Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility : Gemini Compatibility

Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility : Gemini Compatibility

We’re going to discuss Gemini, people born
under the sign of Gemini are very versatile people, they’re very quick and they’re usually
very restless. Gemini?s like to feel as if they’re very adaptable. It is a mutable sign
as well as Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius. Gemini people stand for the humanity, they
stand for Mercury, that’s their, the ruling planet with Gemini, so they’re swift. Communications
is very strong with people in Gemini, they communicate very well. They tend to be, they
can manipulate, they modify their environments to create change. They, they’ll take a small
story and make it large. Gemini?s, as lovers do, because of their versatility, that versatility
plays an important role in the bed room there. But they are restless lovers. Some of them
are just a little too quick unless they’re mellowed by another sign, say a Gemini with
a Taurus rising. Gemini?s are good, they have a compatibility with all the signs, in actuality.
This is one of the Gemini?s, because of their communications skills and because of their
adaptability and because they’re so versatile and because they’re so quick, they tend to
get along with almost all the signs especially sexually and that is due to their versatility,
so I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t suggest that there’s a sign that’s greater or lesser to be with
a Gemini person because the Gemini will adapt and will use their traits and characteristics
to match up with whatever sign they’re with. If they’re with a Scorpio and that Scorpio
has that intensity in the bed room, the Gemini will try to match that and if they’re with,
say, a Aquarius, then they’ll use their ability for change and then they’ll use their ability
to change the situation. So they’ll actually teach the Aquarius a little bit, a little
bit more because their is a trait of the Aquarian, which is tenacity and the Gemini could bring
this tenacity level out to include that tenacity within the love making, say to be tenacious
and to make sure another person climaxes. I mean, that is one thing good about an Aquarian,
they will have that tenacity to do so. So, Gemini is, mixes with all the other signs.
Astrologically, the Aries does too because it comes under the nine, but not a lot of
signs can get along with the Aries. The Aries can get along with all signs, but not everybody
could get along with Aries. Gemini feels as if they could get along with everybody and
they don’t separate themselves out because they do have, they stand in the middle of
numerology, the five, they stand for mankind. So, Gemini?s do use their versatility and,
which makes them compatible with all the signs. So you really can’t go wrong with a Gemini
person, but the only thing you have to remember is that they’re quick and they may fall in
love with you today and fall out of love with you in a couple weeks, and then fall in love
with somebody else. So, hopefully they’ll have a good balancing Earth quality, say of
Taurus that could, you know, stabilize them in a relationship more.


  • natacheen says:

    That's so true what he said about Geminis because I can adapt with anyone from any sign.

  • Lorenzo Lucaj says:

    Ahh yes, i'm a Gemini & i absolutely love saggs. We definetly admire one another. All my closest friends are saggs 😀

  • Spammer1267 says:

    im a SCorpio

  • Spammer1267 says:

    scorpios are way better than u geminis!!!

  • AlmostMonica says:

    ugh is is like repeating everything over and over

  • AstroMen2911 says:

    The thing that annoys Gems about Sags is thier abillity of not allowing others to talk. And Sags talk about themselfs alot. Gem rather talk about other people.

  • zx6me1983 says:

    im a full blown gemini june 15..ok i dated a leo for a while and a libra for a little bit ..there my best matches right? ya needless to say im single and neither relationship worked. but while it lasted lol it was pretty fun, least i tried to make it so, mayb i just forgot the bad

  • Mike Santos says:

    thats true.. im gemini. but i never like fire sign hahahalols from Sagittarius to leo and aries. Bunch of greediness. lols earth sign are fine.. they can be stubborn. water is good but very intense. I'm gemini but the closet sign i would go out with or be a partner is scorpio. it's not Aquarius, or libra. it's funny because its suppose be with libra. but libra too high pride. They think they always right all the fucking time. damm cutt that shiit out.

