Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to End a Relationship With a Scorpio

Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to End a Relationship With a Scorpio

Hi, I’m the Star Goddess, and here’s a tip
for ending a relationship with a Scorpio. The truth be told be told, the only way really
to end a relationship with a Scorpio is to die, because Scorpio truly feels the phrase
that if you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was meant to be. If it doesn’t,
track it down and kill it dead. When a Scorpio says I love you, they mean for this lifetime,
the one after that, and the one after that. Scorpio has little or no ability to detach
from something that it’s attracted to. So if you truly want to get rid of a Scorpio,
the best thing to do is to manifest behavior that they don’t like so the Scorpio chooses
to not want you anymore. The best thing to do to get rid of a Scorpio is to have sex
with her best friend and then they’ll be done forever. But even though they may be gone,
it does not reclude them from showing up on your doorstep at two o’clock in the morning,
skulking around your bushes to see if you are still with that guy. And even if you are
married to the Scorpio and they die, their feeling is just ’cause I’m dead, doesn’t mean
I’m not still married to you. That’s how you end a relationship with a Scorpio. I’m Janet
Sciales, the Star Goddess, and that’s better living through astrology.


  • mykylc says:

    Is that how to leave a scorpio or just about anyone? Learn Astronomy…not Astrology.

  • Ben noneofyourbeeswax says:

    I am a scorpio and I am offended by this! Fuck You bitch!

  • bowlegz594 says:

    wow are scorpoi's really like that?? she Is really funny how she put it but really are they? cuz im currently talking to one now.not in a relationship just dating him.

  • cheesesmiles says:

    lol the fisrt words she uttered were true! scopios are teh most intense in love and if you leave them your in a world of hell! LITERALLY!

  • cheesesmiles says:

    lol yah right youll die

  • Da Comeback Kid says:

    stfu bitch…
    that's not the way to break up with a scorpio. the only thing that scorpios hate is betrayal. you wanna break up with em once and for all…just talk to them and be honest. You will get out of relationship easy and also have a friend for life.

  • Twinkle Twinkles says:

    Are you joking? We are the easiest to break up with because we can move on quick.

  • Twinkle Twinkles says:

    I don't know… because I've never been broken up with, but there have been some guys who I could tell weren't that into me so I just moved on because it was obvious I would just be wasting my time.

  • briant2828 says:

    ya i wouldnt recommend cheating on a scorpio with a best friend…

  • retardstupidass says:

    see that's you breaking up with them. different

  • where'salice says:

    cheating only makes things worse and actually makes us want to kill you.

  • L2xSniper says:

    "we'll kill you"? wow what are you some psycho 14 year old?

  • yellawillow says:

    Hence why i stay away from these attachy scorpios

  • ChaliceQueen says:

    lololol "the only way to end it is to die"

  • ScorpioSunScorpioMoon says:

    she is oooo funny. I'm Scorp but my rising is Cap so I can detach anybody at any given time however, if someone detaches from me and I feel they have wasted my time and are not even worthy of detaching themselves they will be sorry they ever met me hahaha!

  • RuzhaTodorova says:

    Hahaha!! So true! I am a Scorpio, and I totally agree!

  • Jameson Mateo says:

    Scorpios are lying, cheating, vengeful and EVIL! They are jealous of us leos because we don't have to work as hard to get the attention and adoration that they lie and cheat and canive to get! SCORPIOS ARE EVIL, DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!

  • cacauldr says:

    Tssk… to know a scorpio is to live a thousand lifes going from one extreme to another, just to seek the truth about ourselves, and then hopefully about the other. We hate all untruly, unjust and insincere things. We learn a lot, but won't obey our parents rule to act like we've learned.
    We feel great responsability for the weak and unregarded. We give the best advice, but this often requires a lot of inner strength. Not just good effort. We'll show you the dirt, so you can uncover the diamond

  • Cristian Rico says:

    this is scary o.o

  • 12pisces says:

    The only way to really end a relationship with a scorpio is to die.
    hahahaha. She says it so flatly it was so funny!!! XD

  • skylarportland says:

    actually, she speaks the truth.

  • skylarportland says:

    LOL! but SO true!!

    If you're lying, we can see it and then things tend to get pretty ugly real quick with no promises of what comes next.

  • skylarportland says:

    and we'll find out who your next bf/gf is and make them think you're cheating on them too….as well as your next relationship, and the next and the next ( hence, we never forget a slight )

    Nothing personal, it's just the way we are.

  • Seldanas says:

    I love my cat for all my heart…he is nine years old now, and if he ever died im not shure what i would do, he was my friend since i was 10 years old. I talk to him all day long even though he just sleeps, i allways stroke him gently and he purrs, he is my best friend!

