debilitated son or a son that is in some other way shape
or form afflicted right like let’s say it’s joined with a lot of cruel planets
or it’s joined with a lot of cruel planets in place to rest on a house
right or join with a lot of cruel planets in the district on a house and
importunity well then you’re probably gonna find you have a pattern with
relationships where you attract people who have low self-esteem who don’t
believe in themselves who aren’t constant within themselves and
so it’s an interesting thing to look at so I thought we’d talk that we’d go
through and talk about the different types of Derick Erika’s so we just spoke
about the Sun yeah go ahead yes I have one question like if I have Sun in Aries
with the lowest degree then is what you have discussed as in when I have Sun
exalted and with the lowest degree I will be attracted towards a Sun like
personality correct yes most definitely you’ll be attracted to solar type
relationships for the most part now I don’t want to digress too far but just
to give a general idea different Dasha periods bring different relationships
you see my point yes you can get the natural tendency of the individual yes
like for instance if Venus is also a relationship planet during Venus kasha
they may have a different type of relationship than the Sun but the darak
Erica will show us generally the types of relationships we attract and the
types of people we should aspire to be with yeah so it’s a similar thing you
know with the moon you like going and taking a look at the moon qualities of
the moon are the moon’s very adaptable quality of the moon that a lot of people
don’t know about is loon has something that’s called a creeping form all the
planets have a form and the moons form is of creeping form what that means in
regards to the moon is the moon does what it has to do to get its needs met
oh okay so it will adapt to the situation in order to get its needs met
so lunar types of dark Erica’s would be people who are very adaptable that can
be good and that can be bad right yes you know so if you have a weak moon and
as your dark Erica you may have a relationship partner who’s a little too
adaptable to the situation they’re little too you know wishy-washy and and
not really anderson emotionally strong within the
yeah but if you have a good solid moon like a mullet Rico no moon in Taurus
then chances are yours likely you know attract into your life people who are
emotionally stable who are good at taking care of their own needs they’re
not needy by nature in addition to that they’re very good at taking care of your
needs as an individual very nurturing partners that’s another lunar quality
because the moon not only fulfils its own needs but it wants to fulfill the
vision that’s why we have the moon indicating mother for the most part
right and generally very emotionally stable people with the moons also the
most sociable planets you’ll generally find people who have the moon as their
dark Erica they go for people who like to socialize and like to interact with
other people and of course you can play regular astrological rules to this too
which is if the person has the moon as their Derrick Erica and there’s a chemo
drummer yoga present then their partner may not be quite so sociable on that
level right so Mars types of Derek Erica’s well the Mars type of Derek
Erica would be the athletic type the probably people who have a really nice
physique nice chiseled physique or physically active a lot of times very
strong-willed after that yeah yeah sir that’s a passionate yeah most definitely
very passionate sometimes with Mars though there can be the tendency to go
too far in that direction and to get easily frustrated or exhausted very
easily or be short-fused and have a short temper those would be more of the
hallmarks of a less strong Mars in the case of the individual all right go ahead
yeah if I have a strong mass then this passion will be present in the child or
if I have a debilitated Mars or a weak or afflicted Mars then this will you
know mess up the day less of that there will be less of that
yes less of that yeah ours ours in cancer one of the things about Mars and
cancer is it because Mars deals with the energy in the body so you’ll find in
terms of how Mars translates into people if it’s debilitated it’s very low energy
it has it gets exhausted very easily and so therefore it gets frustrated as well
and more short-tempered because it doesn’t want to be as tolerant in that
scenario yeah because you have to consider a cancer on many levels it’s
about fulfilling needs anyway so if Mars isn’t having its needs met it’s gonna go
this isn’t worth it for me and you know so yeah so the weaker the less the
passion is yeah you just reminded me of an interesting concept with which I’ll
share with your with your viewers if there’s time after all we get through
all this then we have mercury mercury is the dark Erica mercury is the dark Erica
is interestingly enough most people would think of Venus as being an
artist’s but mercury is the real artists so mercury is like the skilled artisan
you’ll find people who who have mercury as their Derek Erica they’re attracted
to artistic types or equally very intellectual types right okay who are
analytical by nature like to really think about things work through things
but if you’ve got a weak mercury in the chart like let’s say for instance
mercury and Pisces right or let’s say you’ve got mercury in Aries joining Mars
where mercury is not going to be you know very happy for the most part then
you’ll find that the person can have a lack of good organizational skills right
because mercury is very dexterous it can do a lot of things simultaneous when
it’s when it’s strong but when it’s weak it’s just kind of all over the place and
isn’t very detail-oriented is a good way to put it yeah
