Destiny 2: Datto’s Title Tier List

Destiny 2: Datto’s Title Tier List

Well, with the most recent raid challenge,
I finally was able to get all of the current titles in the game, all 13 of them. Obviously Season of Dawn and future seasons
will have their own titles, but if they’re anything like what the Undying title was like,
it will probably not be too terrible to get outside of ritual weapons, assuming all seasons
have ritual weapons. So, I thought for fun, I would rank the titles
in a various amount of ways, easiest to hardest, least to most time consuming, because why
the hell not, you know? First off, I wanna just run down the rarity
of titles in the game and I don’t think any of this info is going to surprise people. We’re gonna be using data from
and, both of which are great websites. The issue with this is that the websites can
only give data of people who are actually registered on the websites itself. People who sign up on websites like these
are likely to be more engaged with the game, thus more likely to go hunting for titles. For the most part, the sites line up mostly
the same, braytech has lower overall percentages probably because of population related reasons,
although there is 1 major discrepancy and that’s with MMXIX due to what I believe is
a bug in reporting the completion of a triumph within MMXIX. Either way, the rarest title in the game is… Enlightened, the Garden of Salvation title. This is very likely due to the fact that it
just became available to get a couple of weeks ago. I suspect Unbroken will be the rarest title
in the game very soon though, after more people get Harbinger and Enlightened since they’re
more accessible. Of the older titles, the ones that launched
with Forsaken, Dredgen is the most common by a small margin over Wayfarer, followed
by MMXIX and Cursebreaker. Chronicler follows up all of those and I’d
say that reaches the end of ones that I would consider easy to get. Rivensbane is next up, followed by Blacksmith,
Shadow and the newest available Undying. Getting to even lower percentages, we have
Reckoner, Unbroken, Harbinger and finally, Enlightened. I get questions all the time about what the
easiest title to get is and I never really know how to answer it because easy could mean
multiple things. Is easy the least time consuming? Or is easy purely the difficulty of each individual
objective? Is something that is easy to do, but time
consuming difficult? Chronicler is an example of something that
I don’t think is really hard to do, but takes a LONG time to do because of the Truth to
Power lore book. In terms of speed, Dredgen is probably the
fastest/easiest, but in terms of pure ease, it’s probably Wayfarer. Now, I had a long discussion with a bunch
of you in a livestream recently about making a tier-list of titles from hardest to easiest
based on a bunch of criteria and assumptions. Those are the following:
1. The difficulty of a title is solely based
on the difficulty of each individual triumph required. Activities are done without any sort of cheesing
or exploiting. 2. Time investment is not difficulty. Double/Triple Valor is not included, along
with non-permanent modes that may speed up triumphs. 3. Each individual triumph is ranked on a difficulty
scale, with lost sectors and patrol being at the lowest, while Legend rank is at the
top. It is assumed that you are at a reasonable
power level to complete activities required. 4. Difficulty of a title is judged during the
first 3-6 months it was available. 5. The following was NOT part of the evaluation
of difficulty: RNG elements, like ghosts, ships, sparrows, the ability to find a group
or the time needed to play the game. 6. The skill level of the player is the average
skill of a player who would actually be interested in getting a title. We went back and forth on rules, should certain
things count towards difficulty, extra rules, but we ultimately went with this. Here’s what we came up with. In the S++ tier, it’s Unbroken, by far. 5500 in competitive 1 time is an impossible
task for most people in general, 3 times is just brutal. I don’t think much more needs to be said on
