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Actually right,
the stereotype is that Virgos are very neat. No, it’s not true. It’s not true? Like, both my life and my room are in a mess. Hi I’m Jessica . Hi I’m Huy. I’m Jessica as well. And hi, I’m Leah. And this is ZULA ChickChats! In today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about horoscopes and astrology. Especially now it’s Virgo season. So, we’re going to be talking about dating a Virgo. Yeah, but first of all, do you all even believe in horoscopes? I think that most of the points are quite spot on. Not really, I’m not, like, a die-hard fan. Last time someone asked me to write
the horoscopes in [a] magazine. Then I just, like, write some rubbish, like, “Today you will meet a stranger,” or something. Then, I believe less in that lah. So I think we need to focus a bit more on astrology,
as a whole for this video, so that it will make more sense. So, I got our resident ZULA astrology enthusiast
to come in to explain. So Annabelle, please take it away. Hi, I’m Belle and I love reading about all things astrology. Your sun sign is the most basic part of astrology, and it reflects your identity, your ego, your sense of self. It’s, like, the core of who you are. For the sake of this video, which is about dating, we’ll be talking about your moon sign
and your Venus sign. You will need your birth time to calculate it. Your moon sign, it’s not the same- Well, it doesn’t have to be the same as your sun sign. It’s the inner you. So it’s your emotions, your vulnerabilities, everything that is beneath the surface. Your Venus sign represents how and what you love, and how you express your feelings and affection. After what Belle has explained, right, we actually need to talk a little bit about our sun,
our moon and our Venus signs. So, let’s maybe go into a little bit more detail about
what being a sun in Virgo is. So according to Co-Star, sun in Virgo means that you are particularly smart, wow. Responsible, hardworking, self-sacrificing. Thorough, meticulous and intentional, and you can accomplish things that most people can’t. But also, get bogged down by
the details of your day-to-day. And you have a need to be wholesome. What does that even mean? Sure, do I look like I’m wholesome? Okay, Jess you wanna go through your sun,
moon and Venus? Okay, sun in Virgo, moon in Cancer, and Venus in Libra. Okay. Moon in Cancer, you often have trouble letting things go and feel like an emotional wreck. Wah, thanks. Are you very emotional? I am lah, yah. Okay, okay, okay, understand. But then the, you know, the Virgo part is like very perfectionist? So like, wah, like, emotional plus perfectionist equals emotional wreck! Oh no! Okay, mine is sun in Virgo, moon in Scorpio, and Venus in Libra as well. – Wah, sexy sia.
– Wow. I have trouble opening up and letting other people in. – Oh my goodness, that sounds true.
– Do you think it’s true? I don’t think I have- I think I let people in very easily. Wait in what sense, oh my god, I’m confused. I think it’s quite true lah. I don’t express myself very easily, but then I really expect my partner to understand me. So, that’s why not a lot of my dates become,
like, boyfriends. – I see, I see, I see.
– Yeah. Wait, so you don’t say out but you expect people to understand you. – Yeah, correct, correct.
– What?! What about you, Jess? Oh, me ah? Uh, Jess Lai. Yes, yes. Okay, so I am apparently, I am a Taurus. Okay then my moon right, is in Leo. Venus is in Pisces. So people when they first don’t know me right, they think that I’m very stable, that I’m very calm. But when they know me right, they know that I secretly- Like a bit siao ding dong (crazy)? – A little, a little.
– Okay, okay, okay. But you are married to a Virgo. Yah, so I’m married to a Virgo, so they’re great people. Oh, thank you. Have you guys dated Virgos before? – No.
– No, okay. So but for me, I am a Virgo sun, a Capricorn moon,
and a Scorpio Venus. And I am currently also dating a Virgo. – Nice!
– So yah. For me I am, moon in Capricorn. Meaning your emotional self is somewhat repressed, in the name of responsibility, seriousness and rationality. So basically it means that I’m very no emotion, which I feel is quite accurate. I don’t really care too much about, like, fluff. I’m very like, “Okay, what I want is marriage. So, nah.” This is the thing, you know? For Virgos here, and for those who are dating Virgos, how do you think the Virgos show affection? It comes across as a bit harsh sometimes, if they give you like feedback, out of, like, goodwill. – Oh my god.
– That’s right, that’s right. – Oh my god.