so those would be the hallmarks of you know of mercury both strong and weak so
with Jupiter the Jupiter type of God for viewers out there our apologies it’s in
this wonderful world of technology things stop-and-start internet drops in
drops out we do our best with it so Jupiter type spouses to reiterate are
people who are very uplifting and inspiring to be around people who are
spiritually oriented very devoted as well
yeah devoted in a different way than the Sun the sun’s very sacrifice oriented
Jupiter is very devoted towards helping the person along giving advice it would
be the relationship partner who’s good at advising the individual right then
when you’ve got a fit sir God City yeah yeah most definitely
Jupiter and Venus are the natural counselor planets of the horoscope but a
weak Jupiter would make it so that the person attracts people who aren’t very
inspiring to be around and people who generally have a lack of faith and tend
to be a little more pessimistic in nature it can be like a hallmark of a
Jupiter in Capricorn position obviously so then when you’ve got Venus Venus can
be very passionate too in a different way than Mars because Venus deals with
in variety in the body generally these will be the types of relationship
attractions where the person is attracted to looks and features a lot
more than inner looks equally there can be an attraction to eloquence venus is
the natural poet so people can quite often with Venus as the dark harka they
like people who are poetic by nature like you know songwriters and things
like that then you’ve got the weaker Venus Doric are because when Venus is
the dark heart is weak then those are people who don’t generally find any
pleasure life they would be the type of
relationship partner that’s hard to please no matter what you do for that
partner it’s not good enough and it’s then the person ends up blaming
themselves when in actuality it’s probably just more that the partner
doesn’t find pleasure in anything in life and that’s you know it’s because
Venus on a certain level is about meaning and in a quest for meaning
through material things in our lives so we want to have a meaningful and
enjoyable life so when Venus is weak as the dark Erica then it can be the types
of relationships where the partner has a hard time finding pleasure Saturn is the
dark Erica discipline the person is very disciplined very steady very similar to
the Sun it’s interesting because what a lot of people don’t know is the Sun and
Saturn have a parent-child relationship yes so Saturn is a child of the Sun so
there’s some similar qualities that are there it’s just the darker side of it
right it’s a very disciplined feeling like one has to do this in a very
practical way right so very steady spouses who are like an anchor for you
when Saturn’s strong very practical and methodical in a good way and then the
opposite side of that would be if Saturn was debilitated or like Saturn in cancer
where the person is just going to be on a downer Oh like everything is really
you know down and out with them and lack of discipline all the negative things
negative sides of the positives we were just talking about yeah really good if I
have a set Oh as my Derrick Erica with this put more responsibility towards my
that’s a good point is it can do it can do or you want spouses who are
responsible for themselves too and that’s it that’s a good thing that’s a
good thing to have but here’s an interesting thing and this is one of the
things I wanted to talk about first and foremost today which is if you have a
weak dark Erica planet my nature are likely going to attract into your
life more of the negative polarity of the tire the relationship related to the
planet right so let’s say you have a debilitated son as your daughter Erica
you’ll likely attract people who aren’t very constant who aren’t very
self-assured who aren’t very willing to sacrifice and so if you’re a person who
find yourself in a specific type of relationship pattern that’s not good for
you and that you’re not happy with a good thing to do is to look at that
dharak Erica planet and look at its well-being look and see if it’s in good
dignity because this is a Jamie any technique in primarily with Jamie any
techniques it’s the dignity of the planet that’s the most important why
she’s important the raw she’s important and also the planets that are there with
it or equally interacting with it by Rashi aspect that’s a little too complex
to go into orbit generally just want like a good strong dark Erica planet if
you don’t have one like let’s say you have a debilitated Sun and you keep
finding yourself getting into these relationship patterns with people who
don’t believe in themselves and that you’re spending your whole time helping
them to believe in themselves rather than getting the support you need for
them the relationship then what you need to look for are people with those
exalted sons or those Leo son who have a strong son because then you’re gonna be
getting what you need from your solar partner and it works with any other
planet like if you’ve got a weak Jupiter in your chart and Jupiter’s your dark
Erica and you find you’re in relationships with people who have a
lack of faith or they’re not very spiritually oriented well you need to go
find someone with Jupiter in cancer or Jupiter in Sagittarius or Jupiter in
Pisces yeah but that person will connect with the
this person who has that this derivative probably not they will have to kind of
exactly they will have to look for their relationship partners and discreetly ask
you know Oh when’s your birthday everybody’s into astrology and we all
hide in scenarios where we ask those questions and people go oh are you
asking that so it’s it’s a good technique another thing to do – what