this. In the S+ tier, we have Rivensbane and Shadow. Rivensbane is up here mainly because of the
flawless raid. In our difficulty ranking system, a flawless
raid is second to 5500 and therefore anything that requires a flawless raid is going to
rank the highest. Last Wish has the hardest flawless raid out
of all of the raids and therefore, goes at the top. Not to mention the inherent difficulty of
raid challenges as well. Shadow has the second hardest flawless raid
in my opinion, but also had additional flawless requirements in the Heroic Menagerie, which
at the time, were pretty challenging. If you’re getting Shadow nowadays, I think
this would drop down a tier. In the S tier, we have Enlightened. Garden of Salvation has the 3rd hardest flawless
according to consensus, along with more challenging final boss raid challenges than previous raids. In the A tier, we have Reckoner, Harbinger
and Blacksmith. The fact that we have Reckoner in the A tier,
despite each individual triumph not being really that difficult is a testament to how
brutal of an experience getting Reckoner is. Playing Gambit Prime itself is not inherently
difficult and with something like Blacksmith being in this category requiring a flawless
raid, it’s tough to imagine why Reckoner is in this tier. I think if you wanted to push Reckoner down
the list, you could do that. If Gambit Prime was a more enjoyable experience,
then it definitely is pushed down, but Reckoner was anything but pleasant to grind for. Triumphant Invader will be a hold up for average
players. Killing people with guns isn’t difficult,
but in the context of Gambit Prime, it gets harder. Harbinger is up here because of the flawless
Master Nightmare requirement, the flawless dungeon and solo dungeon requirements, along
with the Master time trials, which rank in between a raid completion with challenge and
a raid completion on the difficulty scale we came up with. Not quite raid level, but not a pushover either. Blacksmith I could see being in the S tier
with Enlightened, but I think it was dropped lower because it is the easiest flawless raid
to do, although you could argue the sparrow part is tough for a lot of people. Moving down the list, in the B tier, we have
MMXIX. MMXIX has raid completions as requirements,
along with 1 pinnacle weapon from each of the 3 activities. Raid completions rank towards the middle end
on the difficulty scale, but it’s still harder than most other activities in the game. In the C tier, we have Undying and by extension
probably most seasonal titles if they’re similar and Cursebreaker. If we had a tier in between B and C, I would
put Undying above Cursebreaker due to the time limit on Undying. Undying’s main difficulty came in the form
of needing a Master Nightfall completion and needing 3 ritual weapons in 2.5 months. Getting those rituals done quickly can be
taxing for some. Vex Offensive ranks low on the difficulty
scale, although a flawless run is required. Cursebreaker on the other hand was mainly
a lot of waiting around. At the time, getting Ascendant Challenge time
trials done could’ve been considered a little hard, but otherwise was a timegated experience. You did need to hop into the raid a little
bit for eggs, which gives an argument for it being higher up. In the D tier, we have Chronicler and Dredgen. Chronicler takes a VERY long time to do from
scratch because of the Truth to Power book. But otherwise, mostly consists of collecting
lore pieces. That being said, you did need Wish Ender and
did need to step into the raid to collect some lore pieces, so if you wanted to bump
this up a little bit, that would be fine. Dredgen’s main difficulty was simply a time
commitment, you need a bunch of resets as part of the collections. In fact, the rarest triumph in Dredgen is
simply playing a game of Gambit with all Gambit weapons. And at the bottom, we have Wayfarer, where
the hardest individual activity you need to do is a heroic adventure and maybe the act
of getting Sleeper Simulant. Wayfarer takes quite a time commitment, but
the individual difficulty of each achievement and each thing required for it, is pretty
easy. That was the group consensus based on the
