Few Combinations for rare, yuga-defining astrologers – Vedic Nuggets series – With ENG subtitles

Few Combinations for rare, yuga-defining astrologers – Vedic Nuggets series – With ENG subtitles

Mishra ji, we have talked about who is the right candidate for teaching jyotish. If we talk further on this, then there are some people who study for some time and leave, some only research, some are very good at predicting. Some contribute their life in publishing, then there are those also who have done everything in Jyotish. Please tell us the combinations (related to astrology) for predictions/research/publishing? Basically, those who are born in malefic rashi lagna, they have inclination towards astrology; which is sun’s lagna, mars’ lagna, Shani’s lagna and malefic mercury’s lagna. Mercury is considered malefic when it is posited with malefics. In that case, Gemini and Virgo lagna people also show inclinations towards jyotish So, Aries lagna, Gemini lagna (conditionally), Cancer and Leo lagna, Virgo lagna (conditionally), Libra lagna if involves some specific combinations and aquarius lagna – primarily these show inclination towards jyotish. So basically lagna of malefic planets, malefic mercury, Sun and moon rashi lagna. It must have combinations of malefic planets. For planetary positions, it was clearly said – 1, 5, 9 and 12. If these houses, directly or strongly, have connection of natural malefics, then those will some good work in Jyotish. The more malefic effect on these houses.. So, mars, saturn and rahu are impacting these houses, then these will do concrete work in astrology. They are good mathematician also, and good in Phalit too. Parahar ji specifically wrote about upagrahas, we have 2 upagrahas – Dhoom and Gulika. If Dhoom is placed in these houses (1,5,9,12), then these people also show inclination and contribute in jyotish. He stressed even more on Gulika, that if Gulika Or Gulika house lord or Gulika navamsa lord is placed/connected to these houses (1,5,9,12), then those will have good contribution towards jyotish. Then, it was seen from Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka also. If Venus/Jupiter is the Atmakaraka and with them, there is connection of malefics in Navamsa kundali, then they also become good astrologers. Karakamasa kundli is same as Navamsa kundali. Some people are confused on this. I will explain that later, but in Navamsa kundali, if there is connection of Venus/Jupiter(as Atmakaraka) with malefics, then those become good astrologers. If you want you can use some examples and find out. Ok. This you have talked about mathematics and Phalit, both? Yes, because you can’t do phalit with mathematics. Pundits in temple can also do Phalit. In India, every nook and corner, you will find vaidya (ayurvedic/traditional doctors) and Jyotish, in big numbers. As they say that when a ball is hit in the playground, it lands in the house of Vaidya or Jyotish only, so many of them we have. I am not talking about astrologers of these kinds but those who have done considerable contribution to Jyotish. I am talking about those who have changed things, who are A-grade astrologers.


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    can we please have English subtitles for this video?? Cannot clearly hear a word of what the old wise man is saying!!

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    English subtitles are already added. Please click CC button to enable them, if you have not already enabled them.

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    Pls check mic before recording. sound is very low.

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