makes it even more powerful is if so let’s just go back to this chart so as
we were pointing out – to your viewers you know you have the dark Erica planet
and you have the Atma Karaka planet so dark Erica’s lowest degree except for
Rahu and Ketu you always leave them out Makara this is the highest degree right
so this is this way you can look for this you just look for the planet with
the highest degree so going back to the regular screen if you like let’s say for
instance you have a week mercury is your dark Erica a really good
version of your relationship partner would be someone who has mercury as
their at macaca in Virgo because that’s an exalted Atma carroca and so that’s
gonna make it even more powerful for the individual Wow and so that’s another
really good thing to look for is to look for someone who has that as their Atma
Karaka planet but I wanted to go ahead yeah most definitely I’ll take a drink
of water while you’re asking yes well can you explain this a little bit with
one more example like you know explain this with mercury as a derrick Erica for
one person or with a definite radiator marketing should go for person who has
mercury as Amata vodka and they will have maximum I’ve got the highest degree
plan yeah never mind it did chart to open up TV path
now does that cigarette I open it let’s see we there’s a good one and let’s click the button there we go
so for instance in this chart which is the chart of Neil Armstrong one of the
men to first land on the moon right so he has Venus’s as his dark heart right
because if you look and see in finding it Venus is at one degree is infinity
today a Virgo and it’s a debilitated Venus right yeah so he needs to find
someone with Venus in Pisces just you know even Venus in Pisces as any planet
will well but at the same time it’s gonna be even stronger if Venus is in
Pisces and it’s the atomic Erica you see for that person so he should find
someone with Venus and Pisces as the Atma Karka okay why it will work for
them white white white will work if he goes for the oscillator Isis as a bad
maraca the reason being is we the planet in our horoscope that is the particular
carica what carcas are is their producers of something that’s kind of
what it translates as is the Karaka produces something so in other words
venus is the dark Erica produces your spouse right so if you’ve got a weak
Venus you’re gonna produce a spouse that’s not really the best one for you
like with this debilitated Venus a spouse that you know is always unhappy
lack of the pleasure and like things along those lines and the lesson for the
person is wow I keep getting into these relationships with people who get no
enjoyment for life so the reason it’s they’re supposed to attract to someone
with the stronger Venus is so that they break out of that pattern bring more of
the good qualities of that planet in so that they can resolve so that they can
resolve the pattern that’s there with that planet because there’s something
for them to learn from that pattern which generally relates to the concept
that you don’t have to be in a position with
things that are dissatisfactory you need to alter it so just like when
something’s wrong in our lives we want to find the remedy to the problem so to
speak this is just the simple remedy it’s like if Venus is your Derek and
it’s debilitated try to get more interaction with people who have Venus
in Pisces they’ll give you a lot more of what you need so here’s another thing I
wanted to share with your viewers which relates to nakshatras right so I am
because this is an extra layer of it right and we’ll go back and we’ll look
at it a charter to an association with this but let me bring up my other power
point which I was going to share with people and where’s that button there we
go excellent each nakshatra belongs to a kingdom okay and I’ve made a chart here
of how the planets are broken down into kingdoms if you notice we have the dr.
kingdom and we have the moola Kingdom that’s not to be confused with moola
nakshatra this is something there is and we have the Jiva kingdom so I’m gonna
explain each of these briefly which is the dr. kingdom let’s start with that da
chu is the mineral kingdom so when we think of stones what’s what’s a quality
of stones of a rock solid it is solid yeah yeah very solid very stable also
what do you do with the stone every single day if you’re here on earth you
stand on it Tori it’s very supportive is Elyse yes
exactly exactly so there’s a lesson with each of these kingdoms that the
nakshatras belong to so with the doctrine nakshatras the lesson is one of
support being strong being stable being resolute within oneself but when these
dr. Enoch Rogers functioning in more of a difficult
polarity then the person’s always going to be wanting support wanting other
people to support them sometimes even frustrated that other people aren’t
right these are the people who are going I’m always having to do this by myself
and nobody’s helping me out right well they usually will have some prominent
planet in the dr. nakshatra so we’re gonna translate this over into
relationships here no oh then we have the mula not chandra so not mula
nakshatra itself but the kingdom eat them plant kingdom right so I often use
this analogy and I’ve got some wonderful flowers behind us to highlight right so
imagine that these flowers are outside and just imagine for a moment that
you’ve got like a lamp yeah you’ve got a lamp outside strangely enough I know
it’s kind of odd that you’ve got a lamp outside right next to the flowers the
flowers are growing towards the Sun but what might happen is if a storm cloud
comes along and like a dark gray cloud and blocks out the Sun for like you know
an hour or two hours those flowers are naturally gonna start
turning their attention towards the lamp and growing towards lamp yes then when