rules. I have my own anecdotal list which I’d like
to share, solely based on my personal experience getting titles, with none of the rules being
applied here besides hardest to easiest. RNG applies, time commitment applies, grind
applies. My list is pretty close, with some tweaks. We still have stuff like Dredgen, Wayfarer,
Chronicler, Cursebreaker, towards the bottom. But the one title that makes a big change
is Reckoner. Reckoner is definitely the worst title that
I have ever grinded out purely because of playing Gambit Prime and having to play so
many games of Gambit Prime. I was playing with a full team that was also
grinding for Reckoner, so we were all playing as efficiently as possible. I can’t imagine doing Reckoner by myself and
if you did that, then you have more mental fortitude than I can imagine. Reckoner isn’t hard to get, but the mental
fortitude required to bash your head against that many Gambit Prime matches is just insane,
not to mention all of the armor requirements too and playing Reckoning. You need around 120-150 games and that’s if
you’re playing almost as optimally as possible, with a group. Never again. Unbroken on the other hand for me wasn’t as
brutal because while I’m not the worst PvP player in the world, I know a fair amount
of people who are very good. I got to 4900 solo in Season 8 and I would
like to try for a solo 5500 run one of these days. And while comp is soul draining, it wasn’t
as soul draining as Reckoner was. The most enjoyable and, if it weren’t for
timegates or the RNG raid drops, some of the fastest titles to get would be Rivensbane
and Enlightened. I like these titles because they don’t make
you grind monotonously. They give you a list of challenges and objectives
and say “go do that,” and once you do it, you’re done. No grinding 60 lost sectors, no 500 Le Monarch
kills in a forge, nope, do a bunch of 1-off challenges and you’re done. BUT, the RNG factor with regards to needing
to get some of these cosmetic items is terrible and these RNG items need either a clearer
path or just remove them as a requirement. I would say Harbinger is somewhat in this
category as well, Cursebreaker is too, there is nothing overly grindy in either of those
titles besides RNG items. Shadow only had the 200 runes that was grindy,
but even that was circumvented by most people. My only wish is that they weren’t timegated,
but I understand why the timegates exist, so not a lot we can do about that. Missing a single challenge or weekly rotating
objective can mean being 1 thing away from a title and all you can do is wait a full
month for it to come back. I put Enlightened far down the difficulty
scale because, again, this is my personal experience scale and it was definitely the
easiest of the raid titles due to lack of grinding needed, compared to Blacksmith and
Shadow. Otherwise, my list is pretty close to the
same as the community list in terms of the difficulties and what not. Raid based or challenge based titles are the
best and the more grindy the title is, the less fun it is. Certain kinds of grinds are fun, but 50 high
value targets for Reckoner? 500 Izanagi kills in a forge? Praying for RNG to give you a ghost shell
you’ll never use? Not that fun. Speaking of fun, I also asked my community
to rank the titles solely on how cool they were. That was the only criteria, of the 13 titles,
the coolest word you’d like to have by your name. You could pick 2 of them. And here are the results:
In first place, Shadow, with 22% of the vote. That is followed by Unbroken, with 16%. Harbinger is in third with 10% of the vote
and then we fall into single digits. Rivensbane got 9% of the vote, Undying and
Blacksmith both with 8%, Enlightened with 7%, Reckoner and Cursebreaker with 5%, Chronicler
with 4%, Dredgen with 3% and with a grand total of 8 and 7 votes respectively, Wayfarer
and MMXIX at the bottom with 1%. My title of choice is typically a newer title,
it’s been Enlightened for a bit, but most of the time, I wear Reckoner so that people
know that I’ve seen some things. Things that people should never see. That’s how I feel about titles. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time.