  • Mike Santos says:

    Aquarius can be good compatibility but Aquarius never admits that their wrong. And Aquarius is so logic mind, intelligent that they can also talk to everybody and get along with them. Knows what every sign thinks. It's good but Aquarius seems doesn't have they own ground. They always agree what every signs signs says. heheelols but for me as gemini. Hell no!!! I agree only if its right. i don't care what everybody thinks. Aquarius is not like that.

  • Mike Santos says:

    thats why there a flaws between gemini and Aquarius. the best sign for Aquarius is aries they both think logic, most common sense people on earth. But aries sometimes think about themselves. so the best for gemini is scorpio. Because needs to be respect as a person, and gemini needs to feel secured feelings inside. Since scorpio got the big heart and gemini can always respect scorpio at all time.

  • Mike Santos says:

    you got that shiiit right. Don't me wrong sag woman would ve been better. but they think about them selves a lot.

  • Mike Santos says:

    thats why.. i have aries moon. i don't to myself a lot..

  • KeepinUpWithReRe says:

    my ex boyfriend was a taurus we dated for a year and 2 months. i like to think of myself with a versitile personality. he now is dated my friend who is a pisces and i`d say they are a better match than him and i. I was too hype for him. Hahah. i am currently in a new relationship , 2 months now. still going strong. 🙂 unlike most gemini`s i adoree sensitive guys & he is very sensitive. he`s a cancer. he seems to have a multi-personality too.

  • angerdraw says:

    he looks on crack

  • Emperor id says:

    What does Mutable sign mean?

  • Jason says:

    It means the ability to change and adapt to any situation .

  • Mike Santos says:

    I"m so glad i'm gemini.. cuz we can work things out easily – our mind is too fast.. lols..

  • Mike Santos says:

    theres Cardinal sign – Aries, cancer, Libra, capricorn. And Fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and then theres Mutable signs – Gemini, virgo, Sagittarius, and Pieces.

  • Emperor id says:

    wow,that is me in a nutshell!I love taking on new things and I can't get enough of learning about all walks of life and the nature of things…even the ugly things of life I tend to never shy from.Except broken bones..I don't like seeing,I was just typing when I heard this man saying that Gemini tend to make a short story long!go figure…

  • Mike Santos says:

    thats.. except for fixed sign lols.., can't change for shit who they are is who they are. Fixed are Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus.

  • Mike Santos says:

    you I'm gemini but i found this horoscope, chinese zodiac, interesting. I 've been observing these signs for years. Cardinal only hangs out mostly cardinals. Their fine. But fixed sign. forget it. Talking about pride. fixed signs is the most hard headed signs of all signs. why? because they want to be in command. For example Leo always want to be leader, dominant in every way. Taurus is cool only bossy when comes to job, but also hard headed. Aquarius is the genius, the most logic mind.

  • Mike Santos says:

    but Aquarius wants copy leo's way of being leader. And Leo doesn't always take that credit. Scorpio is best companion with leo as far business. But Leo is too showy. All the fixed signs needed the attention. thats why sometimes when they get together theres like tension going on. the only reason why needed the attention is because they want to be recognized and power, respect. Most of the mutable doesn't need attention. I don't think mutable needs to be powerful and recognized to live life.

  • Mike Santos says:

    i like the cardinals because they quite and not showy and handles things consistently. The cardinals Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Aries is good leader, simple way. cancer is fine. libra is most practical mind. capricorn is very hard working, precise , eager to tackle hard task.

  • Mike Santos says:

    Gemini is been underrated most of the time. In sports, art, music, and leadership. Most of the people doesn't know what the gemini can do, and how much knowledge gemini have about the their sign.

  • Mike Santos says:

    or just knowledge in general.

  • Mike Santos says:

    reminder: two face doesn't occur on gemini. doesn't in happen in gemini. why? I'll break it down for you people. Because we are mutable signs. yes mutable means adaption and changes. but that doesn't mean change personality to use against to other people. Wrong! Because gemini doesn't use people. Why? because gemini is not fixed sign. thats why two face occurs in fixed signs. Why? They can use people . for what? Because they need that power and respect.

