FF12 Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Walkthrough Part 1 (PS4) English – No Commentary

you Oh you in the name of the power and in the
presence of these holy relics I hereby pronounce you man and wife from this
time forth may the blessings of the dawn like your path you wanted attacked by both land and air our
kingdom stand little nobody’s has fallen impossible my father
I know not I’m sorry if nobody’s as in default it is only a matter of time when
we reach the borders of dalmasca there is nothing to halt their advance secure
now Burnham halt haste I will go and I will go inside you altaïr stand watch over your life that I do consider good both of the blow him up withdrawal no
bailing still stands he was doing
and they’re failing like tailing phone because for my father for
my father blessings of the Great Father percent
and guide your bodies return to the earth Great Father guide your spirits return
to a mother lode in peace the death of Lord Rasul ‘hail snob Raja
was but one of many tragedies to be fold the kingdom of darkness cap the air of
hope that had surrounded her Royal Highness Princess Ash’s wedding was now
quite lost dalmasca had been set adrift at the mercy of history’s Restless tides
at this time to great Empire struggled for dominion over ivelisse Arcadia in
East Rosaria the West the invasion of the
kingdom of nebran was Arcadia’s first step in its westward march with Lord
rossler’s beloved homeland consumed by a Hellfires war it seemed clear that
arcadia would soon need out a like fate to dalmasca the fall of the fortress of
Malvina told the destruction of the greater part of damascus forces the
counter-attack was mounted by the order of the knights of dalmasca ever brave
and faithful but against the marshal might of the Akkadian armies they stood
little chance of victory indeed the defeat was to be absolute
soon thereafter Acadie came forward offering terms of peace or as one might
rather put it terms of dalmasca surrender lord rama’s king of dalmasca
and my dear friend had no choice but to accept these terms it was thus only with
reluctance face it a phenomena fortress now on the Arcadian occupation tour
fixes see you to the Emperor’s treaty of peace the king had scarce
departed his royal city of our master when the remnants of the order made her
return and not a moment too soon what a terrible revelation awaited them the treaty would be signed with steel
and written royal blood you you then can you hear me it’s as I
feared they’re slowing us down do not say that
not all of us are here love that he foster depends : your name Rex sir my
things Rex good Rex you bought a few cuts but you
are still whole well can you stand think you can fight I’m fine sir how old
are you Rex 17 sir young family my brother is all I have left sir he’s two
years younger than i living in rabbin aster so yeah you’re barely old enough
to be a man you shouldn’t be forced to wield a sword no sir I want to fight for
my homeland and for my parent I’m Bosch save the discussion for later we must
reach the king before they act or all our efforts will be in vain I’m aware of
the situation we found mostly go ahead I will handle
this rabble Godspeed steady rex keep your wits about you and
you’ll make it we moved captain and I am better Sunbury my edges are
here still not hold much longer we receive you Tom berry you believe to
retire well fought I say sideline Tom berry litigating buffler where are you
what is captain oz elicits fallenness don’t talk such nonsense boss was
laughed in the face of death bar too many times from to stop now
men like him don’t die in places like did we must make haste to reach the king
we will take him to safety it’s his Majesty unharmed he’ll agree to
an unconditional surrender they wouldn’t dare touch him until the wax on it
Heelys dry but if we arrive after he signed the treaty would quickly record Oh ruthless yeah good include us don’t let them escape
sir we have little time you must go to the king I’ll handle these fight well Oh yeah you your magic captain why our genes what have you done
the King intended all along to Delta Moscow to the Empire
His Majesty was a traitor captain I well so much for peace of negotiations
we’ll never surrender to you we are not cattle to be sold by a traitor King but
the walls over you have a loss now mascara probably at the Empire and three
we intended to let you keep some of your soul in spec but now you’ve gone and
ruined that haven’t you captain we will never bow to you and the people
of dalmasca will hate you for it take the captain away off you go pretenses of pee
slipped by the wayside the akkadian forces resumed their advanced Oh Bravo
Master doll mask as doom had been decided to make resistance would serve
no end with his foremost in my thoughts I to the people of Damascus sons and
daughters of dalmasca did you lay down your arms race songs of prayer in their
stead prayer for His Majesty King Rama nas ever merciful a man devoted wholly
to peace prayer to for the noble princess ash who wrought with grief at
her kingdoms defeat has taken her own life know also that captain Bosh van LOM
Sandberg for incitement of sedition and the assassination of his royal Majesty
King Rama nas has been found guilty of high treason and put to his death they