  • SaffronColt says:

    To finish reckoner, I spent 12 straight hours of just gambit prime. Worst experience in gaming I’ve ever had lmao.

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  • The Truest Man says:

    I got, real real bored and did Reckoner solo. I will never be the same.

  • KidSixXx says:

    I thought I would be okay never getting Chronicler and then I got a miracle Mote Thief triumph unlock in Gambit to finish Drifter's lorebook and then I was like, "Well, shit. I guess I gotta go bone and egg hunting now."

  • Afro says:

    I think that Iron Banner should have a seal, idk why it doesnt. There is only 1 PVP related seal and 13 PVE ones

  • Oohzii says:

    I’m 6/10 for unbroken but i hate comp right now. Should i go for it?

  • Cakophony says:

    Unbroken for me next season😏

  • Andrew Gallagher says:

    This might be his most elitist video

  • Ethan Turett says:

    Solo Reckoner here…

  • Christopher Robinson says:

    I just don't like titles in destiny 2 because of needing too much speciality in the activities tied to them.

  • A Jade Rabbit says:

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    Kinda feel insulted now

  • Decker22 says:

    Wayfarer Gang moon2S 🙂

    I voted for Wayfarer Pog

  • jedimasterpickle3 says:

    I just got my first title: Dredgen. I don't have the time or energy to grind out multiple resets in a single season…so I didn't. I did 1 reset per season. I think my first was in Season of the Drifter? But I noticed during Opulence that I was only a few triumphs away from the seal, so I got help for Half-Banked, prayed for the ship, had a nice game for Dark Age Armory, and only played Gambit during Undying with infamy boosts.

  • Christopher Grinstead says:

    you always sound pissy about destiny. your tone is "this is bullshit, this game is lame, most things are bullshit in the game" but your the leader to alot of the commuinty. its disheartening

  • DominusClypeus says:

    Wayfarer took me a year an a half

  • Dominus Ghaul says:

    Rivensbane has been out for more than a year and it’s still one of the rarest?!

  • Patrick Auyeung says:

    Believe it or not, I SOLO my Reckoner title. Just because I find nobody like to play Gambit. But I am OK with Prime. I actually quite like it beside PvP. I can’t solo comp to Legend though.

  • Krebsl0rd says:

    The hardest grind by far was wayfarer for me, cause I did it before they buffed the dropchance of the blueprint things on mars. I think I had to open about 500 notes before I got the final weapon (so around 2000 runs of the lost sector)

  • Crowald says:

    This is what I refer to as "Pre-season Boredom while I wait for new content to make videos on" content.

    No jabs at Datto here, I could listen to this lovely bastard talk all day. He could make a video literally ranking irrelevant Y1 weapons in a tier list and I'd still fucking watch it.

    There's something satisfying about the "no intro, no bullshit, straight to the point" modus operandi of his videos that I love. Doesn't fuckin' waste time, just gets right into unlike most of the other annoying ass infotainment Destiny 2 youtubers who won't shut the fuck up about themselves.

  • Tarid Z says:

    the unbroken seal was the easiest and my first seal

  • N O says:

    I have four titles but I kinda want to get Chronicler and flex my literal non exsistent lore knowledge 😁

  • eggs says:

    I'm just proud I have wayfarer since it doesn't make me look like the super hardcore destiny guy (which I'm not), but a guy who plays the game and wants to put time into it

  • Pizza John says:

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  • Paul Smith says:

    I did probably 50% of Reckoner solo. Most of the reckoning early stages I did with friends, but I did well over half of the role triumphs solo. I do like Gambit but its so much time for little reward currently. I have 7 seals but I just don't think I can run flawless raids
    to be able to get any seal related to raids. But interesting rankings

  • Mirvana says:

    I was one of those poor souls who soloed Reckoner.
    Speaking as someone who actually LIKES Gambit, I don't think I'll ever play another game of Prime. EVER.
    The only role I actually enjoyed playing for its emblem was Sentry.
    The other 3, including Invader (which was just boring imo), are so needlessly frustrating.
    Especially Collector/Reaper since their emblem tasks force you to actively play Gambit BADLY.

  • OrionX3 says:

    finished all of mine up too 😀 Feelsgoodman

  • Andrea Yu says:


  • Sweet-Jay says:

    In a few months there's going to be a lot more unbrokens, myself included

  • Jaguar Wong says:

    Anything that requires Wishender or to go into Last Wish automatically puts it into S tier. Absolute PITA and never achievable for a majority of players – just need to look at the extremely low raid completion stats for that.

  • Jaguar Wong says:

    But… what is the point of titles? It's just an arbitrary busywork shopping list that Bungie add in to make some players feel like they have something to do. But ultimately they're pointless.

  • velezf216o says:

    One more time baby. Unbroken here I come

  • Crowded House says:

    Must be nice to have 5 other people you can call on who play Destiny for living and have the time to do all this ridiculous shit. It feels good that Bungie designs some of this shit for SPECIFIC people only. Thanks Bungie.

