Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Gemini Woman

Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Gemini Woman

Hi I’m the Star Goddess and here are some
tips for dating a Gemini female. The hardest thing about dating a Gemini female is catching
their eye in the first place. These are tall slender slim look younger then their age,
very interesting, very articulate, very quick witted and get bored very quickly kind of
women so you need to have a plan for taking them out. They need intellectual stimulation.
They need to be able to form a communication with you. They want to get into your head
before you are getting into their pants. So if you really want to impress a Gemini female
you want to take her to an avant-garde play. Some kind of happening museum opening. Any
kind of event that requires a large group of people being there and effective communication
going on. If you hate them you will sit them on the couch and make them watch the same
video over and over again. Gemini’s are intrigued by going, seeing, doing and you can impress
them by taking them to an upscale event that they would ordinarily would not be invited
to because they are the social climbers of the zodiac. So tips for dating a Gemini female,
you need to be interesting, you need to be witty, you need to be articulate and you need
to be fairly well connected. If you do that you’ll have a fabulous time with your Gemini.
That’s better living through astrology. I’m Janet Sciales the Star Goddess.


  • KnwName says:

    What does that mean?

  • KnwName says:

    What do you mean by this, please explain?

  • Jordan Dennis says:

    hes kinda right,astrollogically,you NEVER ever put a gemini with a scorpio,unless you want a war,but,it really depends on wat type of gemini they are,twin 1?or twin 2?-tanukikintama,if you are intersested in a gemini,you should still give it a shot!

  • Twinkle Twinkles says:

    Well I think that Scorpio men are good in bed… but that's about it. I think I would feel so suffocated in an actual relationship. God knows I'd mess up and he'd hate me forever. I can't deal with possessive or controlling men. It's too annoying and I hate emotional conflict. But again, sexual compatibility is good.

  • Jordan Dennis says:

    yeah,but sex isn't,but i hear ya controlling and possessive isn't good for anyone in any relationship,its like shut up and stop treating me like a dog!lol.

  • Prince Taharqa says:

    Im a aquarius and gemini girl love me I dont know why

  • Brian Ciezynski says:

    i am a white pisces and am dating a gemini asian girl who loves me. i don't need an astrological explanation but if anyone wants to give me one ill read it for fun. : p

  • Demi Gallou says:

    haha!!!!!well said!im a gemini woman:)

  • Crystal B. says:

    We are not all slim but I def. look younger than my yrs..I am very quick witted you can't come to me with stupid shit I can talk alot well according to ppl that know me and when it come to someone new I am very quite I guess I am too busy reading them lol

  • Eugene Mach says:

    I've noticed you have never mentioned Gemini men in any of your videos what is your take one us?

  • Linh Nguyen says:

    Well…. smexii a-holes lol
    Nah just kiddin
    There's a vid, you missed it.

  • Linh Nguyen says:

    Ha nice one xD
    We dont take stupid sht very well huh?

  • Tarabobara says:

    tall,slim yeah I missed that one!! lol

  • GeminiSarahAnne says:

    I am a Gemini twice over. I have a Gemini Sun sign and a Gemini moon Sign.
    I am very slim but I am not tall, nor are some of my Gemini Friends. No not a museum, that would send me to sleep and not an Avant-garde play, give me a rock concert any-day or trip out into the wilds in the rain Forrest, surrounded by nature. Or a shopping trip.
    The times I have had to go to museums I have made my excuses and did a runner to the gift shops or coffee shop, anything to get away from old boring stories.

  • rachel stone says:

    im a gemini female O.O;
    its kinda creepy how tru it is….

  • Your_Damn_Cousin says:

    Wow I needed this like 6 years ago when I was married to my Gemini wife…Thing is, I'm a Gemini myself lol

  • Megan O says:

    Most either do really well or horribly with their same sign. I couldn't date a Gemini but I'm a Gemini myself.

    I tend to go for the fire signs. XD

  • Akachi X says:

    sounds nice to me imma cancer by the way lol

  • R-Vin says:

    i kinda think that scorpios are special child of the zodiac hahaha im one

  • La Reine says:

    as a gemini myself… stupid people run away from me because they know I will slap them with my eloquence and cunning remarks, and that includes hot headed Ariesand Bull headed Taurus who act tough, but they are still sheeps and cowards at blood. Gemini's are the twins and we feast on lambs and steaks!!!!

  • Dieselbird619 says:


    what is your sign? I can't tell you straight up if it will work honey.

