Gemini Daily Horoscope and Gemini Tarot Reading November 30th 2018

Gemini December 1, 2018 Horoscope.
For goodness’ sake, make a decision today, Gemini. The more you flounder about which
way to go, the likelier it is that you will miss the boat altogether. You have all the
facts you need, so don’t delay any longer. Once you make up your mind, be strong and
throw all your weight behind it. Your mind can be like a computer filing away information
as long as you stay alert. December 1, 2018 Tarot.
The Hermit. Keywords: awakening, enlightening, shedding
light, the “key” to a situation, crisis, isolation! Astrological Correspondence: Virgo.
The Hermit card symbolizes meditation, reflection, and solitude. As one of the cards resembling
old age it also represents bearing the light of wisdom, looking into the unconscious, observing
dreams. There is an emphasis on peace and patience, by which maturity is reached, and
a striving to connect to the higher spiritual self. The Hermit also depicts the spiritual
leader, the taskmaster who leads with purpose, conscience, and wisdom. A mature person, the
Hermit symbolizes deliberation about which path to follow, reassessment of achievements
and goals, and taking the time to reflect and plan. In a negative environment this card
can resemble excessive isolation, lack of communication, intolerance, crisis and doubt.

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