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    Unbroken got so much easier after season undying dropped

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  • Legolas 1808 says:

    As a proud owner of the undying title I just want to say that the most annoying part of getting undying was getting the 3 vanguard shaders and the vanguard Emblem, just because playing like 8 hours of strikes was boring as hell, although I guess that if you don't play those 8 hours of strikes in a row it wouldn't be that bad.
    Also I don't understand why people hate gambit prime. I run basically random weapons for primary and energy and leviathans breath as heavy + the gloves that allow me to hold the bow drawn unlimited( hunter) and I have a 65-75% winrate

  • Tyler Bowman says:

    Ever since I soloed Reckoner I haven’t been back to gambit other than pinnacle/ritual weapons. It’s scarred me for life

  • Nick Koorsen says:

    Undying was a Grind

  • Calamity Leo says:

    Time to try in comp 5500 3 times
    Also what about completing shattered throne solo, flawless….

  • Leprekonige says:

    Im feeling alone with my harbinger, which is strange, since a lot of people run the dungeon and nighthunts trials on master.

  • Matthew Hardy says:

    I grinded both Dredgen and Reckoner nearly completely solo, and as a decidedly anti-meta person, spent my time invading and fighting invaders with Tractor Cannon, Scout Rifles, and Loaded Question, paired with Thundercrash. Reckoner is by far my most loved title

  • Orwyo yt says:

    Where are my unbroken ppl tho 😊

  • Jenna Davila says:

    When you’re so proud of your wayfarer title cause you had to grind Strange Terrain forever every time it came around for the stupid rocket launcher, and then it gets dubbed the “least cool” 😭

  • Charlie Mack says:

    I got Reckoner on the last day the pin rewards were available only to find out they retired a day too early. Went to the help forums but everyone else with the problem was ignored by moderators. Feels bad man.

  • Zumii says:

    Reckoner is driving me crazy and I’m still only working on the first emblem (reaper kills). I’ve played over 50 games as reaper and still only have 4 massacre this rate it’ll take me over 500 games to get everything.

  • Damion's clone says:

    Flawlessing a raid is likely the most difficult task for all the titles that require it. Not necessarily hard to do but, just find an experienced team that knows how to do each encounter

  • Drew Crews says:

    Last 5 seconds of the vid made me actually laugh out loud

  • SGT NightHawk says:

    3 weeks of gambit prime/reckoning. Accepted the head upgrade bounty by mistake too early and unintentionally set myself back a week. A 2 HOUR SESSION WITH ONLY 2 COMPLETIONS of reckoning with blueberries one time. Missed the high value target in several games. Joined a game late and got 2 massacre medals that didn't count. Died MANY times with motes trying to send a giant blocker. And of course when i was 1-3 wins away from being done with a particular set, i'd face a sweaty 4 stack for multiple games. All that being said i know i'm the odd man out. why, you ask? i still like gambit. Dont invade agaisnt me, i know all the spawns….Unfortunately lol Sincerely, one proud "Reckoner".

  • SwordBreaker925 says:

    They really need to get rid of seasonal titles being limited time. I get that they're removing seasonal activities like Vex Offensive to avoid the playerbase being spread too thin across too many game modes, but it sucked finding out i was really close to getting the Undying title, only to find out i needed to grind for the Ritual Weapons (none of which i want) to get it.

    Titles shouldn't be exclusive to just the most hardcore players who are able to play Destiny like it's a full time job.

  • Kinematic Echo says:

    Comp is 10 thousand times more soul draining than going for reckoner. I just need to finish my invader triumph and then will be done with it. Left it till last cause PvP makes me vomit.

    Love the list though. It was a great idea for a vid

  • Some guy Dd says:

    I actually REALLY enjoy gambit prime

  • trikee says:

    So here's where Datto spins propaganda for Bungie (remember, Datto's channel is built on Destiny and the successes or failure are aligned with Destiny and Bungie: "Bungie has said that they had to cut back on production because it was taxing on the team….lost a lot of support…"

    Mind you, Bungie been caught in many lies. They have a history of it.

    Bungie has publicly stated that their goals are to transform from a studio developer to a publisher and develop multiple IP with it. That's why you will get less content.

    Anything short of that explanation is an outright lie which is being propagated by YouTubers who benefit financially from having an insider relationship with Bungie.

