Fire Sign Astrology: An Intro to Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire Sign Astrology: An Intro to Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Hi, Welcome to Inside Connection. I’m Dr.
Craig Martin and in this episode we’re gonna talk about the element of fire. What do you
know about fire? Well, we know that fire is hot and we know sometimes it burns. But did
you know that fire the element also corresponds with human personality. Fire Signs are all
creative, motivated, and enthusiastic. They high energy. They have a common thread
of having a lot of ideas which comes from that creative side.
Let’s talk first about the light side of fire. Aries is the first fire sign remember we have
people like Betty Davis, Lady Gaga. They stand out as fire, right? Leo is the second, how
about Whitney Houston or Napoleon or even Barack Obama–he is a very big Leo.
And Sagittarians Bruce Lee, Taylor Swift, Jamie Foxx as we see with all the elements.
The first sign in fire — Aries has to do with relationship that that sign has with
itself. Second fire sign, Leo has to do with relationship that that person has with one
individual or individuals & others. And Sagittarius the third fire sign is about creativity with
society or a whole group of people, at large. The difference between Aries and Leo is that
Aries is doing creativity for itself. Leo is creative for others while Sagittarius wants
to be creative on a social level. Their creative experience involves society, that’s why Sag
rules high learning, foreign travel and, philosophy. We see people like Steven Spielberg or even
Nostradamus is a Sagittarius. They have a kind of philosophical vision that they are
trying to bring to the world. One thing I want to make clear is that this
first, second, and third sign thing doesn’t mean that the third sign Sagittarius is more
evolved than the first sign Aries because it’s really about experience that this individual
is having. So Aries is experiencing it’s creative effect on its self. It’s doing creativity
for itself while Sagittarius is experiencing creativity for group of people.


  • Eagle Eye says:

    sagittarius is by far the sign with more powerul people on earth, is a fire sign, ruled by the king of kings, and God of gods Jupiter or Zeus, and is the main god of every religios Jupiter is also colled Jove cause it comes from Jehova o Jaweh, also called EL, where the word Allah cames from, is were the word Dios comes from, is Amon-RA and Amen is what everybody says at the end of every prayer… 

    The color of the Roman empire is the Color of Jupiter their most powerful god, thats why the color of the roman empire is asosiated with POWER!!!! ,,,, in the cabalistic tree of life Jupiter IS GOD himself!,, and they had a god for every thing, they had a god for the sun (Apollo, Febo), for War (Mars, Ares), for comerse Hermes mercury,,,, for fucking everything…. 

    Just some Sagitarrius so you know… cause you say Leo Napoleon, Obama,  right??  well why didnt say Sagittarius:

    Stalin, Nero, Vlad the Empalor (dracula), Winston Churchil, Charles de Gaulle, Ghengis Khan, Atila The Great, Francisco Franco, Ramses II, Phillip of Masedon, Lucky Luciano (Al capone's boss and the only capo who controled the entire EE.UU) lucky lucciano was called "Di capo di tuti capi" (The boss of bosses), he just said one day, everybody who wants to live in EE.UU. pays me, 10 % of every thing they earn,,, AND THEY DID NO CUESTIONS ASKED … just read a little about what im talking about. ….  

    You wont know the ones from caountries that are not anglosaxsons, romans or greeks, butt there are like Rise..

    Pablo Escobar, Nicolas Maduro, Augusto Pinochet, Anastacio Somoza, Ju hintao, Gregorio Alvarez, Idriss Deby,Maher Al Assad, Policarpo Paz García, Garastazu Medicci…. look the list is infinite

    Learn a little before you go on the internet talking shit alright,,,,,, and by the way the way the centaurus is mor powerfull than all the other figures in the zodiac toghether thats why it is sgittarius symbol is the simbol of absolute power, is the fire revolution from the speed of will (Wich is the sephirot of Jupiter or Keter in the khabalistic tree of life…)  to the man, anding becoming a straight arrow son fire with the direction, virility and strentgh to the infinite..

    The simbols asosiated with sagitarius are,

    The centaurus,Thunder, God himself, The Throne, The Scepter, The Eagle, Purple, the Crown, and Power.

    And if you think you can do what i just did with every sign … go ahead… if you can tell me 1… ONE, UNO, UNITATE,,, only one leader Scorpio ill pay you 100 bucks.. all send it to your P.O. Box … and dont say theodore roosvelt who got into the presidency in 1901 because the president DIED and he was vice president… thats doesent count… and thats the only guy you will find…. and by the way, Franklin Delano Roosvelt is a totaly diferent guy he was Acuarius and was a Great Leader… you know the guy in the wheel chair in world war II… that was a mayor leader… not to the poit of a Sag , like Churchill… but a grat leader never the less…. Butt in the sodiac there are signs like, Scorpios… who just cant lead for shit.. not NEVER!!!…..  they can paint (Monet Picaso) and act and cry the shit out of a movie seen but that is IT!

    You want to know a Sagittarius,, BETHOVEN was DEAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…… yes you read me right,,,,, the great bethoven who compose the best music ever… WAS DEAF!!!!  and a sagitarius born in december 16……….

    thas because sagittarius does whats impossible for all the othe signs combined, in fact that is what the sagittarius simbol MEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jabayzaballa says:

    God dam fire signs! There's always argument between you guys!



  • Music Unicorn says:

    Sun in ariesss
    Moon in aquarius
    Rising in leo 😀

  • Ravi Agarwal says:

    me and my wife both fire I am sagittarius and my wife is leo

  • Ninad Kalmegh says:

    1.Leo 2.aries 3.sagittarius

  • tem po says:

    I have all these 3 signs 😉

  • Squeezy Lemon says:

    I'm a Aries! 😀

  • Nasreen Khalid says:

    It is said that aries n leo are best match. How can both fire signs live together ? Can anybody explain?

  • J.R. The Lyrical Angel says:

    Hes right imma sag and for some reason I'm only 25 and I've been meeting celebrities since I was 6

  • Jonathan robert Malseed says:

    I’m Leo

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