  • Dieselbird619 says:

    I'm tall and slim and I look really young for my age (i'm 17 but i look like 14) so she got the physical stuff right. At leaste for me that is. I do think that intelligence is sexy but also brawn! I myself like a sexy smart man which yes I know is asking for too much, but hey! I'm a gemini so leave me alone to my dreams! πŸ˜€ lol

  • Dieselbird619 says:

    Oh, yeah. Pisces and Gemini not such a good match. As friends you guys could be pretty awesome since Pisces are known to be dreamy and Geminis love new crazy ideas. You should look for another water sign. Someone that will understand a bit more and is open. Us Geminis are kind of private, maybe thas why ur girl lies or covers up some things. I think all of us have a strong insecurity with emotions that why alot of us are distant. We are air signs after all.

  • Dieselbird619 says:

    LMAO! WAT! I was just saying that she got my physical appearance right thats all. But thats because i have Gemini Ascendant. lol no i am not advertising myself wth!

  • Kingofeurope says:

    Gemini women are my favorite, next to Aquarius. I'm also an air sign, it only makes sense. (Libra)

    They're romantic, talkative, and you never get bored with them, what's not to love? =)

  • Linh Nguyen says:

    @SillageDeLaReine lmao. wtf?

  • Linh Nguyen says:

    @SillageDeLaReine lol ur hilarious. it's alright, i get chu gurll πŸ˜‰ guess who else is a gemini?

  • La Reine says:

    @gurlprosniper. who else is Gemini that I don't already know of besides Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, 2Pac, Biggie, Dr Oz, Nicole Kidman, Shia Laboeuf, JFK?

  • natacheen says:

    @SillageDeLaReine Left-eye, Kanye West, Brian McKnight, Ice Cube, and I forgot the rest, lol

  • JML510 says:

    Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson, Clint Eastwood, Rudy Guiliani, Joe Namath, and Donald Trump also

  • TaylorMarie94 says:

    lenny katiz, maxwell are gemini also anderson coooper

  • JML510 says:

    Manny Ramirez, Joe Montana, Matt Stone and Trey Parker (creators of South Park), Rick Ross, Molly Sims, Venus Williams

  • TaylorMarie94 says:

    @DontRepYourCity i did not know venus williams was a gemini
    as they say you learn something new everyday πŸ™‚

  • La Reine says:

    Geminis!!! The ICONS of all the zodiac. We have the most biggest stars best at what they do over all other stars. We keep it EPIC! One can go without fire, live without earth, go a few days without water, but a few seconds without air, you will die. The air element is LIFE itself!!!

  • cokoqt81 says:

    its ironic that im a gemini and im not a big social person. i enjoy being with a few close friends. and im not slender, tall but not slender.

  • KnowoneWasHere says:

    You need to be this
    You need to be that…
    Big d***, big car, big house AND a good personality?

  • Cynea: EmbraceYourLife says:

    That seems about right except for the articulent,social stuff. I like being kept busy, im slim and tall, and get bored quickly. As for a meuseum or something with lots of people i don't think i'd care. As long as i like that person i don't care where we are. And being with a few close friends is all i need to be happy.

  • TamΓ‘s H says:

    These statements are not only true for gemini women which busts the whole zodiac theory.

  • Mountainvictory says:

    I'm a Gemini and I approve this message!

  • Georgie Bowes says:

    YAY! im a gemini woman and she describes me perfectly x) yeah its hard work keeping us entertained but you'll get used to it!

  • Leslie Arnelle TV says:

    Wowsers…you described me to the T….scary!! Great job!!

  • Yin Yang says:

    Very true, though I'm not a Gemini

  • Caitlin Chastain says:

    I am so proud to be a Gemini girl(:

  • enigma887 says:

    pretty true

  • Kiki says:

    @barnzy2302 Not true. : P

  • Twinkle Twinkles says:

    My relationship with my Scorpio ex was like sitting on a couch and watching the same video over and over again. Replace Video with lecture. lol

    Yes… we need to have a mental connection first. If our lives are busy and full we will not need as much stimulation from our partners which makes us 10x more steady and relaxed.

    Love being a Gemini but hate how little my exes have understood me!

  • collectiveconscify says:

    @pantuky what a virgo thing to say… libra here

  • purplemystery says:

    why are people always saying geminis like to be in a large group of people? Yes, I do enjoy intellectual stimulation but that doesn't mean I like being in crowds. I'd much rather have a one on one intimate conversation with someone who interests me(which is not very easy to find).

  • goodbye, thanks for everything says:

    lol i get bored very quickly!

