Debunking Each Of The 12 Zodiac Signs

[Applause] [Music] debunking each of the 12 zodiac signs horoscopes are fun to read because they generally are just vague enough to apply to most all of us but they also serve as motivation to push through the day before we begin this video don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more daily tips like this and turn on notifications so you never miss our new videos zodiac signs much like myers-briggs personality types shouldn’t really be taken all that seriously but they’re really fun to indulge in no harm comes from looking at your horoscope and learning more about your sign plus it can be fun to meet people who have your same sign and see how similar or different you are from each other the indulging into astrology will inevitably lead to some assumptions about each sign generally horoscopes are vague and general enough so that it applies to almost everyone sometimes our signs can fall into certain categories and personality types that just don’t rain true like all Leo’s are loud rambunctious and vain nah I don’t think so and yet that’s the face my sign wears and as it turns out it’s not just me all signs are privy to this type of judgment so we’re going to debunk some of these zodiac myths that some signs are more prone to do you know why exactly we shouldn’t necessarily believe everything we read about our zodiac signs well tune in until the very end to find out now here are some facts of each of the 12 zodiac signs that are just not true number 12 Aquarius there’s a myth that Aquarius signs are cold-hearted but in reality they just need and like to have a lot of time to themselves just because they suck at vocalizing their emotions doesn’t mean they don’t have any this doesn’t mean that some aquarius’s can’t be cold-hearted but it’s not fair to label them all as one thing number 11 Pisces the myth states that Pisces are too unrealistic Pisces aren’t necessarily unrealistic they just want to be happy they’ll always do what they have to do but they’d prefer to be doing something they want to do plus you can’t blame someone for being optimistic recognize any of these traits yet well keep watching for more and make sure you stick around until the very end to find out why we shouldn’t always believe what we read about our zodiac signs number 10 Aries some people say that Aries love to cause drama but this sign actually isn’t all that dramatic if you show them respect they’ll show you respect also and drama varies from one person to another others might consider a small spat between friends a dorama whereas others designate large brawls as a dorama Aries are said to be REM bumptious and need to tone it down they require more sleep and need soft music and low lights to help them sleep having someone who is affectionate towards them will help in their well-being this sounds pretty much applicable to all people not just Aries number nine Taurus as the myth states Tauruses are lazy but they are very hard workers they appreciate everything they have in their lives and they know they deserve to live their life how they want kind of contradictory but it is also general enough to cover almost all people tourists are said to be a little distant and being closer to their group of friends will only help them become more connected this may be true of some Tauruses but to say that all Tauruses are distant or mean is simply untrue an embracing friendship is something that is applicable to all people and not just Tauruses number eight Jim and I Gemini’s allegedly suffer from mood swings but while they can be a bit indecisive this doesn’t mean that they have mood swings they’re friendly and constantly evolving so it’s a little harder for them to make decisions and aren’t we all prone to being a little erratic at times Gemini’s are said to be / thinkers who complicate things by dwelling on them too much they are also notorious for keeping to themselves while this may be true of some Gemini’s others are outgoing and sociable who love to hang out with friends number 7 cancer people say that cancers are unable to stand up for themselves cancers are known for their sensitivity but by no means does that mean that they can’t stand up for themselves they’ll do it when the time is right and who can blame them sometimes people are just shy cancers are known for being emotional and being extremely lovey-dovey while some cancers can be vocal about their emotions and happily showcased bouts of PDA others are more introverted and like to keep to themselves some cancers are shy and don’t like to publicly display their love to their partners number 6 Leo Leos get a bad reputation for being selfish and uninterested in anyone but themselves but Leo’s are actually extremely loyal and have a tendency to put their friends ahead of themselves it is unfair to paint all Leo’s with the same broad brush Leo’s are said to be romantic affectionate but some Leo’s are independent and keep to themselves although it might be true that some Leo’s can be romantic it is unfair and untrue to say that all those born between July 23rd and August 22nd are the same number five Virgo virgos are known for being just mean the thing is virgos just don’t play around with the truth and will more than likely give you brutal honesty but once you crack open their shell they can be quite nice and warm it is probably much better to have a friend who is brutally honest than to have a yes-man or yes woman in your life virgos who are born between August 23rd and September 22nd are said to be very capable of keeping secrets while some virgos may be great people to confide in others may not be able to hide your secrets so well some people are simply better at keeping secrets while others are just loud mouths number 4 Libra libras are often accused of being two-faced but they’re a bit more guarded than any other sign they don’t just come out and tell you things about themselves but they’ll always play nice this makes it seem like they’re acting fake but they’re not they’re just feeling you out libras are said to live a very high octane life they love to be on the go and are constantly moving and doing something while some libras do exhibit these characteristics other libras simply like to sit back in the shade and enjoy a soft drink or two number three Scorpio Scorpios are often seen as evil go-getters who only care about physical intimacy turns out that Scorpios are deep thinkers you just have a tendency to yearn for much more than they currently have they are ambitious and yes they like physical intimacy but that’s definitely not all they care about Scorpios are said to be brave and courageous and will happily defend those who are less able while some may be willing to throw themselves in front of danger for others other Scorpios are not so willing to sacrifice themselves number two Sagittarius Sagittarius is apparently cannot settle down and don’t know how to be in one place life is all about balance to the Sagittarius they want to have fun but they also want to have a place to call home this is applicable to most people we all want to travel abroad but we all feel homesick when we leave for too long sagittarius a–‘s are said to be very open and are confident in themselves and their abilities they like to express their opinions and concerns and don’t really care how others feel about them while some Sagittarius says are very confident others are much more timid number one Capricorn some people think capricorns are boring and this could not be worse of a stereotype considering how absolutely wrong it is Capricorn’s are creative and hard workers who like to play just as hard if not more life is a delicate act between working hard and playing hard now that we’ve debunked each of the 12 zodiac signs here’s why we shouldn’t always believe what we read about our signs slim chances beyond just the 12 specific zodiac signs what are the chances that 1/12 of the whole world will have the same day and also the same personality just because someone is born in the same range of dates as someone else does not dictate that they will be the same person we can share the same thing while being drastically different from each other moreover wouldn’t zodiac signs dictate that all twins would be the exact same people with the same personalities and experience the same days and wouldn’t that then mean that all people born in certain months can be placed in one of 12 separate but distinct boxes free will if astrology were to be true and accurate wouldn’t it defeat any concept of free will since the astrological signs will dictate how your life will go for instance if all cancers are indecisive and shy and will do specific things in life then that will mean that all of our lives are predetermined psychic or not so psychic if astrology were to be true wouldn’t those who are experts at astrological readings be innately wealthy if they can tell what is going to happen in the future and how people will react then they will almost certainly be exceedingly wealthy if they can predict what will happen and who will do what then there will be no limit to their powers so what do you think do you find that personality traits that belong to your sign describe you let us know why or why not in the comments section below enjoyed this video hit the like button and subscribe to our channel for more videos like this and thanks for watching [Music] [Music]

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