Dating by Zodiac Sign : Understanding Pisces Men

Dating by Zodiac Sign : Understanding Pisces Men

Hi, i’m the Star Goddess, and here’s a key
to understanding your Pisces man. Since they are a water sign ruled by the planet Neptune,
the key to understand your Pisces man is to realize that still waters run deep. It’s very,
very hard to be a Pisces and there are fewer Pisces than any other sign in the zodiac.
Their symbol is represented by two fish with their tails tied together, swimming in opposite
directions. A Pisces have great big feelings and yet they’re represented by a creature
that has no vocal cords, so they’re always having a difficult time expressing those feelings.
So if you look over and your Pisces man is dark and brooding, rest assured there is something
going on inside his head, but you’re going to have to play twenty questions to drag out
what it is that’s really bothering him. If you understand that they have a finite amount
of energy, and once they expend it they need to go away by themselves, preferably some
place by the water, to recharge your batteries. They’ll come back out after two or three days
and be delightfully engaging, but you have to give them that space and when they go into
their cave, do not follow them in there. If you allow the Pisces man to have his feelings,
he’ll express his emotions for you, and you’ll have a very tight love bond that will last
’til one of you dies. That’s understanding a Pisces man. I’m Janet Sciales the Star Goddess,
and that’s better living through astrology.


  • Natendo says:

    same only male 🙂

  • Martin Bosiljevac says:

    true! hehehehe

  • siesiek123 says:

    Gah…I'm a scorpio and I really like this one pisces…but I have absolutely no clue of how he feels about me…-_-
    But then again, being a scorpio, I'd probably make it equally difficult for others to know whether or not I like them.
    That could explain why the people who I think used to like me absolutely hate me now…XD

  • janel1386 says:

    isnt it soo weird how cancers n pisces get along.. im a cancer n my closet ppl are pisces.. i didnt notice that until years later.. my bf is a pisces.. as soon as i talk or met them theres always this unexplainable connection.. and thats before i even know their pisces..

  • n00dles__ says:

    im a pices guy and i always need some time alone. it annoys me when my friends accuse me of things im not. but i still got ppl i wanna hang with.

    right now i dont even know why im attracted to this one cancer girl i dont even know that well. but now now i think i know why.

  • elegate87 says:

    not true pisces are very futuristic people, just be happy with who you are do what you want to do live your life they way you want it to be lived

  • Victoria Morrisa says:

    I'm a female Pisces and this describes me perfectly.

  • Entranced.Occult.Matrix says:

    I am a pisces female and strength is immeasurable. Get knock down and bounce right back up. No one has the keys to our hearts. Talk about independent! Well that's us. Have also been called cold and ruthless. Can be your greatest friend, but f with us and you're as good as dead. We are also dreamers and have the uncanny ability to see thru all the B.S. And yes, we do need to retreat from all the crap every now and then. We can be alone in a crowd. And yes water is our best friend.

  • SomeHowSomeOne says:

    scorpios are good at dragging out feelings and truth.

  • Cesar Renetria says:

    well it also depends what year u were born as a pisces iwas 1986 but 1985 pisces are very different but similiar to me

  • Drop Seoi Nage Productions says:

    Really accurate about PIsces being really engaging after you let them retreat and recharge for awhile.

    For the record, as far as the weak-willed thing goes, I'm a Pisces and I'm training to be a cage-fighter, so whatever lol

  • Matthew Ryles says:

    im really surprised how accurate some of the statments are, this has actually as cleeshay as it sounds, helped me understand why i do things….

  • Death Personified says:

    i know alot of pisces its weird that she said there are not alot
    we're the greatest sign ever XD!!!!!

  • Death Personified says:

    yeah, i've started meditating and it helps you see whats really in front of u and it also really boost your power of intuition

  • medicama01 says:

    You have the exact same birthday as my Dad! He was nothing at like like how you describe yourself though, in fact he was quite the opposite… weird huh?

  • Legion Ivory says:

    Wow, I am exactly that way.

    Whenever I get too emotional, I need my space. If I get too happy, I need my space.

    So true,

  • Edward Elrick says:

    So Pisces are lazy? aha so that explains why I'm lazy 🙂

  • Legion Ivory says:

    Of course, but for the most part, astrology is generally accurate.

    I don't understand how, but not everything can be explained.

    I just wanted to know if this lady knew what she was talking about, and she does.

  • Sung Kwang Fat says:

    I always mad because my Pisces Boyfriend needs some times just to be alone (just to watch star near a river), wandering himself for some hours. I would only watches from a far.

    Your words just slapped me, now i know why he does that all the time. Thx.

    It was a bit difficult for me to understand cause I am an Aquarian who love a companion. that's why I always confronted him of "How can u love me if u don't want me to accompany u"
    It's opened my mind.

