Find the Proper Angle With Any Razor!

Find the Proper Angle With Any Razor!

Greetings! I’m Geofatboy for You’re getting ready to shave, and it’s “The Moment Of Truth” Time to place the razor on your skin, and
find the proper angle. Right now I’ll do a quick video demonstration
demonstrating how to apply the blade and the razor head to your face or your skin
so that you achieve the proper angle and maintain it throughout your shave. And
I’ll show it to you on various razors this being a standard flat bar type
safety razor, and also an open comb type razor, and a slant bar type razor, also a
traditional folding straight razor, and lastly a Japanese style razor like this one. I’ll show you how to achieve and maintain the proper angle so that you can enjoy a
baby smooth shave. Alright, “Let’s do it!” I’m just getting ready to get my shave
on, I’m all lathered up, but before I get started, I just want to go over the
proper blade angle, the angle that you apply the razor to your face. Most people if you do any reading or research, you’re going to hear that it’s 30 degrees, but it’s something that you need to apply the blade to your skin and then achieve that angle, and keep it throughout your shave. So I’ll give you a side view
right here, when you first start with the safety razor you want to, from this side I’ll show you. You want to apply it so it’s perpendicular to your face like this, you see how this is flat
and you just apply it like that, and then you just want to tilt upward slightly, like that, slightly not too much, just a little bit, and you’ll feel when it’s removing the hairs cleanly, instead of scraping. So you just want to tilt it, come in flat like this, and then tilt it up slightly, and then and then it will remove the hairs easily. Just like that. That’s the angle. I’ll show you from this side. I’ll use the left hand on this side, so here, you come in from the side, and it’s flat like that tilt it upward slightly, tilt it slightly, and that’s it. There you go. Again, you can talk about it all day long and people will call me on the phone and say: “What is the proper angle, how do I get the proper angle?” Well, it is something where you need to apply it, tilt upward slightly, and then you’ll get a feel for it. On your neck area, if you’re going against the grain, you just need to apply it like so, and this is something that’s tricky because the razor is upside down and your neck is going the other direction it’s not a flat surface
like your cheek, so you need to again, just find that angle from the side and that’s the angle that you’ll feel it removing the hairs cleanly, and it won’t be scraping, and you won’t get irritation. once you get that proper angle. After a while you won’t even have to think about it or pay attention, it’s your Zen-Like muscle memory will kick in and you’ll just be able to get it done easily without, without
much thought whatsoever… Again, like that… That was a standard flat bar safety
razor, if you’re using an open comb razor you’ll do the same angle, it’ll be the same
way. Here’s an example this is an iKon this is a slant bar razor it’s got the twisted or the skewed head on it. With this one you will forget the fact that it’s twisted, and you
will just hold it flat to your skin. The skew is in the head itself, you don’t have to do anything to make that happen you just shave with it like a normal
razor, and you don’t need to twist or turn anything, just find your angle, come
in flat like so, find your angle slightly up like this… and then work your way down… and on the right side, same way. I’ll rinse that off. You can come in flat like so, come in flat like this, and tilt slightly upwards, and then you’ve found your angle… That’s it. With the straight razor, you can lay it flat, on your skin, and then tilt slightly outwards, not too much or you’ll be scraping, it’s just a slight 30 degrees and you want to stretch your skin, and go downward like so. That’s it, it’s very simple. Now on the left side, you can just do the same with your left hand. Lay the razor flat on your skin and just roll it slightly outward, stretch… and work your way down… just like that… On the neck area when you’re coming against the grain, you can lay it flat, tilt it slightly out If you’re using a Japanese style razor, the non folding type, you will do the same, just grip it, lay it flat, stretch your skin lay it flat, just roll the spine out a little bit, slightly work your way down stretch the skin, lay it flat like so, roll it outward slightly, and work your way down. Same thing in the chin area, lay it flat, roll it out slightly Just like that… Some people may complain with a straight razor that you can’t see your sideburn when you’re trying to trim it Because your hand gets in the way. If you are using a standard straight razor like this you need to, there is an angle where if you turn far enough in front of your mirror you can actually see, but it’s a very minute little window that you can see. So another way to go about it is do the best you can under your sideburns, start below it, and then when you come in and you want to trim it perfectly, what you
can do is, turn the razor upside down like this lay it flat turn upward slightly, and then stretch…
There you go! That’s how you can line up your sideburn perfectly. If you’re using the japanese-style razor same way, grip it like this upside down, now with the Japanese you can actually see a little better because
you can hold it out like this, and your hand isn’t really in the way. If you grip
it towards the bottom. Or, you also will do the same thing. Flip it upside down, lay it flat, find your angle now when I’m shaving, I don’t have to lay it flat and find the angle because I just can apply it to my
cheek and just get going with it, but you will lay it flat, find the angle, upward slightly, stretch a little and you can use your shaving cream to give you a straight line, like that. Thanks very much for watching! I hope this video helps you achieve and
maintain the proper angle so that you can enjoy a “Baby Smooth Shave” Please
visit for all your shaving supplies. And don’t forget to
click that subscribe button subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’m
Geofatboy. Have a Great Shave, Have a Great Day!


