GEMINI 2019 In Depth Reading-New Love New Life♊♊

GEMINI 2019 In Depth Reading-New Love New Life♊♊

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel you’re with a mirror from a mirror salon calm This is your yearly in depth twenty nineteen videos. I hope you really enjoy them Please comment below and check back in during the year to see what’s happened and I have one particular spread in the mix there that is a month by month spread so that could resonate and come to pass Sort of like a little bit later in the year timing is very flexible with some of the readings because it is a general Reading for everybody done with the intention of meaning something to everyone watching their video So done with the intention of meaning something specifically to you and thank you so much for all of your beautiful comments your patronage and Your shares likes and subscribes and also your donations. I really appreciate them. It does help keep the channel moving and floating I am going to be doing some live streams interactive for January and maybe throughout the year as well I’m going to get on camera and do some live streams with you. So stay tuned to my Facebook and Any announcements my newsletter as well, which will indicate when your sign will come up for the live streams This year for the 2019 videos? I’m using quite a few different decks. I’m doing it very organically and There is a very special sizzling sexual deck in the mix there, too So I hope you really enjoy those I would recommend for those of you who are under 16 not to watch that particular section of the Video when that comes up and I will let you know when that does come up So lots of love and angel blessings moving forward I have you I hope you have a fabulous year ahead and I hope all of your wishes manifest and come true and I’ve got so many tools for you on my website as well to help you manifest Everything into reality lots of love child for now Hi Gemini Gemini’s Sun moon rising and Venus This is your in-depth reading for 2019 the overall energies and their theme for 2019. I’ve put a spread out for you with the fantastic Lenormand deck and What we have here is the heart the stalks and the lilies so What I’m getting here with this is that you know the heart and how you feel about your life and how you love your life is going to be the most important thing and Theme moving into 2019 you could also fall in love be in love Find love in 2019 Especially if you’re single or love what you do if you are already coupled or love your partner or love what you do more in 2019 in general so there’s definitely a love theme there’s a heart theme. I love them not necessarily marriage but meeting somebody for love relationship and for You know love heart Relationship hearts and flowers, so that’s super positive We’ve got the stalks the stalks are about changing and flying and moving around So it could be time to move on to something If you’ve been resisting moving it could be that you’re moving because of a love that’s come into your life because of Opportunities that come have come into your life. There could be a reason for you to change whether it’s changing into a new job changing into a new relationship Coming out of a relationship and into a new one letting go of an old one going into a new one You could be moving home or moving a dress you could be moving offices moving countries moving cities or states as well, so or towns or suburbs So the stalks are about change and it looks like you could be you know You could be together with somebody moving with somebody you’re moving in with someone You could be moving in with a love and you love that. You’ve met a heart connection and The lilies often represent an older man somebody who’s older and wiser somebody over the age of 30 Can be somebody who is very established kennel to be a father figure or a boss somebody. Who’s a Guidance person somebody who’s going to guide you and mentor you Into success moving forward or could be this partner coming in So if you are looking for a life partner for a heart partner for a love partner Then it could be an older man or a man who is established or a more mature man coming into your life for 2019 if you are a male then that could be somebody coming into your life to influence you he might be giving you an opportunity an Opportunity to change your life assistance to change your life in some way could be giving you a new job a new home and your opportunity or Something like that, so it could be an influence a male influence on your life. It could be a professor or a Mentor of some description as well. So somebody who is older and wiser This can also have references to somebody maybe in your family who’s very old could be a grandfather that needs more Assistance or a older uncle or a great uncle or an older father if your father is really quite elderly It could be an indication that he needs your help or wants you to be closer to him At this stage of his life. So that’s a really nice one to open up Gemini for you Interesting so far very interesting. So now I’m going to do your month by month your month by month spread with the albano wait Tarot and We’re going to shuffle until we get the cards in order from one to twelve Off the top of the deck, so I’m not going to use any jumpers In order in sequence from one to twelve So we can get a nice lineup for the year for 2019 January through to December 2019 for Gemini but I’m going to Add Or clarify each month as well with a different deck so we can have a look and see what’s happening with that for that Etc. So let’s have a look Gemini. What is going on for? month by month 2019 from January to December moving forward we want to get a good lineup Jim and I Ankle spirits guides give Jim and I a good lineup a precise definite lineup a precise definite message Messages from spirit moving forward what if we got install for Gemini for? January through December Okay, here we go The San Gemini beautiful way to