Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date an Aquarius Woman

Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date an Aquarius Woman

Hi, I’m the Star Goddess, and here are some
tips for dating an Aquarius female. The interesting thing about Aquarius females is more often
than not, they’re not really interested in dating men, because Aquarius produces more
female homosexuality than any other sign in the Zodiac. If you’re lucky you’ll get an
adventurous Aquarius and they are trisexual, meaning they’ll try anything once and things
twice if they have time. Aquarians like to go out in a group. They’re not big fans of
the one on one. They make much better friends and lovers than they do husbands or wives.
The key to taking an Aquarian out is to show them an eccentric, unusual good time. They
don’t want to do what everybody else is doing. If everybody is going to a classical music
concert, they want to be taken to a punk rock venue. Anything out of the ordinary. Anything
that’s exciting, interesting, and a little bit edgy is right up the Aquarius’s ally.
So, what you want to do with an Aquarian is not really have written in stone plans the
way you have to do with some of the other signs. They’re big fans of playing it fast
and loose. And if you bring a buddy along a date, they’re up for that as well. So those
are Aquarius dating tips. I’m Janet Sciales, the Star Goddess, and that’s better living
through astrology.


  • IamCalvinKing says:

    aw man no wonder things didn't work out between me and the Aquarian woman I care about.

    I'm a Cancerian man by the way…

    Thank you for the info still.

  • Brad Eddy says:

    I'm a virgo sun.. with an aquarius moon..

    I have 4 aquarius's in my family that I know of, and have dated an aquarius, and have a couple of friends that are the signs of aquarius.
    we all get along pretty decently..
    sometimes we get along good.

    most of this stuff is just a guide, it's not all written in stone..

  • Lunisticdeity says:

    I am a taurus but I act like an Aquarius

  • cheesesmiles says:

    hahah im totally trisexual! lol she's SO RIGHT!!!

  • Brad Eddy says:

    actually.. they have had ALOT of proof that alot of what it says really is accurate..

    it's not bullshit.. you're just closed minded

  • Brad Eddy says:

    that's because sun signs are'nt all there is to a personality.. and YES, astrology is true.. and accurate.. and has never been wrong..

  • Kammie Stephens says:

    Well, I not into women,more like men. I don't mind an one on one or a group thing! I believe aquarian women probably get along more with guys than girls. Aquarius is a masculine sign, does not mean we're lesbians! And not only that most aquarians like to be alone for awhile, sometimes we like to just disappear!

  • Luke Dark says:

    you're funny. XDD
    you are "a disappearing lesbian" admit it!!

  • Kammie Stephens says:

    I am not lol!

  • kecola says:

    I'm into astrology but completely disagree with almost everything she said. I DON"T like going on group dates. I'm not trisexual or even bisexual and I would make a damn good mother lol. The only thing I do agree with is going on a date that's out of the norm like to Six Flags or a comedy club. Don't really agree with the rest.


  • Andrew Ross says:

    She's full of it. I agree with you.

  • Dreamqueen says:

    that bullshit

  • kecola says:

    I hate crowds too and don't know many Aquarians that like to do things in "groups". All the ones I know, including myself, don't like having to be around too many people at once. Not to say they don't exist but in general that stereotype is bullshit. I think quality over quantity applies more to Aquarians than the whole worn out group crap.

  • Abhilash Sandhyala says:

    she looks weird…

  • deceptiveophelia says:

    um, not really. i'm an aqua girl…this for sure isn't the greatest advice for dating me.

  • theairyaquarius says:


  • K T says:

    lol im like this …. Aquarians are very open minded sexually which can be hard to stay in relationships, we move on so quickly if it gets boring

  • Jazzie Gomez says:

    >_>_>_>_> i like men thanks. and i dont really care for big groups mam

  • mestnadeklica says:

    what is this womans name?

  • MoonPisces029 says:

    im the same way!

  • SpookyMayo says:

    yea sexually open minded. i like to wander sometimes but i might come back. i like intense relationships with passion but after thats gone ttyl.

  • danny g says:

    a buddy on a sure!..make it a threesome why not?

