Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Capricorn

Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Capricorn

Hi, I’m the Star Goddess, and here are some
keys to dating a Capricorn.The thing you have to know about a Capricorn, are they are very
socially conscious, and they are acutely aware of their position on the social pecking chain,
so if you want to date a Capricorn, you’re going to have to impress them, with where
it is you take them. These are not boys and girls that you take to McDonalds for dinner,
on a first date. They like private clubs. They like fancy restaurants, and they will
walk in and order the most expensive thing on the menu, and watch your eyes to see if
you flinch. Capricorns like you to be clean, sweet smelling, and dressed appropriately
to the occasion that they’re taking you to. They are acutely aware of what other people
think, and the more you impress them with your prestige and your style, and your standing,
the more they are going to be attracted to you, so the keys to dating a Capricorn. Show
up clean, on time, sober, and well dressed, and they will show you the very best time
,whether it’s within their price range, or slightly out of it. That’s better living through
astrology. That’s how you date a Capricorn. I’m Janet Sciales, the Star Goddess.


  • Farfetch'DHipster says:

    Am a Capricorn and I don't see myself as the fancy person type, I wouldn't mind going to McDonlad's with my girlfriend LOL

  • Angel Deville says:

    I'm a Virgo … Capricorn's TRINE

    Caps just looooovvvve Virgos. LOL!

  • Gwat says:

    I love maccas, im cap

  • 5n00ze says:

    i think she might be refering to girl capricorns… CASUE THEY BE GOLD DIGGASS!!!!

  • Ranaldo Thomas says:

    lol i dont mind mcdonalds

  • Too Glam To Give A Damn says:

    lol im a capricorn & i dont rlly stress over the finest things in life. simple places like mcdonalds is ok w/ meh. i understand if its a special occasion such as an anniversary but other than that i dont rlly mind. i dont find everything they say bout capricorns true. my bf is a leo & we are so perfect for e/o even tho leos supposidly aren't a good match for capricorns. also, im more laid back than uptight & super hard working.

  • Vaati Raptor says:

    @Rulerbuddy Capricorns are also incredibly frugal and manage money like stars. If McDonald's is more affordable and you and your boyfriend don't mind lack of ambiance then you can definitely eat fast. Your tastes will probably become more refined with time, but not necessarily. Capricorn is also a wild card of the zodiac and have a talent of surprising people, especially themselves.

  • subbtopp says:

    I lkove you janice

  • glory2win says:

    loool this is bull shitt

  • Oceans Noah Madison says:

    @Rulerbuddy She said the FIRST date you cluster fuck.

  • quebex says:

    wow say what!! i like big macs!!

  • Naazim97 says:

    @Rulerbuddy LMFAO……

  • Naazim97 says:

    @OdeToNecrophilia Fail…be thankful..japanese people right now would wish to eat there right now.

  • idr5000 says:

    yea – ima capricorn, mcds taste like shi# – but i wont make my girl wear a dress to a small restaurant.

  • Badwolf1138 says:

    I'm a Capricorn but honestly I'm pretty frugal. The only fancy restaurant I've been to is Olive Garden lol.

  • YouthFreedomFighters says:

    @Rulerbuddy Yes, and this goes to show you that astrology isnt accurate.

  • lollopisemis says:

    I don't like McDonalds but I wouldn't mind Burger King… And I also like buying cheap food but McDonalds is just nasty lol

  • Lady Nguyen says:

    Think she's talking about a 1st date not to take them to McDonalds

  • Lady Nguyen says:

    I'm a Capricorn she's right about ordering expensive stuff I was with a Virgo and he ok for me to order it later on throughout our conversation lobster came up and he said its expensive. If I can pay $100 dollars for me and one of my friend a girl to eat I think a guy should be able to pay $40 for a lobster.

  • Leslie Mei says:

    What does she take us for?! I'm a Capricorn and I don't judge people based on their wallets, thanks. What are you suggesting, that we like the type that spends extravagantly what they don't have over the solid, rational type? Please. We like people like us.

  • WESLY PIPES says:

    I fucked up when she said i had to be sober on the date FUUUUK!

  • Dark and Death says:

    Dark: Man this woman knows Capricorns like a book!

    Death: By the way other Capricorns out hear, this may not apply to you because you're not a PURE Capricorn. A pure sign has the dates of the month from 1-10. The pure ones (like us) posses all or most of the Capricorn characteristics. If you're a Capricorn and are out of the pure range, then you are a mix. Mixes may or may not contain most of the zodiac sign qualities. You may be more Aquarius or Sagittarius.

  • dima kawasmeh says:

    I agree with the top comments, I'm a Capricorn girl and they say we always like to go out to fancy places for dates and shit but personally I'd rather watch a movie at home on a date and I honestly do not give a shit where we go as long as we have fun and are comfortable with each other (:

  • M.s. Dickerson-Jones says:

    Capricorn better be able to afford a Leo♌️ lol.,💃💃💃

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