start the year the Sun happiness contentment Feeling really positive about life positive about where you’re going positive about where you’re at February you have the four of cups, which is Maybe refusing an offer. Maybe you have an offer of love and it’s not looking good. So you’re refusing it Maybe you’ve got a job offer or somebody’s you know, suggesting something. It could be just a suggestion you’re thinking No, I’m not liking that suggestion. I’ve got everything I need right here right now. You could even be in this new relationship Starting up in January you could get other offers in Feb and you’re saying no. I’m actually quite happy with what I’ve got already and Then we’ve got the seven of cups. So things looking a little bit mysterious up in the air You’re not sure exactly what’s going to happen, but we’re going to clarify that April So, it’s March April April we have Rest and recuperation. You might have been burning the candle at both ends overdoing it You might be needing to meditate on some sort of spiritual quest spiritual retreat You might be visiting more churches. You might also be visiting somebody in hospital prison or going to a funeral May ok, confusions Confusions around May confusions around May you could also get somebody who is a can Syrian or a Pisces coming in towards you around May There might be something that you need to sort out in May that is You’re not sure about it could be legalities it could Relationship you’re not sure about it could be a situation that you’re not sure about But June things are looking a lot more positive clearer moving forward. Happy birthday for June Gemini somebody’s making you an offer you could even get a marriage offer in June or an offer to Start a new relationship or continue a relationship in June in a more positive way July is looking like you’re sitting pretty you’re in your finery You’re looking like you have everything that you need and want you’re looking better financially as well So somebody might be giving you something in June that is assisting your life moving into July August two of cups in a solid partnership you feel Contented you feel blessed you feel Really happy in this relationship. You feel like you’re really That everything is working out just fine and dandy. You could be going away on a summer vacation Well, Jim, and I you’ve also got the lovers. That’s really really nice. So A September you you continue with this relationship? So I feel like either there’s a relationship starting in January or this one starting in June and it’s going to continue on okay So if if one starts in January, it’s a little bit up and down then There’s something else happening in June that’s going to make more sense to you October you have new journeys new starts stepping into the unknown Going on a journey with somebody starting off on a new journey by yourself as well starting a new project Wow really nice lineup for the second half of the year. I must say from June onwards Then then November we have celebration you might be getting married engaged you could be getting married also in December moving in with somebody Getting married tying the knot happy family homes. You might have the birth of a child Something really magical might happen in and around the relationship or you’re just really happy with a relationship so it looks like this really good relationship cards view so far this year Gemini looking really good and the theme was a love coming into your life or Heartfelt energies for you this year Okay So I’m going to I almost don’t want to accentuate these cards because they’re all so good but we’re going to do Clare’s emotions cards and Have a look at the highlighted aspect to these cards okay, so we’re going to take these cards for the main value and we’re going to highlight them or Clarify them and just highlight them with an accented card on top Which are these Clare’s emotions cards? All the cards are available on Amazon and my cards are Miroslav Oracle Which will be coming up are available only on my website and in some bookstores as well Okay Gemini. Let’s have a look for you January through December January through December Okay, so the sun shining on you you are Feeling like the seasons are changing. You’re feeling like even though it’s saying autumn So there could be something that you’re looking forward to in autumn. So autumn could be for those in the northern hemisphere September October November for those in the southern hemisphere Can be March April? May Okay, so something that you’re looking forward to an autumn you might be Planting a seed because we’ve got lots of vegetables here Planting a seed that you’re going to be reaping in on you know in in autumn in the autumn months We’re just watching how the seasons Are moving and changing you might even be going somewhere That’s more hot and sunny because we’ve got the Sun here and it looks like this have really nice weather there as well So you might be going somewhere in January. That is a warm Ok February you’ve got choices and decisions to make you’re not sure what path to take you’re going to be sitting it out until you get The actual pull of a decision that you need to make about a direction that you want to go in 3 Okay, March The seven of cups there could be a message that you’re receive that kind of throws you off You might be feeling like something is ambiguous You’re not sure exactly what it means You might want to go back and revisit or re ask a question about the message that you receive to get more clarification But there could be news coming in that you’re just not sure about or you don’t like or you feel is a little ambiguous April a Male rival okay, so there could be somebody who’s trying to steal your thunder. Take your limelight Take over something from you There could also be a male rival around a man that you’re dating or married to so there could be somebody giving your partner problems or in competition with you or your partner regarding