  • tyanna thornton says:

    @dh234 yes we are!

  • 7d7e7f7 says:

    HAha I'm seeing an Aquarius woman and she's straight.

  • Anna Lloyd says:

    there are the Fallen Angles wo do the Zodiac according to the worshiping of the Sun, who use there powers that are from Yeshua our Lord for Satan. Then there are the seers who are called prophets or leaders , spiritual guides from Yeshua Jesus christ our lord . I am a Prophetess of Yeshua a star not a fallen One.

  • Anna Lloyd says:

    According to the Jewish (Hebrew) studies of kabbalah the zodiac sign of Asher is Aquarius

    The zodiac sign for Shevat is Aquarius, the water-bearer. "Why this sign?" the prince of darkness once asked the Holy One. "So that I might use the water bearer's bucket to splash pure water on humans and free them of all their sins," came the answer.

  • elmerlover says:

    ok with everything except the "bring a budy along on the date" uh no im not cool with that unless i can bing my freind(s) too

  • TheAs57 says:

    Aquarius woman are so great EXTREEMLY friendly . they will go out of their way to HELP you or someone they know. The best sign to date , friendship or relationship.
    I am a Aquarius man,

  • TheAs57 says:

    @nada25000 well i is your freedom of CHOICE to do what ever you want.

    That can be true. Well Aquarius love freedom to do what ever they like.

    ( Aquarius male here )

  • Sarah Anne says:

    i am straight lol and so are most of my aquarius friends, but they have been known to experiment:P The rest is accurate

  • coolrider47 says:

    I'm sun aquarius moon aquarius rising scorpio is there any hope for me??? :)))))))
    hahahah never a dull moment ;))

  • newhexxler says:

    haha, oh geez. I'm totally heterosexual… and I'd rather have a friend who is my lover than the other way around ANY DAY of the week!

  • bloodbath334 says:

    @dh234 …yea for another girl.

  • FraggleRockz says:

    Bullcrap…im aquarius…and im not a Trisexual! GOSH 😛

  • Ren Rivera says:

    bahahahha so true i like the un-ordinary and yes we are very homo

  • TheIntrovert83 says:

    wtf she is right on! Im an Aquarius woman into other woman. dayum!

  • Athenathe SheWolf says:

    I'm a Gemini lesbian soooo…. So Homo… Good news ;D

  • feraligatr94 says:

    @owenhartlover2008 Don't be jealous 🙂

  • Suresh Mohan Rama Krishnan says:

    @MissCruisinInMy64 My girlfriend is an aquarius..and u've just summed her up pretty much. But you forgot to add that they are easily aroused. And very horny.–pardon my french.

  • cherrygogh says:

    This is so me.

  • Jazzie Love says:

    @Icewolf16 i actually love my company, and don't mind being by myself for or even being celibate…i did it for 7 years, because the ppl i met did not interest me. I enjoy that time by myself to get to know me better to ensure i don't repeat the same mistakes in the last relationship

  • missblackberryish says:

    Blah blah blah rubbish!

  • Cocardeux Frenchie says:

    There s something wrong. It's always told that aquarians are unconventional… That s all wrong. All the aquarians I ve met had a lot of friends, and they were doing what everybody does. They re the most boring people, they want to seduce and appear perfect, then they re just unbearable. They don't understand provocations, they re just like everybody and their biggest fear is to be rejected : ridiculous.

  • c c says:

    This. Is. MOI.

  • SharksRule86 says:

    Aquarian females are sexy as hell!!!

  • Niurka Sanchez says:

    february1st aqurius highhhhhh~~

  • Elaine Taylor says:

    That is very true. And the strangest things turn me on.. lol.

  • cutepuppyificatiable says:

    Feb 1st and a twin 😉 hahah #Aquariusrockz

  • James Watson says:

    What ASSwhole would bring his friend with him on a date

  • PricilaGarcia says:


  • VixyMix 101 says:

    This is meeeeeee
    And what a coincidence, I'm lesbian 😀
    Well, more like a weird bi, but eh.
    But I do prefer a one on one, probably cause I'm an ambivert, but I don't mind a small group. It all depends really.

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