Guía Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave ; Sagittarius Seiya (Dark)

Guía Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave ; Sagittarius Seiya (Dark)


  • Lian Rozen says:

    Sagittarius Seiya (Dark)

    Dark Pegasus Meteor Fist
    Fires a Meteor Fist at the entire enemy formation, inflicting Physical Damage. Reduces Cosmo Gauge of hit enemies.
    -This skill pierces opponents' barriers.
    Dark Sagittarius Arrow
    Shoots multiple arrows at random enemies, inflicting Physical Damage that cannot be evaded. Silences hit enemies and reduces their Physical Defense and Fury Resistance.
    -This skill will miss when afflicted with the Void status ailment.
    Test Time
    Remove own status ailments and debuffs, then regenerate own Cosmo Gauge. Also increases own Physical Attack and Accuracy.
    Power of Shadow
    The Power of Shadow nullifies Stun, Freeze, Launch, Blowback, Knockback, Silence, Disable, and Skill Cancel for himself. It also allows him to survive with 1 HP twice if damage exceeds remaining HP. Recovers HP when activated.
    -Always in effect.
    Cosmo Damage III
    Reduces all enemies’ Cosmo Gauge at the start of a battle.
    – Cosmo Gauge Reduction effect can be stacked.
    – Only activated when this character is included in the Defense party.
    – Only activated when this character is included in the Wave.

    敵陣全体に流星拳を放ち、物理ダメージを与える。 この攻撃がヒットした相手の小宇宙ゲージを減少させる。
    複数の矢を、それぞれランダムな敵に対して放ち、回避不能の物理ダメージを与える。 この攻撃がヒットした相手に沈黙効果を与え、「物理防御力」と「闘気耐性」を低下させる。
    自身の状態異常とデバフ効果を解除し、小宇宙ゲージを回復する。 さらに、自身の「物理攻撃力」と「命中力」を上昇させる。

    影の力により、自身の受ける「スタン」「氷化」「打ち上げ」「ブロウノックバック」「ノックバック」「沈黙」「行動不能」「スキルキャンセル」を無効化する。 さらに、戦闘不能になるダメージを受けた時、2回だけHP1で踏ん張り、自身のHPを回復する。


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  • YT西華産業 says:

    Primero 👌

  • Leriko青 says:

    Me retracto, este personaje es muy bueno 4 🌟

  • Christian Alejandra Gama says:

    Me hubiera gustado que pusieran a personajes nuevos como las saintias 🙁

  • Yair GS says:

    Joder! Cómo lo pudieron obtener con 5 estrellas !

  • 아레스의 전설 - 전쟁의 신 says:

    Saturn + icarus + Seiya (dark) + aiolos ace + Athena/ACE/RCE/… maybe?

  • Kanna Kamui says:

    I remember the time when Sagittarius Seiya was at the top of arena 😅

  • スカーレット少女 says:


  • Ͳąҟ says:

    We will get him as a Login Bonus character in about 9 months anyway LOL

  • Nebulosa Sideral says:

    Literal, es un Seiya pintado de negro, creo que lo mejor es su flecha de sagitario que baja bastante

  • Unfair_Kat says:

    name of the last background song?

  • Alba Uriah says:

    Saint Seiya The Sanctuary PS2 My childhood XD

  • Milen Anessar says:

    You serious, Bandai-Namco? Of all characters you could make for the game which still left a lot of choice, you chose Dark Seiya? On top of being a powercreep game these decision are very questionable at best.

    Anyway, looks pretty simple. Silence could be good but it's random (Which means it'll be good when the target is less) and cheat death is nice, has debuff cleanse and harder to lock down. Maybe quite decent.

  • Maurico Zárate Guzmán says:

    Yo jugué la versión de ps2 y nunca me llegue a topar con Seiya oscuro…. : (

  • Mati Carrey says:

    Genial el look que tiene Seiya de Sagitario Dark, me encantó!!!

  • Amethyst Shield says:

    It's really insulting when they come out with a character that's specialized for certain characters (Seiya overture) and then replace them a few months later with a better character (seiya omega)

  • SnoonpyYGH says:

    Seiya de sagitario oscuro debió ser un personaje obtenible como los santos de acero :V

  • 黄金の短剣 says:

    2pカラー ( ̄∇ ̄)

  • プロメシューム says:

    From this point on, he is crap in an ever-increasing roster of better and stronger characters.

  • Antonello Rizzo says:

    …Surprise del Sagittario??

  • Leonardo de Leo says:

    en 5 intentos me gane a seiya god y lucifer no mal aunque ya los tenia XD

  • Α Ι Ο Λ Ο Σ says:

    I'm the only one that thought dark seiya might be a good unit…

  • Jerosquinichkininquichis says:

    Man I love this new seiya
    Where is he from? Manga? Spin off?

  • 5536Harold says:

    Pinche Seiya, me costó bastantes holy stones, espero que valga la pena invertir en él, también obtuve a Seiya de pegaso versión tenkai hen y a Seiya de sagitario divino jeje.

  • jerry luo says:

    whats this,we love siantseiya,not this,lets say goodbay to dark seiya

  • *KA* *RI* says:

    Nice saint, I tried once and got Icarus 🙂
    btw, I am going to buy this myth cloth <3

  • Flint Flont Flan says:

    Pues la neta también lo tengo a 5 estrellas y después de probarlo en Skirmish puedo contarles que resiste bastante pero es super lento 😭 esperare a ver con que lo usan los 🐳 de mi server 😍

  • Isacc golden says:

    And I’m here still farming Sagittarius god cloth Seiya … :’(

  • لجامعة المستنصرية says:

    At this point..

    I need Apollo, and aiolos ace

    So I don't care sagittarius Seiya dark really

  • J O K E R says:

    He looks too small 1:55 😋

  • Settei de Cerbero says:

    Surplice de sagitario ♐

  • Musikk Rundt says:

    Seiya dark vs aiolos Ace

  • Emperor Marcus says:

    Poor Sissyphus…

  • D 23 says:

    This Seiya its a powerful doppelganger, the composition of the music of the video its amazing tnx lian

  • Jeremy flow says:

    They should add more silver saints.
    Btw good video guys

  • セレーネ says:

    Dark? more like surplice 💢
    I spent 10k of holy Stones and got nothing just seiya god which I have already 😑

  • 柏木 由紀子 says:


  • Sagitario Seiya95 says:

    Este es el tipico personaje que resiste todo pero no hace caer a nadie en equipo, es muy simple.

  • Gokutard-mugen Saint of Olluco says:

    Black Seiya lives PS2 game matters.

  • Leo * Kaiser says:

    la mejor version de seiya de sagitario sigue siendo la divina :3

  • 伝説のポケモン says:


  • Double Dick says:

    I used to use sagittarius seiya a lot back in the first year of the game, have him sitting at 5 stars lol, would be nice to use him again <3

  • Danny Orbelín says:

    No sé si es bueno o malo pero baja demasiado en pve

  • Crystal Saint says:

    estupendo personaje

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