the Sun comes back out again they’ll grow back towards the Sun so mula
nakshatras are very adaptable mmm they want to adapt it nourishment right so
plants grow to the light because they want to be nourished by the light they
dig their roots further down in the soil because they want to be nourished by the
nutrients in the soil so they adapt in the way they need to to get nourishment
okay but we can adapt to much it’s good to be adaptable on a certain level but
if we adapt too much then we do stupid things like going oh I’m gonna go this
way right because this seems like the solution to the problem when all you had
to do is be patient and wait for the situation to change a little and
sometimes you have to be solid with your ethics and morals
yeah rather than adapting here yeah yeah they have to be careful with that one
though because then it gets confusing with dot too but there’s a really good
point you know so moolah nakshatras they’re adaptable but they over adapt
sometimes right so that would be the like you know in terms of relationship
partners they may over adapt to their partner’s needs all the time right then
you have the zebra nakshatras okay so the Jiva Kingdom is the animal kingdom
the animal kingdom it’s the law of the jungle it’s eat or be eaten
it’s dominate or submit its lead or follow it’s always back and forth
between those things right so the lessons with the Jiva nakshatras are
when to lead when to follow when to assert yourself when to be to surrender
a little bit more and they tend to fluctuate between those things so for
instance if you’ve got like let’s say for instance that the Sun is your Derek
Erica and it’s in Pune vaasthu nakshatra right and so you know for instance
you’re going to have you’re going to be more gravitated towards spouses who are
supportive of you who are able to be there for you nurture you willing to
sacrifice for you because they’re solid within themselves but like let’s say for
instance that you’ve got a weak Jupiter in the chart and they’re likely gonna
attract spouses who you know perhaps want to be the center of attention that
are always wanting you to support them yeah so that’s that’s a good idea of
what you attract so the moola nakshatras in terms of relationships so let’s say
for instance we’ve got let’s pick a good one here let’s say we’ve got Venus and
what’s a really good one who taught about Jupiter nakshatra okay so you’ve
got Venus inter taught about your pada nakshatra that’s going to create a very
passionate and very loving spouse because you’re taught about your pada
nakshatra it’s just generally that way and they’re going to if it’s you know if
saturn’s strong like if you’ve got an exalted saturn they’re going to want to
really like they’ll adapt their situation in order to take care of you
right let’s say you’ve got a debilitated saturn right that’s gonna be the type of
spouse who’s you know or a relationship partner he’s all lovey-dovey and you
know self-sacrificing but at the same time they don’t really
know what they want for themselves and they’re wanting you to nourish them
they’re doing it with not original intent they’re doing it with the intent
of wanting you to nourish them because they need nourishment so they’re
adapting so that you so that they get what they want from you go ahead
so love the minds how these kingdoms will work exactly exactly and there’s a
really subtle way to look at this I’m just giving your viewers a really sad
yeah yeah but there are some very subtle ways to look at this that help you to
understand a lot of those qualities now let’s talk about the Jiva nakshatras so
if you have your Derrick Erika in a Jeeva nakshatra chances are you get
attracted to people who appear stronger than you are right you won’t go for weak
minded people you want someone who is a challenge to you because they’re
stronger than you are and what generally happens with those people and what just
one second is they generally attract people who are stronger than them and if
that Jeeva or appear strong in them if that Jeeva nakshatra that the planets in
actually ends up being weaker then the person becomes stronger than
their relationship partner and they’re no longer interested in that person
because they feel the person’s weaker than them so that’s a real problem with
giba nakshatras either relationship planets or even self oriented planets as
they tend to gravitate towards attracting people into their life who
they think are stronger than them until they find out that they’re stronger than
the other person then they’re no longer interested in the person because they’re
able to dominate them they’ve conquered them and they’re no longer interested
right you had a question there for moments of when we have that I’ve got a
cot in Zuba Kingdom that I’ve got a guy in Arthur initiative mm-hmm people will
look for the stronger partner will this create a clash between these parties it
can it being strong it can and especially if the person has I don’t
want to bombard your viewers with too many things but you’re in a really
interesting notion which is especially if the person has their k2 and a Jeeva
nakshatra you know who are draw as Lygia Oh Tata Falguni swathi
Jesu tada a shot a shot abhishek a remedy if their caters there they’re
going to it’s like they gravitate towards that it’s almost like they
wanted yeah subconsciously because it’s a pattern and it’s a karmic pattern
especially with k2 or self-oriented planets like the at McCarran cup or you
have the lug nut or you have the Sun there then you’ll likely attract those
people true because people who have prominent planets in Jeeva nakshatra
they want to be more assertive and so they they like on a certain level that
tension that’s there they want to feel like they can conquer something but once