  • Syafiq says:

    Sexy brows though

  • Stephen Davidson says:

    Awesome video Geo, thanks.

  • Dan Lutter says:

    You didn't CLEAR THE RUNWAYS!?!?!

  • Jammin GI James says:

    Another great video geo!  Thank you for sharing brother :)… you have beautiful eyes bro!  you should consider modeling for Visine!!!

  • TheAdmiral1976 says:

    Dear Geo,

    "Increase a few degrees to rid of the hairy debris"

    Best wishes
    The Admiral

  • geofatboy says:

    Pedro Bear,
    Since there is no option for me to reply to your comment, I'll do it here:
    Didn't even notice it till you mentioned it.
    Are you insinuating something?

  • MGShogun says:

    Thank you for helpful video. Much appreciated it! Keep up good work.

  • Thad Launderville says:

    Pitching up from the safety bar side, the first angle that cuts hair is likely to take more skin than necessary. I think what you're trying to get at, is that one can feel when the pitch is right. Unfortunately, some of us will need to access lower angles, and hold skin back behind every stroke. If you found cartridges painful, in particular: start from the cap side, pretend it's the straight razor.

  • Goldy987 says:

    Thanks for the video, Geo. I always find them informative.

  • Omar El-Madhoun says:

    did you get razor burn after this video? haha

  • James Blake says:

    Hello Geo Congratulations on your channel
    I always follow your own videos and suggestions … very interesting
    Thank you very much
    You have many varieties of razors
    but I've never seen you try the best of Italian razor "Mastro Livi"
    It is constructed of stainless steel + carbon damascus
    Razor Snake… You know? Look at how it is made:

  • Tom Botting says:

    geo, great video as always! I notice you been using the 38c a lot more in your videos. How do you like that razor? I only have 2 safety razors the 38c and a '78 super speed (my birth year razor). I love the 38c such a forgiving razor. In my opinion the 38c is best paired with a Personna med prep, Wilkinson sword, or a Gillette 7 O'Clock super stainless. Thanks for the great videos! If it wasn't for your videos I would not be shaving with a safety razor.

  • Rich Slaney says:

    Your videos are awesome and I'm finally getting the shave I always wanted with no soreness. I'm 44yrs old and been shaving since I was about 15yrs old and I've struggled with razor burn on my neck for years and years.
    I used to shave with a very expensive rechargeable Braun Electric Razor which made my neck sore, I think due to the friction. Then I started to wet shave with shaving foam and multiblade razors, from Gillette 3 blade to 5 blades and more recently the Wilkinson Sword Fusion 5. Still, I had a sore red neck which meant I could only shave no more than twice a week as the day after I could hardly touch my neck due to soreness and that also using Shaving Balms etc.

    Well, In less than a week of shaving with my new Merker Futur DE safety razor the soreness and redness has just about gone. After the 1st shave, I used blade position 1 – 2 and now for the second shave I'm on 3. Awesome.
    I use the Proraso White Pre-shave, Proraso Green or Red shaving foam (with a Muhle Synthetic Silver Tip Badger Brush). I do 3 passes, finishing off with a Warm and then cold rinse, then a rub with an Alum Block and then the Proraso white aftershave balm.

    Wow, stunning. Baby soft and smooth, no soreness at all (even straight after and during the shave) and the results are good for about 1.5days for me.

