Guía Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave ; Celestial Eminent Star Balron Rune

Guía Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave ; Celestial Eminent Star Balron Rune


  • Lian Rozen says:

    Celestial Eminent Star Balron René
    天英星バルロン ルネ

    Fire Whip
    Lashes out with his whip at the closest enemy and surrounding enemies, nullifying barriers and inflicting Fury Damage. Disables hit enemies.

    Recounts the sins of 1 to 5 random enemies, inflicting Fury Damage with Petrify effect. Reduces Evasion of hit enemies and increases their Cooldown time. Also increases own Fury Attack whenever a hit connects.

    Lake of Blood
    Inflicts Fury Damage that cannot be evaded on the closest enemy. Temporarily sends hit enemies to the Lake of Blood.
    -This skill will miss when afflicted with the Void status ailment.
    -This skill pierces opponents' barriers.

    Balron’s Scourge
    The judging tyranny of Balron’s scourge reduces the Cosmo Gauge Recovery of enemies in certain conditions.
    Always in effect. Target conditions
    -When the enemy attacks
    -When the enemy defeats a character
    -When the enemy receives damage

    RES Boost II
    Increases all allies’ Fury Resistance by a certain amount.
    – Resistance Boost effect can be stacked.
    – Only activates when assigned as a Defense Saint.
    – Only activated when this character is included in the Wave.

    最も近い敵とその周囲の敵を鞭で捕らえ、バリアを無効化して闘気ダメージを与える。 この攻撃がヒットした相手に行動不能効果を付与する。

    ランダムな1~5体の敵の罪を暴き、石化効果を持つ闘気ダメージを与える。 この攻撃がヒットした敵の「回避」を低下し、行動待機時間を増加させる。 さらに、攻撃がヒットする度に自身の「闘気攻撃力」が上昇する。

    最も近い敵に対して回避不能の闘気ダメージを与える。 この攻撃がヒットした相手を血の池地獄へと一定時間吹き飛ばす。

    静寂な法廷を乱す者を裁くバルロンの鞭の威圧により、 敵全員の特定条件での「小宇宙ゲージの回復量」を低下させる。 【
    ※常時発動 ※特定条件は以下となります。
    ・攻撃した時 ・相手を戦闘不能にした時 ・ダメージを受けた時


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  • Android/HACKS says:

    Con tanto espectro hasta parece Halloween 🎃 :V

  • MundoAnimeorg Official says:

    Best Aries Mu so far

  • Le Garçon Bleu says:

    Rune garde le tribunal de la première prison

  • Guyz39th says:

    ponganse de acuerdo, jajaja o es Lune, o Rune, o René jajaja ese de René si se la jaló Bandai

  • Popuko ポプ子 says:

    Really Nice, the sc is great against the strongest characters + his passive skill fits perfectly in the cosmos reduction team (ikki, hyoga ace, Seiya dark adn Lucifer)

  • รђ๏к๏ รђ๏к๏๏ says:

    Great video <3 but rune suxx as*

  • nv4-dll says:

    0:58 I was reading his cs and it says “nullifies any kind of barriers” which means he can nullify special Barriers
    like the barrier of Mu ace, right?

  • Mercenary Tao Pai Pai says:

    I got hypnos and thanathos on the same pull LOL
    both are useless nowadays

  • Ͳąҟ says:

    For the first time in a long time, I'm getting good vibes about the game…

  • コレクター・ユイ says:


  • Wisnu Wardhana says:

    Ouuuhh yeaaahh rozeenn ! How about if he vs all Bronze God saint ACE or He vs 12 zodiac palace gold saint, sure AIOLOS WILL KOROSH HIM !!!

  • Musikk Rundt says:

    Tbh… Pandora is the best char you can get from this gasha

  • Eyes without a face says:

    One of my guildmates who has like 2M HS pulled for him because of his CS.
    So, I guess, some people are going for it.

  • Concacafkiano says:

    Myu + Rune + hyoga ace + Saturn + dark Seiya
    Un equipo de petrificacion y reduccion de cosmos 😀

  • Amethyst Shield says:

    Would be nice if this was free
    good video btw

  • Milen Anessar says:

    Various interruption and slow enemies Cosmo, looks pretty good halting opponent in place.

  • Asuka -Chan says:

    Still F2P (Nearly at lvl 110) and i got this guy on a single roll ♡^▽^♡

  • シザーマン says:

    my problem with the game is the meta, it changes every 1 or 2 months XD

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