  • Seldanas says:

    Dude! He understands me! He allways answers "Purr" Lol

  • PaTialaRoyalz says:

    I am a Scorpio and you are too good with this . . . I wish I would have known this channel before I broke up with the only Capri woman I dated . . . I tried looking for any video on how to get a capri back hope u got some tips up ur sleeve !

  • punktwot says:

    My Mrs is a Scorpio – and she scares me shitless!

  • Angie Sangre says:

    This is so trippy i was actually thinking on how to dump my scorpio boyfriend and this pops out?

  • Angie Sangre says:

    Funny haha but probably the best choice haha

  • PaTialaRoyalz says:

    No man . . . . . No luck on finding a video but I emailed a Capi girl but when I tried to ask my ex she haven't responded ! Good luck to you 😉

  • rosenti says:

    Have sex with their best friend is probably worse advice i've ever heard. Scorpios are very resentful if you hurt them. So destroying your relationship with them and their best friends would be extremely selfish. Depending on the extent of the love the scorpio has for you, they could very well kill the both of you. I'm deadly serious with that, scorpios emotions are intense so to do such a thing is suicide.

  • rosenti says:

    Well if you had been in an relationship with the person for a long time and truly loved them. Then i believe the betrayal could consume anyone despite their star-sign. As i said, it depends on the extent of your love for the person to whatever re-action you may have.

  • rosenti says:

    Scorpio's are also easier to insult, and they tend to take "jokes" a bit to serious. How do you think they'd take actual real betrayal? :b. I'm glad you look at love at such a romantic perspective, but it doesn't take away the fact most of the world doesn't :(. I'm born 24 october, i am a Scorpio 😉

  • Mayyag says:

    you have sex with my best friend and both of you end up in different graveyards continents apart

  • rosenti says:

    Well when Scorpios fall in love, they fall hard.
    Once the people you love betray you, then it will hurt one way or another.
    If it didn't hurt, then you didn't really love that person that betrayed you. I wouldn't say every Scorpio would kill both people for betrayal, but i will say that most people would based on how much they loved that person.
    The deeper the love, the harder the pain, the more chance you will go "click" and end em.

  • infernaladversary says:

    welcome to the club mate

  • Meghraj Basumatary says:

    haha lol 🙂
    she's funny
    scorpio here.
    hmmm, i didn't know i was like that

  • Jeanette R says:

    WTF? You people act like your intimidated by us or something.

  • Intuition says:

    @taliuxx hey i hear you loud and clear about being religious, but i'll tell you what… scorpios taking revenge is sometimes not in your control. you may find yourself hurting them even when your trying not to. i found myself hurting others un-intentionally sometimes…. it's like when someone hurts you and they act like they don't care, when you finally fall in love with someone else, the old careless person becomes hurt by your very happiness.. they know to themselves that that new friend…..

  • Intuition says:

    is going to get that sincere, intense love that they once experienced, sometimes that hurt is more painful than the very breakup experience for them…

  • Kingofeurope says:

    The only way to end a relationship is to die? Guess I'll have to get my rope now… lol

  • 12pisces says:

    so serious. lol
    Cant we all just get along? lol

  • Amber Durante says:


  • Amber Durante says:


  • Natanimation says:

    @PhoenixEclipseCurse thats so unfair though, how does one let go of an emotion forever for someone?

  • expat1250090 says:

    ROFL!! Hysterical!!

  • The Lovely Rebel says:


    "The one after that, the one after that, and the one after that."


  • Twirly says:

    @PhoenixEclipseCurse bahahh! I almost DID die just laughing at that!

  • Jasmine Renee says:

    I'm fucked xD lol

  • Eternalsky1982 says:

    damn she makes them sound crazy a shit

  • Brandon Show says:

    why would u wanna leave a scorpio we're the best!!!

  • transformation724 says:

    oh god wtf! thank goodness my ex remarried

  • transformation724 says:

    @Eternalsky1982 they are…mine sure was

  • essex julia says:

    this is so true. from personal experience. i was with a scorpio man for 6 weeks and dumped him. two months later, he is STILL stalking me. i wish i had watched this before i ended it with him.

  • fragabellissima says:

    @glitch167 LOL – sure advice… for all astrological signs…

  • fragabellissima says:

    @muzapstar and, as we learned from this video, she ALWAYS will be… :-))

  • tintinjokes says:

    This is why could never let go of my crushes…!

  • hundiema says:

    😀 Ahahaha, so true. Although I'm way too proud to stalk someone or to keep annoying them. I smile and walk away as it was the easiest thing ever and then try for ages to let go in my head too. 😀
    And yes, if you want to end a relationship with a Scorpio, lie to her, cheat and be stupid all around. 😀 Even better – be mean to someone weaker than yourself. That should do the trick.