  • Kev42 says:

    I am a Pisces and I agree with some of this. However, I think I differ from the majority of Pisceans as I am really quite strong. I am more self reliant too. I believe that the main weakness of Pisces is low self-esteem. All their other problems seem to ebb from this. This is why I dont see myself as typically Piscean.

  • andt1994 says:

    Picses ftw

  • Gaming Droid says:

    You're so right, that's me too 🙂 lol

  • Martin Bosiljevac says:

    @SomeHowSomeOne thats way i luv my scorpio!! they are the best!!

  • SomeHowSomeOne says:

    @nbosilj8; can't argue that 😉

  • lambent123 says:

    hillarious…I would say stay away from them or when they decide to swim with you (interact), pretend u follow them but jump out of the water..let them drift in the wavy waters..ocean is large and keep them wandering, that's what they prefer. I warn you, pisces' man love is intoxicating, once u touch them, u will not get back to yourself easily so be prepared to deal with their emotional vulverability. Pisces men generally are emotionally wrecked or instable… :))

  • Sanguis Dominus says:

    Haha, what bull.

    Seriously, there's only a few places where I've read as much superstitious nonsense. The Koran and the Bible, for example.

    What does huge burning balls of hydrogen and helium, that essentially act as nuclear fusion reactors, thousands of light years away, have to do with anyone's personality? Or their compatibility with another person?

    If you believe this nonsense, you're no better than Christians, or Muslims, or Jews. It's just faith – belief in the absurd without evidence.

  • PoxHaunted says:

    i think pisces has the fewest number of people…that's why they rulez…. xD

  • barkingtree88 says:

    Sounds a lot like Cancer.

  • n-b-s-p says:

    pisces men are the sweetest things…most complex, but that makes it fun

    cancerian female here

  • 2112dim says:

    I don't think there's somenone that can fully understand Pisces (along with Aquarious)

  • Angel Deville says:

    Pisces: Creative and swimming in circles? LOL!

  • The Forms says:

    What a total fraud, im sorry but little of this is correct

  • Sanjeev Sharma says:

    you are absolutely right cos im a Pisces man

  • Oceanmachine27 says:

    @Vehementi Your views are shocking! Shocking, I tell you!

  • Corey Brewer says:

    yea this is me but its hard for me to get girls cause im like everything she says in the video shy and very sensetive 🙁

  • sahbaamjadi says:

    haha…this is so true!

  • fruit of victory says:

    @SomeHowSomeOne Scorpio and Pisces don't mix, its good to learn from each other but it wont be a happy relationship, full of stress and misunderstandings and getting FRRUSTRATED!!

  • Mrwilswift says:

    @zakkwylde89 you could be both

  • Lana B. says:

    This is weird cuz I was born Mar 11, and I think I have 50% pisces trait which is sensitive and dreaming about all kinds of stuff, and maybe 30% of Aries cuz I always talk loudly about myself, hate boring and tasteless life, have no consideration for ppl feelings most of the times. How could this be true?

  • Pete says:

    @FreedomBeFree god i love being a pisces hehe 😀

  • jsrf says:

    I think I know by what she means.
    Usually I'm cool and happy and sometimes wild on Monday during school, but after that day, probably around Thursday or Friday I feel happy again. But I most definetly feel my mood change and when it doesn I become somewhat mad at everybody or annoyed and I just need to like sit down and chill for a while.

  • Volcomboi15 says:

    @LoveSpiceWhatever101 This is so true. I'm in love with a Virgo woman haha.

  • Secret Treasure Path says:

    I'm a Pisces man, and everything she said is true. I live by emotion, have trouble expressing how I feel, need space to be alone for a while, love to be near water, and have gills, fins and scales. 🙂 Fortunately, we're mutable water signs, so we can adapt and compromise pretty well. (Just don't stamp all over us; fish don't like that.)

  • DC Native says:

    All of yawl need Jesus!

  • ednan9 says:

    @whitemocha89 was jesus pisces?

  • ednan9 says:

    i am pisces…i demonstrate that personality

  • donzaliko says:

    @ednan9 he was capricorn

  • Righteous Anger says:

    @LoveSpiceWhatever101 What the hell is that? It's like you guys are speaking a different language? It's was interesting when she said Pisces has the fewest people, but isn't all of this just bullshi-how come she just described me? WTF is going on?

  • GERMANLOVER7000 says:

    pisces is teh best sign of the zodiac…saturday the 5 march 2011…will be my i wish myself…money.trips and lots of sex.

  • pokeshmon says:

    @terransage Water really recharges me like nothing else.
    Not sleep nor meditation for 5 hours compares to a 30 minute shower.