– That’s right. Then like, right, they feel like they want to
help the person, so they’re super helpful. And then they’ll say,
“Maybe you can do this this this this this.” And then they’ll see all the things that can be improved. So right, sometimes I feel like Virgos right, they will not give compliments, like, very directly. Like, “Oh my god, you’re so amazing.” They’ll be like, “Not bad lah.” When you said that I just like, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, shit it’s me.” I’m very blunt with my boyfriend, so, if I feel like, he could have done better in this, or if he should have done it this way, I won’t really sugarcoat it one. But I don’t really mean it. Because I always feel like if I don’t
say it, like, straightforwardly, Oh my god, that’s what my husband said. If I don’t say it straightforwardly, then I feel like I’m not being totally honest with you. And then when I try to, like, sugarcoat it, somehow it turns out paggro. It’s like, because to us it’s like, we want to find the most efficient way to do it, right? Like, I’ll be damn angry with myself
when I realise there’s a better way to do it. I could have saved money or
I could have done it faster. I hate it when I cannot do it, like, zhun zhun (precisely)- – to my way.
– But how you know that’s the best method? To me, that would be the best method lah. Yah, so the most cost-effective method would be the best method. But then I’d need to think of all the
options first before I decide. I think they don’t really show affection in a
very, like, romantic, sappy way. They do it through actions. You know, uhm- offer to clean the room. Help you buy back food, that kind of small things, yah. They do, like, romantic things ah but just not in a very expected way. It’s in a practical way? Mmm, it’s in a practical way. Agreed. I feel like Virgos don’t necessarily have like a specific language of love to give people. I feel like we- will see what the other party needs
and then we try to- – fill in the gaps.
– supply them. Like provide them with that. My boyfriend is not very high maintenance also. So he likes, like, you know, very simple things lah. Then I, like, pay attention to his hobbies. He likes K-pop, he likes- Oh my god he likes K-pop! – He likes to spend family time.
– Oh my god, so cute! So I would make like, So I would make time to, you know, to go and visit his family. I think that makes him appreciate me lah. Yah, that’s how I show love to him lor. For me, it’s yeah- I don’t think I’m romantic at all, in the very flowers, kind of sense. I’m more into thoughtful gifts. Like if I know the person needs a new bag for work,
for example, I’ll go out and buy a good quality bag
for this person. Yeah, not just for the sake of like, “It’s your birthday!” I’m going to buy him a bag. That kind of thing. If I don’t feel like you need anything,
I won’t buy you anything lah. Yah, yah. Yeah, and it goes the same way. So if I feel like I don’t need anything for me, I’ll tell him, “Please don’t buy me anything.” Virgos have also a thing about explaining themselves. Like they need people to kind of explain everything to them, do you feel? – I have a story, I have a story.
– Okay, share, share. Remember, I think a few months ago. McDonald’s [had] the bandung ice-cream right? Yes. Yes, then- then I ordered the bandung ice-cream but with like, chocolate-coated. Yes. Then my boyfriend [said] like, “You have such a weird palate.” Then I’m like, “Why? Why is it weird?” “Why? Why is bandung and chocolate weird?” “You have to answer me now!” It’s like you cannot just make a statement and not tell me why you made that statement. But sometimes I don’t mean that statement. I think I really hate, like, you know, comments that [do not] make- that doesn’t help the situation. Like not helpful comments. Yeah like, for example, if I’m sick right, then if you go tell me, “Oh go drink water lah.” Wah, you know, on the dating app, right, when someone is trying to show care to you. “Oh, I’m sick today.” “Oh drink water, drink more water okay?” I mean, that’s common sense what. So you don’t have to tell me that kind of shit, you know? Wow, Virgo. True Virgo. – So like-
– You have common sense what. So like, if you have comments, you better make sure that it’s helpful. In that sense, yah. I think Virgos need, like, receipts. It’s true. But I feel like sometimes people get intimidated by how forward we are also. When we want answers, we want the answers now, and you better give me a good answer. – It cannot be a shitty answer also.
– Oh my god. We talked a bit about how we are like
in relationships, right, or how Virgos are like in relationships. Then, what do you think are things
we look for- when we’re finding a relationship, in that sense? I think Virgos like real people. – Yes, we like down-to-earth people.
– Must be real, down-to-earth, cannot be fake. – Yup.
– Et cetera. Like, maybe you talk about it, from your boyfriend, like, like, describe how your boyfriend complements you. I like that he really pays attention to what I
like, instead of what he thinks I like. Yeah, I know a story. Oh no, okay okay. – So-
– What’s the story? Once upon a time, I had an ex-date, and then we were like, going going going quite well lah. Until Christmas, right, he bought
me a neon green CK underwear. Uh huh, uh huh. I’m like, hello. Hello, friend. Did you look at my wardrobe? I’m, like, [he] immediately from date to friend. Oh no! No, I mean, I mean, I mean I appreciated the thought that he got me a CK underwear. Yah, not bad eh. But it’s neon green. I would- I would prefer a black Uniqlo underwear. Now everybody knows. Jess? I didn’t necessarily feel like these were
the traits that I’m looking for. But after I started dating my boyfriend, who is, like, a Libra, then I I felt like, it’s complementing ah. So uhm, Libras are very peace-keeping people, right? They always like balanced things. I think that’s good because for me I tend
to, like, go to the extremes. Like Cancer plus Virgo,
so it’s not a good combo for, like, emotions. And he tends to, like, balance that nicely for me. He will, like, tell me, you know, don’t harp over these negative emotions, and just sort of like rationalise things for me ah. So that can be useful but also can be frustrating, because sometimes I feel like he’s so rational and logical, that he doesn’t relate to how I feel. But I can’t imagine dating another Virgo, man. I think it would either be, like, splendid or horrible. Honestly, thank god my boyfriend
is not actually a Virgo. – Right?!