they’ve conquered it then that thing that they’ve conquered appears weaker
than they are and they’re not really interested anymore and so it’s hard for
them to get good constancy in relationships now go ahead oh why why only K 2 G 1
which is so significant k 2 represents it’s a good question right and I’m gonna
give a very detailed answer yes 8k 2 deals in suppression interestingly
enough because when we think of K 2 we think of liberation and it does that
true but here’s the way that K 2 suppresses things so you can really
understand K 2 well if you think of a child and how they relate to the world
okay when a child is first born it does certain things when it does
certain things in acts in certain ways and it gets the approval of its parents
then it goes oh my survival is ensured I’m safe
because my parents approve of me because it’s very animalistic they’re still in
that very animal side of themselves then if they do something that their parents
don’t like they go my survival Stratton I better not do
that so an early childhood based on the position of arcade 2 we develop patterns
which is why we’re born into certain families in order to rehash that karmic
patterning but the where K 2 is represents that inherent karmic
patterning it’s what we know well right mm-hm
and so if K 2 is in a Jeeva nakshatra our approach to life in general is going
to be one that’s very Jeeva oriented another thing that’s really interesting
too if you really think about it because we know about the locknut you know
that’s the sign that’s on the eastern horizon at the time someone’s born
well the descendant is what’s on the western horizon at the time you’re born
k2 and Rahu on a certain level kind of function as an additional ascendant in
decent yes it’s the ascendant of your karma it’s
you know where you come from Rahu is the descendant of your karma who will create this pattern that we
kind of cling on to mm-hm because it’s what we know it’s what
we’re familiar with like if you take people who have been in prison for a
long period of time you put them out on the streets they don’t know how to code
it and I worry they’ve been spending their whole life in prison it’s what
they know and so we tend to gravitate towards those things that we know even
if they’re not good for us or even if they’re things that we don’t want so we
need Rahu to pull us towards the unfamiliar
that’s why interestingly enough Rahu deals with foreign countries right it’s
because it represents things that we don’t know things that we’re not
familiar with right and so k2 suppresses and keeps us stuck with what we know and
what we’re familiar with and this is why I keep rahu are always one in the same
because Rahu’s job is to go nope I’ve got to pull you out of that and make you
have all these difficult experiences that make you confront a lot of stuff
that way you can take what you learn through me back to K 2 and then k2 can
then provide the liberation but it’s kind of like this pendulum swing that
goes on between the two so and the reason I was saying k2 with that is
people who have k2 and either da2 mullah or Jeeva nakshatras will have an
approach to life that’s based upon that and so it’s a good way to understand the
individual that you’re dealing with either as an astrologer or even for self
understanding is to know whether you’re k2 is in the dock to a mullah or a Jeeva
nakshatra because it’ll teach you a lot about a person and what they’re needing
to work with yes go ahead so I have one question we’re talking invest about Rahu
and Ketu respect to the nakshatras but what if people want to go in depth about
going there Rahu and Ketu what would you tell them what you have to offer them of
you can help them with yeah I’m doing a group session on the 19th of August at
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as much as I can give them with respect to everybody else who’s there within
that period of time in terms of what that means in regards to their karmic
path so people who want to register for that I do recommend that they do that
soon because I can only accept a certain number of people on it so that I give
people a decent not the time yeah for things so generally I think like
somewhere around 15 people is the limit in terms of what I am able to handle
because it gives me a good 10 to 15 minutes for each person so you can go in
there or all the people in the room I can I can do a brief look at if people
want are wanting to do something that’s like a good half hour or 45 minutes
though I do also have a consultation on my website called the intensive
consultation and that gives them a good 45 minutes look at the nodal access in
there exactly in addition to two predictive questions or any types of
questions that they have so we’re talking about the three ways the three
kingdoms yeah anus yeah yeah the three kingdoms
they’re really important and interestingly enough they’re a factor
that’s very little discussed and that I find that’s generally the case with
nakshatras and you know it’s amazing you can like if you’re here’s another way
you can use this too if you are an employer say you’re running a company
and you have a lot of employees and you know some of the the birth information
of some of your employees right or you have friends or people that you’re
interacting with you can also look at their macaca mm-hmm and see what type of
nakshatra that it’s in and you’re gonna understand on a certain level their
approach to life right yes so you know for instance I can give an example like
we went into this particular chart let’s say you know here’s another thing to
look at to the imatra carroca on many levels indicates the friend right see
and a lot about friends for an individual by looking at the imatra
carica and the broader card so you know he likes friends who are constant in his