a situation of love or marriage Around you or could even be a sibling as well or somebody that you connected to that is causing issues Could be looks like a male a young male potentially Okay, the moon confusion and disillusion and confusion around a womanizer. Okay so what you probably needed to know is is that if somebody does come in and they’re not really Clear about what they want. Then they are a gigolo or a womanizer. So you don’t want to have anything to do with that person Potentially you might be just looking and seeing you know visiting the situation to see if they have other women around them and what they’re up to and you might not trust them and just follow your Gut feeling on that one gem and I looking at Jun activity striving for word activity reaching out somebody reaching out to you offering you their cup and There’s a lot of action with is so they might be putting in a lot of action Into breaking through to your breaking the chains that might be keeping you stuck where you are Getting you to move forward with them making things happen lots of activity in action Okay, July soulmate really nice a soulmate partner coming in somebody who is a soulmate Who is going to really be you know there for you and you were there for them really nice relationship card? For you to move forward into this next part of the year New beginnings new start so it looks like something is happening potentially from June. There’s action July you might be already in a relationship You know, you might be start feeling like this is a new relationship in your beginning. You kind of like getting More familiar with a person and the person is proposing to you or you have a new thing with them Okay lovers nice man of the heart Really nice lineup. So you’ve got this beautiful heart that this man is giving you offering you his offering you his heart He’s there for you a hundred percent He’s not shy about it. He’s definitely going to be The one for you and if you are the man and you’re looking for a female then that’s you you’re offering your heart to somebody The fool okay taking off on a new journey. You will go into uncharted territories. There’s a desert there You might be going to spend time in a place. That’s dry and sunny could be Texas It could be New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Southern California, Mediterranean turkey the Middle East all parts of Australia as well Or somewhere in the desert. There’s also some desert areas Elevated in South America, too. So you might be going to Somewhere on a journey you might be going on a trip somewhere different somewhere You’ve never been before Gemini and you love going to new places and seeing new things so you might be going on a trip with your with your partner Or with somebody else but all by yourself, but you looks like you’re going on a trip Okay celebration three of cups winter. Okay winter in the southern hemisphere that will really resonate people in the sorry winter in the northern hemisphere November you’re going to be celebrating over winter you’re going to be celebrating this new love new dimension of relationship. It’s all about relationship new You know beautiful relationship that you’re in you might be looking forward to the winter with somebody you might be looking forward to Having a white Christmas or being in the snow or going skiing Some of you in the southern hemisphere might be visiting somewhere cold in November. So Coming up to the northern hemisphere. You might be going skiing like in Japan in in Europe or in America Perfect, oh my god. What if what a beautiful reading Gemini? I mean, it can’t get much better than this honestly December you’ve got luck Luck’s on your side. You’ve got the the piggy bank the wishful Pig. You’ve got the four-leaf clover you’ve got the the ladybug, so you’ve got luck luck luck horseshoes and luck so you could come into a lucky a very big like Lucky windfall lucky phase when the lottery get married feel like you’re pinching yourself like ever is perfect Passion. I just wanted to flip that over just just because I feel like their passions in the air I don’t think it’s an affair, but it’s passion in the air and Really beautiful card really cute really beautiful Lucky into the year although the second half of the year is really like momentum going you might even get a proposal here in October you might be married by December you could be going on a honeymoon in October even you could be like Living with somebody or in love or have a honeymoon have a relationship get married I mean everything that there is about love for you And anything else up here is like you’re just sorting out your sifting and sorting out What’s what and what isn’t for you and what is for you? So you’re kind of just sorting everything out in due course Gemini you’re taking control of your Destiny I feel and you are Navigating your ship into new territory That’s what I’m seeing in my third I am seeing a ship sailing into the sunset and I feel like you are going to be navigating into new territory. So That’s what I’m seeing. You’re going with your month-to-month reading for 2019 it couldn’t get better than that looks fantastic. I mean look at that line up. It looks fantastic so super excited about that for you and Let’s move on now to The passionate cards I’m almost scared to do any more cards because we have such a good reading. Okay Okay, we’re going to do the Tarot of sexual magic and these cards Are a little bit graphically sexual. So I do advise anyone under the age of 16 to skip this section and go to my Lookout for when you see my love oracle cards pop up and chin back in then, okay Let’s have a look Gemini Tero of sexual magic for Gemini looking good, let’s do a four card spread Gemini Gemini what’s coming up to Jim? And I looking beautiful. I Might do a three card spread they’re telling me to start off with a three and you’ll see how we go from there Gemini sexuality passion connection love connection 