Gemini * More! More! More! For Your LifeStyle Comes In December 2018 * Tarot Reading & Horoscope

Well. Hello! Hello! My beautiful Gemini.
How are you my gorgeous ones? Sorry. I had to change my screen. We have an
exciting month in December. This is rounding out the year. We’ve got Jupiter.
He’s gone into Sagittarius. Let me put it on the first for you guys. Jupiter’s
gone into Sagittarius, but your ruling planet, mercury, has been retrograde.
We’ve had some issue. Some things coming up, but it hasn’t been so bad.
We have a lot of other stuff going on. Welcome. Welcome, everyone. For those of
you that don’t know me. My name is Cindy. I am the modern-day spiritual advisor. I
use multiple modalities, including astrology ,Tarot, Spirit Medium. All kinds of
stuff to help you on your path. So, my beautiful Gemini. Let’s see what
we got for December. For December first. Let me say this. We have on December
1st .These are an aneretic degrees. We have mercury at the 29th degree. We have Venus at the 29th degree. We
have Uranus at the 29th degree. If, in your natal chart…and you can go to astro
dot com or astro cafe dot com. I mean there’s like so many. If you were
born with any of these planets Mercury Venus or Uranus at the 29th degree. Which
I was born with Uranus of 29th degree. If you’re born with any of these planets at
the 29th degree, you’re going to be affected the most.
It’s going to affect you the most now. With these 29 degrees. These three
planets being at 29 degrees, I see powerful changes. I see changes that are
really powerful. I see important changes. I see next steps to your phases of life.
Whatever’s been going on the last 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, 12 years, even. You’re really changing into this different time. With this 29th
degree all of us are going to be effective, but, especially on this day and so
for you Gemini, this has to do with your 11th house. With
your 6th house. Your 6th house is your everyday, your health and well-being. It’s
the lifestyle. It’s the choices you make in your life, to change your
lifestyle. Your 5th house the thing you’ve been creating. The
thing that’s come from your heart. Maybe even your children. That’s
the 5th house. This is in your fifth house. Venus: love, luck, and money. It’s
going to be opposing Uranus in your house of networking. Whatever
you’ve been creating, if you’ve began a new job and/or created a new business or
created and that thing from your heart. Maybe you were dealing with your
child. Maybe you’re dealing with your children and you created something with
them. Whatever this is, there’s going to be… this opposition, it’s telling me
something is going to change, having to do with your groups, networking. May be
influential people. There’s something changing here, because Uranus likes to
change things, but it’s in opposition. Where there’s love, luck, and money.
But, you have mercury, your ruling planet. Gemini, your ruling planet
is in your 6th house. It’s going to change. There’s some news, there’s a way
that you think about things. There’s a way that you see something, where you
could get some clarity, with mercury retrograde, here, that changes because
even though this is opposing, this is quincunx, it’s almost as if I see
this change in perception for you. The way you do
something, or the way you see something, with your lifestyle, with
whatever is happening in your life. It’s like, you finally get it. You
have love, luck, or money coming. In this fifth house. If you’ve been creating
something. You’ve got some luck, some money, maybe you’re at the right place at
the right time, maybe somebody wants to come and help you.
Maybe your children want to help you. Whatever this is it’s going to
be changing this house of gains. This is your house of gains. It’s your
house of networking. Maybe you meet somebody that causes you to see something different. Really helps you, and then because of it, you were
able to expand your new business, or expand your new position, or whatever
this is. Look for that on the first. Then, on the second. Venus enters
Scorpio. Venus entering Scorpio. This is going to be again in your sixth
house. Venus is going to be there for a while. For almost, you know, a month in your
sixth house. So, your lifestyle, your health and well-being, there’s love, luck,
money, coming this way. In this house. Even when….this is stuff you kind
of…because it’s in your sixth house, you had to really go deep, to see what you
really wanted. I feel Venus is coming to…and this is stuff you
already worked on, but, I feel it finally clears up. You’re getting the
things you’re wanting It’s showing up in your everyday life.
Look for that on the second. Then, on the seventh. It’s a big day for everyone.
On the seventh. Mercury’s going direct. That’s your ruling planet. it’s still
going to be in your sixth house or it’s your lifestyle, it’s your health and
well-being, it’s your daily routine. There’s a message here, there’s something
you’re needing to process, or what your going to process. I feel like
it’s a change in perception for you guys. Not just on that day, do you have
mercury going direct. But, you have this grand water trine. having to do with your
North node in your second house. having to do with your career, your
outlook, your accolades, your life purpose. that’s Chiron in here. Then, your
ruling planet Mercury is in the sixth house so there is a grand water trine,
you guys. grand water trine is a divinely guided
gift. this will be felt on an emotional level ,but I don’t just feel like it’s
emotional. this gift may be emotional. but I feel
like there’s tangible stuff coming your way. that’s on the seventh. but we
also, because, we have this new moon on that same day. On that same day we
also have the new moon. the new moon is in Sagittarius. your opposing sign. so,
your sign with Sagittarius is your seventh house. this is collaborations.