life right who are supportive and he likely attracts to himself friends who
are very Jeeva oriented because his son is a Nash lesion nakshatra right Wow
yeah so when we look at mercury he’s got a good solid mercury so he likes friends
who are a little competitive with him right he probably gets into a lot of
competitions with his friends with associates it’s a similar way he likes
to be around people who want to be leaders rather than then say followers
right those are the types of people that he just naturally gravitates to so you
can understand so many things about the horoscope in very very simple ways
knowing some very simple things about nakshatras so here’s the way you can
make this for yourself this chart for all your viewers who might want to do
that you just go and you write out the list
and you put one heading dot to the next heading
Mulla next heading Jeeva and you just quite simply go ash weeny Bharani
Kritika Rohini Rigga Shira Ardra pruner Vasu puja Ashley Jie
so on and as long as you can do your nakshatras in order you’ll have a nice
organized list like what I’ve gotten right here yes
in regards to what type of nakshatra each of these nakshatras is chakras are
an area that is just so exceptionally vast and equally very little tapped into
and there’s so much that we can learn so for instance we were talking about
Ashley nakshatra you know for him naturally she
nakshatra is a peach nut and Aruna nakshatra so it’s sharp and it’s very
harsh right so you know he we were looking at Neil Armstrong stark a moment
ago he likely enjoyed a little bit of interaction with people that was you
know borderlining on tension yeah an aggression on a certain level because
it’s just what he you know what he likes and gravitates towards could be a person
who likes to argue with people just by so learning the nakshatras and it’s not
as difficult as you might think it really teaches you a lot and if your
viewers are interested in that too and also I also have a what’s called the
nakshatra secrets course which is yes presently in session but finishing soon
but you can still purchase the course and you can catch up on all the past
recordings and then you know if you don’t catch up if you don’t join it in
time to join in on the course live you can catch it as a video recording to share the link with the yeah most
definitely yeah definitely did you have any other questions I know you had
mentioned something before we started talking about planets and degrees and
things like that I have few general questions let’s go back to the
mainstream oh sure go ahead one of the question is when we talk
about vodka a month America there are Kaka Kaka is a planet with the highest
degree okay and we also have one concept known as our stars of the planet like
planets with planets in certain degrees in certain Russia’s our mother or by
Libba so how mean suppose I have a planet in a even Russia in a 28 degrees
would be have its own Dasha but at the signal excuse me Natasha the
other star but at the same time it will be a ma excuse me Padma God here’s the
thing you know with jaimini astrology to determine the
being of those planets the system I have found to be the most accurate is you
don’t use the parasha prosperous Aria vaska’s for jaimini Caracas you don’t
you just take the dignity of those planets to determine the well-being but
for planets as a ruler of a house those lines you do look at it that way even
nicer gecko Kharak is like the natural carcass like Mars for siblings and you
know moon from other you you don’t look at the RIPTA or the Bala or the Yuva or
any of the Abbas cos like that you just you’re looking at a planet as a carica
it’s just the dignity and planets that adjoins yes but for any other purpose
the Bellotti of oscars relate to the maturity of the planet so for instance
if you hold on a second I have a chart I can share yes that’d be good yeah let me
just find the right one yes that’s astrologers we have lots of
like powerpoints and things like that so let’s see what was it yeah this one
would be a really good one to use let’s go to that and let’s find the right
slide no I haven’t shared it yet so don’t think that I forgotten it I just
haven’t found the right slide yet okay so I’m gonna open this up and share it
with people now okay so here we’re talking about the body of auspice so for
people who don’t know the odd signs are Aries which is the first sign gemini the
third leo the fifth Libra the seventh Sagittarius the ninth in Aquarius the
eleventh so they’re the odd-numbered signs because of the order they come in
the even-numbered signs are tourists the second sign cancer the fourth sign Virgo
the sixth sign Scorpio the eighth Capricorn the 10th and Pisces the 12th
that’s what we mean when we say odd or even Rashi okay so when a planet is in
Bala a basta which means infant it’s zero to six degrees of an odd sign or 24
to 30 of an even sign if a planet schemata it’s going to be six to twelve
of an odd sign or 18 to 24 of an even sign when a planet Yuva it’s the same in
both odd and even it’s just 12 to 18 degrees when a planet is red oh that’s
18 to 24 of an odd sign or 6 to 12 of an even sign and when a planet is Britta
it’s 24 to 30 of an odd sign and 0 to 6 of an even sign ok
now you read that and you kind of go WOW planets that are Ritter are bad well
first of all I never I’ve never been a big fan of the words good or bad with
planets well we have planets in our horoscope and they’re there for a reason
right so generally RIPTA planets relate to karma that we’ve exhausted already
right but we still feel that gravitational pull right you still feel
pulled to do those things right like let say for instance we in previous
lifetimes jobs used to matter to us a lot and we work through a lot of things
in regards to that well we might end up with a career planet that’s rintah and
