Gemini Rage Quitting Because of EUGENE #Gemini #Astrology

Gemini Rage Quitting Because of EUGENE #Gemini #Astrology

E: Now there’s certain signs regardless of if you’re into astrology that have reputations outside of the cosmic universe A: Yeah oh it’s polarizing and let me just start off by saying kanye west trump E: (laughs) right at the bottom! (laughing) E: They’re very good at talking a lot of game sometimes without the follow through A: Yesssssssss E: A lot of chatting shit up E: Fantastic friends terrible lovers E: gemini is my second to last A: that’s not wrong E: I’m sorry I had to think about it a while I love my gemini friends but the historically problematic geminis ruined their signs reputation E: Plus i’m 100% sure they’re going to complain the most about this ranking because they’re obsessed with how people veiw them Alexander: Hi, I’m a fan of the try guys Eugene in particular and today about an hour after it was released I watched him rank all the astrological signs and ah- I’ve been sitting on it for a couple hours now and I-I’ve just felt I feel really called out like there’s a lot of gemini hate out there on the internet and now- (forced voice crack) Eugene is coming for me he ranked me second to last! E: gemini is my second to last Alexander: I’m offended I can’t event say – I know I’m saying something about it but I can’t even really say anything about it because like (scoffs) he called me on that too E: I’m 100% sure they’re going to complain the most about this ranking because they’re obsessed with how people view them Alexander: like f*** I’m just done being a gemini – like I rage quit being a gemini I’m gunna find me a new sign like ah I’m already transgender so why not be just like transtrological so the way that I’ve decided I’m going to select my astrological sign is through online quizes because like what other way when you’re discovering a new identity to do it then like buzzfeed quizzes my sh** okay so there’s a- there’s a couple off different options here like there is a buzzfeed one 2014 I’m pretty sure Eugene worked for buzzfeed probably didn’t work on this that’s okay let’s just see what we’re – what we’re doing okay this is ah- loading super fast love it this is the shit – this is what I’m looking for so what word best describes you magnetic, creative… humanitarian, wonderless… wonderless? (laughs) wondrous compassionate ambitious, fearless… caring, enthusiastic, perfectionist… determined, imaginative… I think determined because i wanted to give up reading all of those options midway through but I got through it how are you with money this is- this one is gunna expose me I don’t like impulsive-ity but I will splurge big time when I can afford it because I’m impulsive but I don’t like that I’m implusive pick a vacation not gambling (laughs) I’ve never been gambling in my life I- like- never like I’m 23 years old just has not happened exploring Mayan ruins is how I would die like I-I-I can’t walk that well I can’t go up that many stairs this – getting lost in rome pick a dream job (laughs) oprah! (laughs more) just oprah (still laughing) um haha who the f*** wouldn’t want to be oprah I would love to be oprah which job would be your worst nightmare that is my job first eugene calls me out now this calls me out jesus christ ummm college math professor cuz everybody hates you E: they’re obsessed with how people view them Alexander: except for people who really like math but what about you’re romantic relationships this – I want a partner who is also my best friend what usually happens when you get in a fight with your significant other ummmmm this one… pick a colour spelled colour wrong there’s supposed to be a “U” in there oh I didn’t even see th- all the options but I stand by black what’s your work out and health situation what would be your theme song like none of these but I like beyonce which of theses movies do you like best I already know my answer already know it *singing twist and shout* pick a word E: (laughs) right at the bottom! (laughs more) E: They’re very good at talking a lot of game sometimes without the follow through A: yessssssss E: a lot of chatting shit up E: (distorted)
Alexander: I’m already transgender so why not be just like transtrological Alexander: apparently I’m just a gemini (groans) huhhh *clap* Eugene is just going to hate me if we every meet and tha- that that’s fine I guess ah… anyway if you enjoyed this video I don’t know why you did (laughing) but ah follow me? go ahead and like comment and subscribe also feel free to follow me on instagram twitter and snapchat instagram of course being my most active form of social media anyway peace out scout people… I’m still a gemini bye!


  • Astrology with Psychic Daquan Jones says:

    lol. Your face at the end had me dying. Though I'm a Gemini and everyone loves me. So I'm pretty sure Geminis are awesome. Some can be a bit obnoxious like Trump for instance, but I'm the quiet one that everyone loves to be around. Most of my talkativeness goes into writing. I love writing and people say I'm a good writer. So talking a lot isn't really how you'd describe me unless I'm talking about something that I'm really passionate about. Cool video though. Loved it!

  • Alexander Jasper-Jay says:

    What do you think about geminis? Did you notice my browser history?

  • Brian Michael Scott says:

    I SCREAMED WHEN YOUR RESULTS CAME IN!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 As a Gemini tho I feel like the hate we get cause of the few of us that are shitty is uncalled for, especially when scorpios exist like??? 😂

  • Jake Beast says:

    I had a feeling that would happen

  • Myrk Fælinn says:


  • Myrk Fælinn says:

    LOl, ended up with Virgo xd and Im scorpio xd I knew I would have another tough personality. When I watched the zodiac video, I was sure some other signs like Virgo would match me too….

  • Light 21 says:

    Capricorn is an Earth sign and it is not compatible to an Air Sign. I am a Gemini too and actually I don't like the seriousness of Capricorns. Hahaha so that is okay. 😅😂😉

  • Kyle Hill says:

    cancer was low too i was like damn how u gonna put the sensitive ones at the bottom >;,^{{{

  • Tyler James says:

    That search history is a mood

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