who at this late hour to steal the sword are cut of the same cloth
as the captain traitors who would lead dalmasca to her ruin dalmasca surrender
without terms was soon to follow you come on hurry it up or they’ll find us
I know I know just a little more you keep an eye out for me up there tight one two three more all right time to
clean house Wow bond you got them all yourself guess
I know who to call them something big comes along hey it’s good practice for
the desert I’m ready for anything now that’s enough for today
you should get back to the gallows place kites aren’t you running errands for him
whoops totally forgot you should come Vaughn he’s busy today might have some
work for you to do – I’ve got other own work to do hey lock this place up for me
will you Miguel finds out we’ve been down here
he’ll Tan our hides huh what’d you say yes sir you haven’t
paid in a long haven’t I on second thought
police are take it it’s a gift lay the poor sod say we don’t want trouble today
you’ll lock Tesla sorry what’s where you’re going so both my patch this hole
the boy get out away what hey that’s mine
what do you mean George you’ve been stealing again what happens if they
catch you we need you to be there for us bond you’re no good to anyone if you’re
locked away in a dungeon Oh what it might a leader now we’re orphaned the
first thing you learn is you got to watch out for yourself come on Canelo
you know what as well as I do hey you give that back what do you think
you’re doing I thought that this money was the people of Damascus property The
Imperials stole it from us so it’s only fair that we take it back it’s our duty
as Dale Maskin well wasn’t that what you said yeah but I never said anything
about taking it back for me this is for that bread you took the
other day just because I hope Miguel around every now and then it’s 17 that
you get to eat for free – you know I know that you think I like living like
this one of these days I’ll fly an airship of
my own I’ll be escape free to go well be careful you’ll never fly
anything if you’re rotting in a dungeon Oh mikela had some errands to be doing
he wanted you to drop by his place it might be a good idea to lend a hand gah I was waiting Pinella said you
needed something I’m adding some package is supposed to be arriving by courier to
the border grab she ran into some trouble out the desert
now I’m no food stops to prepare for the banquet tonight see what we planned this
courier hey no problem no problem there doesn’t even trouble I’d be sending you
to early grave my boy no I’ve arranged for some replacement
goods from Tomas you’ll read the san see so you want me to go to the tavern to
pick em up actually I asked types to do that would
you know he’s got miss agape – ha ha I sadly my shop at night Pinello on
another chart the moment you see what I want you to do is run over to the fancy
and fetch kite facts when you say sounds wild it’s easy work at your site before
it’s Sunday there you are kite stop loafing around
look fun look yes is it this is why McGillis coroner didn’t get here on time
a creature spotted into estrus and what is that thing
ah von Mugello sent you – did he he’s a busy man these days at Mugello if I dare
say so myself I don’t envy him the work though not up big quite the affair
throwing a banquet to welcome the Imperials that welcoming we should be
whatever hey tomorrow what’s this ah don’t remind me
he’s got some nastiness out there in the ester san what’s stopping our couriers
and that means shortages all around thought I’d put up a bill offer a reward
to anyone who can knock that nasty back in its place now that’s work I’m ten times better
than running errands for Miguel oh that’s right
Ron you should give it a shot and you should be getting back to Miguel oh now
pipe she was waiting for you oh right right you your dad let’s make some papers boy no
public passage on account of the old consoles price oh gee that’s too bad you
see it just so happens that your provisioner for the fete tonight he sent
me to pick up a few choice and morsels for the consuls dining pleasure he wants
them quick I got the writ of transit right here you see signed Miguel oh I
just hate to see the Consul said because his food was already on time and I sure
hate to see him take it out on you the Lord console is a great man I know
wandered quite a fancy secured traveling mouse well moving on boy wouldn’t do to keep
the console lighting right gates a close-up of this hi
yes yeah yes funky I was yes galvano relief never the hide seemed growing out here this’ll make a nice souvenir time to
call it a day thank you yes yes they’re nice guys close to the silver he
covered you here ah now what open the gate all right
otherwise wait a second how can you let these chocobo through the gate not us
what of it this is a pedigreed parada boy course
tens of thousands of kill this one did a prettier price and a hundred of you
provincials expensive keep your distance we don’t want to talk
about stick it up editor would you say stem aside ah
right then move them in ah that does it Oh fine fine joke of all
you have there yes see the doubt stock if I’m not mistaken
change the soil change it so the wall am i right
yes yes different soil beats different brocade who doesn’t are back in the road