we still have that drive to be successful but that planets written and
it can’t bring that successes just because we’ve kind of worked on that
karma already there’s not that much to really do with it right and it’s similar
with Ritter planets they’re old so the way that planets in old avasta behave is
like let’s say for instance you’re in a relationship and one of your the planets
that caused the relationship is ridah you may feel like i don’t really have
time or energy for the stupid stuff in relationships anymore because it just
wears me out that makes me exhausted so generally by parasha rules when a
planet is ridah or met up it is prone to decay so the things that it creates
quite easily fall apart or it can’t even create it at all
now I said can fall apart or it can’t create at all let’s explain that so
there’s also another of AA step which I’ll share with your viewers and these
are called the jogger da da pastas now the jogger dotty avasta quite simply put
is if a planet is exalted or in its own sign or mullet roe kona its jagira right
if a planets in a natural friend not temporary friend but natural friend or
natural neutral sign its swapna or sleepy okay and if a planet is in a
natural enemy sign or debilitated its asleep okay so so should be planets are
also prone to decay swapna planets they’re you know they’re
okay and obviously jog-trot planets are stronger but the reason I wanted to
point that out is you can have a planet that’s in its own house and Retta right
so it can be a productive planet for creating things but those things that it
creates can have the potential to fall apart at a later date of a difficult
Dasha period comes along that provides challenges right so maturity of a planet
just generally shows how we the maturity level with which we approach something
so for instance some things that I’ve seen are planets that are Bala quite
often sometimes the person can be in phases with that particular planet where
they behave in a very childish manner right or they have a level of enthusiasm
with that planet but they still make stupid mistakes because Bala planets can
be productive but they need assistance from other planets I like using the
analogy I think I actually may have put it here yeah
I had I put a little list here to explain it to people as Bala means
infant the things with which the individual is engaging are not things
with which they are fully adapt so for instance if an infant needed to play the
guitar chances are unless they are born virtuoso they’re not going to be able to
do so right yes then their fingers would be too small to do it adeptly right so
they’re going to need some assistance that’s that’s the case with Bala of
hasta planets they’re not fully adept kumara of hasta kumara means adolescent
or youthful so these planets are capable of being productive but they can still
kind of mess things up from time to time Uvarov hasta is where talents peak these
are the most productive planets okay then you have rid of planets as we get
older that we have skills we’re not able to engage them with the same level of
energy our strength begins to wane and so rid of planets are less productive
and I jokingly put here with the dead planets when you’re dead you’re good at
one thing which is being dead it’s great so retro planets in terms of the
bellotti component of strength are not able to be productive unless it’s also
in its own house or mula trikona or exalted but if they’re also awake than
they are that’s kind of what I’m saying but they would be so to a lesser degree
you could kind of look at it as they’re only doing it as being an influencing
spirit upon the event it’s not really gonna last with them Renta pasta so
people quite often get freaked out when they see those maryska planets in their
chart but everybody has them it’s it’s just life in general it’s just generally
the meta planets that we have or the planets that we’re wanting to be the
most productive but you know it’s what we’re wanting the opposite of what
they’re able to really do Renne a lot of it is about learning like about planets
you have in your chart and developing strategies in your life that work and
strategies that don’t work and I’m also teaching a class on that starting in
late is on the logit ayahuasca’s its relate
to how the planets are helped or hindered in finding fulfillment in the
horoscope and this is mathematically qualified and so it works on the premise
that you know when I’ll give you an example so when if Venus is in cancer it
creates a condition called a starved Venus right and so Venus is being
starved by the moon in that particular instance so the moon is we were saying
earlier is all about fulfilling our needs right so what would end up
happening in that scenario is the person ends up having to do things to fulfill
their needs that take away from their long-term sense of pleasure and
enjoyment in life right and that’s what a starved Venus kind of functions like
so if you have like a starved Venus in your chart you’re needing to find the
planets that are supporting that Venus so you develop better strategies to then
getting stuck in the pattern of having your Venus card so there are planets
that help in their planets that hinders and when you’re dealing with a planet
that’s being hindered on a certain level you want to find the planets that are
helping it and develop a strategy in association with those planets and
that’s what the logit idea Bastas course will teach people amongst other things
yeah go ahead I have two questions as in if I have when planning let’s take an
example I have Saturn in Utah or ba la vista hmm and it is um I’m not talking
about legit other stuff but if but did other stuff but if it is in a bad
condition I would say will this being into below star will help or in brutal