  • Mike Santos says:

    what i mean about respect meaning they need that recognition.

  • Jason says:

    Damn well said . what you said is totally true . I just dont understand why are they so against geminis when we are actually the good guys . 4 thumbs up man .

  • Mike Santos says:

    thank you!!

  • brighttail100 says:

    Are Geminis compatible with Leos

  • Mike Santos says:

    sometimes..not all the time.. to be honest i think leo's rivalr sign is gemini.. in my opinion..

  • fruitikay says:

    yay thanks! lol. I'm a gemini…it's so weird I'm doing all this research on geminis and pretty much everything they say about us is totally true..I just think we are misunderstood…they think we are two-faced but it's just that we have different perspectives about things once our environment changes and our mood reflects that…we are like chamilions I don't think there is anything wrong with that…taking situations and deal with them accordingly.

  • cherrys881 says:

    my bdays june 8th too =]

  • Dieselbird619 says:


    Lol we use our amazing intelligence to create fabulous stories. I wouldn't call that LIEING necissarily…. 😉

  • Dieselbird619 says:

    Whats your sign? Maybe you should stop paying attention to the negative qualities and look at the positives for a Gemini. I mean, we are fun, smart, and just great friends. It really depends on what you sign is. If you are a water sign then maybe a gemini is not right for you, but air and fire should be pretty good.

  • Jesika Love says:

    geminis we the best because our personalitys complete every

  • zzpmelcz says:

    yes, my fiancé is a fish woman! and i love her so 🙂

  • Jason Lancaster says:

    You didnt say anything about Libra and Gemini because Libra and Gemini are the best couples out of any sign. Accept another Gemini lol. I been going out with my gf who is a Libra for 4 years and she is promble the best gf i have ever had. We always get along, mostly never fight, mostly never run out of something to talk about and well where in love even tho i am only 14 haha

  • Jason Lancaster says:

    @mickeymoo26 Ya sometimes she is boring lol. But like he did say Geminis are quick and i move pretty quick on things for some risen. Lol

  • Mike Santos says:

    @iwrotealife2 gees.. you need to read more.. unlike gemini we like curious about the signs… .Of course it has to do with sun sign, moon sign, number.. chinese zodiac.. This Astrology is not enough. You Sags think you know about the signs.. but you really don't .. Of course sags only thinks about themselves as usual.. lols

  • Mike Santos says:

    this astrology is not enough.. Because not all gemini are the same…

  • SourCream3000 says:

    Holy cow !!! I'm a Gemini and I do fall in love quick and like like another person really quick even tho i have no dating exprience!! Wow I'm shock hahah Gemini ftw for me ? 🙂

  • Mike Santos says:

    @iwrotealife2 my bad.. maybe you are different sags.. if you know more.. then how come you said." it probably has nothing to do with our sun signs". yes it does.. This all goes to any signs. they have suns. which is the time that your are born, and there's sign for at least every hour. So that means. he was born gemini month and the time is on Leo. so your sun sign is leo. Gemini and leo and your moon sign Aquarius – but your chinese zodiac( year ) is sheep depend of what kind of element.

  • Loloalex Dlc says:

    i am a gem male , n i can relate with anyone 4real

  • citygirl212 says:

    @likemba22 well tha souds like me too ! gems rock .

  • La Reine says:

    the guy in the video is so choppy in the way he speaks. Anyways, Geminis can really get along with any sign, depending on their personality shift. Signs that hate Geminis are really the ones that are impatient. Life isn't always smooth, slow, and easy…. it can be quick paced, and life throws you curve balls. Nothing stays the same, there's change everywhere…and if you can't adapt to that like all the other mutable signs, then obviously those are the people who are least happy with themselves

  • La Reine says:

    @mariopatai I'm on board with this. I'm a true Gemstone (that's what we should call ourselves from now on). I am not 2 faces, and any contradictory from me is not malicious either. 2 faced to me means, you are lying to a person, while thinking something else. But if i like you, I genuinely like you…if I'm mean, something has definitely offended me first and it takes a lot to offend me for me like to bottle things up. As a whole, I am very much liked. Always the one to meet and greet new peeps!