– Okay, he’s like- He’s like Virgo, but then like,
most of his traits are not Virgo. Because I don’t think I can, like, date me. – Like-
– Yeah… I’m a very intense Virgo. Because Virgos can be very- like they’re very critical people, right? Even though I am critical also, I don’t like it when people say me. That is double standards! No! It’s because I think I’m, like, doing my best already. So that when someone says something that I didn’t do my best, I’ll be like, “Wait why?” “I thought I did everything the right way already.” Oh, I’m also Capricorn moon, which means I’m very driven in my work and everything so I put a lot of effort in my passion. Yah, so he’s very understanding towards that. So he makes a lot of time to sacrifice for me. Yeah so, that’s what I guess I look for. That’s a very like, Cancer-slash-Pisces kind of trait, I feel. In times of conflict, right, with Virgos right, how do you, kind of, address that conflict? For conflicts with Virgos right, I think it’s best if you take on a very even tone. Like if you come across also as very harsh right, then they will just shut down. Because I think they’re very hard on themselves. So, like, if you are also, like, very critical of them right, then they’ll be like, “I don’t want to do this
anymore.” Oh my god. Wow, you really understand me. When I talk about things, the Virgo side will try to, like, analyse, and the Cancer part will sort of like think of
things in the emotional way, then I always, like, whenever I have conflict
with my boyfriend, I will always tell him, “Okay, how do you feel?” So I always try to, like, break it down and go back to the root of where all of this came from. I think because I’m like [a] Capricorn moon, right, then I’m the kind that like get shit done immediately. And, like, just do it, like, the right way lah. So I always take arguments as, like,
a problem-solving situation. – Then you got, like, after action.
– I always got solution. Like I will think, like, this is the problem, I will give you 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 solutions, that kind of thing. Yeah, that’s me lor. Any tips and tricks for people who are currently dating Virgos, or are interested in a Virgo person right, like what are some things that you can take note of? You need to appreciate them. Because I think they do a lot of small things that you don’t really see right, but actually, if you really think about it, oh my goodness, they are quite, like, self-sacrificing in a
relationship in general lah. If you want to date a Virgo, don’t be put off by their slightly critical blunt manner. Dig a little deeper then you’ll see a heart of gold. We like, “Woah!” – Cries.
– Can see why your husband loves you so much. Oh my god, if like- you know if my partner says that to me, I’ll just be like, “Oh my god, I want to be
with this person forever.” So sweet. A huge part of being a Virgo is being over analytical. Because we analyse everything right, in the end we can also like bring out the best in certain situations, I feel. Yah, so then, they can just join in on the fun lah. Analyse with us. And speaking of that actually right, I feel that one thing that would help- a Virgo in a relationship right, even though we know we’re good at analysing things, and we know we can come up with 10 different outcomes right, we always appreciate the effort to help us- get to that outcome. Rather than just like, “Oh you can do it so you do lor.” If you hear a Virgo say bad things about
yourself, don’t take it too personally. We are trying to help you. Okay yeah, I feel, like, we may- our help may come across in the- not in the nicest way possible, but I think Virgos are pretty
good advice givers, honestly. Like my friends always come to me for advice, and I always give them, like, solutions to their problems. So yah, don’t take it in the wrong way if, like, maybe we sound too critical of you, because we’re just trying to see it from, like, a very practical perspective. Ultimately, I think we want the best for everyone, including ourselves. That’s why we have such high expectations
of ourselves also. Yeah, so please be nice to us. So today we talked about dating a Virgo, and in summary, we are, like, perfectionists, and you know, we put in a lot of effort
and at the same time, we would love to receive the same sort of
love and effort back. And even though we analyse everything, mostly it’s for the greater good of everyone. We hope so, we hope so. Or at least we think it is. So we’re doing this whole horoscope series
on our channel, so the next episode will actually be dating a Libra. But before that, you can just leave any comments down below on the episode about Virgos. Tell us if you enjoyed it. If you relate to it. If you think we are, like, damn crazy people. We all want to know, please feel free to leave your stories in the comments down below, and also let us know what else
you want to see next time. So don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! Bye!

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