Does Good Karma Cancel Out Bad Karma – Sadhguru Answers

Does Good Karma Cancel Out Bad Karma – Sadhguru Answers

Questioner 1: Can good karma
cancel out bad karma? Sadhguru: There’s no manager sitting up
there and managing you. This is what karma means that you
understand you are the source of your life. will you make sure it is the conscious activity
that you perform which will rule the destiny of your life? This is something you have to decide. Superscript: Does Good Karma Cancel Out Bad Karma? Questioner 1: Sadhguru, one question on karma. Sadhguru: She is…. (Laughs) Questioner 1: So can good karma
cancel out bad karma? Sadhguru: What did you do today (Laughter)? Questioner 1: I am asking for humanity not for myself (Both laugh) and is our life predestined or can we
change it by karma and what is good karma? Sadhguru: See let’s understand this word. I know this has become part of English lexicon, hmm? Karma is an English word now (Laughter). The word karma means action. As you sit here, there is physical action going on, there is mental action going on,
emotional activity going on, energy activity going on in every one of us. Whether you are awake or asleep, four dimensions
of karma are happening all the time. Since you woke up today morning, except
for that bad karma you did (Laughter). No you don’t have to reveal that (Laughs). Since you woke up today morning
till this moment just a few hours, how much of these four dimensions of
karma did you perform consciously? Questioner 1: Should I answer (Laughter)? I was not conscious while performing
my actions they just happened. Sadhguru: I am saying for almost every human
being it is well below one percent. If you take in a day, well below one percent. So when ninety-nine percent of your actions
are accidental or unconscious, you do one thing – you just drive here. Here the traffic is very slow. It’s safe to try this experiment (Laughter). Ninety-nine percent of the time,
just close your eyes and sit like this. Once in a way, handle the steering, let’s see where you will be in five minutes (Laughter). This is a disaster of human life. So you must understand this- this is the most
profound dimension of Eastern cultures that we told you, your life is your karma. This means your life is your making. There is no manager sitting… I am not talking about you guys (Laughter). there’s no manager sitting up there and managing you. Your life is your karma. The way you do it is the way it happens. There is no other way. only because over ninety-nine percent
is happening unconsciously, it looks like some other force is manipulating you. All bad drivers are like this when they
get into some kind of a crash. “I was driving properly only.
Something happened” (Laughs). Have you heard this? “Something happened”, something supernatural
happened and I crashed my car. No you are just a dumb driver (Laughter). So, the same thing goes for life. The same thing goes for life that we constantly
reminded you – now in this generation it’s lost probably may be your mother or
let’s say your grandmother’s generation if they sit down, stood up, they said
karma, prarabdha, mukti, moksha. These were proper day-to-day conversation,
not spiritual conversation. Yes or no? Everyday. It’s time you bring it back because karma
means you are reminding yourself everything that I am doing and not doing
is my fundamental responsibility. If you ask me, people have been asking me,
I have not articulated this till recently but some people have been asking me
so I am these days talking to them. I am saying… “What is the mission?” They ask me. I say, “The mission is just this. Religion to responsibility.” You think it is there, no it is here. This is what karma means that you
understand you are the source of your life. Is there no other force working in the universe? Yes it is but even to harness this…
harness that is your business, isn’t it? Hello? Even to harness that is your business
otherwise what’s the point? So karma means your life is your making,
there is nothing else that can decide. If you take charge of your body, let’s say
you have some mastery over your physical body, fifteen to twenty percent of your life
and destiny will be in your hands. If you take charge of your mental process, fifty to sixty
percent of your life and destiny will be in your hands. If you take charge of your basic
life energy into your hands, one hundred percent of your life
and destiny will be in your hands. Every young person must first explore this dimension before you step out into the world
and mess other people. Yes. Very important! But what is the fix for the morning’s
bad karma (Laughter)? You must understand karma is not like
reward and punishment system. It is just residual memory within yourself. Everything- every thought, every emotion,
every action, every movement that you do in some way is recorded into this. this memory creates a tendency for you because so much memory is gathered naturally, it’s like software
– you are writing unconscious software every moment. See if you walk from here to here I am telling you,
there are at least twenty-five different kinds of smells. You are not conscious unless something is very strong, acute in some way, in a positive or negative way,
then you will notice otherwise you are not noticing. You will see if a dog passes (Gestures) he’s just figuring out you. What you’ve done, what you’ve not done, your good
karma, bad karma, everything, he’s just figuring out. Yes or no (Laughs)? You also are conscious. Your system also is perceiving it because
your neurological system is far more superior to the dog’s neurological system. Do you agree with me? Hello? Dog lovers, is it ok? Human neurological system is far more advanced
than any other creature, you also capable but because of cerebral activity you’re missing it. You do one thing, just go and live
in the jungle for some time, you will see suddenly your sense of smell, you just know
everything just by raising your nose a little bit. Sticking your nose out, you just know
what’s coming, what’s going. You will see in the villages in India
(Gestures like sniffing) they’ll say it’s going to rain today, you understand? Nothing no sign of rain, no cloud, no nothing, he’ll simply (Gestures like sniffing) and he’ll say its going to rain today and it will because the changes are happening in the atmosphere. So because of this unconscious nature, if you walk from here to here, these twenty five smells
for example are all recorded in the system and all like this, visual inputs, audio inputs,
everything is recorded, recorded, recorded. Depending upon they type of material you’ve taken in,
slowly you’ll develop an unconscious tendency. Suddenly you’re like this not something else
because of the kind of inputs you’ve taken in. These tendencies, traditionally because you’re coming
from the scripture, traditionally we call this vasanas. Vasana is a very good expression
because vasana literally means smell. So depending upon the type of smell, accordingly you would draw that type of life towards you or you move in that direction. That’s what they are trying to say but this is essentially to put it in modern terminology, you’re building an unconscious software,
so naturally it begins to function in a certain way. It doesn’t matter what is the software,
can you re-write it? Of course you can. That is also your karma. So will you allow unconscious activity that you have
performed to rule the nature and destiny of your life or will you make sure it is the conscious activity that
you perform which will rule the destiny of your life? This is something you have to decide (Applause)


