plant of boundaries., limitations., responsibility
and structure. today we are going to discuss about retrograde
saturn stay tuned..
welcome to my youtube channel let em introduce myself
i am ASTRO HOMINIS and in this video am going to share some useful
information on retrograde saturn first of all
let’s see when does a planet retrograde? this happens when the planet and the earth
travels on the same side of the sun,( in this case saturn.)
and overtakes saturn ., saturn appears retrograde. before proceeding further i would suggest
you to watch my videos on retrogression of planets and planet saturn.
so now, we know what is retrogression and how a retrograde planet influence us
let’s see how retrograde saturn can influence you
what is saturn? saturn is your fears, your boundaries , your
restrictions or the restrictions, fears, boundaries imposed
by society on you so when saturn is retrograde the person takes
the fears, the boundaries, or restrictions around them into themselves retrospect them
, analyze them. so outcome can either be they can be really brave overcome their fears.,
and restrictions and be successful or become more of an introvert and hide themselves
now, as we all know, saturn is associated with boundaries
when a person has a retrograde saturn , they are taking the boundaries into themselves,
analyzing them, and trying to break out of those boundaries.
now the person is more free and can be more successful!!
one of the most important planets to judge your career success is saturn
saturn is one of the most important planet to judge success of a person
so now when saturn is retrograde, the person need not work as much hard as others
do, so we sat is retro it helps the person to
analyse his deeds from the past and apply them effectively in the current situation.
say for example, a person is struck in a situation where they
cannot succeed or they are imposed with restrictions, now when the person faces a similar situation,
they can be more effective in solving it compared to a person who has a direct saturn.
when saturn is retrograde the humanitarian aspect of saturn is further increasing.
why?? because they know how to overcome fears from
his experience he is a person who helps others to come out
of their fears boundaries and restrictions. saturn is the planet that keeps track of karma
and gives results according to your deeds. so when saturn is retrograde(in a chart),
you can say that the person is saturn for himself
now he keeps track of his experiences deeds in present life and make sure that he doesn’t
repeat his mistakes. what next???
saturn represent age, so when saturn is retrograde, the person doesn’t
feel the pressure of responsibilities, they doesn’t feel that their work is getting
delayed , because now saturn helps them to learn from their experiences
that they have to be more patient and more responsible in their life.
so, this helps you all.. comment below your experiences with retrograde
saturn. i will be looking forward for your responses.
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    Saturn retrograde in 8th house. ( Gemini ascendant )
    is it bad for my career ?

  • eveline salario says:

    i have saturn retrograde in Pisces in the last grade, and conjunct the Moon. I always thought it was a negative thing, but seeing your video it is positive.

  • Maneesha Rajeshkumar says:

    what for naga dosha remedy,i dont have career success,and no job in education also struggles what remedy for this

  • Melanie says:

    My husband has Saturn retrograde in the 6th house of Capricorn. Neptune and Uranus are also in the same house. How would this be interpreted in vedic astrology with regards to his career success?

  • Astrologyy says:

    thank you for the LIKEs & LOVE 🙂
    keep it coming!

  • Astrologyy says:


  • Triston Plante says:

    I have Saturn retrograde conjunct Ketu conjunct Pisces in my chart in the 12th house.

    This has always been very confusing for me because matters of restriction and career seem to move smoothly, they are the primary focus in my life. However, this position doesn't seem very beneficial.

    They receive very little benefic aspect (Aspected from debilitated venus conjunct rahu). Planetary lord jupiter is sitting in the 9th in his own house alone however. In my D10 chart Saturn sits alone in the 6th house in the sign of Capricorn.

    If anyone can give me some information on what's going on with my career I would appreciate it.

    I am going to work very hard to mend humanity as much as possible, and have as much impact I can possibly have. Ketu doesn't seem to make me lost, but instead compel me to perfect. Perhaps it's my Aswini Nakshatra Ascendant?

    While I expect snags, I am young and I'm moving relatively fast. What are the effects of these positions?

  • Amar Sangha says:

    saturn retrograde gen mean that your are redoing a past life some astol say saturn retro is bad but a person is very very lucky to have chance to do right his past life wrong's and make them right I have this same reteo saturn in 6th house….. I mean that you did not do your public duty right in a past life so in in this life you have to rely on others for help…. I am disabled from birth you may all work the rest out for yourself's…… god bless

  • exas4791 says:

    What about Saturn retrograde in Gemini in 12th house ?

  • Caremvalatica says:

    What happens when Saturn is retrograde on the ascendant? Specifically in Purvashadha Nakshatra?

  • Kiran Shinde says:

    hello i have Saturn which is retrograde in eleventh house with 06: 27: 50 in Capricorn, will this degree give me benefits?

  • Aman Sharma says:

    I am Gemini ascendent my 9th lord Saturn is retro and in 7th house..what does that mean

  • advaita siva says:

    and retrograde exalted saturn?

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