Easy Court Card Tarot Spread for Beginners – The Dream Team Spread

Easy Court Card Tarot Spread for Beginners – The Dream Team Spread

Welcome back everyone! Georgina here. Last
time, we chatted briefly about how you can be any of the court cards regardless
of sex or gender. Kings can be people of any sex or gender who are mature and
externalized their experiences. They know how to “adult” in the outside world. Queens
can be people of any sex or gender who are mature adults, but they internalize
their experiences and choose to express themselves to a close circle of friends
and family. And Knights, they could be people of any sex or gender who are
still working out what it means to be an adult. They’re running around, having lots
of character-building life experiences. And then the Pages, they could be people
of any sex or gender who are inexperienced in the ways of the world.
They’re still learning who they are and have not yet decided what role they want
to play in society. They’re still learning. So you can be any of these
cards, depending on your situation. If you’re managing your own company, well,
that’s a King thing. If you’re taking care of your kids or you’re coaching a
friend, well, that’s a Queen quality. If you’re moving from place to place or job
to job, well, you’re expressing Knight energy. And
if you’re learning a new skill, well, you’re a studious Page. Now we’re going
to externalize those court card associations and apply them to other
people in an original spread that I call “The Dream Team Spread.” It’s great for
discovering the people who can help you reach your goals and dreams. For this
spread you’ll only need the 16 court cards of the Minor Arcana for the spread.
The deck I’m using is the beautiful Thelema deck. Oh gosh! Boy I love this
deck! This is a clone of the Rider-Waite- Smith deck, but you can use any deck that
you like. Now the cards are going to be laid out at the four compass points in
this order. We’re going to start in the South with the–I put the Aces here to
kind of help remind me. The Position 1 is in the south. And it’s for “People who
inspire me.” Position 2 is in the West and this is
“The person who gives me emotional support.” Position 3 is in the East.
This will be “The person who could provide logical advice and/or strategy
to make my dreams a reality.” And the last position, Position 4: “The person who can
provide me with the resources.” That can be money, it can be time, it can be just
energy. People who can (help me) achieve my goals. And this spread does not utilize
reversals, so if a card comes up upside down in your spread, just turn it upside
up. Let’s do a sample reading right now! I’m going to take my court cards and
shuffle-ly shuffle-ly… There’s not very many cards when you have only sixteen! So
it’s gonna be kinda over the hand kind of shuffling, rather than my usual
shuffling. All right. And if you do utilize using a
cut, you can still do that. Like I said, it’ll be a very shallow cut! Because sixteen
cards is not a lot to work with! Okay. So Position 1: The person who
inspires me is…Ah! The Page of Cups. The Page of Cups inspires me. Well, I know
that Pages are usually young people who are inexperienced in the ways of the
world. And I know that Cups is about water and emotions and artistic-ness.
So the person who inspires me is: Young people. A young person who’s interested
in the arts. That’s the kind of person who inspires me. Position 2: The person
who’s going to give me an emotional support in my goals is…Knight of Cups. Oh!
Well, this is a Cup card in the Cup section, so it’s kind of dignified here.
It’s a very strong energy here. So the person who provides me emotional
support? Mmm! The Knight of Cups! He’s the romantic
Knight, so I would say this is going to be a person who’s experienced in the ways
of the world. Still doing a lot of stuff, active in the world. So I would
say this is going to be a romantic partner of mine. A person who gives me
emotional support. And that’s true. I’m married and my partner provides me a lot
of emotional support in my goals. The 3rd Position is over here in the East.
And this is the person who could provide me with
logical advice and a strategy to make my dreams a reality. And the one that came
up is…Page with Pentacles. Very interesting! So the person who can give
me advice is probably a young person. Kinda inexperienced in the ways of the
world themselves, but still can provide real-world answers and advice for me.
That’s really interesting! I know a lot of young people. I’m going to be extra
alert to talk to my young friends! And then last: The person who can provide me
with the resources, money, time, and energy to make my dreams come true…is the
King of Wands. Now this would be an authoritative figure. A person who’s very
creative. Already a master of doing what he does in his own successful business.
And I know Wands are very creative too. They’re enterprising folks! So I need for
the persons who could actually provide me with the resources, money, time, and
energy to achieve my goals, I should look to a King of Wands! I associate Wands
with fire and the people who were born in either Sagittarius, Leo, or Aries. So
I’m gonna look around at my my circle of friends and I’m gonna look to the one
who’s born under those three Sun signs who are very experienced in what they do
with their own business to help me achieve my dreams. So that’s an example
of what this spread, the Dream Team Spread can be! As you practice your
readings for yourself and others, be sure to record them in your Tarot journal. Oh
yes! Always keep track of your readings in a Tarot journal! When you do so, keep
track of the date and the time that you did the reading, the Tarot deck you’re
using (because hey! Y.D.M! Your Deck Matters!), the name and the
spread of the Positions (the Dream Team Spread, Position 1, 2, 3, and 4.
The ones I told you about just now), and which card came up at each of the positions.
This particular spread doesn’t use reversals, so I won’t need to put the
letter R in parenthesis to remind me that it’s upside down. With this spread,
everything is read upside up! Then write a little bit about what you think the
cards’ message is to you. Later in your practice, your journal is where you will
verify the accuracy or inaccuracy of your readings. Don’t rely on your memory!
Write your thoughts down while they are still fresh in your mind. It’s all too
easy to remember only the predictions that came true. Next time I’ll share a
technique for memorizing the 40 pip cards of the Minor Arcana. If you’ve
enjoyed this video, please Like it. And if you really like it, please share this
video and subscribe to the channel. Tell me in the comment section what kinds of
subjects you want to see me cover in future videos. Until next time, remember:
The magic is not in the cards; the magic is in you! Be awesome!


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