there are new beginnings and it’s very optimistic. this is very good. this is
higher learning. this is expansion in this area. Jupiter’s in this area. I
feel many of you expand, expand, relationships. I feel a lot of you’re
collaborating. I feel you have new beginnings. your 10th
house is activated so you’ve got a lot of good things coming.
you just have to direct it. because on that same day you have Neptune and
Mars. Mars is going to be in this house. in your tenth house for this month. Mars is right on top of Neptune. this is your tenth house of accolades,
your life purpose, the thing that you’ve been working on. maybe you’ve got a new
job. but if you don’t focus this energy, because Mars is me. Neptune is we. so you
can get sort of confused. I know what to do. you got to direct the energy. Mars
can give you the force to be able to manifest in this house. but you have to
learn how to focus that energy. ground that stuff. manifest. you’ve got
a square here, going on, with this new moon. It may feel
like a lot of pressure. may feel like you’re scattered. it may feel like you
don’t know what you’re doing. it may feel that way. but, if you focus that energy,
something good can come here for you guys. a new beginning. I feel
there’s some news coming. because this is Mercury here. That’s on the 7th.
There’s a lot going on the 7th. then on the 13th. mercury enters Sagittarius.
Again, Sagittarius is a very optimist. An optimistic sign, but Jupiter is also in
here. By this time Jupiter’s been and just began in this house. he’s
growing this house. there’s collaboration and business and life and with
partners. this is relationships. whether it’s personal or business. this Jupiter
is expanding this house. Maybe many of you had, over the last year, really
had to come to terms with who you wanted in your life, how you wanted to do this.
what you wanted. and you’ve had some ups and downs, but Jupiter is going to make
this house bigger. it’s going to. Jupiter is going to help you understand, where
your boundaries are, what you’re going do with those, and so, when mercury comes in
here, there’s some news coming. there’s something. yes there’s a message coming
here. maybe somebody wants to help you. maybe somebody collaborates with you.
maybe, well for many of you, if you’re entertainers or actor, I can see. I can
see you getting the part. I can see you getting the contract, I can see you
getting. the deal I can see you doing. especially because you have the
Sun here. the Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury in your seventh house is a great thing
to have right now. because you’re expanding this. you’re
expanding your life purpose. you’re, with this Mercury, Venus. I mean
with Mars, Neptune here. Many of you that are actors, musicians, sports, anything
like that. I’ve said that before. entertainment. this is your expansion.
this is the beginning. these are just the beginning. I mean 2019 is going to be
even more. this is all in preparation, because
January comes, and I told you guys we’re going to have to commit to something. but
it’s going to be grounded. and for that, once you ground this, and you’ve already
began, but once you ground this, you’re talking about the next 7, 10,
12 years for some of you. where your lives are going to be stable, secure,
you’re going to be happy and relieved. there’s going to be some growth. ups and downs.
But I’m talking about the devastating stuff that’s been
going on. that’s going to be happening on the 13th look for that, and
then, on the 22nd. we have on the 22nd. then, on the 22nd we have the full moon
in cancer. this is in your second house. The full moon has to do with
releasing something. but if you look. the full moon is…and I always have my full
moon, new moon, videos. you can look at those during the month, but this is where
the Sun illuminates something that you hadn’t seen before. you could get
something coming in. you could get some money. you could get a new way to get money. you could get…so, well I a lot of you, I feel it’s a contract.
I feel, you get the part. I feel you got that. I’m seeing a lot of sports
too. Many people get to go overseas to do the sports, or get to go
do this. I don’t know it’s a lot of entertainment, or you get known. yes. I’m
feeling that. But with this full moon
something’s going to be shown to you. So, you can let go what no longer
serves you. maybe it’s, that you let go of feeling, can I really do this? or is
it really going to be my turn? whatever this is. this has to do with the
money you earn .letting go something, which no longer serves you. so you can
expand this. I’ll have more details in my full moon video. but, not
just on that day. I mean you are going to have the full moon,
but the Sun enters Capricorn. I wanted to say Cancer. sorry. so
the moves in cancer, and the Sun is in Capricorn. Capricorn is other
people’s money right now. for you, this thing you’ve been working on. Saturn
has make you work. made you work really, really, really, hard on grounding this.
shared resources. maybe you’re in a marriage. maybe you’re in a partnership.
maybe you’re in a business partnership. maybe you’re trying to get an
inheritance. whatever this is, the sun’s coming in here. it’s going to
shine some light .it’s gonna start clearing it up, during the month.