  • JML510 says:

    They're only a mix if they're born near the cusp (May 20)

  • creatiivemiiind618 says:

    I love being a gemini :]

  • darknecromancer34 says:

    I envy Geminis

  • timberwolf921 says:

    i have tried really hard to get along with gemini's but they're just to loud and the 20 that i tried to hang with were all lazy grudge holding can't take a joke LOSERS! YOU READIN THIS MADDY? HOPE SO

  • アンノーンアンノーン says:

    Gemini male and virgo female , sex , relationship , friendship , love . tell me all experinces S.O.S i feel like am trapt am a GEMINI WOOHOO i guess

  • JAGWAH66 says:

    This guy is a Scorpio, I'd bet anything.

  • JML510 says:

    You shouldnt generalize folks just by their b-days. Anybody can be messed up like that, no matter what their "sign" is. No wonder why so many ppl look down on astrology…

  • Nessa Rose says:

    What about Gemini and Capricorn?

  • Lulu Baker says:

    I love dis guy(: ima Gem.

  • Mike Santos says:

    To my fellow Gemini. For those who had ended a long term relationship or short term relations; don't be afraid. Especially to Gemini man.NO worry, time will come. There will be better partner in the future. THINGS HAPPENS FOR A REASONS. IT'S IS NOT YOUR FAULT. JUST KEEP DOING THE RIGHT THING.

  • Yin Yang says:

    They are not the only signs that can adapt, as they're not the only mutable sign: Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius are the others who can do just the same. Getting along with someone and dating someone are two different things.

  • Anita Simpson says:


  • racekitty says:

    rofl I totally think this dude is a Aquarius and some Gemini rocked his rainbow world! and he totally says taint @2:37

  • Dreamqueen says:

    I'm an Aquarius woman and I'd love to marry an gemini man someday!

  • TheNivicin says:

    u talk tooo much :p

  • Renesanti Refugio says:

    I am Gemini and i am popular in school i just love interconnectivity, i love people. for some reason i am sort of spotlight everyone knows me. until i found the meaning behind my zodiac sign every thing makes sense now

  • Empress Crystal says:

    Gemini Love!!!!

  • SpatialVortex says:


    Wrong board Aries, you are lost hehehe !

  • SpatialVortex says:

    We are compatible with ALL signs , you people heard that? 😉

  • JML510 says:

    @JohnJinKimUSC Yeah. When I 1st heard this dude, I felt good about myself since he said Geminis are compatible with everyone. But then I dug deeper, & saw so many conflicting opinions. Now I dont know who to believe. This dude says they're compatible with everyone, while others say Gems are only compatible with air & fire signs. Thats why you shouldnt really take this crap seriously.

  • Nikolei Medina says:

    @likemba22 Damn straight!

  • Mordithar says:

    This guy is really good! I'm really quick in the bedroom… My girlfriend hates it =)

  • Daniel Zarza says:

    hardly anything like this… this is all BS

  • Camille Reicherter says:

    gemini does not get along with just everyone, yes we are adaptable to people to be more manipulative or to get where we want with them or what we want from them… in a good way or bad……and gemini is not liked by everyone…….we do not get a long with scorpio like he was saying…no offence to scorpio lol …..we are too much to handle for some signs/people……..and we are more compatible with other air signs aquarius and libra, and fire signs leo, sagittarius (opposite sign), & aries

  • Camille Reicherter says:

    @JohnJinKimUSC haha yea thats what i was thinking when i watched this….waste of time lol

  • Camille Reicherter says:

    @JohnJinKimUSC haha yea thats what i was thinking when i watched this….waste of time lol

  • jerry banks says:

    you know watching this clip is just a waste of time. everything this man says about us geminis is totally untrue. geminis DO NOT get along with everybody. we are compatible with aquarius and libras. we aren't compatible with just anybody. @DontRepYourCity the truth is this, we ARE compatible with all air signs, we are not compatible with fire signs, just attracted to them.