stuff in help Oracle furthermore create complications well it’s it’s the
important thing to understand what the balladeer vaska’s in the jagger daddy of
masses is they helped to show us the productivity of a planet right so here’s
the thing the deep Toddie of Austin’s which are mainly the dignity of the
planets and also it’s but the deep katya basta is also we have incorporated when
a planets join the cruel planet also known as a malefic
that creates something called bacala or imperative hasta equally when we have a
planet join the Sun even if it’s not combust it makes that planet kopi but
other than that the deep Tatia bosses are just the dignity of the planet like
for instance a planet in a neutral like in the condition of neutral temporal
dignity is going to be in scarce of austin so what the dignity of a planet
indicates is how that planet feels is it goes about doing what it’s doing so like
let’s say for instance you had a Saturn in a great enemy sign right and it was
kumara and it’s also a ship T so what’s going to happen with that planet and the
house is that it’s associated with it can produce those houses but producing
those houses is very challenging makes the person feel miserable doesn’t make
things easy for them so if the dignity of the planet is bad or if it’s joined
with cruel planets the experience of creating that is difficult and then you
look at the Bellotti of hasta like Bala kumara Yuva to see if it’s actually
going to be able to be productive so if a planet is kumara or Yuva it can still
be productive but it’s not going to be an enjoyable situation yeah so like
let’s say this is it brings up a whole really interesting because you can look
at somebody’s chart and you can go WOW okay well it looks like it this
particular time you’re gonna get married because you have all these planets with
marriage agenda that are coming together and they’re all kumara and it’s all
gonna work out so that you can get married but guess what they’re an enemy
signed your great enemy sign so that means that it’s not going to be a happy
experience for you and so you it that’s how you can kind of interact with all
these different factors there I’m running a little bit out of time sadly
enough I feel sad for that cuz I could talk for another hour yes okay so did
you one more questions are before oh oh yes
I have a question as in if I have a Saturn in anime Rashi and it is ruling
the twelfth house and it is in some difficult other stuff or say brutal
stuff hmm will it what what impacted okay the
impact of the planet with like the Bala or the kumara of hasta it’s not
associated with the house that it’s in other than creating the dignity because
that want to determine the dignity of the planet it’s more the houses that
that planet rules that become the areas that fall apart so you were saying like
let’s say if it was the second or the third house and it was in a bad of Ostia
then the person may have the tendency to not be able to be as steady or constant
in terms of earnings but you don’t determine all that just by the Rashi
chart you need to go in and look at the appropriate target track for the event
so in terms of finances that would be the flora chart in the chatter Tom sure
chart yes and what if it rules for the house if it was not houses yeah if it
rules the twelfth house then it can create a lot of loss in the individuals
life yeah or they have a hard time with the expenses in their life and yeah they
end up with a lot of expenses and things that they can’t really manage so to
speak okay so if you can all equally you can have a very strong twelfth Lord and
this is where a lot of people like sometimes people gets caught up in the
misconception for instance like if you have a strong Saturn in your chart
people go oh well Saturn is strong so it’s gonna create more problems in terms
of lots of faculty exactly that’s what my question yeah in terms of lots of
totty abbas does it can because it can starve a planet even more but in terms
of just regular things like a planet being productive you want to have a
strong Saturn because that’s going to make the experience less difficult it’s
when planets are weak when cruel planets were weak that they’re more problem
exactly that’s what I was looking for yes exactly
Michel final question to you how people can reach out to you if they want a
session with you consultation from you they want to learn
more about their round Ketu about the action thrust or maybe some Germany so
how they can reach out to you what do you tell my viewers sure on my website
which is authentic astrology calm I have a link for astrological services that
will take you to my astrological services page obviously and on that page
will be several different types of consultations listed if you hover over
the astrological services link there will be a drop down menu and there’s a
link there for the Rahu Ketu course if people are interested in that that’s the
one that was $49 right next to that is a link for webinar courses these are my
live courses I have wild logic Adi Abbas this course which starts later this
month and a few next year you can register for all those the video course
our courses that are in the past that are recorded the video that people are
also able to register for that’s another link and if any of your viewers want to
register for any courses or do a consultation and I will say including
the our Rahu Ketu course they can do that by using the discount code Prasad
333 all uppercase Lee and if they do that before the over the next three days
by let’s say 10:30 p.m. on the tenth then they can get a 10% discount on
those great thank you thank you Michael for me and sharing Oh looking forward to
many more interviews with you or in depth natural knowledge from you oh I
would love that and thanks for having me


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