2019 for a Gemini. Ok, here we go, Gemini Okay, a subpoena corss feeling very content in your relationship feeling like you have also abundance around you you have Magic, you’ve got the candles. You’ve got the money. You’ve got the ritual. You’ve got the, you know relaxation and the Harmony with this relationship. It’s bringing your blessings. It’s bringing you luck. It can also be bringing you financial success as well together or through the Relationship you may be getting financial success. It looks like you’ve got somebody very dedicated to you. There’s dedications They want to worship you in some way. They could be wanting to Kind of just be there for you and they want a momento of you It’s it they want something from you, but you’re not worried about giving it to them That’s what I’m picking up with this card. They’ve also got a lot of abundance with them. They’ve got prosperity They’re giving you a lot of everything that you want. Okay? The wheel interesting the wheel okay, so things going around what goes around comes around and it’s like you’ve put in the hard work to get what you want and You’re going to reap the rewards of that you are not worried about any sort of competition You are not worried about any other women you can be everything that you want to be Gemini You can be the brunette the blonde and the redhead all together or combined as one you can be the sorceress you can be the Seductress as well. You can be anything that you want to be and you feel like you’ve come full circle The wheel is about coming full circle It’s about feeling like you have Luck on your side Feeling like the momentum of everything has come full circle and complete so you might have completed a cycle in your life and that could Be to get a marriage partner. So if you want to speed up that process download my audio download dating the full marriage how to date for marriage on my website and Lots of really valuable tips there to speed up the process of getting the marriage partner that you want So that’s really really nice and avoiding those who are not giving you what they want. Let’s have a look underneath just for curiosity Okay, three of swords You might have felt like there’s been some Distractions has been you know people in the background you might have been involved with somebody who’s you know? Had third parties around them or a third party around them and they haven’t been honest with what they have been telling you But you have found out the truth So that could be something that’s sort of cruising into the early part of the year But you’ve kind of sorted it out or you’re going to sort it out sooner than later Man coming in on his horse for you or you the man coming in on on the horse? Neither cup so somebody offering you their love offering you their cup. They could be cancer Scorpio Pisces or Just symbolic of a man coming in and offering you his love Okay the tower oh my god, okay, so this is about chopping off the dead wood getting rid of something That is no longer serving you Not getting involved in things that are disordered twisted weird Unethical, you know getting involved with people with darker energy or people who don’t have a heart or Jealousies there could be somebody around you who’s jealous? possessive and Who could kind of rock your world in some way? sometimes the tower can be positive in the sense that your world is shaken up for a reason and it is to Get things clear about what you want or what you don’t want eliminate and clean out the closet and get things moving forward In the way that you desire them to be moved forward. So that’s interesting coming to the end of a cycle so whether that is Yeah, you feel like To get different results. You’re going to have to do something different Okay, so to get different results do something differently Yeah, the end of a cycle so could be the end of cycle in your life in some capacity whether it’s being single End of being single end of being married end of being separated you’re getting divorced and of being alone and of working so much, you know end of working so much end of You know a feeling of you know feeling depressed overweight Not good enough Turning or look that around Okay, let’s have a look Gemini Gemini Gemini what have we got for Gemini, okay Gemini 2019 Gemini Okay, somebody with dark hair dark eyes not necessarily dark-skinned you could meet this person through friends associations groups Networking. Let’s see. What else we need to know Gemini Sorry, I’m gonna get that cut in him in a sec okay, so Family Blessed by family soul family member somebody coming in to have a family with you somebody who wants to have a family Blonde female could be you or somebody who wears a wig? Somebody who dies they here a different color or is naturally blond Dyes a hair red or pink or orange or a different color always a weak Or is a California girl associations. Also with American Midwest, etc. Blue jeans Okay, you love coming in somebody you have never met before coming in around you Okay, so this is somebody new German. I knew knew not somebody old Okay, there could be somebody else around you who’s looking for open relationship? They’re not serious or it could start off as an open relationship turn into something quite serious quickly You might be looking around for a new relationship looking out for someone new if you have Started a new relationship. It hasn’t turned into a committed relationship Then it’s still considered to be an open relationship. If you do not know the status of that relationship Okay If you have been with somebody for a very long time and you do not know that status of the Relationship so more than three months or six months It is an open relationship That person does not want to commit to you or they haven’t made a move on you because they’re just consider it to be open And maybe they’re just cruising along and enjoying it for what it is Okay. So what else do we need to know here Gemini you’re