it’s in here. that’s just the beginning. look for that in your
eighth house. I can feel, if you’ve been, whatever it is that you’ve been
working so long on, since last spring. and maybe you went away from i.t
maybe you begin it again in the summer, and it was really hard, and now you’d
its in the background. you could feel, you did enough with
it. maybe you get little inclinations of something coming through
when the Sun comes in here, and as it gets closer to Saturn, you’re going to
get clarity about this. you’re going to get some something. Something is going to happen. some of you, it may mean for now, you let this go. yes.
because you have to move on to this other thing. that’s what I’m seeing too
with this full moon, but you’ve done all the work you needed to do with it.
some of you. that’s not everybody. that’s on the 22nd. then from the 27th
through the 31st. the 27th through the 31st. this is where the Sun is conjunct
Saturn. this is going to get very, very, clear for you. something is coming to
align something, in that house. Of, other people’s money, where shared
resources are, a loan, a grant, a contract, the law, like whatever you’re dealing
with, inheritance, your shared resources. maybe your spouse has been trying
to get a job for so long, and maybe they got an indication they were going to
get it ,but they weren’t really sure and this could be the time
they get it, and that’s going to explode for them, as well, because this is shared
resources. whatever this is, the Sun is going to come clear this up. this is
going to get very very stable for you. That’s moving into 2019. but
from the 27th through the 31st is when the Sun is going to conjunct Saturn. yes, through the 31st. and, I think it’s
beyond the 31st – yes, it’s beyond the 31st. the 31st you’re really
going to feel it. you’re really going to get some clarity, but
I’m not going to talk about January yet. because we have a lot of things coming
in January too. Just know, from the 27th to
the 31st something’s going to get very clear. About these shared resources, other
people’s money, like I said, these contracts these. I feel many
of you are getting contracts, and you finally things. you’re getting these
opportunities. that’s what I’m feeling. that ends the
month for you guys. so, let’s pull some cards and see what’s going on. I’d already shuffled these, but I
want to do it here, while I’m talking to you guys. I’ll pull three cards. the
first one is about where you stand in December. like the beginning of
December. where you’re at. what’s going on with you guys. The beginning of December. and the second one is spirits advice. and then the third one is the
result of the whole month. where are you? yes. your life has changed. you
have the world. so for many of you I feel if you’ve been isolated, if you’ve
been working too much, if you’ve been seeing too many people, if you’ve been
way out there, and haven’t done a lot of work I feel like a lot of you’ve done a
lot of work. if you’ve done a lot of work and haven’t been playing, it’s going to
be…it’s time for it to change in the month of December. I feel this
phase is changing and you’re kind of seeing it. whatever you were doing
it’s going to be very different. Many of you, I feel you’re working and many
of you I feel, you were working to try to get to some place. because you
knew that was the place that was going to allow you to relax. that’s what I feel
is coming by December 1st. In life. you probably got some indication of
it. Many of you probably had some things come through, especially with Venus
moving back, and then moving into. mercury, moving, you know.
correct? what’s for advice in this situation. we have the page of
swords. remember, this page, is very interesting. this page kind of does
what he wants to do. He brings a message. he brings news to you. but he
kind of does it what he wants to do it. but the bigger picture of this when your
life is changing. spirits advice, in this is, don’t get sad or discouraged, if the
thing you think or you want. the thing you think was coming. that
doesn’t come right now. don’t think it’s not coming. it’s just about the
unfolding and so maybe your dates were mixed up or maybe you felt it was closer
than it was. doesn’t mean you’re not going to get other things. it just means
keep your heart open, because this is about the unfolding of it becoming more
stable, in these next 5, 8, 10, 12 years for some of you. if you look
back 5, 8, 10, 12 years for others of you, it didn’t happen all at once, Correct?
this devastation.. this trauma this thing. it didn’t happen all at once and so the
stability. the stability this new phase in life. these new things. these new
contracts .these new people, these new relationships, these new accolades, this
new whatever. it’s going to take time to unfold. don’t think when you begin to
see stuff come in and then, the thing that you really wanted to come in
doesn’t come in here. Thinking, I still can’t breathe. When is it ever going to be, you
know. don’t get frustrated. just know that it all in due time.
that’s the message I’m getting from spirit .how does the month end? You have the three of cups. there is celebration. there’s a lot of celebration. but what
you don’t understand….is this is just the beginning. even if you get twelve
different offers, three different contracts, make it to the next level that
still isn’t the level you’re going to end up. you’ve got way more coming. this is
just the beginning. this is just December you have 2019 coming. you got a lot of
stuff coming. By the end of the month you’ll feel better. by the end of the
month you’ll be celebrating. but these are just the beginnings.
realize that, so, even if it just begins, to come in, and it feels like it’s a lot.
you’re not even there yet. I mean you guys have a lot coming this next year.
I love you love you love you thank you so much for liking, sharing,
subscribing. it really helps my channel We finally got to 30,000 subscribers.
Congratulations! Thank you so much. This year I’m planning to get to over a
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great! I love you! love you! love you! I’ll see you soon, Bye!

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