  • Paola Jimenez says:

    is to die lmaooo *

  • carapisdearest says:

    I am a scorpio and if my boyfriend slept with someone else, I would obliterate him one molecule at a time.

    zero tolerance policy.

    fer sure

  • Ben noneofyourbeeswax says:

    @LovePurrrpleLilac lol predictable? hardly? I guess that's why its the sign of mystery huh? dumb ass

  • terrbbgurl323 says:

    @Poizon67 good 4 u

  • sweet kitty says:

    lol….2 sides to a coin..funny…you get cursed and become a scorpio in your next life…ahahhaa lol

  • Tay Lette says:

    Ah… Yeah, you mess with a Scorpio they mess with you back O.O I learned that the hard way.. even if it's the Scorpio who broke it off…

    -Scorpios Ex

  • Brandon Souza says:

    I'm a Scorpio, and I do not approve this message.

  • magicktrance says:

    She's right.
    Lol, no lie.

  • Loveyouxs2524 says:

    sooooooooooo trueeeeeeeeeee

  • theFlowerPrince343 says:

    o hey im nov 9th too

  • theFlowerPrince343 says:

    and i can let go of a girl fair enough wen i either know its the right thing to do or arent going to try to get her back and squander mypride

  • Joanne Gallant-chilton says:

    @KenSchoen11408 my thoughts are all astrological signs have light and darkness, it appears this woman sees only the darkness in Scorpios.

  • AzaliahNocta says:

    @NamChampskee Very true. I've noticed the men tend to be intense but the women tend to be a bit colder.

  • geishathor says:

    i am LIBRA with SCORPIO rising.. i got all qualities of both the signs.. so i roll at levels human mind has not evolved to yet 😉

  • Super Bueno NYC says:


  • I TookTheMoon says:

    HAHAHA!!!! "and this is how to end a relationship with a scorpion is to die." i laghped right at the spot!!! HAHA!! xD

  • RocketRoketto says:

    Awww my comment on my old channel is the top comment by KaunisSuicide! 🙂

  • Lucy No name says:

    Why does everything I hear and read about Scorpios make them sound like psychopaths? Never met one but I'm curious if the rumors are true…

  • James Baker says:

    I date a Scorpio and I DO approve what she's saying… I'm Pisces, and used to break up with her every f…g week… Guess what – no use, comes back 🙂

  • 2272lei says:

    @KaunisSuicide no never psycho ya'all are much to calm and introverted for that, but just cus your not loud dont mean your not dangerous! I do take it with salt and humor but from what i have learned first hand is much like she says!!

  • 3242dagirl says:

    yea my ex is a Scorpio and i had to just stop talking to him completely to end it lol SADLY

  • Lord Pinedo says:

    @BelchTycoon amen to that!

  • Usman Khan says:

    trust me i am no expert on dating or an astrologer but never try ending a relation ship by having sex with your or his/her best friend cos scorpions can get very violent i know it cos i am a scorpion ……
    as she said the Scorpio will track you down and kill you only if a Scorpio thinks you are not in love imagine when a Scorpio sees you having sex with his/her best friend.

  • Natalija Klasinc says:

    Lol, I'm a Libra and date Scorpios…. very intense… but I was gladto be with them…

  • Margo Hall says:

    She is ON POINT!!!

  • Ashley Slusher says:

    LMFAO!!! The only way to end a relationship with a scorpio is to die… that is sooo not true… well alittle!

  • Seas of Bronze says:

    Dead on. Sick fuckers. I'm a Taurus and I'd like to see a Scorp try that with me.

    Oh, how I would love to see it.

  • Seas of Bronze says:

    How mature of you.

  • Seas of Bronze says:

    And then one day, you suddenly grew up.

    Or not.

  • Seas of Bronze says:

    And then find a nice Taurus who'll be glad to spend every single minute of every single hour of every single day of every single year of the rest of his life on this earth (and whatever comes after) bending you into a pretzel.

  • Carlos Alicea says:

    I guess this is some sort of Astrology mixed with comedy? This is so not true. There is so many levels of a Scorpio, you can't really tell how to deal with them. IF YOU WANNA BREAK UP WITH A SCORPIO USE OUR OWN METHOD: BLATANT HONESTY.

  • charleybucketcdp popp says:

    I'm a Scorpio and I completely disagree with "sleeping with their best friend". Give a tip such as cheating is discussing and immoral. No one deserves to be cheated on.

  • teemakesitbetter says:

    Yeah I broke up with a scorpio I had a 2 1/2 relationship with about a year ago and he still texts me he wants me back. Lol I'm a sag.

  • Nia Kay says:

    Lololol this is soo funny hahha …best way to end it is to die.. i had a friend who was a scorpio who said he loved me and omg he stalked me sigh anyways funny video

  • Lena Baker says:

    Haha this is so correct! I am a Scorpio and the only way to break up with me is either die or hope I will decide to break up. 

  • Karen Vardanyan says:

    well be careful to not be killed after you sleep with a scorpio's best friend…
    very dangerous very very…

  • crystal beauty says:

    i am scorpio

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