Everything You Need To Know About Fixed Zodiac Signs

Hello to all my favorite people, I am Zen,
an astrology enthusiast. Did you know there is more to astrology than
just 12 zodiac signs? It’s true, these 12 signs can also be categorically
divided into three modes. These three modes are cardinal, fixed and
mutable. For this video, we are going to focus just
on the fixed zodiac signs. We’re not going to get into the cardinal
and mutable zodiac signs today, as we believe they deserve their own separate video. Now, without further ado, let’s get this show
on the road. Before we do talk about fixed zodiac signs,
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support your Bestie. Each zodiac sign has its own mode. To explain this clearly, let’s take the first
three zodiac signs as examples. Take the sign of Taurus, which has an earth
element and its mode is fixed. Similarly, an Aries has a fire element and
its mode is cardinal, whereas, Gemini is a sign with an air element and a mutable mode. The same thing is applicable for each zodiac
sign. So, what is a fixed zodiac sign? A fixed zodiac sign is a sign that comes between
a cardinal and a mutable sign. Each of these modes signify the essence of
the sign, as well as the season during which the sun is in that zodiac sign. For example, Scorpio is a fixed water sign
and it comes between Libra, a cardinal air sign and Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign. These three signs also show different shades
of Autumn. Libra is the arrival and beauty of Autumn
with its sweet aroma and gentle breeze. Scorpio is Autumn at its purest form, this
is when we see the leaves dying to become nourishment for the young buds. Transformation is an essential part of nature
and Scorpio is all about transformation. While, Sagittarius is the departure of Autumn
and a slow transition towards Winter, where the air retains its Autumn aroma but the breeze
turns colder and colder everyday. Now, that you’ve got the hang of it, let’s
dive deeper into this topic. We will start with… Taurus Taurus is the second zodiac sign and like
we mentioned earlier, it’s a fixed earth sign. As a result, they are stubborn, determined
and often headstrong. Earth on its own is a very rigid and steadfast
element but Taurus adds more flavour to these qualities. It’s often said that Taurus is the most
fixed of all zodiac signs. Along with Aries and Gemini, it represents
the Spring. After Aries has planted the seeds and goes
MIA until its return next year, it is up to Taurus to nurture these seeds. This nurturing quality is an integral part
of the Taurus’ personality. Taureans are often the guardians of their
circle. They are the ones who will always lend you
a shoulder to cry on, when you need it the most. Being a child of Spring, Taurus has an artistic
taste along with a tendency to appreciate things that are beautiful. People born under this sign are also very
grounded and in touch with the physical and material world. As such they have a practical and realistic
look towards life. They try to build things that are permanent
and this trait also reflects in their personalities. They are very loyal and if there is one person
who will not let you go, it’s a Taurus. This brings us to our next sign… Leo What happens when the element of fire meets
a fixed mode? The answer is the Leo. When Cancer faints because of heat stroke
in the middle of summer, Leo takes control. Leo is a summer child with a bit more than
just your regular sweetness. Ruled by the sun, Leos radiate their brilliance
wherever they go. Leo is summer at its peak, while for many
it may be a blessing, for others it might not be the case. If you don’t agree with us then just think
about the people living near the equator, who face temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius
and have to deal with humidity that reaches 90%. That doesn’t sound that nice, does it? Leos can either keep you warm with their generosity
and kindness or burn you with their anger. In their own minds, Leos are the rulers of
their own world and they want a lot of attention. This can often cause problems for them. When dealing with Leos, you must remember
that on the inside they’re just kids who want to be told they did a good job. If they are appreciated, Leos will move mountains
for you but if they criticized it’s a different story. So, just be nice to them and give them the
credit they deserve. This way, your summer will be bright and sunny
with less heat and less humidity. After summer comes Autumn and this is where
we find our next sign. Scorpio Just like we mentioned earlier in the video,
Scorpio is a fixed water sign. As such, people born under this sign are emotionally
intense and passionate. Scorpio is the part of Autumn that is inevitable,
it is the sign of death and transformation. After Libra feels tired and goes home to sleep,
Scorpio makes sure that nature does what it is meant to do. Old leaves must fall for new leaves to grow,
it is all a part of the transformation process. This is why Scorpios are less about the material
world and more about the emotional one. Being a fixed water sign, The Scorpio is like
a bottomless ocean. People born under this sign tend to have a
deeper persona than most people believe they do. They’re misunderstood as being dark and
detached from others. When the reality is that they are just very
emotional. Along with Taurus, Scorpio is one of the most
loyal signs. This can be seen once you are able to overcome
the cold exterior they often display. Although, we must warn you getting to that
inner Scorpio is no cake walk. The child of the fall is an independent and
determined creature and their fixed nature adds to these aspects. So, when you make friends you make friends
with them for real. There’s no half measures, no frenemies or
“a friend from work”. Once you earn their friendship, you earn it
for life. They have a similar attitude towards relationships
as well. Speaking of relationships… According to Greek mythology, Zues loved a
boy who was a water bearer for the Gods. After his death, he placed him among the stars
as … Aquarius Air is a free flowing element, which is also
true for the fixed sign Aquarius. If understanding an Aquarius wasn’t already
tough enough then this contradicting nature of an air element and fixed mode, definitely
has made it more difficult. This is a sign known for being eccentric and
ingenuity. After the ambitious Capricorn finally reaches
the top of the hill through sheer hard work. Who does he find waiting for him at the top? Aquarius, who managed to build an elevator. After all, no one wants to do too much work
in the Winter. Much like Summer, Winter is another season
which you can either hate or love. If you do not believe us then try talking
to people who live in places where the temperature drops to -10 degrees Celsius or less. Aquarius has the cool element of winter without
all the harshness. People born under this sign are inventive
and can often be seen doing their share for humanity. Aquarius make great friends and although a
bit awkward at first, they’re not bad in relationships. If you are prepared for some change in your
daily routine and want to try something new almost everyday in your life, an Aquarius
would definitely be the one for you. In fact, they might even lead the way to show
you how it is done. Aquarius’ love change, they understand that
it’s necessary and is the only constant. Few traits that can be seen in all these signs
are determination, stubbornness and a “never-say-die” attitude. This is why fixed signs often end up at the
top of the social ladder with less effort. Unlike cardinal signs who have a more fast-paced
approach to life, or the mutable signs who are very laid back. Fixed signs are a bit of both, they take their
own sweet time to get started but once they do, they become an unstoppable force. Now that you’re an expert on the fixed zodiac
signs. Are you one of the fixed zodiac signs? Do you know more amazing facts about fixed
signs? Let us know in the comment section below,
we would love to hear from you.

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