  • spicythought says:


    Veggie and Alive

  • Tiffany Smith says:

    I've found that what we femake Geminis need is a male Gemini that is not actually a Gemini… aka a being that does not exist. The closest thing is a Sag, and they can't stay with you long before looking elsewhere.

  • Tiffany Smith says:

    I've rarely gotten along with female aquarians, as they are too talkative and can't seem to realize that their opinions are not law. Male aquarians, on the other hand, are always a breath of fresh air. They open my eyes.

  • HijaDelMar6 says:

    Everything she said was spot on until about 0:33… Especially 0:33 actually, very very true (the general idea being that I want to know a potential partner 'inside and out' before HE gets to know ME 'inside and out'. Simple as that, really.).
    The socialite part doesn't really apply to me personally, but from 1:05 on, in my opinion is definitely worth taking notes.. πŸ˜‰

  • bijan1982 says:

    @SillageDeLaReine u gemini's are all hot air… all talk no action
    us hot headed aries are at least doers!

  • La Reine says:

    @bijan1982 yep, you're right…Aries are do-ers, you "do" just about anyone, anywhere because you are the "speed daters of the zodiacs", hahaha!!!

  • bijan1982 says:


    lol this is a video of a gemini and aries
    sandra bernhardt the gemini and letterman the aries lol
    sandra always talking talking talking and poor dave trying to DO his job!!

  • Shakespeare In Love says:


  • Balthazar says:

    im a gemini but im not very tall or quite thin but GEMINIS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  • Athenathe SheWolf says:

    I'm slim and short XD

  • ninoinquieto182 says:

    Im Capricorn and I have a huge crush on gemini

  • TheNubianBeauty says:

    Geminis FTW!

  • Keelie xo says:

    @mnail33 im a gemini, and i have type 1 diabetes :O it really is bad for us, it makes us feel restricted and we cant do all the things we want to πŸ™

  • Torey says:

    wow i'm a gemini woman and this is 100% true!!!!

  • ernestoperezzz says:

    im a virgo and oh my lord, gemini women love me and i love them

  • Polarcupcheck says:

    @varunishere I just read about this stuff. I knew a girl (who happened to be a gemini). I said to myself, next year, when I get my car, and some freedom, I'm going meet up with her and see where I stand. By next year she was at another school, so I never saw here, again. After I graduated, she was dead. So sad. Oddly enough, I read Geminis are good matches for Libras. A lot of girls come and go that you get along with, but she will always be THAT girl.

  • Polarcupcheck says:

    @mnail33 Same here. Never never met another girl so cool. In the most subtle and cool way she had an awesome mischievous sense of humor. Some funny stories I've got to tell. LOL

  • DlRTYBiRDz says:

    I never had problems with women, hard for me to commit if anything, but i met a girl, everything was great, she seemed perfect, i thought i finally found one i wanted to be with. time goes by, we fall out, her doing. i never cared for astrology at all but now i realize…im a scorpio (11/21) and she was a gemini (6/1), guess it makes sense now πŸ™

  • JezzahTheFox94 says:

    @SeventhSun I'm a Gemini Born June 21 But currently I'm taken so…….let's be friends

  • reeree212 says:

    OMG you are the most accurate bitch i know!

  • Indyiana D. says:

    @purplemystery agreed

  • karnel frank says:

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  • skyfire878 says:

    Absolutely not man! been there done that man this is a horrible match because Geminis are dreamy where a Virgo is a planet earth sign the two don't mix well

  • Kelz Joannides says:

    I know a gemini female who's fat n short.(-obvi bound to come across one in any zodiac.) Why do they try to be so particular, not very persuasive when they get it wrong

  • tino fonte says:

    yesss πŸ˜€ dats y my girlfriend is a gemini im a aquarian lol

  • OldEarthChaos says:

    I'm a Sagittarius male who is extremely infatuated with Gemini females, I just find them so fascinating πŸ™‚

  • Leona Lyn says:

    Geminis fall perfectly in love with Librans πŸ˜‰

  • onimotoko says:

    Some people forget to look at their rising sign and moon. Your sun is only one small part of the puzzle.

  • RoseParfait says:

    Fabulous time XD hahaha

  • okglitterbug15 says:

    GUYS don't freak out if you don't look like what she described as a Gemini looking like, it has been proven that your zodiac sign has nothing to do with it,.it's all genetics.!

  • Channel Hudson says:

    Yez we geminians do

  • candice williams says:

    TRUE!!!!!! I HATE when someone ask me to come over and chill….I can do that s*** at my own house w/o you.

  • Laazer Jemeis says:

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