Dr. Pillai: Ganesha Speaks : New Course On Astrology

This morning I was reflecting on
human suffering. No matter how rich you are or how poor you are, you are not free
from the ills of human life. You are not free from pain, diseases, disappointments and
finally death. And the final years are really gruesome. I prayed to the god of
Light, Arut Perum Jyoti. And I was praying to other Gods. Ganesha interfered and
said, ‘Go and do videos!’ don’t — and I obeyed. And as I came here, there was a post
from someone about a recent [India] high court ruling about astrology. Somebody said
that somebody took it to the [India] court that and argued that astrology is not a
science. The high court said we are not going to visit
this subject again because the supreme court had already ruled that astrology is a
science. And asked the universities to teach astrology in the curriculum. So that was
why Ganesha had asked me to go and look at and do the videos. Astrology is a science.
It can tell you and forewarn you about what is coming. So i am now in the process — this is the
reason why i started AstroVed. But I have not been involved as I used to be
in the beginning days. Now I’m going to and get something out the public. And why is
Ganesha involved? I thought about – Why is Ganesha involved in Astrology. Ganesha is the lord of astrology. He is the lord of
mathematics. And astrology is mathematics, sacred mathematics. And Kakabushinda,
one of the great, greatest Saints who every lived, says that if you do astrology without
Ganesha’s grace, you will go wrong. So Ganesha helps you to learn astrology and
also governs your predictions. So it’s a great science. Ot’s a life science. It’s
going to help you how to know your own future. How to prevent diseases. How to deal with
the diseases. All these information are given in, in Vedic Astrology. So what I’m
going to do is create a course and make it available to people for a very
affordable price so that everybody can easily participate in that. And this will be a great
help for human beings. Because every day, we want to know. When you wake up in the
morning, it is possible to know the pattern of the energy. The guy who argued
against astrology — the petitioner said that Indira Ghandi was predicted that
that she would lose — lose the election — where she won. And then,
there was some other cases were cited too. But I want to just ask that
person, “Well, in science, when you go for a surgery,
I remember and I went for a surgery many, many years ago. They asked me to sign sign. It was a small surgery. It was to fix
my shoulder and I signed a paper. I remember where it says, “medicine is not a science, you know, and anything can go wrong. So this is the nature of science. And why
do you, you know, blame it on astrology? Okay. So you have to look at it from the
perspective of, of your own personal experience in the experience of several
thousands of years of verification by Seers who perfected this science. So I’m going
to do that. And that’s what Ganesha wants me to do. And I will do that. Years ago, I did some research on student astrology. And I found it there is a direct connection between astrology
and academic performance. And that was abandoned. And I want to revive that research also. God Bless.

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