Guía Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave ; Dragon God Cloth Shiryu (ACE)

Guía Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave ; Dragon God Cloth Shiryu (ACE)


  • Lian Rozen says:

    Dragon God Cloth Shiryu ACE
    Gracias a:

    Absolute Excalibur
    Slashes in the direction of the enemy with the highest Cosmo Gauge, inflicting Fury Damage in a straight line. Inflicts Blowback on hit enemies and reduces their Cosmo Gauge.
    -This skill pierces opponents' barriers.
    Ultimate Koukiken
    Assaults the enemy with the highest Cosmo Gauge and surrounding enemies with a strong backhand, inflicting Fury Damage that cannot be evaded. Stuns hit enemies. Also increases own Accuracy whenever a hit connects.
    -This skill will miss when afflicted with the Void status ailment.
    Ultimate Wrath of Dragon
    Shiryu invokes the Wrath of Dragons, healing himself and increasing his Fury Attack. Also removes status ailments & debuffs of all allies, and reduces their Cooldown time.
    Ultimate Amity Cosmo
    The Amity Cosmo gradually restores the HP of all allies. Also increases own Physical Defense and Fury Resistance.
    -Always in effect.
    Score Plus BT III
    Increases Crusade Score earned during a battle.
    -Score Plus BT effect can be stacked.
    -Only activated when this character is included in the Attack party.
    Combo Plus
    Gets additional Combos during a battle.
    -Combo Plus effect can be stacked.
    -Only activated when this character is included in the Attack party.

    最も小宇宙ゲージの溜まった敵に向けて聖剣の斬撃を放ち、直線上の敵に闘気ダメージを与える。 この攻撃がヒットした相手の小宇宙ゲージを減少させ、ブロウノックバック効果を与える。
    最も小宇宙ゲージの溜まった敵とその周囲の敵に強烈な裏拳で攻撃し、回避不能の闘気ダメージを与える。 この攻撃がヒットした相手にスタン効果を与える。 また、この攻撃がヒットする度に自身の「命中力」を上昇させる。
    龍の猛りにより、自身のHPを回復し、「闘気攻撃力」を上昇させる。 さらに、味方全員の状態異常とデバフ効果を解除し、行動待機時間を短縮させる。
    友を想う小宇宙により、味方全員のHPを徐々に回復させる。 また、自身の「物理防御力」と「闘気耐性」を上昇させる。

  • Android/HACKS says:

    Voy a cambiar de opinión, me parece muy fuerte en un equipo back row porque ya lo enfrente

  • Yuubari SM says:

    Shiryu has the potential to be the strongest saint, but for some reasons, the game designers make him abnormally weak… same thing happens with dohko

  • Crystal Saint says:

    Where is OCE Shiryu farmable?

  • D 23 says:

    The two last skills are very interesting umm

  • Sagitario Seiya95 says:

    Me gusta porque regenera hp pero me gustaría más si en lugar de HP fuese cosmo 🐲

  • Α Ι Ο Λ Ο Σ says:

    Whales : I spent $100 USD to get him (3 – 5 stars)

    F2Pers me : laughs in poor

  • Ponygon says:

    Shiryu is the only reason why I want to play this game

  • Antonello Rizzo says:

    Dragone è il vero eroe della serie. ┗(`・ω・´)┛

  • 20秒で描ける先輩 says:

    Damn the enemy is too strong, better blind myself

    -shiryu thoughts

  • 黄金の短剣 says:


  • Amethyst Shield says:

    I unlocked Shiryu this morning

  • HyogaXShun4ever says:

    Alguna recomendación para pasar la última misión del evento de Shiryu, donde esta pose de omega y hades rce?
    gracias de antemano

  • Big Bear says:

    1:03 you know things get serious when you hear that theme (Remember Sadness)

  • MundoAnimeorg Official says:

    Me gustaría ver un Shiryu con la skill del “ultimo dragón”
    que se sacrifique para vencer un enemigo y que no pueda ser revivido por otras skills.