  • Barrows Slayer says:

    In terms of rarity undying is probably max tiered cuz

    Your a noob if u don’t have it and a compete ingrate for not taking the time to get it

  • Styxyx says:

    the new title is called Savior. Probably the worst one yet

  • AvaintTF ThePyro says:

    Alternate title for vid:
    Let me flex my tittles I have

  • AvaintTF ThePyro says:

    Unbroken isn’t hard, I’m not even going for it and I have 8/10 and the only “hard part” is getting legend in comp 3 times, but if you hit it once, it’s pretty easy to hit it again

  • damuffinslayer says:

    Vid should be renamed to "Datto Gets Gambit Prime/Reckoning PTSD"

  • Le_Quartermaster says:

    I’ve never gotten Wayfarer because of the MF FRIGID JACKAL

  • Jose Delapena says:

    When I finally got my Dregen title, I felt accomplished that I don't have to do any more Gambit stuff anymore…
    Until a quest requires me to, I will not go to Gambit and not into the hellscape of Gambit Prime

  • NoCleverPuns The Musical says:

    I kind of went for Reckoner on a whim. It was like late in Season of Opulence I think because I'd just kind of collected every Notorious Armor set so I just was like, "what the heck, why not?" I've largely done it solo but I very much enjoy Gambit Prime (I play it more than I play regular Gambit) and right now just need Triumphant Reaper and Thorn to finish.

  • Xavier Ang says:

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  • The Never Mind says:

    I'd like to get the Blacksmith title. I play on PS4. Can anyone help me out?

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  • Darth Vader says:

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  • Axza95 says:

    I still have yet to get the dreaming city ghost shell for the title

  • FH2actual says:

    I dropped out of the game over a year ago so I've been doing some heavy work getting back up to snuff. But scoring the Undying title with just a day to go before this seasons end was an accomplishment and it's also, if I'm honest about it, one of the titles I would actually want. Some of the others sound good and would put a nice feather in my cap but the only one I want more then Undying is the Blacksmith title… Something about being a hammer wielding Titan with that title just speaks to me so it's what I'm grinding for next! Wish me luck!

  • Jason Fuller says:

    I have revived so many people with the "Undying" title that it should be removed from the game.

  • GrassGamingXD says:

    I didn’t go for any titles this season. But will for season of Dawn

  • Jack XIII says:

    I want shadow so much.

  • Arman Soylu says:

    1.25 jebaited ….

  • The New Seorarek says:

    Speaking of titles, can we talk about why theres no vanguard title?

    Edit: i just realized that this list would be vastly different from a solo players pov

  • MrGurruk says:

    The only title I have was the only one I wanted and that is Undying. It's not the most impressive title to own but I feel it's the most accurate for any guardian to own as well Guardians are undying. There are several accounts of guardians dying over and over and over just to be brought back.

  • abdullah4999 says:

    No life title

  • Buckswana says:

    Well, I've got all of the B and below titles at least. 😉

  • Simon C says:

    S++: Reckoner
    S+: Unbroken
    S: Rivensbane, Shadow
    A: Blacksmith, Harbinger
    B: MMXIX, Enlightened
    C: Wayfarer, Chronicler, Cursebreaker
    D: Dredgen

  • Jax Muzzy says:

    As one who soloed Reckoner over the weekend, I feel proud…and slightly braindead

  • Levithian says:

    Unbroken is dependent on your skill I got it easily

  • jackson campbell says:

    grinded most of reckoner solo, i'd never again submit myself to that torture, never again

  • Logan Kemp says:

    Thing is with undying all the others will go up while undying is stuck

  • iTzSpicey says:

    Played destiny everyday in the summer cuz I had a broken foot, and now I play just on weekends because of school, but “Unbroken” will be my first title…. I do not play pve

  • Mad-Slick says:

    Petra's Run is even more difficult now without the Riven cheese.

  • Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname says:

    Rivensbane is obviously the coolest-sounding title and anyone who disagrees is objectively wrong. Flawless raid runs sound incredibly frustrating to me so I probably won't try for it, but come on! "Rivensbane"! It's so fucking cool!