  • jerry banks says:

    I'd rather waste my time watching cartoons instead of watching someone on the astrology channel who don't know nothing about us geminis.

  • Zerck Allen Dinopol says:

    hey relax fellow geminians. It only applies only to some of us. No need to be bad mouth.

  • riles says:

    i LOVE being gemini! but this guys a lot nicer to us than some of the others 😀 but GEMINI'S RULE! plus, i like getting along with everything and liking/doing everything! my friend says it comes with the job 😛

  • Cat A. Tonic says:

    What the??? We are NOT compatible with all signs! At least not ROMANTICALLY, not from what I've read. Aquarius and Libra are our best matches …

  • Torey says:


  • keith nellist says:

    Sorry but I disagree with the getting on with all signs I also found u repeated yourself alot x don't mean to b a hater soz

  • FulNitro says:

    I'm a Gemini but I don't know who to date. I was thinking a Leo.

  • ritzadee says:

    Im a Gemini woman and I love Aries men ♥

  • ritzadee says:

    Everything you said is true I do get along with everyone and I am VERY quick when it comes to falling in and out of love

  • alemariella21 says:


  • moon fish says:

    Im a gemini man and I had many girlfriends that were:aries(crazy sex),aquarius(friendship/sex),libra(peace) best friends are:pisces(random fun moments),gemini(total understanding),sagittarius(philosophy and long walks) and as female friends: gemini,cancer(emotions/fun),scorpio(strong personality,stay true),capricorn ,,,most people that I cant stand are: virgo(too much complaining) and leo(egoism)

  • sandra contreras says:

    Im just a gemini kid and I just wanted to know what gemini people were like and all I read about gemini people sounds a lot like me for example im quick on my feet

  • maxrimas says:

    @MsPontiac0028: i love being gemini too…:)

  • Maudekd says:

    Woow! This is good! It totally describes my personnality!

  • Rickey Scott says:

    love this guy

  • AH Shadows says:

    DUDE..I TOTALLY AGREE! Also about virgo, they are pain in the ass..

  • skyfire878 says:

    i dated a Virgo man and she was a pain in the ass!

  • AH Shadows says:

    LOL! I dated a virgo too, too much complaining and everything has to be perfect, a fuckin' grief and of course a pain in the ass for us geminis..

  • akupaku9 says:

    Hey guys i was wondering if i could get some help here, I have a huge crush on a Gemini and i dont know what to say or how to even approach this Gemini. HELP ME PLEASE!

  • Shelly Hunt says:

    That's me 🙂 I'm a Gemini

  • Roger Green says:


  • Thien Canh says:

    I scanned most of the replies on here but I realize this is a reasonable clip. My younger brother simply would like to get awe-inspiring with women of all ages. He studied alot from Master Attraction. (Google it.) The recommendations on the subject of picking up women at clubs in those emails coming from that website helped get got him his first lays in greater than 2 yrs. I have been pissed however on the grounds that I heard them all.

  • Channel Hudson says:

    Yez we geminians r

  • Bela Oceans says:


    .in fact then, we are ' legally' twisted, because of…. it's what we are, it's in our nature.

  • likeitsolitaryx says:

    I'm a Scorpio dating a Gemini and it's true, Geminis get along with everyone.  They say traditionally Scorpios and Geminis don't get along, I actually get along with him quite well so Calypso knows what he's talking about.  They're so versatile, they will go to the ends of the earth to marry who they love.  Well, that's what my boyfriend will do to be with me. 🙂 I find Geminis to be very endearing and interesting people.  He's very smart and I love hearing him talk for hours. 🙂

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