    So at last, i'm shaving every other day with no soreness and razor burn. I can't believe the difference and makes me puzzled why the cartridge shave was ever invented as the blades are silly expensive and the results were never good for me and left me sore.

    Oh, and incredibly I've not cut myself yet either.

    Thanks so much for sharing all your advice in the amazing and informative way you do.
    Shaving has gone from being a painful chore to a pleasant experience. I lost my dad a couple of years ago and I know he has an old safety razor he used to use still in his old bedside cabinet. I'm going to ask my mother if I can have it, so I can clean it up and involve a bit of my father's spirit in my shaving routine.

    Guys, if you haven't tried it yet and suffer…… Give it a go, it's so nice.

    PS. I before starting I also bought and used a bottle of PFB Vanish and used it on my Razor burn neck area for a few days before I started. It's doing a great job and I use a little on my neck an hour or so after my shave and it seems to be reducing it brilliantly.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I had to share my experience.

    Take care and keep em coming.

  • Hanworth Homebrew says:

    Have to say a huge Thank you from the uk been watching for a while now and enjoying the best shave ever … Shame the shipping would be a joke from the US to the UK

  • FarP321 says:

    great video

  • schwarzblatt says:

    I love that Japanese razor. It's the first one I bought after using a safety razor for a few years. Gives a great shave. Still manage to cut myself around the moustache area most of the time though, haha.

  • Andrew Golland says:

    great video as always. ..thanks for all the info..keep up the great work!

  • Ahmed Jaber says:

    Well done Geo must say. I have been shaving with Des for about 6 years but until recently had challenges especially with the R41. So, when I checked this video I went ahead and tried it. Man does it work! I love it now even the R41 became almost as comfortable as the progress.

  • Ramon Homjak says:

    hey geo. it's been a long time i last watched your videos. i learend a lot from you and found my own prefferences. basicaly all i know about shaving is thanks to you. i just wanted to say that all wet shavers preffer to shave with hot water. what i discovered while learning how to shave (and i still do) is that because i have sensistive skin and wire like hard beard i reduce skin irritation like this: during the winter when is cold i use cold water, and during the summer i use hot water. my skin gets less irritated and i see that when i use alum block. almost no burning. if someone has the same problem you can try this. it works for me and my skin feels good when i'm done shaving

  • Shyster112 says:

    Hey Geo, I was wondering if you could do a review of a shave set that I tend to see in a few pharmacies. It's from a company called Van Der Hagen. It comes with a brush, a shave bowl and a shave puck. I'm wondering how you would feel about it. Just a request! 🙂 ( I tend to see them in CVS, Kroger, and a few Wal Marts here and there.)

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    Avoid Sterling soaps…customer service is bad…two weeks to ship…

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    Hi Geo, how about an new video as a Christmas gift for your fans?

    Merry Christmas and a Happy new year 🙂


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    Could you do a video on after shaves or moisturizers and the best ones for the money?

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  • JiggyJinjo says:

    Hello, I just got into De razors and got my first one (De89) along with an arko soap and a semogue 1250 (boar brush) and I would like some help.I'm struggling getting a nice lather:
    I usually dip the brush in water while I shower, then I squeeze it once to remove some water and then I proceed to load the brush. It loads really well but then, when I apply it to my face, I can't get a nice lather. I tried different motions or adding more water but I get a really thin lather everytime ( I can almost see my skin underneath ). I feel like the more I use the brush, the more it scraps off the lather off my face. To counter this I just use it as a painting brush. What am I doing wrong ?

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    so it's actually 60 degrees not 30

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    А теперь американец ответь на мой вопрос!

    Кто победит на выборах: Трамп или Клинтон?

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    Yes, I have also used cartridge razors. IMO they produced a good enough result, but the refill prices are just ridiculous and their use is out of the question for that reason. The added convenience is just not worth the extra cost. Not to mention the extra waste.

    Guys/Gals, if you are new to shaving, do yourselves a favor and get a good safety razor, a 100 pack of blades and a really good shaving cream/soap and you’re set for a very, very long time. A good razor will last a lifetime if taken care of properly. Also, you will only need to buy a new pack of blades every other year (if that). You can thank geofatboy (and me, possibly) later.

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