  • A Sen says:

    I believe the concept of Karma, which i belived since teenage . And sadhguru elaborated it.. however krishna conciousness tells more on the subject of Karma. And if we have to see around us, we can see lots of people in different kinds of pain.. physical , emotional, mental.. and precisely the children.. or even the toddlers who just started the life.. physical ailments, poverty, deformities are to my knowledge not the result of Karma for toddlers. They can barely distinguish right from the wrong. I am sure there is more to it. Karma cannot be understood in one sitting. It's very complex, and confusing. Lord krishna is supposed to be the supreme power, enlightening us with complexities of life in bhagwat gita. I am no scholar, no saint, no God man, but surely I am confused as any other individual. We really need to dig deeper to find the meaning of life and/or past life.
    We are proud to have sadhguru to explain us in simple language. But individually also we need to explore in this dimension.

  • Sonu Bafna says:

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  • awesome vibes says:

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  • Adam Campbell says:

    I hope this makes sense and someone can ask Sadguru this question. It clearly looks like there is 7+ billion separate consciousnesses on this planet right? We all seem to have are hands in the pot causing change on this planet right? From what I've read in regards to yoga and other Indian teachings we transcend this reality into a higher state of consciousness right? And from what I gather those higher conscious beings have their hands in the big pot right? Or am I wrong to say these higher beings don't muck with things or once we reach a higher level of consciousness it's just over. One thing that stumps me is a huge part of the human population experience a life review when we die and are not necessarily judged but made aware of the implications of one's actions and it's effects on all other conscious beings which I assume is due to all of us being one and the same infinite consciousness. I can understand the concept of just one infinite consciousness but clearly we have run amuck and decided to be a insane about of things! Beings! All that we see. It seems like we have created or there are some of us who clearly are more powerful than others like god like powers in the Indian stories and all the gods do they not have there hands involved on how things are run? The story's say we can rise in spiritual power but to fall once again is normal and happens often. That tells me their are beings at insane high levels of spiritual growth who are capable of error and cause problems for us. What I'm getting at is I find it hard to believe no on has their hands involved in this mess we are in. Even in yoga vasistha teachings he says all this is a mistake or accident Of duality. I seriously wish I could have a sit down with a legit Guru. So many questions. Living in the west sucks.

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    Entaglement at quantum level is how Karma could be working. Certainly as Sadhguru says reaction is destined to happen for every action. When,how, where will depend. It could be decades later. Memory of actions are stored at quantum level in the universe.

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