  • Secret Treasure Path says:

    @chauncy424 As a Pisces guy, I suggest that you be honest with him, but do it in a gentle way, saying something like, "Just like you need space, I also need space from time to time. It's the healthiest thing we can do for the relationship." If he can't adapt to that (Pisces are supposed to be adaptable, just like Gemini, another mutable sign), then he hasn't matured enough for a relationship with you. Pisces just need to know that they're loved, whether you're physically there or not.

  • Secret Treasure Path says:

    @pokeshmon Yeah, I hear you. I live in a desert, but had a friend with a swimming pool who no longer lives here. Every time I'd go to his apartment, I'd end up floating on my back in the pool, staring at the stars. Best meditation in the world!

  • thisisyaya says:

    They can be confusing to some people. I think that they confuse themselves more. They're indecisive.They like to stay somewhat in the middle of a decision without having to choose one specific thing.They are intuitive and they become disappointed when they find out that their love interest is not the women that they fantasize about. They do need time alone. I am dating one. He disappears and comes back like nothing ever happened. They can be flighty as well and unreliable too.

  • Secret Treasure Path says:

    @OdeToNecrophilia ouch

  • Mcloy Cocken says:

    @LoveSpiceWhatever101 So fucking truee!!!

  • Kang5030 says:

    I have a great deal of respect for developed Pisces men. This is the sign of George Washington, folks. Don't let the squishy fishiness fool you. Those two minnows could just as easily be two sharks.

    Broseidon ain't god of the Brocean for nothing.

  • MrVeesworld says:

    @thisisyaya I am dating one. "He disappears and comes back like nothing ever happened." OH MY GOD!!! I am totally laughing in tears because that is me. I do it all the time and people are like.."Where the hell have you been?" MY only answer to them is "What's up guys"" Can somebody pass me the butter please…ha ha ha
    Go team Pisces!

  • thisisyaya says:

    @MrVeesworld No, okay? No team pisces, LoL. It's cool though.

  • MrVeesworld says:

    @thisisyaya Ah please give us a chance, we aren't so bad as Scorpio's who WILL stab you in the back eventually.

  • JML510 says:

    I feel like an idiot listening to this lady. This is bullshit…

  • MrVeesworld says:

    @thisisyaya I share this with you: we as you know, dream ALOT!! Sometimes we feel like, when things get too heavy (deep) and we are being relied on by our mates, the pressure of being held to task is a bit much for us, we kinda just get aloof and distant (for a short while) as a by product of this. We change up our moods in a moments notice and drift away someplace else.. BUT WE ALWAYS SURFACE AGAIN!!

  • thisisyaya says:

    @thisisyaya has that distant look in his eyes for a second, that means that he isn't thinking of me. That bugs me. Of course he won't admit to it but trust me, I am a good reader of body language and gestures within the face.

  • thisisyaya says:

    @MrVeesworld I know.I try not to blame the pisces man because I understand, but at the same time I do. He knows what he is doing. He knows how he makes his woman feels and yet he cannot control this side of him. To tell you the truth, I'd prefer for him to get deep with himself because there is nothing worse then having to watch him feel that he HAS to be on for me when I know that he doesn't want to. It isn't sincere. I know that when I make love to a pisces, that if he….

  • bleh ber says:

    Chuck Norris is a Pisces

  • lordblazer says:

    well western culture makes compassion and having a heart into being synonymous with weak. Though in a lot of non-western cultures those two virtues is key to being considered a man. With that comes passion, and with that comes a burning soul of desire. Sooooooooooooo yeaaaa. Western culture tries very very hard to be as anti-human as possible.

  • lordblazer says:

    a distant look in someone's eyes can mean a number of things, being insecure is what you are.

  • GorillaJedi says:

    @divineforever what sign r u?

  • thisisyaya says:

    @lordblazer It kind of scares him when I can read what his gestures mean, he has told me. If the distant look isn't about me then he'll look at me shocked and tell me what it is that he is thinking of. It is a good thing that you know me to call me insecure. Smart move Lord Blazer, LoL. Nice name.

  • lordblazer says:

    is that a stoner reference. I am sorry but my username is a reference to a video game so its more of an otaku thing. buttttt yeaaaaaaaaa most americans are too dumb to learn about new things anyway

  • jerry peeples says:

    strong in my heart and good by my intentent my only problem is the evil humans formit stuck in a struggle of world wide dismay i only search for the happiness of today inspired and desired knowledge is a substance that should be devoured processed through and cut from the rhine whats sour

  • Jay says:

    @constance380 Taurus?

  • Dav123xyz says:

    The lady is absolutely spot on right with me. I need a LOOOOT of solitude.

  • NeighborhoodCatLady says:

    @chanell544 You know I think it's funny how Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and Pisces is the last. Aries body part is all the way at the top with the head and Pisces is all the way down at the feet.