  • Le Garçon Bleu says:

    mon chevalier de bronze préféré 💪

  • StevanCAM8990 says:

    Finalmente un Shiryu con excalibur que no es basura!
    por cierto, alguien sabe cuando vuelve Shoko? al igual que leo sse, me hacen falta ambos XD

  • Jesus.A.rodríguez.3323 says:

    Los rates del Step 5 (suerte si lanzan)

    10x Gasha (Guaranteed): Character ★ %

    Dragon God Cloth Shiryu (ACE) x1

    ★★★★★ 0.500%

    Dragon God Cloth Shiryu (ACE) x1

    ★★★★ 1.000%

    Dragon God Cloth Shiryu (ACE) x1

    ★★★ 1.500%

    Saori Kido x1

    ★★★ 2.000%

    Cancer God Cloth Deathmask (ACE) x1

    ★★★ 3.000%

    Libra God Cloth Shiryu x1

    ★★★ 3.000%

    Pegasus God Cloth Seiya (RCE) x1

    ★★★ 3.000%

    Cygnus God Cloth Hyoga (ACE) x1

    ★★★ 3.000%

    Hypnos, God of Sleep x1

    ★★★ 7.000%

    Capricorn God Cloth Shura (Sword) x1

    ★★★ 8.000%

    Libra God Cloth Dohko (Shield) x1

    ★★★ 8.000%

    Dragon God Cloth Shiryu x1

    ★★★ 8.000%

    Dragon Shiryu (LG) x1

    ★★★ 13.000%

    Final Dragon Shiryu (OCE) x1

    ★★ 13.000%

    New Pegasus Seiya (Shield) x1

    ★★★ 13.000%

    Final Cygnus Hyoga (OCE) x1

    ★★ 13.000%

  • Popuko ポプ子 says:

    0:34 Finally! Shiryu is using the most powerful weapon in Saint Seiya EXCALIBUR!!! 😂😂😂

  • Gilberto Mayor says:

    Música espetacular,uma de minhas favoritas de CDZ.

  • 天 馬 星 座 の 星 矢 says:


  • Daniel RiveraK says:

    Me da algo de risa la animación de su especial, ve su mano derecha y me imagino que dice… Oh si tengo la Excalibur, lo había olvidado XD no se yo pero creo que va perfecto con el meta que baja cosmos, encabezado por
    pose ace
    shun hades

  • Settei de Cerbero says:

    Shura debió haber puesto a shiryu la Excalibur en el p3n3 para ver si así la usa más. 😑

  • Musikk Rundt says:

    I don't like it, I think he is useless and just a cheap mix between Poseidon and shiryu oce 👎👎👎

  • Dyoko WK says:

    Es un personaje prometedor aunque me ubiera gustado otra de su primera skill

  • Anhell Sama says:

    Malo, casi tan malo como ikki ACE, que decepción Bandai!

  • Dmitri says:

    Is possible to drop Lucifer , Iris , Abel and others Gods right now? i recently download the game again (and dumb me didnt save the file) will i need to wait for events or are they already avaible? same it Loki and others?
    I had a ton of Gods Cloth and Athena >:(

  • JONAS005 says:

    tremendo personaje, ahora falta su versión RCE y con arma de libra

  • ガイガン says:

    Dragon god cloth Shiryu + Poseidon v1 = Shiryu ACE

  • スターライト速報 555 says:


  • The biggest fan of Amy Anderssen says:

    Still don’t have $200 dollars for this XD

  • Gokutard-mugen Saint of Olluco says:

    Dragon God Cloth Shiryu ACE MAESTRO baños y cocinas.

  • Kaori Oinuma says:

    So hype cuz next saint on the list is touma icaro 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Leriko青 says:

    En comparación de sus otras versiones shiryu me parece algo débil

  • 西華産業 YT says:

    This shiryu is weak, it's easy to defeat. Don't waste your hs, besides icaro is coming next week and he is much better 👍

  • Icaro no Touma says:

    coming soon : Icaro

  • Milen Anessar says:

    This time a support, huh? Excalibur seems great for stopping enemies with blowback and cosmo reduce and it ignore barrier, healing skill and passive with one attack skill that can AoE stun. Healing skill itself can buff team speed and cleanse debuff, and looks like his normal attacks aims at furthest target? He himself still vulnerable to ailments so beware of stunlocks.

  • 刀ΛmiΛП卂ЯЯivΣdΣЯᄃi says:

    Nice drgona Ace is here.
    Dang how the time has passed…

  • Fito Gunawan says:

    I got it on my new account 😁😂😂

  • シン・ゴジラ says:

    I like it but I'm poor 😢

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