why he’d be like the flavor and depth of some of your Arcadian wine but he has a
certain strength of character in effect is like that really what you get used to
it it’s cameras outside there’s more than enough wrong over there fruits of
course you let these cops through and closes gate is ordered the males talk
with ascended don’t give me a scare like that ah you’re lucky that ended where it
did right now’s our chance to go through ah the ceremony will be starting suit I
must be hurried okay well on wait what is it fun you we will have order I give you your new
consul is Imperial Highness Lord Pei in solid or Commandant of the Arcadian
empires Western on your excellency people love Robin Astor is it with
hatred you look upon your console with hatred you look upon the Empire there
was little point in Austria but know this I harbor no idle hopes of
frustrating that hatred nor shall I ask your fealty that is the Jew of your
fallen King and rightly so King Ramanath loved his people strove to
bring you peace his was a rule worthy of your devotion even now he remains among
you protecting you his ardour for the peace and we love dalmasca falters not I
would ask only that you do your king honour together let us embrace the peace
His Majesty would surely desire two years now divide us from walls bitter
end yet still its shadow looms over all stifling the infant peace of all only
you may cast off achieve but this one thing and your hatred of me and of the
Empire will grieve me not I will stand fast I will endure your hatred suffer
your slings and arrows I will defend the musca here I will pay my debt I swear it
now though King Romanus and lady Ashe be gone they stand ever at the side of
their people in honoring peace you do honor to their memory and to dalmasca
what I ask I ask claim my hopes now rest with you is rather duster to your liking my lord
it is magnificent take this Cathedral for instance elegant
yet whimsical in its execution a stunning example of God hey and
architecture I hope Lord Brahmas might one day look
upon it himself the patron of this evenings banquet may it please your
excellency I have a gala your highness now it is truly profound honor to admit
the acquaintance of our eight the future Emperor – the people rather bastard join
me in welcoming nation of your highness though indeed I am however a son I am no
Prince Arcadia’s emperor is freely chosen by
her people I am but an elected official and nothing more i i’m endow this
respect now that I Finkel dit I would not have you address me as Lord Council
for that matter No henceforth I am a citizen of rather now stir why don’t you
call me vain there I could not there would not be right you’re overly fond of
formalities I just the remedy for that tonight you will join me and we shall
drink until you call me by them how many stand about a him like that so
II just do not get it do you she’s not doing it because he wants to know what
would happen if he didn’t I know it so what would you do different
I don’t know well I do something bon bond you haven’t heard a single word
I’ve said have you this place has changed so much it’s like
it’s not even rather master anymore like the Empire’s swallowing it whole hypno
that’s fate tonight you think they’ll let us in are you crazy it’s in the
palace and we don’t have an invitation if you hadn’t noticed so how are we
getting it as if I’d know why not ask for Miguel Oh to get you in or go see
old Alan in low town why does sudden interest on I told you
I’m going to take back with ours give back to del Nazca come on what do you
think if I find something and it fetches a good price
how about I buy you all dinner oh please you know as well as I do the first thing
you’d buy as an airship all hail von sky part of Damascus he’s
telling nice ring to it stay out of trouble an airship Oh No
maybe but not to Miguel time to be old down in the business ah if it is it van rats pain comfort tip
on how to secure something bigger at the dharma by the east gate one your you
heard about that wise i may not be but well-informed I am don’t get what’s
coming to them Sunday believe me so that’s not why I’m here do tell I
want to know how to sneak into the palace and kind of have some great stuff
in there so I protect not one do means words are you boy the Empire protects
all that has and that means the palace and all the treasures inside that’s why
I’m gonna do it to take back what’s ours so our champion of the sewers aspires to
noble action admirable perhaps I can help you
ah now that I think on it there was a rumor yes a secret passageway into the
palace walls a door and a magic stone that opens the way that’s it this is
exactly why I came to talk to you first down so where’s this a magic stone oh
I’ve had it for years if I can remember where I’ve got it away you you I know what are you doing here
I could ask you the same though the answer is pretty clear no good what I’m
being good hmm is that right so then you wouldn’t mind if I say tagged along
would you huh oh don’t worry Miguel is busy with preparations for the fete I
put the palace why I’m free for the whole day well
let’s get going hi yeah welcome yourself yeah yes Oh yeah yeah just by yes you we yes

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