  • Zen-Oh sama says:

    congrats on getting all the titles

  • Johnnyboycurtis says:

    Wayfarer = RNG. RNG based triumps are much more difficult to complete because it's not determined to the quality of the effort your put in, but just luck.

  • Rich Newman says:

    The only title I have is 'Wayfarer' and I got that one by pure accident. I just don't care about grinding for titles, emblems, or shaders. And it would have to be a hell of a cool ghost or ship to get me to grind, too. You almost have to treat Destiny 2 as a second job to get this kind of stuff.

  • Trouser Snivy says:

    Malfeasance is kinda hard to get solo because of the mission involving multiple points you can be easily instakilled (dodgeball room and definitely boss fight. Tried to cheese boss fight by hiding behind the rock and slowly chipping the boss, but there is a phase where wizards can fly freely around the arena and flank your hiding spot easily.) and maybe I was underequipped at the time, but it seems to be extremely difficult to do solo without being overequipped. Which I would imagine would break the rule of being "of reasonable level." I don't know if it would be unfair to say it's a given that you should have multiple players for it, since it seems pretty doable singleplayer until those two specific points, and the entirety of the rest of the exotic quest I had done by myself. Having two players completely trivialized it though.
    Just think this is relevant since malfeasance is necessary for Dredgen. You see shitties using Dredgen all the time so it's definitely not hard to get with a squad, just not sure if taking playing solo into consideration, which I thought was intended, would be fair to factor in.

  • Angry_Zan says:

    I’ve been wearing chronicler for some time now because I love the lore, I went for reckoner back in early season of opulence because I enjoyed the challenge of reckoning, but trying to do the triumphant (insert role here) solo was a task that ended up driving me to therapy. But I’m not going to let that stop me anymore, I’m getting reckoner and no one, not my more-stealing, portal-hogging, recluse-wielding teammates can stop me

  • sam roberts says:

    Datto I got banned from talking on your stream can I be unbanned? 🥺

  • HurtChain says:

    I had to wait 4 months for my wayfarer simply because of the nightfall loot requirements. It may have been easy but man was it frustrating.

  • NuclearSaltLord says:

    I think Reckoner should be sent down a tier just because my friend literally got it in 4 days lol

  • Killian Brady says:

    Hell for me would be being stuck on a gambit prime team with people who don't know how the armor set bonuses work while they actively complain about how much better vanilla gambit is.

  • J C says:

    The guy who plays 10 hours a days says time requirement does not factor into difficulty. Please join the real world.

  • Taylor kazemba says:

    Only 1.3% of player have a title on ps4 according to the trophy list. Your numbers are way to high,

  • Josh Bell says:

    I am 4 weapons off Wayfarer, the 3 Escalation Protocol weapons and the Braytech Winterwolf, I have been trying for sooo long to get them and can't get the RNG 🙁

  • Exitor 11 says:

    bs. unbroken is MUCH harder than reckoner

  • Newberymarksmen says:

    I enjoy playing gambit and gambit prime so reckoner wasn't a problem for me even though I solo'ed most of it. The hardest part for me was reckoning itself because bridge.

  • Levi Smith says:

    Depending on RNG, Wayfarer is a real bitch. Took me 2 years to get Osprey to finally drop. Thanks, Ordeal NF.

  • Luca Sollazzo says:

    I just got to watch your video and your personal opinion on reckoner at the end felt like talking To myself in the mirror. I just recently got the title and let me tell you, getting massacre medals solo was. Not. Fun. I actually still enjoy playing gambit prime so that improved the overall experience, getting the invader triumph was the easiest and what pushed me to get the title but when I got to reaper and collector I started questioning my sanity and at the end I felt like smashing my head against a wall but I was too into it to get off my sinking ship. This video made me actually feel like it was worth it and while I’m bad in crucible and will never get the unbroken title at least after this I can wear my reckoner with pride and with whatever few brain cells i still have. Thank you

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