going to be treated like an absolute Queen loved adored and admired and having a lot of gifts Being spoiled and also having a lot of options and choices So if the first choice could that comes along it’s not right for you go for something else don’t stick with the first choice Being indecisive about someone or something somebody having a crowded relationship you might have options between two different people as Well the triangle card So two different people that could be something that pops up that you’re least that you’re not expecting You might meet the person dancing as well. They could have some Situation in their life where they are on stage or in the public eye. The beauty queen is being on stage Being in the public eye acting dancing promoting selling public speaking youtuber bloggers journalists news presenter TV host comedian Dancer I said dancer model your actor a Teacher or trainer as well in some some way they are on stage in their life Okay, so they are speaking to people they’re in front of people That could be you as well Gemini because this is sort of like the center of the readings that can be you Your family is going to be looking forward to this situation that you’re going to be Creating or meeting somebody in so that’s gonna all work out. Your family is happy for you. They They are giving you blessings. You might even find that this person to you feels like a soul family member You’re gonna meet this person. I feel destined Okay, so it’s going to be the right time the right place written in the stars come together You might not necessarily have to look for this person. They could just show up. Okay in some way in your life The ice queen is telling you to be more discerning in your relationships. You might even have influence from a mother mother-in-law or female advisor or somebody who is under the influence of Gemini Libra Aquarius, or that could also be you it’s just Showing us that you are being more Cool calm and collected and more clear about what you want and your intentions The mature woman is stepping into your own maturity. It’s feeling like you have come into a sense of maturity It’s also about somebody who might be in the cultural arts Internetworking and organizing of so this one might be somebody who is a helper a matchmaker She could be a matchmaking in your family. She could be a matchmaker in society or somebody who is Organizing events where you might meet somebody So that’s looking interesting Gemini very interesting indeed So the dark male, somebody dark hair dark eyes not necessarily dark skin Could be this match that you’re actually looking at that could be you if you are the dark male So that could be related to you somebody they you know, you love coming and it’s definitely in you. Love you it’s not somebody that you already know unless you’re with somebody now, and it’s moving into the next level of the relationship So what else do we need to know for gem and I’m gonna do their God is Tarot a couple of cards with the goddess tower by Chris volved wold Walter mmm-hmm Okay, Gemini What else do we need to know for Gemini? It’s looking good Gemini. I like you’re reading. It’s looking very good indeed Keep up the good work. Keep focus keep moving forward and you will get exactly what you want. And what your true desires are Okay tradition. Do you know? Okay, looking at traditions, you might be looking at something traditional you could be going into a traditional marriage Juno is also about love So you might be looking at your love your love interest traditions the traditions you have around love and sexuality Okay, you might feel like there has been a heartbreak a delay you might feel like there has been something that has Not worked out that you’re going to cut away from your life princess of swords using that Using that sword to cut something out. Okay It’s also saying not to focus on the past on what has been if somebody has you know broken your heart or pierced your heart, you know, you might want to have revenge but Saying not to focus on that. She’s moving forward. She’s often running in a new direction and Saying you don’t have to worry about what’s been and gone let bygones be bygones and that things that you can’t work out mentally just Dissolve like sometimes we’re not meant to work everything out and sometimes you’ll work it out later It’ll come to you in a dream. Sometimes the truth will come in a dream Queen of staves. Okay queen of Wands Okay, so she’s giving you energy she’s giving you fire she’s giving you passion to move forward whether it’s a king or a queen you could actually be getting a fire sign in Aries Leo a sagittarius male or Female into your life, okay But you’re the princess of swords. You’re the one that’s moving on and you’re not worried about any of everything Okay You’re not going to be trapped. Okay, Gemini It’s saying not to get yourself trapped mentally in Like a figure eight like going around and around and around in circles Don’t get yourself trapped in something. So if you see yourself floating into that space just take yourself out of it don’t allow it to bother you and The queen of sorts is there to protect you she’s there to guide you. She’s there to give you Inspirational advice and guidance. This is you. This is the inner you and the higher you so the Queen to the princess is Talking the Queen to the princess is talking This is you having chatter in your head as well. So this is about Alleviating the mental stuff and keeping things very simple Sometimes it’s better to just simplify everything Gemini and when you simplify everything that’s when you reap the rewards the tree will bear fruit When you simplify everything, it could happen in seven days. Seven weeks seven months or on the seventh month of July Looking good. Looking super good have a beautiful youth moving forward Gemini lots of love and angel blessings Hope to see you soon. Ciao for now


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