  • pickmeup95 says:

    im a male pisces (march 11) and ill totally vouch for her.

  • jean berthelot says:

    lol what if that man has 3 kids 2 different baby mommas and still lives at home with his "ex-girl" lmao i think that he is a looser but my homegirl thanks otherwise oh he also has no job!!

  • Info Tech says:

    This is very true for Pisces women too, we need a lot of personal private space and time, just spend alone, and plus, we seldom feeling along actually. Just feeling strange, why all other signs in their adult time, must singing–alone, or, no more lonely night? haha. We just want them.:) Because we do not like any unmatched silly partner at all, prefer quality single time a lot. 🙂 This is smart, isn't it?? Until they find us and we all willingly want get together-this is our , or mine strategy.

  • Info Tech says:

    If I do not get that feeling, I will let them all disppear from my presence, and totally been muted. And I agree with price Andrew and Sharon Stone all keep perfect single lives for just our own happiness. 🙂 Never ever been temped by some showing pretty faces, and give up to their persuade to remarry again. 🙂 And I look down their dull shows and their disabled means particular. haha. 🙂 How dare. :)And fool is this show to us, who are the most powerful ones in earth planet to kill and create.

  • Info Tech says:

    In exactly the same time. 🙂

  • Info Tech says:

    Well, even we all looks mild and gentle though. 🙂

  • GERMANLOVER7000 says:

    today is the official start day of the best sign of the zodiac;;;;PISCES…so to all of us….HAPPY MONTH….PEACE.LOVE.SUCCESS.TRIPS AND MONEY.

  • NeuralDagger says:

    she is utterly ridiculous, i am a "Pisces" and had never had much focus on astrology.
    but am deeply into other areas of esoteric study. But a friend told me and challenged me, that i would find a link to my "sign"/"my world" , and they were right. ive watched hundreds of videos from, from countless "astrology folks", and they all have pretty much "told my story", but not this chick, She could not be more "off base" A TOTAL FAIL! (and i know she gets paid gigs)
    she is just making stuff up.

  • NeuralDagger says:

    i just got to leave it, just listened again, and she could not be more off base on every point, "energy" "communicative skills". and that not only, does not reflect myself or at least 10 other "pisces" i know, it does not even remotely reflect, the views on this "pisces phenom" from anyone else, who professes study in this field, who's assessment strangely makes sense, your does not, (not even close) your just making it up as you go along, what a total fraud you are Janet Sciales!

  • Bykrechik says:

    im a sag female…and i have a HUGE crush on a pisces guy….probably wont ever work out..should just let it die huh…but then again…im a sag…

  • createdncali says:

    oh my gosh this is so true!

  • ErikJVideos says:

    such a load of shit this is ssoooooo not me

  • EVILFODOG7 says:

    yea she on point with that

  • rayjones31692 says:

    what if i date my own zodiac pisces sign??

  • Collin Glover says:

    I'm a pisces and scorpios are annoying at times, it feels like they only like me because I stroke their ego.

  • Jason Ibanez says:

    hear, hear

  • thelongerhours says:

    It will be boring like 2 sleeping pills.

  • thelongerhours says:

    She's right about leaving them alone when moody. And they DO get moody like no other. Brooding. Then no thing can reach them and they like to play victim, blaming everyone else for what's wrong. So many good traits, too, though.

  • skrudrvr says:

    That explains a helluva lot

  • Ventura says:

    I'm March 1st

  • Cheryl Perry says:

    The problem with Pisces is that they are supposed to be all sensative and emotional YET they can't express their emothions to others 90% of the time in a relationship.  They expect their partner to be a psychic or mind reader.  They can talk to anyone else…friends, family, associates about anything…they like to be the life of the party, the braggart, the show off…they are the ones that are the storyteller in the circle of people.  BUT, when it comes to those with whom they are in a relationship with, you have to guess what the fuck is going on in their heads…they can't speak about it and if you force them to do it, they can't take it…they just disappear, walk out  then show back up as if nothing happened at all….that shit is draining….they're emotional vampires…

  • George Demos says:

    Im a pisces and she just handed you the holy grail. Take note women!

  • Erich Pizer says:

    Remember people Pisces is a mix of all 12 signs of zodiac so o guess we can vary wildly despite the common Pisces traits. Cool video . Absolutely true and useful to those I relationships .

  • manoj pushpakumara says:

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    about? I hear most people get a positive response from their man with
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  • baby doll says:

    I'm a girl but March 15th

  • UKVATO says:

    I think astrology is load of shit. It isn’t true at all. Only God knows your future.

  • Mara Althea Dimaculangan says:

    Pisces men is the worst in relationships . they always cheats and unstable, confuse always

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